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Costa Rica Chat - Meet people when traveling in Costa Rica on Nomad List

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It used to be popular for foreigners to set up a Costa Rican corporation to act as the legal owner of the car, but that's not recommended any more, and it's way easier just to buy under your own name.
That's actually useful, thanks for correcting me
fgvxyfsycr are you going the investment route for the residence?
bxsxgunarsy No problem ๐Ÿ‘ there's so much rumor and gossip about this stuff it's hard to tell what the latest rules are until you do it yourself
I applied as a 'rentista', which is the one where you have to guarantee a minimum monthly income from overseas. I'd have loved to do the 'inversionista' investment visa instead, but alas I don't have a spare $200,000 kicking around ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Yea, that's why I did mine in Panama where it's only 5k (which you get back after)
rentista is residencia temporal?
Damn, I knew Panama was a really good deal, but I didn't realise it was that good!
Yeah, I think they all are in CR, unless you get permanent residence through marriage/family.
You have to do 3 years of temporary residency in any category before you can apply for permanent status
It's still quite good
this is all very interesting jdpyeejqqgx thanks for sharing your experience.
qcpyszspblgu If you leave it outside overnight it'll probably disappear pretty quick, especially in San Josรฉ, Jacรณ or the Caribbean region.
Keep it out of view inside the house or behind a secure locked gate and you should be fine.
klmzasayyq Right, thanks. What about expensive wrist watch and smartphone? May I be targeted because of valuables over a grand?
Just exercise the same caution you would in any other developing country.
Costa Rica is much safer than most of the rest of central america, but if you're flashing a lot of cash or a visibly expensive watch or phone there's always a risk.
For what it's worth, I feel significantly safer here than when I've lived in big cities in developed countries like London.
There's a strong police presence in touristed areas, and the only crime I've ever witnessed in person here has been perpetrated by monkeys
kqcfxdpxuiae iโ€™d first get used to the place, then when you feel more confident you wonโ€™t worry that much. People here prefer tourists to stay safe,
Blending in also helps.
pura vida
Someone how do i deliver a laptop to costa rica from NYC?
ayjizvb getting a locker in FL with a courier like Aeropost/Redlogistic/Redbox etc. This is the common way to get stuff from Amazon for example. You have to pay taxes though. The customs office asks for a receipt, and they'll charge you an import tax.
oh i never made sucb shipmentsโ€ฆthanks iโ€™ll researcb! isnโ€™t it cheaper paying a friend for a trip down here? ๐Ÿ™‚
It can be, yeah. A few months ago I was doing the numbers for a new macbook pro and it was more efficient to fly with JetBlue/Spirit, buy the thing and fly back in less than 24hrs than waiting 10~ days and pay the taxes
try this calculator aeropost.com/site/en/calculator . This company is not the cheapest, but it gives you an idea of the government taxes you pay here
oh yeah thanks !! i will find a friend :)
gcjqwbn just arrived in Puerto Viejo, #costa-rica
Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ Iโ€™d like to spend some time in Costa Rica next year, but Iโ€™ve heard a lot of negative things about the internet situation outside of San Jose. Are there any places outside of the central valley where I could get a ~10-15mb connection?
like pacific is going ot be ok
caribbean it's can disappear sometimes
but the speed is there
erqtmjfdvem The infrastructure is there for fast (up to 50mb+) wired internet in most decent sized towns, but check before you book accommodation because not everyone is connected or pays for the highest speeds.
In more remote areas or properties that haven't run network cable yet, 4g mifi routers are fairly popular. If you're in a 4g area these should easily manage 10-15mb+ speeds, but they'll struggle on only 3g.
Like frwdkjcfyux says, internet service (and power) does drop out occasionally, especially on the Caribbean side, but mobile data usually keeps working so you can often switch to tethering from your phone temporarily during outages.
Tl;dr Internet is good most places, but ask for a speed test before you book if it's super important to you
good to know, thanks! Iโ€™m still learning proper Spanish, so does anyone know the best way to ask a potential AirBnB host what their internet speed is? What are some of the popular co-working spaces with decent internet outside of the central valley?
English is fine
You can ask for speedtest or / fast.com|fast.com results
rprrsxxqzag i never had internet problems in the 4 months iโ€™ve been here. There are coworking spaces with fast (min 10Mbit) internet on the coast. In latin america you can find www.selina.com for coworking. There are airbnb with fast internet - it depends from the address. e.g. in Chepe some blocks donโ€™t have fast internet, even in the center of the city)
Hello friends! I'm also spending some time in Costa Rica, likely starting in January, and I'm also due for a yearly physical.

