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Colombia Chat - Meet people when traveling in Colombia on Nomad List

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We weren't sure if it would be a short stay, and my wife like to spend money 😬
dvpita 9d
Sounds like a good wife, where is she from?
Need to get me one of those 😂
From Honduras 🇭🇳
ctwxoayxqqtz as an Honduran myself everything makes sense now 😂
Staying in Selina now, the cafe’s, community element and cowork is nice but their prices are ridiculous for colive. I personally decided to go to Laureles, I checked out a number of spots and decided on Casa Santefe Coliving. Indie Studios seemed alright as well, although I did see some bad reviews. Either way I’d recommend looking into Laureles, I love Selina but can’t support these guys for another month when they’re charging 3 - 4x what other spots charge.
sonnojwtpykyfpxdm thanks! Totally agree. Started looking into Laureles and Balu, but also booked. Will check the one you recommended!
You might be able to talk to Jo&joe about a monthly deal? Bit of a long shot, but may be worth a try
I heard that their place is pretty loud because of parties etc. so probably not ideal if you need to work. Same with Los Patios in Poblado
Ohh gotcha, ya Poblado is loud in general to me 😂
Hahah true
Heard about Gastón Coliving as well but apparently also functions as a hostel which I find a bit weird
abarrow 8d
I will be there for 10 days in the beginning of feb as well if you want to link up!
Totally down!
I love Laureles.
mavili 8d
🛬 ruwpivwv just arrived in ⛰ Bogota, #colombia
will def check that neighborhood out
Hi there! Does anyone know if there is any way to open a bank account in Colombia as a no-resident foreigner?
Short answer, no, long answer possibly if you know people but very challenging and you need some luck. In general unless you know people you need a cedula.
You can get away with using wise here and most of the ATMs at international malls etc.. will let you withdraw from foreign banks.
dvpita 7d
Same as Brazil, impossible to get a local account without a resident card
dvpita 7d
Wise is now available for Brazilians and Revolut is incoming
auday95 7d
Where do all the digital nomads stay in medellin?
choice 7d
bjvpdvolu In El Poblado or Laureles
auday95 7d
Any specific hostel in medellin?
auday95 7d
Any recommendations on where to stay in Medellin?
I have good references from Gaston Coliving and from

But most of people stay at Selina
togume 7d
I’m doing a Medellin run next week from Tuesday - Friday! Who’s going to be around? Anyone down for a NL happy hour?
🛬 qgaalrobipcsz just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
Hey man! Don’t know if I’m in good enough shape for a run 😂 but down for a happy hour
I will be arriving this weekend! I am down to meet up!
Hi everyone I’m in Medellin for a few days.

Recommendations on things to see? Heading to a city viewpoint on a hill right now.

Would also like to check out some working spots
What’s a safe place to walk around in medellin but without the nightlife, cause it’s so annoying, everyone is pulling you into their club/bar
rbgk 6d
Laureles / Estadio / Floresta
Poblado away from Parque Lleras
Around MAMM modern art museum
Around Parque Explora / Jardín Botánico
Parque Arvi
I lived all around Medellín and I would recommend Los Colores if you want somewhere chill without that annoying nightlife
Stay away from la 70
Damn, well, thanks you both anyway :(
You guys rock
sophiev 6d
Anyone I'm El Poblado area hear that?... I have never heard shots before but if I had to guess ... that's what it sounds like
dvpita 5d
From my friends stories, it sounds like a daily thing
I recommend Parque Arví

It might be fireworks 🤷‍♀️ that’s what I always tell myself 😂
default to fireworks. it’s december in medellín, there are a million fireworks explosions every day
sophiev 5d
Thanks for the encouragement. A few hours later I was out and about and it was like any other day... so maybe a 2am firework show is what it was 🤣
🛬 qfypyiokeoo just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
🛬 umlfwkheeto just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
Ya the fireworks are an all night even here 😂
Hi. Does anyone know if it is ok to enter as a tourist and get the Digital Nomad visa when there? I need to leave where I am end of this year and they say it takes about 30 days to get approval...
Hey everyone 👋

Just arrived in Medellín. Will be here for the rest of December! Would love to connect with other DMs.
How much do advocados 🥑 cost in Medellin? (average estimate)
I bought 2 today for $1.365 COP each
Hey all, wife and I just landed here in Medellin today. Will be here til end of January. We enjoy nature, casual hikes, and most outdoor activities. We also love coffee culture and cafes, so if you have any recs please pass them along.

Shoot me a message if you are down to meet up! Cheers
dambert 4d
🛬 fkypfjjmu just arrived in ⛰ Bogota, #colombia
munibca 4d
🛬 vpqcuierz just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
I created this map 3 years ago with places to visit and place nice places to eat:

A little bit outdated but most of the cool things to do in that area are there.
Yep, tha’s the average cost, almost 4 avocados for 1 USD
simonnn 3d
check out parque arvi for hiking / outdoors stuff. Take the gondola up, its lovely! In Poblado, Pergamino cafe is great (tho very gringo), in Laureles, my favourite is Rituales. Santa Lena is also really cute
Awesome, thanks for this xjqmglniq much appreciated.
Nice I am definitely coming haha
joshie 3d
I totally thought it was gunshots lmao!
Hello gang,

I'm planning to travel to Barranquilla, Colombia & stay there maybe 1 or 2 weeks. What's your thoughts on it? Is it safe? Are there many things to do at night? Are the beaches accessible, clean and beautiful? Which neighbourhood to stay?
I live here. The safe areas are around viva (Alto Prado) and Buena Vista. People walk around with their phones out here in the Buena Vista area. Beaches here are ok and you will have to leave the city to get to them. Cartagena is about an 1-1.5 hours away and Santa Marta I believe is about 2 hours away.

