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Costa Rica Chat - Meet people when traveling in Costa Rica on Nomad List

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It's actually super cheap and easy to take a bus to center from the SJO airport. Especially if you don't have bazzlion bags.
You can even combine. Take a bus until whatever makes sense for your location and then take Uber for the rest. Communicating with Uber drivers in the airport, especially if your spanish is bad, can be annoying. Taxis are a scam.
Top things to do in La Fortuna?
Obviously the waterfall and hot springs but curious about your guys experience here
If you have transport, the Rio Celeste/Volcรกn Tenorio national park is a couple of hours drive away and well worth a visit.
Last time I was in La Fortuna I did a canoe trip down the Peรฑas Blancas and San Carlos rivers, which was a fun way to see a ton of wildlife (crocodiles, sloths, bats etc).
Sweet thanks for that, Iโ€™m gonna look into it!
dggoyd just arrived in San Josรฉ, #costa-rica
is Uber available only in San Josรฉ?
going to la fortuna tomorrow and wondering what my transportation options are
once I get there
La Fortuna Uber works great
Quepos not so much
yeah itโ€™s actually suprising how well it works, thanks UK2RFTHHV!
No problem!
I'm thinking of headed to Costa Rica as a place to settle down
Can you run a speed test in Bahia Drake for me. I'd really love to live there
Any major quarantine restrictions happening?
Hey Iโ€™m not actually there anymore I left this morning. Gorgeous there really enjoyed my time. I ran a speed test at my AirBnB and it was only 2MB up 1 down or something like that
ostdyibc There are no entry restrictions yet, but the official advice is to avoid all unnecessary travel. You do have to declare if you've been in China in the last 14 days, but that's all.
Bars and nightclubs are supposed to be closed completely. Cinemas and restaurants are operating at 50% capacity to minimise contact.
So far there are 35 confirmed cases, including three in intensive care, but no deaths.
It would be responsible to self-quarantine for a week or two on arrival if you do decide to come
I'm also interested, but not sure where in Costa Rica to go with only a few hours of planning. Are there any reccomended low-population areas that still have the ability to easily buy groceries, not need a car, etc? And good internet, of course.
thanks U27FKS89J. I have some family friends there and it's much closer to the USA.

2 weeks is no issue for me
Yeah that's what I thought. I went there once before and its very rural
I'm in Santa Teresa right now - my girlfriend and I are torn on if we should pay up to get out of here ASAP before Canada/US locks us out, extend until everything cools off, or hop back on our normal flights a week from today.
Everything here is very chill. No shortage of food / supplies, plenty of ATVs available to rent, a lot of desperate hotels / airbnbs
We're a little concerned that it may be too cut off though. If shit hits the fan, not sure it's ideal to be here.
polftmykmw Iโ€™m in the exact same position as you are. In my case, going back home (Spain) would mean getting into a state of lockdown but I feel like the entire world is going into that state anyway
CR might have better people to hospitals ratio, but I could be wrong.
Heads ๐Ÿ†™ Panama's border lockdown goes into effect at midnight tonight, banning all entry of non-residents.
I think there'll be a lot of pressure for CR to follow suit.
damn :point_up:. i just recently took a break from nomading this year and iโ€™m kind of glad i did right now.. the US has its fair share of problems but idk what i would do if i didnโ€™t have a home right now. probably hole up on a beach somewhere!
man oh man, good luck everyone.
We decided to wait for a little bit of news before trying to desperately move our flights up.
But it could be a mistake - only time will tell.
I feel travel is more risky than staying at home where ever that home is now.
I'm EU citizen and Panama resident, but i'm staying put in MX.
stay safe! i have spent many months living in Santa Teresa, so i know what you may be going through. itโ€™s a good thing that itโ€™s remote (it may be safe from corona for a while), but that is also a con, in case you need emergency medical help. STA has a clinic by Playa Carmen, but the one with the most supplies is in Cรณbano. if Cรณbano canโ€™t help you, theyโ€™ll send you to San Jose. i hope everything works out for you. STA is not a bad place to be at the end of the world ๐Ÿ™ƒ
We just booked. We're leaving.
More of a personal choice for my girlfriend and I to be with family now. If I was single, I'd probably have stayed and taken my chances in paradise.
State of emergency officially declared.

Land, air and sea borders will close completely to non-residents at midnight on Wednesday, lasting until at least April 12th. Only citizens and legal residents will be allowed to enter during this time, subject to a 14 day quarantine on arrival.
if you dont mind me asking, when are you leaving and are you connecting via US?
kcxsfm just arrived in Tamarindo, #costa-rica
I'm leaving today at 1pm out of Liberia and connecting in Atlanta.
In case anyone is worried about their 90 days running out in the midst of all this
Migraciรณn announced that anyone in the country on a tourist entry stamp that's valid today is entitled to continue to stay until May 17th.
okay weโ€™ve also booked a ticket back to Spain
earliest direct flight possible, on monday
safe travels!
gbmywt we made something similar here in peru but they closed the airport few days before the flight. i donโ€™t think is a good moment to go back home, at least until in spain that curve is going down againโ€ฆ
well, we made it out. those were some very stressful 48h but we managed to get home. now weโ€™re in self quarantine for 14 days. spain might not be the best place to be right now but at least im home and not trapped in a foreign country
ukkzfu cool thanks for the update pls stay safe cuidate
gracias! yeah i thought iโ€™d share
Anyone do the _Inversionista_ residency option? The 200k you need to invest in a house, does it need to be all at once or just the total value of the property (for example if you had a loan or mortgage)?
hfrcieixtmyv No, but I researched this before I applied for rentista status last year.
It's based on the amount of money actually paid for the property, rather than assessed value.
Afaik it doesn't matter where the capital comes from for residency purposes as long as you have a purchase deed with at least $200,000 clearly attributable to you.
But I imagine it's near impossible to find a good mortgage here as a non-resident in any case.
qswpzdbtsl I have contacts there that are willing to do a financed option so thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m trying to clarify thanks!
Probably depends on the terms of the financing deal then, and whether the owner retains the title.
Worth checking with a good lawyer
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