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Canary Islands Chat - Meet people when traveling in Canary Islands on Nomad List

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Pieter is burning a lot of money on that
I'm sure he's already thinking of a cheaper solution
Discord is free but no one uses it
It's a good investment if people like you value the doc keeping thing
Yeah, I think info shared from nomads here is key, at least for me. I love Discord, but I can see how difficult it would be to "move people over"
The villa I live in (North Tenerife) has a free room starting in June, feel free to DM and I can get more details – thought I’d mention here just incase anyone is looking for accommodation!
Quite intriguing, thank you for sharing! For how long is it available? Just month at a time, or long-term?
Thank you!
It’s a minimum of a month and long-term prefer, we have at least until November – can follow up in DMs if you are interested
It's a beautiful villa and the people living there are really cool 😊
Cofete & the two last ones are Bayuyo Volcano hike
Has anyone ever gotten a Canary Island residence card? Benefits You basically pay half for a lot of services (flights, ferry, (some) hotels, etc.) . A local told me I could simply walk into the “ayuntamiento” (town hall) and get one provided I have an address. There must be a catch…
You have to "empadronarte", like registering in the town hall, and with that you can get the "certificado de viajes"
And yes, some benefits include a 50% - 75% discount on flight tickets between the islands / mainland Spain
It's also good for tax reasons as well - people here pay fewer taxes than in Catalonia, for example (which makes sense, but if you work remotely you can leverage that)
is it possible to get an antigenic (rapid) test easily in pharmacies in Tenerife?
Gracias prayskin-tone-3
75% discount just for being resident. Wow.
Exactly, and this one is particularly expensive, I've seen tickets at 5 euros
Hello, anyone from the Canary Islands? I am thinking of going from June 4-12 to explore the Island and know what digital nomad environment there is out there.
There are 8 islands, which one;-)?
I had thought about Gran Canaria, but I haven't decided yet. Any recommendation?
Will reply to myself as it might be useful to others:
• No pharmacies do tests, except for some specific ones in Santa Cruz
• Most clinics do, but usually you have to book in advance; if you’re lucky, you might be able to walk in and get poked, but don’t risk
• I found prices between 35 and 50
Back from Corralejo (Fuerteventura) I spent 2 weeks there. The vibe is surf/windsurf/yoga. If you don't do any of these 3 things, you will be bored after 3 days. All the coworkings I saw were absolute garbage (mismanaged, empty, sad vibe). The weather is not that nice it's super windy all the time, hence why in the evenings it is cold and during the day you need to find a super sunny day to properly enjoy "summer". I've been told it gets better in Sept-Oct. Having said that, there are some amazing hikes and it's a good place to get lost in the desert. The town of Corralejo is the typical beach town, good mix of locals & foreigners. It was not too crowded - and COVID does not seem that serious there. Loved the canarios & the hospitality is next level. It really makes me want to spend a long season tin Tenerife or Gran Canaria, which I think have more things to do and a more diverse landscape 🙂
I don’t want to say I told u so but…I told u so :joy:
come to Madeira!
yqtfmsqd "you were right" - feel free to screenshot this 😂
I will frame it!
BTW - huge Italian colony in there, even some signs were written in Italian 🤔
Don't go to Fuerteventura 😂
yup, all restaurants waiters were italian from what I remember.
but bad italian food in general 😄
Tenerife has Carboné which makes up for everything else it’s bad at
I don’t think there are any good coworkings in the canaries
quite a few colivings though
Not sure about the origins of the name “Fuerteventura” but maybe it derives from “fuerte” and “viento”, ie “strong wind”? 🤔
In other words, if true, don’t hold it against the island if you get a lot of wind while visiting;-)
hahaha true U01H4A4HXRC! I just thought it was not going to be that intense... Like I said, I've been told it really eases up in Sept-Oct which also makes the surf better... Because the waves I saw were a bit so-so these days
Hi! I just arrived at Puerto de la Cruz. What are some good things to do there? (Restaurant, activities, etc.)

I'll stay there for a month.

Thanks for any advice or tips you can provide (-
👋 I'd be interested for a ~month stay. Tried to dm you but I'm new to the nomadlist site so wont let me dm for another few days. Lmk tho if it's still available!
couple years ago I used this coworking place there, not great but better than nothing
Thanks 🙂
I might be in Puerto de la Cruz in July or August, not yet sure.
(when I have a lot of work to do I prefer to go to already visited places, and given EU vaccine passport, this is one of my top choices as OK weather for summer in EU)
Yes. I can understand that. I had Tenerife on my list for a long time, and I was tired to wait because of covid. I don't regret coming here.
I first thought this was a joke If you are a child and grow up on this Spanish island you have to learn a whistle language. Good video here "The whistled language of La Gomera"
Where should I stay the next month (from 21st), Puerto de la Cruz or Santa Cruz?
(I’m currently in Puerto de la Cruz)

Where are you guys? I’m tired of working alone 😴
I don’t think there are too many of us (if any at all) in Puerto De la Cruz at the moment 🤨
Well at least one guy, two messages up :D
Does that mean most peeps are in other cities or islands? 😮
I’m in Puerto de la Cruz until 20 July 🙂
I'm in Puerto de la Cruz,

