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Bulgaria Chat - Meet people when traveling in Bulgaria on Nomad List

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Thank you!
๐Ÿ›ฌ syrepximzm just arrived in :church:๏ธ Sofia, #bulgaria
Hello everyone,
My girlfriend and I are in Sofia and we're looking to visit Rila Monaster this friday/saturday.
We consider going there by carpooling. Is this feasable in here ?
Do you happen to know anyone who'de be interested to share their ride with us (costs sharing ofc) ?
Thank you so much vlaoqhecm thatโ€™s super helpful
Do you have a particular online store you recommend ?

I will definitely check out the co working spaces thank you
Thank I think we will head there after Sofia||| come to mind but I havent used them. I used to buy offline
Car pooling is not too popular here, no apps. Only a fb group for the seaside is what I know of.
Either rent a car or get the bus if asking around does not help
Hey folks. Anyone know the status of non US/EU nationals getting into Bulgaria?
Check| to see if you're on the red list
We just arrived from Dubai with pcr test one Australian one Brit no issues
Hi Gael my friend Chris from Australia ( guy) and myself were looking to go to the monastery and also hike the seven rila lakes nearby which are supposed to be phenomenal we were looking to go on Saturday as well and could possibly be keen if you are up for doing both
Hey ajbczuebez
finally, we went there today because it was the day that suited us best.
You should really go and see the Monastery, it is wonderful ! We've rent a car with a BG company called Budgy, it was cheap and they were very accomodating.
We will be in Plovdiv next week, if you pass by there with your friend, let me know!
Have a good day.
kawzjyzjy thanks for your answer! Finally, We've rent a car to go there.
Oh awesome thanks so much for letting me know will definitely direct message you if we come passed there
Hello nomads :)
Does anyone know any gyms in the city centre of PLOVDIV that are reasonably priced for a month?
Thanks !
Hello folks! Anyone know the status and working time coworking in Bansko? Thx!
Hey everyone - does anyone know of a local car rental place that will allow for cross border ? We are planning a road trip from Bulgaria via Romania Serbia Croatia and Montenegro ๐Ÿ˜ and would prefer to drive ourselves - any help or info greatly appreciated
If yiu guys appreciate good quality coffee - we found a great spot in Sofia today called Dabov specialty coffee possibly the best we have had since arriving in Bulgaria in terms of quality of flavor and beans ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Iโ€™m not sure what you mean by the question. The coworking is open, and you can have 24 access with the right membership
Weโ€™re actually working on this at the moment (for different countries), Iโ€™ll let you know what we find if you let us know what you find :)
It looks like Bulgaria is no longer vaccinating foreigners (which was my plan). Does anyone know anywhere else in the balkans which would vaccinate me?
trying to bypass the $2000 + quarantine for entering canada unvaccinated, otherwise Iโ€™d just get it there
Thank You!
you could look at Budgy. I think i've seen this option.
๐Ÿ›ฌ gabptk just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ Plovdiv, #bulgaria
cbapssvzap will do and thanks devlxm
I found a company local one
They rock
Yes Croatia is definitely doing it we phoned the govt and my friend is on a bus there today to get it
Is a bus the best way to get from bulgaria to croatia? Maybe Iโ€™ll fly
Iโ€™ll be in Sofia saturday morning, possibly going to sozopol for a week, but then I want to get my first dose as soon as possible
The nurse and Doctor speak English
> When I was there it wasnโ€™t possible anymore
When you were where?
Thatโ€™s Dr Terziev. Official policy is that it is no longer possible to get vaccinated in bulgaria for non-residents. When did you go to the clinic?
Did you speak to them now and it not possible zhglpucxkvez ? Gotta be careful because where you get it I need the proof as well and that needs to be recognized if it isbpssobke pls let me know I donโ€™t want to go all the way to Croatia but happy to hop to bansko ๐Ÿ˜
I went there in May, but again call them and ask. I think they had a surplus of vaccines so they could vaccinate foreigners then
Matthias (from coworking bansko) said so 3 days ago and heโ€™s much more up to date than I am, but no I did not call and ask
Who is in Bansko?
it's awesome
I am in Bansko! Come and try out the boutique coworking space Altspace when you do. Iโ€™ll be there ;) so many activities are going on! Get ready for a full social calendar ๐Ÿ˜…
Landed in Sofia this morning,headed to bansko in a day or so
๐Ÿ›ฌ unbzvrwnwr just arrived in ๐Ÿ‚ Bansko, #bulgaria
hey all! I'm about to come to Sofia in a couple of days. Do you guys have any studio apartment around 20/23 per night to suggest? thanks to all
There's lots on airbnb but I'd recommend budgeting a bit more for a place with AC at the moment
Tis brutally hot around here right now
I'm staying in this one for the next two days, happy with it|
I am in Bansko but I order online from these guys. I can vouch for the coffee!
qjegvzsamd thank you but which guys there was no link grin+1skin-tone-2
dlzywundrh yes... I'm in Bucharest now, and here is the same. I'm think I'll move to Bansko directly. Any suggestion about B.?
npotbbgfoy I'm not allowed to send DM yet... anyways, answering to your โ“ nothing specific, just curious if you had anything to share before to move to B. Maybe the answer is just "no" ๐Ÿ˜‚
Awesome thank you
Awww, newbie. S'cute