It is very unlikely anything will happen, but if something did happen, it would most likely be a mugging so keep that in mind and don't carry stuff in your wallet you can't lose. The area I am in is debatably safer than el Poblado in Medellin. However, there is much less English here, and there isn't a ton of expats or Digital Nomads for that matter.

I haven't actually been here during carnival yet but that is usually why people come here, not a whole lot going on outside of that. For just 1-2 weeks I would recommend staying at Mosaic, it's decent and has a co-working space inside. Just down the road is Buena Vista.

You can get ubers here by the hour and it works out to less than $9 cad per hour.

dvpita 2d
Oh wow nice!
Can u share the maps ping for the nicest beaches ?
I will keep adding to this map as I can see a potential rising interest in Barranquilla. The only two beaches I have been to were in Cartagena and Santa Marta, the one in Santa Marta at irotoma resort was nice, has the soft sand. Beaches in Colombia are ok but there not really comparable to say Asia.

There is a massive highway now connecting Barranquilla to Cartagena so you can get to it quickly and also there are flights from FLL to BAQ directly so you don't have to fly into Cartagena.
The weather in the afternoons is spectacular right now, mid-day does get very hot.
yes tourist visa gives you 90 days (180 if you extend) in a calendar year
togume 2d
Beaches in Santa Marta, more specifically Tayrona Park, are stunning on their own right; 3.5hrs away from Barranquilla + hike or boat ride. Going south, you have great beaches at

For amazing beaches, see San Andrés and Providencia. Also, San Bernardo del Viento. Pacific coast beaches are … meh.
togume 2d
Thanks for the map, U06FWGSG1! Can’t wait to go there to explore
added a bunch more to the map.
tks U03MH7ZSQ3F. And being on a tourist visa in the country its possible to apply for the DN visa?
it doesn’t matter where you are in the world when applying for the visa. but you need to be in a solid place in case they want an interview. but i don’t think that’s a high likelihood
gabo 1d
I don't know specifically for the DN visa, but you can apply to migrant or residency (M or R) visas while you're in the country on the tourist stamp.

if you are granted a visa, you either have to go to Migración to get it stamped in if you're in the country, or the next time you enter the country you can already enter with showing the visa (I only needed to show the PDF they sent me and that was enough for them to stamp in in on an M visa)

I suppose it's the same for the DN visa.
gabo 1d
Colombia is a lot more relaxed than for example the US, which doesn't allow you to apply for visas if you entered with the ESTA
Thanks a lot ksukepqjjruqr and izdllr
dambert 22h
🛬 edysgwcwk just arrived in ⛰ Medellín, #colombia
jahabeebs 16h
Hey does anyone have a Colombia-based accountant they’re happy with who’s ideally worked w/U.S. citizens? I saw some tax lawyer recommendations in the channel but not accountants. I think I probably owe taxes so need to start on that 😅
Do they have to speak English?
dvpita 10h
Ur a Colombian resident?
rgckrhgp I qualify as a resident yes
dvpita 3h
What does that mean?

Did u apply for residency or not ?
dvpita 3h
If u haven’t then u don’t need to pay taxes
pyfupyjn I thought that Colombia defines a fiscal resident as being in the country for over 183 days in a 365 day period? In which case I’d have to pay…I haven’t applied for residency but I think I’ve become one for tax purposes
dvpita 3h
You don’t have to pay for anything until they tell u to pay
dvpita 3h
Ur not a resident
dvpita 3h
Ur on a tourist visa right ?
dvpita 3h
I know people who’ve been in countries for years without paying any taxes there
uklukrhomil is right! You should declare your taxes in Colombia, specially because it’s cheaper than declaring them somewhere else
dvpita 3h
He’s right if he’s not declaring them anywhere else.

And it’s not cheaper , I pay 10% in Portugal
I pay taxes in the U.S. and my understanding is I’ll have to pay taxes in both Colombia and the U.S. because they don’t have a tax treaty so it wouldn’t be very convenient at all 😬 my worry is if I someday get assets in Colombia like a house then it’ll matter a lot that I haven’t paid taxes in a year where I was a fiscal resident
dvpita 3h
But u told me ur not a fiscal resident
dvpita 3h
Are u on a tourist visa or not ?
osvipiat I qualify as a fiscal resident because I spent over 183 days in a 365 day period
dvpita 3h
Try leaving the country and see if they ask u for any taxes
dvpita 3h
Who’s checking how many days ur staying?
Answer no one
dvpita 3h
There are laws and there’s the application of such laws
dvpita 3h
Very different things
stywhwfpdjlhtnrh is proposing a|meetup in Bogota, #colombia at Indio restaurante on Friday, 16 December at 20:00. "Let's get together for some food in one of the best neighbourhoods in Bogota. Umbrella and a good jacket may be needed. " ✅ RSVP here
rrcxzqysjcclsjym is proposing a|meetup in Bogota, #colombia at Indio Restaurante on Friday, 9 December at 20:00. "How about some food and drinks in one of the best areas in Bogota? " ✅ RSVP here
nomadlist 13min
rgctyoiuquiuzlur is organizing a|meetup in Bogota, # at Indio Restaurante on Friday, 9 December at 20:00. "How about some food and drinks in one of the best areas in Bogota?" ✅ RSVP here
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