Has anyone had a particularly good healthcare experience at a place they'd recommend?
Could have opted for 200mbps down for a few dollars more
You fool!
there's not much going on in this channel, but I'll give it a try. I'm planning to fly from Mexico to Costa Rica at the end of february and spend a few weeks or maybe even months there before heading to Nicaragua. so which places can you guys recommend to me? the following things are important to me:
- it should be a beach place or at least close to a beach
- more or less solid internet connection to get some work done
- small but fine nomad community
- sloths ๐Ÿ™ƒ
odnjhhki Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side is a channel favourite (around Punta Cocles or Punta Uva in particular).
Fantastic beaches, laid back vibe, a couple of coworking spaces, and you're sure to see plenty of sloths hanging out around the place (plus loads of other awesome wildlife).
Internet connection often isn't great, but I've always managed ok.
xbglaudyur thanks a lot! Puerto Viejo looks amazing and the housing options actually don't seem to be very expensive... are there buses from San Jose? I'm not a big fan of flying...
Yup! There are cheap public buses direct from San Josรฉ to the centre of Puerto Viejo. www.puertoviejosatellite.com/transport-to-puerto-viejo.php|https://www.puertoviejosatellite.com/transport-to-puerto-viejo.php has up to date timetables and instructions.
If you're carrying a lot of luggage or want an easier journey, there are also shuttle services that'll take you door-to-door for $50-60, which saves finding the bus terminal in SJ, getting to your accommodation at the other end, and worrying about your bags during the journey. I usually go with Interbus, but Caribe Shuttle is also good.
The small local airplane is also super cool and is 80$
wqpdfaw any link or name on that local airplane?
Iโ€™m all for helicopter or small plane transfers
srmwdqqhfx that's probably Sansa Airlines flying SJO to Limรณn
One day I want the helicopter transfer into MDE
Is that from the airport into the city? Those views must be spectacular
It is
sljxkywmyp thanks for the infos! will let you guys know when I've arrived in CR ๐Ÿ™Œ
btfzgawf I liked Manuel Antonio. There's even a Selina with coworking there and I saw sloths and monkeys when I went to the national park. The beach was beautiful too. I can't compare it to Puerto Viejo because I didn't go there, next time I'll definitely go.
For someone who is not interested in nature (like forest, animals, beaches, mountains, trees, etc..), what is there to do in Costa Rica?
thanks for the advice, Manuel Antonio looks really nice. did you stay in Quepos then?
I've heard great things about Manuel Antonio. I really enjoy the Pacific coast side...spent a month in Tamarindo which is more tourist-y but there are a few coworks and places with good internet in comparison to other spots around the country. I was hesitant to go to a less touristy beach town due to internet concerns but I've heard Play Negra is nice with great surfing. I'm checking out Santa Teresa in March and then planning to head back to Tamarindo for a few weeks. The beaches north of Tamarindo are supposedly nice as well, and you should be able to make a pretty easy trip up to Nicaragua from there.
wow, this is just sort of everywhere, isnโ€™t it
pgvyls kick the stupid bot, itโ€™s not catching the cross posting to here/bargain travel/housing because the promotion for thejetters.com|thejetters.com doesnโ€™t include a link, just an image.
Wait is knxozrocptnf a bot? :)
Lol sorry i thought it was an ad :) where did u book?
how is this a promotion for jetters if i didnt mention it?
Cool!! Well good luck :)
thank you!
hukqicgj In the Selina so kind of between Quepos and the park. I think it's like 1.4kms from the national park.
I'll have a look into it! Thanks ๐Ÿป
mbruxorcbo just arrived in San Josรฉ, #costa-rica
hey everyone! iโ€™m gonna spend a month in Costa Rica around March-April and I was wondering whatโ€™s the wifi situation outside of San Jose?
Hey zknttz wifi speeds can be pretty good in larger towns and big tourist destinations, but check before you book accommodation because not everyone is connected or pays for the fastest packages, and it's common to share connections between properties.
Right now I'm getting a consistent 50 down/5 up at my cabin by the beach. It was closer to 100 down before the high season started.
In more remote areas or properties that haven't run network cable yet, 4g mifi routers are popular. If you're in a 4g area these should easily manage 10-15mb+ speeds, but they'll struggle on only 3g, and at peak times the network does get congested.
Reliability varies. It tends to be worse on the Caribbean side, but you get occasional network and/or power outages everywhere. It's rare for the power and phone network to go out at the same time, so you can usually stay connected by temporarily switching to tethered data from your phone.
oh wow that was super helpful thanks U27FKS89J! Iโ€™m going to San Jose and then La Fortuna (i asked the host and said that the internet connection was good โ€” some comments corroborated it as well) but after that weโ€™ll head down to the beach (Tamarindo) and I was worried about internet connection outside of major cities
can someone recommend a good area / neighbourhood to stay in San Jose? I'll stay in the city for about a week before heading to the coast.
I was just in Alajuela, La Fortuna, and Tamarindo. I was averaging around 10Mbps down. Iโ€™m a web developer and had no issues getting my work done. I would only be concerned if you need faster speeds. But yeah, get a Kolbi SIM for backup. I bought 4 gigs for $10USD
thank you! thatโ€™s great to hear. 90% of my work happens on gdocs/gmail/slack and 10% on google hangouts, so i guess 10mbps should be fine?
Any residential outside the very center is nice, but you'll need to uber/car around.
Got AirBNB in Residencial Los Arcos which was nice but far (good for leaving though because it's close to the airport)
Thanks U03PUE9UE!
I like barrio California
By parque nacional
Hola a todos! Iโ€™m coming to Costa Rica in May for a month and back again for several months towards the end of the year. Is anyone going to be around?
I might, not 100% sure yet.
I am planning to go soonish nothing definitive. Was thinking Tamarindo, checking out some areas of SJ and San Isidro del General, but not crazy about anything yet.
Whatever reason San Jose airport had a long line for immigration that took 3 hours
USD โ”€ $

by levelsio

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