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Costa Rica Chat - Meet people when traveling in Costa Rica on Nomad List

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Anyone in Tamarindo interested in buying a surfboard? I leave on Thursday so anytime before then.
Hey all! I'm heading to Costa Rica on Thursday - just checking that I DON'T need a covid test. I arrive at 3am so would like customs to go as smooooothly as possible ๐Ÿ˜„
Confirmed, no test needed ๐Ÿ‘ (Just your health pass form proving insurance, to board the plane)
Anyone in Nosara selling a surfboard?
Phew! Thank you :)
Is there anyway to add a town/coworking space in Costa Rica that's not on the website?
Iโ€™m selling one in Tamarindo. Iโ€™m leaving tomorrrow tho.
has anyone used the costa rican government insurance INS for entry? The website is pretty awful but I'm staying for 84 days and it's about half the price for longer stays and apparently even though most are accepted it's 'instantly approved' -- Would love to hear if anyone has had any experience with it! Thanks all!
Trawick was a lot cheaper than INS, and they accept it ๐Ÿ‘
I used trawick twice without any issues. At one point they ask for the cost of your trip. If you put $0 it still covers the covid requirement but costs A LOT cheaper. I think 50 days cost me le $50
oh wow great tip thanks cybenkthalha you're right i was getting a way high quote and it was because of the trip cost
Awesome thanks dlkmbrqknck good call. Do you happen to know what "Trip Deposit Date" means with Trawick?
do you have any idea what "trip deposit date" is?
Zero clue on that one. I don't think it played into anything I did so I would just pick a random date!
Ok cool thanks for the tip!
Hmm, no, afraid I donโ€™t remember seeing that, but it was three months ago :)
wgmvzovbvxlczy It just means when you paid for the trip (bought your flight). It really doesnโ€™t matter at all.
Who is near Nicoya Peninsula??

Itโ€™s a famous Blue zone where people on average live for longer.

Tell us what the lifestyle there is like & especially what youโ€™re eating! ๐Ÿ˜บ
I'm not on the Nicoya peninsula right now, but I've travelled around it a bit.
The blue zone part of the peninsula is mostly inland up in the hills. It's cattle country, quite rural, with a very slow pace of life.
The traditional local diet is typical tico food (gallo pinto, fresh fruit, fish, meat stews) but with an even stronger emphasis on beef, dairy and corn.
rqqecor just arrived in La Fortuna, #costa-rica
jkpurrwmayyv thanks for the tip!
One thing to note none of Trawick's policies work if you're a US citizen not currently in the US traveling to costa rica
Really easy to eat healthy here
zwufcqhlyvgyw just arrived in Monteverde, #costa-rica
Is it a safe & cheap place too? ๐Ÿ˜บ
Safe, yes. Cheap, no
I pay $750 a month in Nosara and that's cash deal. Granted, IMO you get good value here compared to where I was previously (Mexico). Internet can be 200 down (though short outages aren't unheard of), groceries except meat seem to be cheaper. Also the locals don't rip you off. I like it here.
Do you need covid insurance if you're vaccinated?
tlyleruwhpy just arrived in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, #costa-rica #costa-rica
mpuoejjpwpl just arrived in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, #costa-rica #costa-rica
Guys I'm trying to choose between Costa Rica (Pacific Coast) and Mexico to move in the next few weeks. I was in Costa Rica - Nosara - a few years ago and absolutely loved it, hands down CR is my first choice. The only thing that worries me is the internet I have daily Zoom calls and my employer's patience will wear thin quickly if I'm dropping out of calls, etc.

Hoping to be on the coast Samara, Nosara, etc.; probably I'll be working out of coworking spaces. What do you think? Reliable wifi or I'm going to be fired?
I'm in exactly the same situation. Looking for coastal and good wifi anywhere south of the US + need private space for calls a few times a day. Seems quite the riddle to find a reliable coworking space of that type outside of major cities
Internet quality still varies a lot in CR, but it has improved massively in the last few years.
Both Samara and Nosara have 100mb+ fibre in parts of town, and I'd expect co-working spaces to be connected to that (but best to ask!). Your airbnb/hotel/etc might not have fibre, or be subscribed to a much slower plan.
The biggest annoyance is probably short outages and power cuts. Not too common, and they're usually fixed very quickly, but it does happen and it's worth making sure you have a backup plan (e.g. get a local SIM card with prepaid data. 4g here usually works ok for video calls).
One other thing I've noticed all over CR is that I get a lot of latency on Zoom calls, even when my bandwidth is fine. That's mostly calling to europe though, so it might work better if your employer is in the US.
gwyyspdkxc this is super helpful, thanks!
This is great intel thankyou. Employer is absolutely US based but we have teams and customers across the globe. Latency could be tricky, but making it work sounds very achievable with 100mb+ fibre

Curious have you found any good offices/coworking spots in Nosara or Samara U27FKS89J?
I'm not sure, I usually just work from my airbnb, and I haven't been in that part of the country for a little while.

I think Nosara has a branch of Selina, which are usually pretty solid.

I've also heard good things about LocoWorking in Samara, although I've never been myself.
ipnangtdhqoadj just arrived in Santa Teresa, #costa-rica
I was in Samara and working out of the coworking space there called locoworking. Great space. Awesome people. No issues with internet. They have several networks and a generator if the power goes out.
Enjoy! Close to locking down our flights in, just mapping out the ideal space for work & sleep
My recent trip was a few months each in Merida MX, San Jose del Cabo MX, and Santa Teresa CR. I did video calls everywhere, but none of it was great. And people who had to rely on video for work were complaining everywhere I went ๐Ÿ™‚ Video was less important to me, and I was able to get plenty of reasonable internet to stay connected ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
I get 200 down in nosara, but at this spot specifically there's an internet outage maybe twice a month
You can go to a cafe and it's completely fine, most of the time
Selina has coworking but it's 7mpbs? Like, huh?
Haha one of my lines to my employer was that they have big coworking companies there (e.g. Selina) so for sure the internet is fine :grimacing:.

