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Colombia Chat - Meet people when traveling in Colombia on Nomad List

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togume 10d
vzpdadmlzebkkv You’ll likely get a cédula de extrangería, with which you can open the bank account.

potentially TERRIBLE tax implications ;P
I personally disliked the prevalent bro culture in Medellin. Many dudes just bragging how they bang chicks or asking you to invest in their crypto projects.

Nonetheless, there were still tons of super interesting people. if you can avoid that crowd, then it can be an absolute blast.

the other thing is housing cost. I went february - may 2022 and Airbnb prices were already spiralling out of control. seems like that has gotten worse. but that's not necessarily unique compared to other nomad hotspots..
gabo 10d
if you want a Colombian bank account
• either have a cedula de extranjeria (this is the proper way)
• or make a contract with a Colombian company that you do some project for them and with that they also open it, with your passport number. Not sure if they check if that company actually exists
the DN is a V visa (not M or R) so not sure it gets you the cedula de extranjeria, but worth to check out
gabo 10d
In Medellín you have to step out of the Poblado/La70 bubble which is filled with foreigners and then people can be more authentic.

But also it's in the general paisa mentality to look for business where other colombians would not always, so if they see you as a potential client (they can sell you a tour, a trip, or have their drinks paid by you) they'll go for it.
They have seen enough foreigners around with lots of money so it's not a big celebratory moment to see one more, but it can be a good business opportunity.

If you go to the remote villages, people are friendly in Antioquia as well, kind of when you're forced to speak Spanish all the time bc people don't speak anything else then you're good
You also need a RUT not only the cedula de extranjería
gabo 10d
is the bank asking for your RUT?
Bbva did , bancolombia not but bancolombia is only good for local movements sucks with Comex , opening in bbva was a nightmare even with Rut and id they forced to get a life insurance that I could cancel after 3 months,
Planning a solo trip to Bogota in February for a bit. Any recommendations on where to stay? I don’t speak Spanish unfortunately but I’m dying to experience more of the country smiling_face_with_tearsmiling_face_with_tearsmiling_face_with_tear
catalin 10d
overpriced tourist trap in poblado. on the surface medellin seems nice but under the hood it's a really dark place with a lot of bad energy. sex, drugs, crime and distraction. if you look for these things you will feel at home.
stay in chapinero to start. its fairly safe and there is an excellen juan valdez for getting workd done
7bruno 10d
🛬 qkjabxcp just arrived in 🇨🇴 Santa Marta, #colombia
Oh sweet! Would you recommend to go for Airbnb’s or hotels?
nqzwidkraask I think you met the same people I met in Bali 😂 but yeah, you’ll probably see all of that anywhere specially among foreigners.

<@U02SGFG4S5A> in my experience, Medellin has something for everyone and you’re right, if you look for sex and drugs you’ll certainly find them but there’s still so much more to Medellin like anywhere else.
Speaking of Santa Marta, the Irotama resort is really nice. You can get an all-inclusive package, but not sure it is worth it unless you drink. Was a fun weekend when my parents visited.
dvpita 9d
I was doing the math on this yesterday (spent a day at a Brazilian resort).
All inclusive doesn’t really make sense for a long stay (boring and monotonous after a couple days), but if they did a package with just food would be a nice option for many nomads (if something is happening outside/nearby the resort ).

This one even had a coworking
dvpita 9d
Enotel Convention & Spa Porto de Galinhas

I do it with wise but important note, you cant do it with money inside of your wise account. You have to a direct transfer from your bank.
I was recommending just for a weekend, but that's an interesting idea.
dvpita 9d
I did it in Bali and Madeira and was perfect
For how long?
I was at an all inclusive for I think a week and a half and thought if I did a month I would go crazy.
togume 9d
Same - best I’ve found is Remitly from US bank
dvpita 9d
That’s why I said “if something is happening outside the resort”.

I stayed for 3 mknths total, best months of my life.
Sleep and enjoy the resort stuff but work from a coworking outside and go out
Hey! Staying in Bogota for the next couple of months 🙂 Chapinero Alto is definitely the place to be. Have a look at an airbnb called Das Haus… Nice place, perfectly located and very affordable 🙂
Does anyone have any experience with Airbnb hosting in Colombia?
I've used it extensively in bogota and medellin
togume 8d
hysjcknmsap yes. What do you need?
I’m looking to start an Airbnb arbitrage business. I travel around but spend most of my time in Colombia. How would I go about this as a US citizen?
pfntulppe why Medellin sounds scarier than CDMX? 🤔
togume 7d
vgnzhkbrtni I don’t know that that depends on citizenship; you can list a space and charge in the US. You’ll have to think about the Colombian piece if you need to have a legal presence in the country for an org, but then you can also use Deel or other for paying contractors. I don’t recall anything on AirBnB that requires citizenship verification (that might have changed?).
hey xnipfuifw could you share your teacher contact, please? tks
simonnn 7d
Definitely! and, let me know and i can do an intro over email!
if you're willing to buy a property, it should be pretty easy to own it and then host.
How are things in Colombia (specifically Medellin) these days?