Hmmm, well... Bansko has a great coworking community and there's almost always something to do here - curry nights, pub quiz, poker night, hiking, jazz festivals... and that's just the stuff outside of the coworking. It's hot AF at the moment, but it's usually pretty nice weather wise. There's two areas of town - old town and the gondola - which one you stay in probably depends on what you want to do more of, but it's only 20-25 minutes walking in between, so everything is still pretty close
can't wait to be there! thanks yvemjanywb ๐Ÿ™‚
Iโ€™m going to be there at Jazz Festival. And try out local coworking. C u!
Hi all - Iโ€™m currently in Spain but hoping to travel to Sofia on Friday. I noticed Spain is on Bulgariaโ€™s Red Zone list. Do you think Iโ€™ll be able to travel to Sofia? Iโ€™m from US, vaccinated with card (Pfizer).

Hoping to check with you all before booking the flight. This section from| is giving me hope, although itโ€™s translated 10.1. โ€œCountry (territory) from which the person arrivesโ€ means the country (territory) - the starting point of his departure, regardless of the stay associated with his transit through other countries during his movement.

And what is your starting point if not Spain?
htwdbetbg Thanks for your reply. My starting point on this trip was new york city. Flew from NYC -> Spain about 1 week ago.
I am honestly not certain this can be treated as one trip. If nobody has any better info, it might be worth it contacting the US embasy in Bulgaria and ask.
kzzktmyks Actually called them this morning (the operator gave me an email address to ask since they are WFH, havenโ€™t heard back yet) and now waiting for the Bulgarian embassy in US to get back from lunch. Thanks, will post back here soon with results ๐Ÿ™‚
The loops of traveling these daysโ€ฆ
Check in advance with the airline if they might want a covid test to board you so you wont get surprised. Actually also check if they will board you in the first place. People have been sold flights and denied boarding on the base of covid restrictions.
Consider staying a day in a non-red-list country for a day
if you departed from a non-red country and entered from a non-red country, that sounds safer than circumstances where either of those are false
Transit is less than 12 hours not days so if you have been in Spain more than a day your arriving or departure country is Spain
Does anyone know if we need a COIVID test or antigen test driving into Serbia from Bulgaria ?

And if we do where can get that in Sofia ?

Thanks so much
Pcr can be done all over, I did mine at Cibalab in march
Are you going to Serbia for vaccine?
And yes confirmed you need a PCR test unless you are vaccinated or have proof of being recently recovered from covid

hey. anybody in Sofia that is up for a drink?
I just arrived
Thank you so much yes we are going to Serbia from Bulgaria and no not yet vaccinated ๐Ÿ˜
Going to Croatia for vaccine but spending a couple of days in Serbia on the way doing a road trip hired a car
Iโ€™m still deciding which of the balkans Iโ€™m doing a weekend trip to get mine
probably croatia too
Yes I hadnโ€™t heard of Serbia doing it for tourists but definitely croatia is
Where you now
Would love to but in borovets just hiked a mountain ๐Ÿ˜‚
Sofia until saturday
(then current plan is to head to bansko)
I heard bansko is amazing we are in borovets and headed to Sofia Late tomorrow will DM when I get to Croatia to fill you in on the jab details
If youโ€™re in Sofia at a reasonable hour stop at The Little Things and try the pesto pasta
it haunts me
๐Ÿคฃ I will google that +1skin-tone-2grin
Not there, but have suggestions for cool places if you'd like
vdewyevuv Great idea, Iโ€™ll do that. Thank you ๐Ÿ™
brokgbarndmv Thanks mate, I appreciate it. Think this is the way Iโ€™m going to go, through Greece
Yes, sure. Why not?!
Just saw pictures of borovec, and it's so beautiful!!
5L Speakeasy bar

The Cocktail Bar

One More Bar

Sense Hotel Sofia

Rooftop with a great vie

I know someone from the US who got deported three weeks ago when trying to enter Sofia from just three days in BCN. Vaccinated and still was sent back. I wouldnโ€™t try it unless you go somewhere else first.
We came from Dubai to Bulgaria unvaccinated with negative pcr tests on July 21
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