Anyway looks like it's happening, I figure between wifi and a mobile data card hopefully things will be ok.
The coworking space at Selina South in Santa Teresa is big and cool, but gets really crowded, and the bandwidth suffers
diwmvel just arrived in San Josรฉ, #costa-rica
Does anyone know a reliable place to get ok internet (mostly for video calls) in Liberia? I would truly appreciate the help โค๏ธ
kkkbnnafbfvrthga thanks! that's always the tricky part. Good luck and let me know where you end up if you want to paddle out sometime!
paubukfacvq just arrived in Puerto Viejo, #costa-rica
ebnzjwskulxfg just arrived in Puerto Viejo, #costa-rica
dfgvbynmdmgl Great tip on Locoworking, going to check them out. That little town sounds great
hxdmtsby just arrived in :church:๏ธ Liberia, #costa-rica
ocodinmyklj lmjahmitsfbcq - how are you liking Puerto Viejo so far? I'm heading across in a couple of weeks, so any tips you have (or anyone else who is reading this) on areas to stay would be awesome!
I'm staying at the Selina cause it's just easier for me with the coworking. I just arrived last evening but would be happy to share my impressions and tips in a few days :)
Is the outage due to power or the intermet service provider?

Seriously considering locoworking in Samara for May/June, hearing great things
A tree hit a telephone pole
it's usally something like that
power goes out intermittently pretty frequently, comes back in a few min
Can anyone recommend insurance that would allow entry to CR? One that covers COVID medical and the quarantine coverage? Arriving in late May with my fam (all vaccinated) and trying to find the right insurance that will allow us entry
I went with Trawick - they have a couple of price options ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks! And just hand over a printout of the coverage and you're good?
There are a few links on />(under 'Costa Rican Policies')

The catch is that your policy must cover your accomodation in the event that you need to quarantine.
rjatkvd when you buy the policy they send you your visa letter in an email - i just screencapped it and showed it on my phone and that was fine
Yes, Trawick worked great for me as well. Just make sure you book your travel insurance for as long as you plan on staying.

# of days of travel insurance = # of days visa you'll get upon entry
Anyone been or goes to LoCoworking in Samara beach recently? They say they're open but don't respond to email or phone. I'm thinking they might be closed?
Just looked up their Facebook page and they seem pretty active. Just pura vida re phone / email I guess ๐ŸŒด
I worked there for a month in February. Reach out to them on Instagram theyโ€™ll probably be responsive there.
Iโ€™d definitely reserve early because they were at 50% capacity in feb and there were days they were full
Awesome thanks yall!!
pkxkjeoxkhizhc just arrived in Santa Teresa, #costa-rica
where should I buy a cell phone for cheap? Mine was stolen yesterday
Just arrived here, only ~5 of us working here today - did you have any luck getting ahold of them?
Has anyone used their accomodation benefit for their required travel insurance?
lmofamfshodhyaay just arrived in Puerto Viejo, #costa-rica
Anyone in Samara or Nosara now that likes to surf?
cdjsdwfjucjvxjmt I'm in Nosara and I surf every day!
๐Ÿค™ that's great! In samara for another month or so, then planning to head up there. Let's catch some waves!
Has anyone caught a bus from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo? Is there a direct line or is it another halfway stop in San Jose? ๐Ÿ˜„
I'd be very surprised if there is a direct bus, there are like 4 buses per day from San Josรฉ. If you find something to Limรณn, I think there are more buses from Limรณn to Puerto Viejo. But my bet is that you need to go to San Josรฉ, probably change bus station and then take the one from there to Puerto Viejo (last one is at 6pm if I'm not wrong)
chektvtnhxpchzoc yeah, I figured I'd be seeing San Jose bus station a few more times ๐Ÿ˜„ Thanks!
It's it Surfing session all year round? I'm a kite boarder and some people tell me it's only good from December to April
Hi everyone! I'm thinking of spending a couple of months in Costa Rica with a friend this summer. I was wondering how the situation is right now and what are the best places to work remotely. We thought of Santa Teresa and Puerto Viejo. How good is the internet there? And what are the top places we should visit/stay in?
Also, what is the best way to move around the country?
I've heard there is a recent lockdown in San Josรฉ (businesses closed). In Puerto Viejo things are fine, everything seems normal. The Internet at Selina is good, I've heard that in airbnbs it depends and can be not so good.
That requires different conditions does it not?
You get bigger waves in summer time, but there are northwest exposures as well so it's not impossible to get winter swells
Yes you're probably right, I'm an absolute beginner and know very little
I've been here just over a month and had no internet problems at any airbnbs or hotels. I'm in Puerto Viejo right now and it's life as normal. Manuel Antonio, Quepos, La Fortuna, Dominical, and San Jose were all fine as I passed through :)
I use the buses - they're cheap and pretty well connected to everywhere :)
Iโ€™m in Puerto too and itโ€™s really cool
internet you have selina or the coworking which are good then depend on the house, my friend is deep in the forest with the strongest fiber optic connexion iโ€™ve seen in costa rica
so it really depends
for the one in puerto viejo, we should meet at one point ๐Ÿ™‚
zsinpjlctj just arrived in Santa Teresa, #costa-rica
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