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Bulgaria Chat - Meet people when traveling in Bulgaria on Nomad List

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allegedly among the coworking there hasn’t been any positive cases
despite their constant shenanigans
Thanks for the info David. I think I’ll do like you said and at least get the free tiers of both, and use one as backup.
If anyone needs a flat in Sofia, please pm me. I am subletting mine to cover for rent while gone and my tenant just canceled last minute. 😞 I just bought them new cookware, coffee mugs and towels.
It is a really nice place.
when do u think is the best time of the year to visit sofia?
very much depends on climate preferences if any and what you like to do in your spare time 🙂
above 15C with low chance of rain (mostly sunny weather).
visit the city, outdoor cultural events (concerts, fairs) and nice nature places (lakes, easy hikes)
It is an unusually warm winter so even this month feels enjoyable. I was in shorts on my southern balcony this morning (cleaning the windows :see_no_evil:). But that balcony has a climate zone on its own on a sunny day 😄 but still, sunny 15-17C max midday for a second week and dry. But there are still times it gets below that and might snow a little. Usually it should be April and onwards until October that ticks your boxes. Cannot promise anything about rain tho. It might be a dry month or it might rain for 30-50% ot it, it is very random 🙂
but it does not rain like in bali. Eithe a quick storm for 1-2 hours in summer or if it is a whole front passing it is gone in 2 days max.
sounds awesome, thanks!
Do you have parking? Which area is it in?
I use both in Bulgaria and haven’t had problems yet
iwtpulpilgws Texting you all the details not to spam here 🙂
Any of you moved from the UK permanently, or at least semi-permanently and have tax residency?
There's a bunch of UK folks going for residency here now in bansko
I can ask questions if you have them
Hey, thanks! Ideally, I’m looking for someone who had (had) a UK company and now has tax residency in Bulgaria. I’m looking for info on what they did with that existing ltd company, whether they pay themselves from it still/had to shut it down etc… And anything they did to “deregister” from the UK and demonstrate “center of vital interests” in Bulgaria.
(I’m half way through the process and no-one seems to have advise on what you need to do at the UK end, it’s all about the Bulgarian end)
But getting info from anyone who’s gone through the process would be valuable U01CCV6SPS6!
Hey all! I’m another person trying to establish a tax residency in Bulgaria. I just want to see if anyone has a good lawyer, tax advisor and accounting company to recommend?
I’m using a company called Bulgarian Companies right now and they surprisingly seem on it.
I can recommend my accountant with the note that I am bulgarian but they have consulted a couple nomad friends in the past on the topic and my friends were happy with what they got to know. However, they did not proceed changing residency here (I think they were looking to avoid the >183 days in the country rule) and they were both from EU. Pm me if you need that contact.
Covid outbreak in bansko, about ten confirmed cases

Most of coworking bankso is isolating until tested negative
I have heard about people coming back from ski holidays in Bansko testing positive too. Take care
It was only a matter of time...I’d love to blame the owner but supply and demand are real. He opened because nomads from around the world flocked there...he was just catering to a demand
My friend just tested positive! The coworking Bansko owner lied and told her that there had been no known cases. It sounds like the whole frigging town has covid now
The cases didn’t come to light until yesterday
A few people started feeling sick on sunday after going to the thermal pools and isolated, not expecting it to be covid but being cautious anyhow
after a few days it seemed other people around town were also feeling bad but no one was confirmed positive until yesterday morning
I feel rather strongly that this has all been handled exceptionally well
Oh no! I was just considering going to Bansko next week 😞
I guess, but the owner and members shouldn’t be bragging about having 110 people crammed together in a space It’s irresponsible
there was never 110 people crammed together in a space
there are 4 coworking locations
Because they all didn’t mix constantly? Ok..that’s why half of the people I know there have tested positive
It’s irresponsible
He should have limited to 15 people totally
I rarely saw more than ten people in any particular office
The same t’en people or ten new people every single time. Just because you don’t see all of them at once doesn’t mean that the germs of all 110 aren’t spreading
people tend to stick to the same workspace
there are plenty of opportunities for infection that have nothing at all to do with the coworking people piling into the hot springs, underground rave parties, shoulder to shoulder on the ski lifts, cash-only restaraunts that are meant to be closed, etc
I wouldn't! The hospital situation near bansko is nonexistent. If you need help you’d need to go to Sofia. Stay where you are
you’re right people have been irresponsible, but it’s not the fault of the coworking
I didn’t say it was. I said it was the irresponsible people who came to Bansko despite there being a pandemic. He was just a catalyst
everyone has to be somewhere
Thanks a lot kquyzufrtnns 🙂 I'll put a pin on going to Bansko then...
But do come at some point! I will be back end of March..mostly because I will need to leave schengen. 😭
I 100% will, everything I've seen/read about Bansko looks awesome
It’s great I have been living there for almost four years
Awesome! I know whom to talk to for recommendations then
What’s the latest on the covid outbreak in Bansko + Coworking?
No news, pretty much everyone is isolating, some people are feeling better
they’ve requested no one comes to the coworking unless they’re confirmed negative with no symptoms, all memberships have been extended for the isolation period for free
Was able to get a AstrZeneka Covid vaccine this morning using a UK EHIC + Passport at Medical Centre "Blagoveshtenie" МЦ „Благовещение“ in Bansko
Called Dr. Terziev , literally told “come now”, filled in some paperwork showed ID, Bulgarian address, EHIC + Passport, done.
Yeah it looks like it’s open to all EU citizens now
waiting for the day they accept my canadian passport
what? so you just show up with an EU ID and they vaccinate you? you don't have to be from Bulgaria?
I can confirm that at least one person has successfully done that