I was last there back before Covid, in 2018. Eyeing a return trip in early 2023 and curious what the channel thinks is worth knowing or being aware of that may have changed (for good or ill) in the interim?
Anyone know of car services to book from airport into El Poblado? TIA
kethle 7d
Have any Claro users here gotten a text message that you need to register your number by a certain ? I got one a while back and wasn’t sure if it was more spam. I think the date came and went and the number still works
togume 7d
naewmtil supposedly they will block the phone from being used, but I’ve never heard of that happening.
🛬 chqhqbwunraft just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
Uber is perfectly fine to use.
From what I was reading Uber is illegal but still used? I wasnt sure how to approach it. I was thinking more of hiring a private driver in a nicer vehicle.
Other than a little bit more traffic, I see everything else the same, maybe more expensive (like 50% more expensive in COP for the housing and food), in USD hasn’t changed probably.
Yep, I don’t pay attention to those messages
🚗 I'm leaving Medellín this Friday and I couldn't sell my car. Do you know any company where I can at least rent it?
togume 6d
eywlbbrlwybk What kind of car?
Kia Niro Hybrid 2021
simonnn 6d
your phone will eventually get disabled. You need to register it, you just click the link or do it online by entereing your ID number (could be passport number or something similar). My phone got deactivated when i didnt do it so dont be surprised if it happens 😂
But eventually is like… 6 months later? Nomads don’t stay that long 😛
dvpita 6d
You bought a brand new car when u got there?
thanks Simon... o mejor, gracias chico sparkleses jajaja
No, I got it used! Used it just 6 months or less. (2021 are the ones sold in 2020, I bought it this year)
dmtjeep 6d
🛬 qlnfnupyv just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
You’re right, just read about it, in that case it seems you’re considered a tax resident for 2023 and not 2022. Jeez
Maybe try a used cars dealership, most of them take the car and just try to sell it for a %.

I’ve seen these guys a lot during my time in Medellin:

If not you can always donate it to the nomadlist community 🙈
Thanks for the link.
How do you think the donation could work? 😅
Maybe just renting it at a monthly rate for other members staying mid-term in the city. I know I would be interested when I get there in February.
dvpita 6d
Same for me in March/April
Wow! That sounds cool 🤔 let's find someone else for January and December and it's done!
What day and time?
CarBnB is born 🙂
dvpita 5d
It already exists in many countries
December 4th, morning. Will need to check flight, but pretty sure we land around 9am. iummviloajni
Hello! December-end of January checking in 😉 haha!
togume 5d
Cool! How are you going to handle insurance, SOAT?
SOAT is already paid until March 2023. And I have another all risk insurance with Allianz too.
togume 5d
stloovmleyyk nice! And does Allianz work with multiple drivers like that? Asking out of ignorance :slightly_smiling_face:. What happens with major and minor accidents? Also important, if/when a cop stops you, will they have any grounds to impound or fish for a bribe?
I just ask my broker, and she says it always cover as far as the person is authorized by me. Which means it doesn't work if someone steals the car and crash someone.

And no, there's no ground for cops to bother you, they just ask for car's documents (as any rented car) and your valid driver license.
For those rides to/from airport, I have a friend. If you want I can tell her and share with you her WhatsApp
simonnn 5d
idk mine was deactivated like 2 weeks after
simonnn 5d
I used it for a month without issue but then like 2 weeeks after getting thgose messages it was deactivated
eoyioapz So you’re saying that I can basically host an Airbnb space in Colombia and only worry about US taxes?
togume 5d
kzcmgrptviu I’m saying that there’s nothing preventing you from listing a property in Colombia and charging for it in your US account (and disburse in USD). Don’t know about the taxes.
ppafqjyj Got it, thanks. Didn’t know that. I’ll look more into the RUT then, which is the only thing stopping me from listing anything.
togume 5d
panehjjxkis this is an older account that was started in the US and now also has Colombian properties, so things might have changed. The RUT is definitely for tax purposes, and you need to get it from the DIAN (Colombian IRS). Let us know what you find out!
qjjsqobt Will do!
juanmr 5d
🛬 lkmpfvgg just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
Travel restrictions coming into Colombia? I am flying into Medellin. Just want to be prepared. Thanks!
You will need a vaccination card / covid test and a return flight
But if you don’t want to buy the return flight yet what I usually do is just buy a random ticket for leaving Colombia on Expedia and you’ll have 24hs to cancel it for free
Thanks U029H1U28E5. I have used Onward Ticket before, would this work?
yes fuhunlhhuab that works
Appreciate the help guys, thank you!
qkoxueiacfmy how did you meet so many locals to see the pattern for bro culture, scam investments etc
wework or sth else? I have been here for 3 weeks and loving it. I haven’t met too many locals tho
Housing is nuts
🛬 houcqihsesilg just arrived in ⛰ Bogota, #colombia
I have stayed for 3 weeks in Medellin and I loved it
Awesome! I am headed there next week for a couple of months. Care to share some recommendations of the things you enjoyed?
🛬 chnmwfyteqjhrclhu just arrived in 🏖 Cartagena, #colombia
gjphosiggefpa might be that it became less prevalent because of how crypto got wrecked (I was there feb - may '22). generally just at parties, in the wework and other co-working spaces I went to, etc
many dudes just bragging about the chicks they bang. became a little mundane but again plenty of amazing people around to avoid that crowd..
juanmr 1d
Anyone in medellin fancy watching the game spain vs germany today at 2pm? Dm me!
yeah I tend to avoid all social events that have to do with remote workers
and gringos. hang out with locals
So it was much more “normal”.
dvpita 23h
You speak the language?
How did u meet them ?
sophiev 17h
👋 hi in Poblado.. any recommendations for a personal trainer?
Not on a PT but really like F45 for workouts. There’s one in Poblado
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