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Chile Chat - Meet people when traveling in Chile on Nomad List

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Hi all, I just joined NomadList and I'm thinking of going to Santiago in Chile! Anyone there now? Looks like Chile is doing amazing with vaccinations
I'm here right now, and I'll be around until mid-April. Let me know if you have any questions about how things have been working out here.
Do they still have a quarantine requirement?
Yes, absolutely. 14 days for anyone arriving from Brazil.
Can't post links because i had been inactive for a while, but Google "salud preguntas frecuentes viajeros extranjeros Chile" and you will get to the official website (in Spanish).
urdbhjcueevf do you know how they enforce this?
Yes, by taking you to a government-run quarantine facility. Quarantine enforcement has been taken very seriously in Chile and non-compliance fines go up to USD $60,000 & 2 years of jail time.
jnrpzyycfkqm Wow! Is this for everyone arriving in Chile or those that have been in Brazil in the last 14 days? And does the govt pay for the quarantine?
That's for everyone arriving in Chile that has been in Brazil in the last 14 days, although there is word of them changing it to include other nationalities. I couldn't find any reference to who would be paying for the "residencias sanitรกrias". I know they're free for Chilean residents, but I don't know how it's working for non-residents/tourists.
Wow, that's super helpful entwctxcowbs :call_me_hand:Can you let us know if it changes to ALL nationalities?
Thanks ftmfofgwlojt ! ๐Ÿ™ Are restaurants and shops open? What about gyms and Ubers? And people take the social distancing seriously?
I want to get a sense of how people are feeling
Chile is managing things in a "county-based" level. Each "comuns" changes stages on the "paso a paso" plan based on the case trend for the last 14 days.
On opening stage 1, the "comuna" goes into lockdown and only essential services are open. Restaurants are open for delivery and takeaway only, and you're not able to leave the "comuna" without a permit. Restaurants and churches open at 25% capacity on stage 2, and you can leave the area without a permit from Monday to Friday.

Cases have been trending upwards in the past few weeks after summer vacations (which is a whole other story), so comunas are shutting down again. A few of them have moved back to stage 1 this week, including a few in Santiago.
Regarding masks & social distancing, people are complying. Uber, taxis and other businesses are allowed and expected to refuse service to people without masks.
I'll try to keep an eye on this.
Thanks. Last I checked, it looked like it was 10 days for anyone, but I couldn't find anything that was very clear.
gwnxrejgjryh I'm about to pull the trigger on coming to Santiago next week. I found a good long term deal at a boutique hotel. Do you think it's worth it now with the new lockdowns?
I think it's still worth it. Lockdowns are being managed closely based on the case number for each "comuna", but things are reasonably in control here. Over 30% of the population has received at least one Covid shot, and their goal is to vaccinate everyone who wants to get a shot by June. BTW, foreigners are eligible to get vaccinated as long as they have filed for temporary residency.
zvqpjziujgxd thank you! Do you know if any good coworks are still up and running?
Not really, I think they're all closed.
Please be advised that Chile will announce new travel restrictions tomorrow. I'll report back once they release more info on this. I've heard through the grapevine that they're planning on shutting down all international travel, but this isn't official yet.
I literally just booked my flight!
(New measures start on 6:30 on this video, Spanish-only)

Chile has just announced new restrictions. Travelers from all countries will need to have a negative PCR test less than 72 hours before arriving in Chile, and will need to quarantine for 10 days on arrival.
Quarantine can be done at a hotel unless you test positive again on arrival or if you show at least two COVID symptoms. In that case, you'll need to quarantine at a "sanitary residence", one of many converted hotels run by the government. This is to ensure compliance with the quarantine. The stay at the sanitary residence is cost-free for Chile citizens, as well as temporary and permanent residencies. While it wasn't started explicitly, it was implied that tourists will need to pay for it. I'll post back here once I manage to get cleared info on this.
Travel from people coming from the UK within the last 2 weeks is currently banned. They have considered this same measure for people coming from Brazil, but since both countries have a visa agreement in place, instead people who passed through Brazil within the last 2 weeks will need to quarantine at a sanitary residency upon arrival for at least 3 days. They may go on to complete their quarantine at home upon testing negative after 3 days, or they'll need to stay for the full 14 days in case of a positive test or 2+ symptoms.
It has been started clearly that people arriving from Brazil will pay for their sanitary residency costs. While the price hasn't been released yet, it's safe to estimate it at $40+ per day per person, as that's the estimate cost that the government has been having with these converted hotels. I'll also report back once I hear back on this.
These new rules will go into effect on March 25 at 5 AM, Chilean Time.
Rules may change as the pandemic evolves. Borders have closed completely in the past, and their press release has implied that this is within the realm of possibility if other countries don't get their sht together. So only come to Chile and if you're able and willing to stay for longer than expected if borders close.
nmyeyqnkvrwtf I've just posted a link to their latest press release, as well as a brief summary in Spanish.
avpvtofpdwcm Wow. Thank you!

