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Colombia Chat - Meet people when traveling in Colombia on Nomad List

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Man I'm so sorry to read this. Would you be ok for sharing the details on how this occured so we can all learn from it? 🙏
Apparently it's a common story. Tinder date, she made sure I lived alone and was traveling solo. I didn't even drink alcohol but she wanted me to drink something, so I picked an energy drink. When I went to the bathroom, she put something in my drink. I woke up in my own bed a day and a half later, a bump on my head from getting hit with something, a concussion, and everything was gone. 2 laptops, my main phone, my emergency backup phone, my ipad, my colognes, drivers license, credit cards. I must have unlocked my devices for her, because she was able to use my Apple devices as 2 factor auth to change my icloud password. I also unlocked my password manager for them so they could transfer themselves $700 from my paypal account. According to the hosts, while I was unconscious, there were multiple people, 2 guys 2 girls in and out of my unit all day long. I have no recollection of it. I'm guessing they were using my face ID a lot.
The best way to avoid it is to stay in an apartment with a doorman, or some kind of building security, where they require ID scans and a photo. and make sure your place has a safe in it, which they can probably unlock anyway. Maybe keep your emergency backup phone in a different location altogether
I was in a unit in Envigado for $21.a night. No security. As soon as this happened, my host immediately asked me to leave, too. I was able to get in touch with my sister via the housekeeper's phone so I wasn't stranded in Colombia with nothing to my name.
Thanks for sharing. I wish you all the best for the recovery process. I'm planning on visiting the area myself and you might have saved me from bad decisions. I owe you a beerwink
I met a guy whom that happened to three separate times. Be careful with prepagos and grillas parceritos
I have a cousin who is a police officer in Medellín U03GM9Q13J5. I'll try to get a hold of him and see if he has some answers. I won't have an answer until later tonight though.
Thanks! I appreciate that
Shit, xzcgtrvlqfa - so sorry to hear that. Indeed; thank you for sharing and raising awareness. We recently had someone known in Bogotá die of a heart attack after waking up from scopolamine.

Is there anything you need we can support you with?
I came out of it alright. I have a great support network of friends and family, and friends in Medellin as well, not to mention a wonderful therapist.
I appreciate it though
That's really awful. I'm sorry to hear that
Great - lots of options in case you need anything to get back up and running!

Yeah - tragic case; a bit of a loner, in the closet, had a date where he didn’t make it home after sharing a taxi. Left him in a park close to home passed out and stripped naked - woke up in a panic, sprinted, and his body failed. Again - good to have the awareness.
qmgxrkqawjt I presume you're current in the US atm correct?
Yeah, I'm in Boston now
What is your first name my man?
Wow - sorry to hear that happened and thank you for sharing!
What are those?
Prepago is basically a prostitute and grilla is basically a very licentious girl.
Same, I met a guy that said it happened to him multiple times in multiple areas of Colombia. One time it was just him chatting with some friendly locals on the beach in Santa Marta. Drank a bit too much with them and woke up in an alley.
Money and phone gone.
Stuff like that really soured me on Colombia overall. Made me not want to stay long-term even though statistically it was unlikely to happen.
🛬 lbfyybszmxvqk just arrived in ⛰ Bogota, #colombia
🛬 gbgcrpfkw just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
Well, at least it’s not an iPhone issue ha| />
50 people doing a hike of Cerro Bravo near Fredonia (south of Medellín) were ambushed and robbed of their valuables. Stay safe my friends.
It was even a guided tour which surprises me a bit.
Ya that is surprising and a bit fishy - especially with a group that large.
If there a Euros or American/CDN's on that group they should submit to media in their countries and see if that puts some political pressure back onto Columbia.. that is a huge group of what is likely foreign tourists I'm guessing to be hit at one time.
In Barranquilla all the buses have stopped running because a crime lord ordered his gang to kill two drivers. He also has threatened the judge and prosecutors because he is facing 60 years. He has been moved to isolation but pretty much anyone relying on the buses can't move.
700 police being deployed.
That’s terrible, thanks for sharing.
Even if you guarded the drink closely on the first date, that may not have prevented it. I don’t know the veracity of this, but I’ve heard it can be blown in your face as well.
What’s the story with your Airbnb host asking to leave?
Has anyone used the Coliving space in Medellin?
Which one?
Indie studio / universe
Hola! Trying to find a coliving space for a few weeks somewhere in nature but I’m super late for booking and everywhere is kind of full. Anyone know of any hidden gems to recommend:see_no_evil:? I’m pretty open to the location as long as it’s not in a city.
What kind of climate are you looking for (hot vs cold)?
I'm actually staying there for a month when I arrive in September, but I've heard some negative reviews from people who stayed there recently. Talk about the hot water being out for two weeks, an ant problem, exterminators putting poisonous pest killer near where people cook/wash dishes, a residents dog eating said pest killer and being in rough shape from it, etc.
I'm used to a lack of hot water in Medellin and don't plan to cook for myself much, so going to at least try it out and hope the positive social side of it outweighs the negatives, but we'll see.
I stayed here for a month. Small, personal bathroom in each bedroom, which was probably my only complaint but I otherwise had a nice stay.

