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Costa Rica Chat - Meet people when traveling in Costa Rica on Nomad List

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yea I'm sure theer are many people from the US who are homeless in ARgentina now
I was lucky I could spend the 2K to get out
thatโ€™s how much it cost just to leave?
but anyone wh was there in March of 2020 got super F'cd
for me yea
but for a long time they used to have embassey flights out once or twice a month that cost 1700 and would drop you off in Miami
but they kept cancelling those anyway so
lot of people still stuck there for financial reasons now
damn that sucks
yea its crazy man
no one saw it coming either
traveling around to have a good time and covid comes out of nowhere
yeah at that time it was played down as no big deal
so imagine you are a backpacker there with enought saved up for a month or two then they cancel your flight and you get stuck there for 6 moths
those kids are so screwed
if you work remotely not as big of a deal
so long as you didnโ€™t leave your dog with a sitter or something
I think a lot of people don't realize how many are still stuck abroad all over the world now, it's a real thing
yea for me I can be remote so I just kinda tried to make the best of it
letโ€™s go rescue them #NoNomadLeftBehind
Is that real movement?
lol no but it should be
should be!
when are you planning on hitting up costa rica?
I got an email with costa rica flight deals from scotts cheap flights today
been browsing dates
Soon as first or second week of July really
yeah, I was thinking mid july
2-4 weeks
What part?
ANyone I know who went while working has been in San Jose
not sure, the flights touched down in San Jose so starting there
but Iโ€™d like to do some cool stuff allover
if I stay longer Iโ€™ll probably try and bounce around a lot
a friend of mine in NY wanted to head theer for some type of coding bootcamp retreat up in some mountains
this will be my first nomadic journey ๐Ÿ™
I'd love to stay by there beaches of course
oh for sure
Of yeah?
You mostly stay in the US?
havenโ€™t really seen too much of the US either, but the US is super expensive so gonna hold off on that
I really wanna do Thailand but not sure if being stuck in Phuket for two weeks is worth going when it opens next month
I was thinking the same thing
For months I have been looking into staying in Hawaii for a bit then Thailand after when it is ready
Hawaii is a good part way stop for Thailand. I 've been to Thailand many times
Not sure how many times exactly
But Hawaii is kinda out of the qustion right now because of tourist season even staying at a hotel for a month is 3-4K
kind of not worth it at that point
i like places where the dollar is strong and you can have fun and eat great food without spending a fortune
Argentina was like that
and really nice people
thatโ€™s awesome
felt safe too
Argentina was on my list too
but I mean I'm glossing over the whole lockdown part that was hell
will probably wait for things to settle down a lot more before going lol
I'll have PTSD from that forever probably
lol yeah I have a feeling a lot of people will
before Thailand or Costa Rica?
I think Costa Rica would be cool to do soonish, then Thailand in mid-October when itโ€™s supposed to open
I'm not sure how things are in Costa Rica right now though so thought I'd try to ask Nomads who are there currently
I'm seeing something about peopel staying at a place called Selina
I've always just been renting AiBNBs
what happened?
oh i posted a cdc link but the bot deleted it
costa rica is level 4 now (very high)
I mean even with a vax thats probably not a good idea
the variants are pretty crazy
donโ€™t even wanna know what happens if you catch it
i guess itโ€™d be like a month of quarantine
if youโ€™re going to just hang out on the beach with a girlfriend it probably isnโ€™t so bad, but if anything social is way riskier
yeah I have no interest in going to clubs or anything like that
I'm still in prevention mode even though I have a vax
I know a few peopel who have been in and ot of Thailand this year
just like you said it more about being by a beach and doing your own thing
Hopefully by end of the year everything around the world will see more progress
Things seems to be slowly moving in that direction but may not be until 2022 for a lot of places
I'm shocked by what I see in the US hope everyone isn't taking things too lightly
its pretty crazy
but the vaccines seem to be working
Yea need more people to have access to them
but then not everyone every wants one
sorry, your original question got kind of lost, I should have started a thread lol
maybe repost if you still want the 411
true, that chat should have been a thread, whoops
I arrived in CR two days ago and it's not super noticeable with respect to Covid. Costa Rica has a good universal health care system + the numbers are dropping; everyone local I've spoken to here has been vaccinated.

You are required to wear masks indoors (but not restaurants / bars :upside_down_face:); things are generally quiet + uncrowded. It's really pretty nice here.

Keep in mind it's rainy season the weather changes every half hour but when it rains, it rains with big storms. The internet can be very patchy in hotels although the co-working spaces seem to be generally good and fine for Zoom calls.

It's not cheap here. I just put down USD1300 for a month's airbnb which I consider to be a good deal having looked around for a bit.
Ah, thanks for the info! How long are you staying?
USD โ”€ $
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