> I just got the A.Z. vaccine this morning. It’s open to any E.U. citizen living in Bulgaria (you don’t need a residency card). You just need to bring your passport, fill out a form and you’re good to go! Second dose is in early May, guess I’m staying here for a while
oh that may have been a mistake on the clinic’s part
unclear at the moment
UK EHICs are still working post Brexit?! Thanks for the heads up! Will it cover you at if you need to see the Dr in Bulgaria for bloodtests or general appointments?
onfkrcu Did you find the answers you needed? 😮
Hello there Brexit friend mycumossqdukowweha and not really, but I’m now 75% of the way though the process myself, so have a lot of information
I’ve also created a FB group where I’ll document my findings
Yes UK EHIC’s are still valid for non residents throughout Europe
Bansko is far too good right now to be as low on NomadList’s rankings as it is
how do we contest the ranking system
Bulgaria going back into lockdown, I think just restarants are closing again
They were open for about two weeks
I agree Jacob, the ranking system is woefully inaccurate
listed as a negative 'x Very difficult to make friends
Maybe 5 years ago..
❌ People don't speak English well
Safe tap water
no_entry_sign No, not drinkable
oh hi mark I didn’t know you were here
Bulgaria has the only drinkable tap water I’ve ever encountered while travelling
especially the water in bansko
it comes straight off the friggin mountain
it's delicious1
Ps howdy yes I am!
where do the scores come from on the nomadlist?
also :partly_sunny:️ Temperature (now)
cold_face Too cold: 5°C (feels 5°).... it's a friggin ski resort
I showed violeta the page for Bansko and she’s like “I don’t agree with a single one of these”
any idea where those scores come from?
As a bulgarian, I have been finding the info quite inaccurate since day 1 too.
How do you as a EU citizen, get a bulgarian residency card?
Have an irish friend who needs help and I figured some of you here might have better insights than me (a local) having been through the process recently. Did you use a layer, did you need a rental contract or a landlord filing a paper for you that they state you do live on said address?

Hi nomads in Bulgaria!
Planing to come and would like to know if the coworking spaces are currently open in Sofia?
There’s not much of a community in Sofia, almost everyone is in Bansko
Ah okay, good to know. So what about Bansko then?
Coworking is open, restaurants just closed again (allegedly for two weeks but not sure if they’re extending it)
(I just left so I’m a week out of date)
But all the restarants do delivery so you can just order food into the coworking lounge
I loved it there, haven’t found a community like that yet in Bali
Sounds good, thanks for the reply!
There are a bunch of coworking spaces in Sofia and a good amount of social contacts you can make in a short time. People often grab lunch together, there are weekly breakfast events. Not much with dinner now until restaurants reopen, but that might be quite soon. You can always invite a new friend over too.
Betahaus, Puzl, Soho are just to name a few
USD ─ $
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