Somewhere in nature near what city/airport? You didn’t specify.
I'd be surprised if there weren’t coworking spaces in heavily touristed towns like Salento, Guatapé or Villa de Leyva.
oobboakegcap broken link
Definitely works. Search that username if it doesn’t.
Nvm, IG used to let me view posts without logging in but since I deactivated my IG I can't view anything there 🤷‍♂️
Super mega open to climates of all kinds. I live in Medellin so can go anywhere. Actually ended up going to MX since I didn’t find anything reasonably priced and cool in here for next week :see_no_evil:

Need to have a better look at what’s around here and book early I think. Most places seemed to be pretty booked or so far to reach that would’ve made no sense for my husband to join for just 5 days 😞
Hello Guys let me know if someone is up for some beers today/tomorrow in Bogota colombiaparrot 🇨🇴 🍻
🛬 xbrhujoqqfdzgiyg just arrived in ⛰ Bogota, #colombia
🛬 cvbdfaqvj just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
Anyone in Medellin looking for a roommate around September or a good piece of advice for me to find a place to stay for when I arrive? (I'd prefer to live with someone who knows the area at first if possible)
Thanks so much!
There is nothing better for that price, it has some issues with internet and some late night parties on weekdays but honestly is good enough for what you pay
How's your Spanish? My brother-in-law has his place available in Navarra (safe working class neighborhood near the Niquia Metro Station).
That's awesome!
I've been living in Spain for the past two years so I think it's pretty well spoken. But I think that I'm looking for something close to Poblado.
Which of course is tradition :wink:
I unfortunately don't know anyone there good luck!
Hahahah thank you my friend
Hey Guys,

I would love to organise a Drink with others Digital Nomads later next week.

Who is in town? :beers:

About myself Tech entrepreneur, relocate from San Francisco, 1 year ago in Medellin, married with a Colombian Wife. Living in El Poblado.
Flying there tomorrow through the 16th. If it falls in those dates, I’d be in.
My wife of 12 years is Colombian and learning French. I'll have her contact you the next time she's in Medellín.
Count me in
I'm in , almost 3 years living in medellin 🍻
I was there for two months. After the issues with the water and pests, I wouldn’t recommend it actually.
cool to see u here, just landed yesterday in bogota. i ll be in medellin 18/08 gmtbothnorhj for a 🍻
I'll be around for a bit! Would love to join
mhqgfoikujvt looks like we got some interest. What’s a date/place that you’re thinking?
🛬 ksdptkciqrgc just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
But did he??
I get in this saturday aug 13th for about 3 months. Definitely down for meetup! 🍻
best nomad friendly hotels in Bogota? Looking for good wifi, communal area for work, good crowd, etc. Thanks 🙂
Anybody want to get together to participate in any events related to the festival of flowers?
🛬 oltqztldbfnevj just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
Hello, I will go to Bogota for devcon, the Ethereum conference. Any advise? The conference is at Agora Bogotá Convention Center any advise on which neighbourhood is fun, close and safe day and night? I will stay three weeks, not just during the conference. Or perhaps should I try to go to Medellin one of those weeks?
Never been to Bogotá, but you should definitely make a visit Medellín. It's such a cool city
Parque El Virrey is a more upscale neighborhood, fun and safe at night and isn't terribly far from the convention center
Bogotá gets severely congested but has a lot of bike lanes so if you have the opportunity to get your hands on a bicycle then do it
My favorite area is as close to parque 93 as possible or a little north. I'm writing a guide for devcon attendees rn 🙂
nzcikvqxqdx do you work for EF? please send the guide to me when you have it, if possible to leo at leolara dot me 🙂
Nope I work in blockchain and go to EthBogota events but I don’t work for them. I'll send you it when I'm finished 😄 ybbmlxzgm
thanks man, I am doing CDAP at the foundation, and trying to get a job in the sector in the meantime
Great good luck, I'm sure if you're an experienced dev you'll have no problems with that
I guess we could just pick a place???
crnuhxjtvlpp Hello mate, I'm going next Friday, are you going to be there ? 🍻
I'm in NYC. Came back in late July
ohh, let's catch up later bro .
Try looking into coliving. Look up Balu on Facebook or IG and see if they have availability.
cssgglgfmidl and I are out and about in Medellin near El Poblado if anyone wants to hang.
I got here Sunday & will be here for a month! I'm in :) should we create a WhatsApp group for planning?
I’d be down for that! Is there a website with a list of events going on this week?
I feel like I need more reactions?
I'm surprised giphy isn't installed
“near” he says, not knowing he’s IN El Poblado.
That s a good idea
It's in Spanish, but we can translate using Google translate. I can create events on Nomad list for some of the events or something like that
Yes please! I started translating but still couldn't really tell what much was :/
odltowrqh I haven't completely looked through the program. I'll look later today. If you see any events of interest, post it here.
🛬 fwdodgadrbejwye just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
wjrtcvgdlwhftjxq is proposing a|meetup in Medellín, #colombia at Métropole Beer Lab - Poblado / Cerveza artesanal / Craft beer on Thursday, 18 August at 19:00. "Afterwork. Tasting some craft beers and getting to know fellow nomads. " ✅ RSVP here
hxpfmjkckhfhrodf is organizing a|meetup in Medellín, # at Métropole Beer Lab - Poblado / Cerveza artesanal / Craft beer on Thursday, 18 August at 19:00. "Afterwork. Tasting some craft beers and getting to know fellow nomads. " ✅ RSVP here
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