So it sounds like I'll be okay - just held up at my hotel for the first 10 days. I arrive on Wednesday.
Yes, you'll need to stay at the hotel for the first 10 days. If you test positive upon arrival, you'll need to stay at a sanitary residency. It's not clear at this time if this will be done at cost to you, but it's likely. You should be fine as long as you plan around that and around potential border closures.
Do you if theyโ€™re testing everyone on arrival or just if you show symptoms?
I believe they're testing everyone on arrival.
I actually feel better going to a place where itโ€™s taken seriously
And even with restaurants closed, I stopped going out on the weekends a long time ago with not being able to enjoy it as much with crowds
New restrictions on travel to Chile

As of March 31, all people entering the country must spend 5 days at a quaratine hotel. This includes all foriegners, citizens, and residents, no exceptions.

They must complete another 5 day quarantine at their destination in the country, after the first 5 days at a quarantine hotel.

All travelers entering after March 27 must pay for the quarantine themselves in advance, before arrival in Chile.

More information to follow.
The estimated, unofficial cost for the 5-day quarantine at the hotel for one person is CLP $500.000, roughly USD $700. This includes a PCR test, a taxi from the airport and meals. This is unofficial and subject to change, and I'll report back once there's an official number.
damn! I'm glad I got in when I did. I'm paying $700 a month to stay a month at a hotel as it is - 5 days for that ๐Ÿ˜•
Yep, you dodged a bullet.
The Chilean government will do an announcement today by 10 AM EST (11 AM Chilean Time). They are expected to fully shut down flights in and out of the country for at least one month, as well as implement stricter quarantine & lockdown measures. There isn't anything official as of now, but the Health Minister spoke at the senate yesterday and those were the measures that he told senators they were planning on implementing. I'll report back once we have official news regarding this.
Changes to lockdown and other healthcare policies in Chile:
โ€ข All borders are closed during April.
โ€ข The curfew now starts on 9 pm. Effective immediately.
โ€ข Sanitary checkpoints are in effect immediately around areas in lockdown.
โ€ข Non-essential businesses are going to be closed during lockdown stages 1 (Monday to Sunday lockdown) and stage 2 (Sat/Sun quarantine). Essential businesses will be prohibited from selling non-essential goods to try to lower movement of people and goods. This is effective starting this Friday.
โ€ข Stricter definitions of essential workers to further restrict transit permits during lockdown.
โ€ข Individual permits within lockdown level 1 & 2 counties will be limited to 2 per week, but only 1 can be used during weekends.
โ€ข Church attendance is limited to 5 people maximum.
โ€ข Starting on Monday, it will be possible to go out from 6 to 9 am to do exercise in open areas (usually parks). Social distancing and mask wearing are going to be mandatory. There's no need to get a permit to do this, but you're expected to exercise as close to your home as possible.
Further measures may be implemented in the future. This was all from a live press release, I'll post a link to a news article once someone compiles it all.
Yeah, I told you so. If you're planning on staying for the long run, you might as well file for residency if you're eligible. There are no guarantees they won't extend this further.
hvpitezpawvr wow. This is nuts especially given how quickly they're vaccinating people compared to the rest of Latin America.
The case count just keeps going up though the death count doesn't look like it's spiking a lot.
yjnizezdyjrwr what are your impressions of how everything is down there? I may try and make my way down there long term to ride out the 2nd half of the year there.

<@U01847C83RA> is it easy to get an extended visa ?
npezhpoiaiod Overall, I'm pretty happy here, but that's only because I love the place where I'm staying so I'm totally fine not going out for the time being.

However, I went out for the first time yesterday. You have to get permits to leave your house - once during the week and once on a weekend. And as a foreigner, you have to go to the nearest police station to get them each time.

Food costs a lot more here all other countries in Latin America - it's more like Europe. I've been able to keep those costs in check by getting on a healthy meal plan service.

Would I make the same decision in coming if I had to do it all over again? Probably not - if I knew a total lockdown was imminent.
Good to know. Maybe I'll have to find another country to keep my burn rate really low during funemployment.
miojposhwmar I'd go to Brazil if I were you. I spent 6 months before here, and I was not ready to leave. I loved every day there.
Where in Brazil? I wasn't considering it given the whole botched covid response.
I spent 4 months in Sao Paulo and 2 in Rio. Before Sao Paulo, I was in Mexico - I can tell you that the local government in Sao Paulo takes it way more seriously than Mexico ever has.
And you just requested an extension before your first 90 days was up?
Yep! I paid like $20 online, went to the federal police with an onward ticket, with copy of credit card for proof of funds, and was out in 10 minutes
Do you need that ticket when you arrive for the 1st time?
No, that wasn't asked. They just wanted to see COVID insurance
Awesome. Appreciate the info.
You should be able to get the permits online at the Comisaria Virtual website using your passport number. PM me if that doesn't work out.
Well, it's still April.
If Chile is successful in their mission, July onward can be looked at with more optimism.
Yep. The last border closure was from April to December. I don't see any public support to opening borders at this time.
That's fair. In that case, I may have my eyes on Brazil as a home base to do the "1 startup per month" thing :slightly_smiling_face:.
Ten "comunas"/neighborhoods in Santiago will move to the first stage of opening this Thursday. Here's the full list
On the other hand, the border closure has been extended for 30 days, until the end of May. Foreigners trapped within the country should now be able to apply for a permit to leave the country. I'll report back on this once I have more info.
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