But I'm mostly working in our room with my brother. So we don't go to bars/coworking places to work.
Oups sorry alrthwpohjty didn't see your message. I'm still in Puerto, till 8 july 🙂
“Si se trabaja fuera de casa, el nivel que se ofrece tiene que ser más alto porque las expectativas de jefes y clientes van a caer”. 🙄 Living in the past.
I’m planning to come to Puerto de la Cruz for August and stay in some Aparthotel just to have breakfast provided and access to a swimming pool. But I might not rely on hotel wifi, I wonder what data SIMs are reasonable there…
If you have a data contract in any EU member state, this contract will work in the Canary Islands as if you were in your home country.
Not necessarily all sims though, I got a data sim in Lisbon that claimed it worked in all of EU that turned out not to work in the canaries
I went with Vodafone while I was there
Go for an unlimited data plan from either Movistar or Vodafone. Much better than WiFi's out there
Always good to have back up though. As qlwkedxsaqmhws says, Movistar and Vodaphone offer data plans in case your EU SIM doesn’t work.
Oh wow, haven't seen those download speeds in a while 😄 (in #georgiaat the moment)
Hi guys, I’m planning on going to Tenerife in august for a month or two. Any tips regarding accommodation? Found a couple of colivings that seem nice, but I’m pretty clueless with regards to location. Curious if you guys have any advice, would be very much appreciated! 😁
The south is a desert,the North is rainforest
Most nomads are in the south
South = very touristy. North (eg Santa Cruz) = locals. August is high season for tourists, ie expect higher prices than usual.
Also consider going to another island, Tenerife has highest COVID alert level compared to other islands.
large_green_circle Level 1 La Gomera , La Palma, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, Lanzarote

large_yellow_circle Level 2 GranCanaria

large_orange_circle Level 3 Tenerife

red_circle Level 4 - 
Are the beaches open?
Yes, no problem on any island.
I would stay in Gran Canaria and go near Las Canteras beach. The surf spot is called La Cicer and perfect for beginners at this time of year. Lots to do in the area and you’ll be no problem without a car 👍
Thanks Daniel! 🙂
Hey guys, landed 2 days ago in South Tenerife.

Is it me or it’s kind of dead tourism/nomad-wise ? 😅
Down for a drink this week
Only 20% of tourism at moment. Nomad-wise also not a hot destination in my view.
I've been fooled by all the ppl who came here for the pandemic last winter, but still a nice place to explore
Ouh nice ! Busy with work unfortunately, enjoy 😉
Has anyone been to both Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife? I’m curious how those two towns compare in terms of things to see and do, restaurants, etc. for a month long stay.
Both very similar. I personally prefer Santa Cruz. The mountains in the background are beautiful.
mdtishuf sadly I was only in Fuerteventura... Can't recommend it 😂
Ah ok, thought you went around
Is Las Palmas way more touristy and resort-like than Santa Cruz?
Both are the capitals of the Canary Islands. Since Las Palmas has direct access to a beach I would say it’s more touristy. None are “resort-like”, you get that only in the south of both islands.
Both cities are what I call "working" cities. Neither are major tourist destinations. Tourists mostly tend to hotel/holiday in the south of both Tenerife and Gran Canaria. But you will see tourists on day trips to both capitals. 

Santa Cruz is a port city with a fake beach(Sahara import sand). But it's close to Anaga which has some truly stunning mountain and costal hiking. Santa Cruz is also attached as a metropolitan area with La Laguna, a city that looks like it belongs in Cuba or Colombia. Just grab the tram that connects the two. Great option for culture and climbing/hiking. 

Las Palmas on the other hand is one of my favourite beach cities. It has a very long beach, Las Canteras, which is good for surfing(best in winter) and paddle boarding. Las Palmas has a better hub of digital nomads and remote workers who are looking to share entrepreneurial ideas and learn from each other. Great option for surfing and networking. 

Cuisine wise, both are similar with mix of local Canarian dishes and traditional Spanish cuisine. Don’t expect food to be spicy even if you get the hottest food on the menu in an Indian or Thai restaurant. Even if you ask for “Thai Spicy”. On either island, try and go to a Guachinche if you can. Amazing local produce food and wine. You won’t find one of these in either city, only in the countryside. Some are tourist driven, so try make friends with a local that will bring you to a proper local Guachinche. Most likely won’t have a word of English, French, or German.

When looking at things to do or food options, don’t rely on websites or google maps for accurate up to date information. Listings are rarely updated by owners. Always best to pick up the phone and ask the old fashioned way. Or text the establishment via WhatsApp.
Pretty big nomad community in Puerto tbh
🛬 aisqqcxb just arrived in 🇪🇸 Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
Cool, heading north tmr
qtaysgyfq you're in Puerto?
For anyone in Gran Canaria at the moment it’s possible to get vaccinated in Maspalomas with Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. Even as tourist, no need to be resident. 💉
Thanks U01H4A4HXRC! Could you share more info about how and where?
Location Centro de Salud de Maspalomas. Ask for “Maria” and mention my name. I told her I would try to bring more “tourists” and she thought it was a good idea. When you go use the entrance on the right next to the cafeteria. Room 104. Important to bring passport and details of your foreign insurance so they can enter you into their system. Vaccination is free. I doubt they will contact my foreign insurance.
Also it would help if you speak Spanish or bring someone who does. Might avoid misunderstandings.
Awesome thanks will give them a visit
What time did you visit? Will go around same time to try catch Maria
Go when most Spanish people take a siesta 😴 to encounter fewer people. Unfortunately not sure what her schedule is.
Haha ok no worries
🛬 fxslpoctkfxowo just arrived in 🇪🇸 Tenerife, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
🛬 jypiawewneu just arrived in 🇪🇸 Tenerife, Canary Islands, #canary-islands #spain
so I landed couple days ago in Tenerife and I’m hiding in Puerto de la Cruz for couple of weeks as I’m swamped in work
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