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Cyprus Chat - Meet people when traveling in Cyprus on Nomad List

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You do not need a cyprus company for either the 60 days OR the non-dom
nwjgzzbekpprgpeu just contact huggeconsult, honestly
yeah been trying ๐Ÿ˜ž via email
You need professional advice, not us here
egxswwurrwczj as i wrote above โ€˜Yeah so you need economic ties - cyprus company or employmentโ€™
Your ๐Ÿ”— โ€˜The individual exercises any kind of business in Cyprus, and/or is employed in Cyprus, and/or holds an office with a Cyprus tax resident person at any time during the tax year;โ€™
In what way is this information, verified with multiple providers, incorrect?
Your statement is confusing though because you can have a foreign company that employs you in Cyprus
You donโ€™t need a cyprus company specifically
You need cyprus economic ties. The whole point of the scheme is to ramp up social insurance payments
Most people will have a foreign company, no employment in Cyprus, but pay themselves in dividends
You have cyprus economic ties by being a resident of cyprus
Yes but are they getting 60 day tax residence?
And is this just to skip (admittedly high) Cyprus company accounting costs?
Not sure what you mean that question
Your link, and the govt web page, shows that there are four conditions required for the 60d tax residence. Quite separate from non dom requirements such as they are
Yes, itโ€™s to skip the accounting costs and extra auditing that is required. But also because bureaucracy is still mostly in Greek. The UK is all online, cheap, and in English. Other alternatives are the US or Canada which some of the expats at Hรผgge are also using.
Totally get that
Mind you ukco corp tax eats into that difference
Correct but in those four conditions, where does it say that you need a cyprus company?
I said economic ties
Multiple times
Ukco, no local branch, no salary=no economic ties
โ€˜Yeah so you need economic ties - cyprus company or employmentโ€™
Itโ€™s cyprus so you probably get away with it
Yes but this is not semantic
You donโ€™t need cyprus company or employment to have economic ties
Are they getting social insurance?
If you are residence of cyprus, you need to pay the 2.75% gesy system that is mandatory.
Yes, residents pay social insurance.
On what, if you're not paying a salary?
Not paying a salary or not being paid a salary?
Being paid
Your application wouldnโ€™t have been approved in the first place so not sure how itโ€™s relevant tbh
How are you keeping the ukco domiciled in the uk?
What do you mean? There is a tax treaty between the UK and Cyprus, like many other countries.
My UK company was registered as a non-resident company from the beginning.
it seems doable based on the url providedโ€ฆ.
โ€˜or holds an office with a Cyprus tax resident person at any time during the tax yearโ€™ just do the nominee of your non cyprus company.
So the aim of all this is to avoid Cyprus accounting costs, which are fairly high? That would make sense
Still seems like you have a non-domiciled company
lblqvvxrigripnhe where is the nominee if the company is not resident in the uk or in cyprus? ๐Ÿค”
Anyway looks like one important factor here could be your citizenship; it will be easier for you to set up a non-resident UkCo. Agree with lmsichxkpcolo worth chatting to a pro
Hello I am thinking to go to work from Cyprus at the end of month. Do you have any recomandation for the best city (peace not too big close the the sea ? with digital nomad community ?) thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
Paphos or Larnaca. Paphos is smaller / more peaceful
Paphos has the biggest nomad hub in Cyprus afaik
Iโ€™ll need to action this in the next week or so iโ€™ll report back.
i used to work for worldfirst if it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
<@URNUB1QTU> did you end up getting a lawyer/accountant? Havenโ€™t heard from Hugee yet.
Iโ€™ve spoken to a handful, but none of them mentioned the kind of setup duvlarihuqoow was talking about in the other thread, which does have some advantages. Maybe because of UK citizenship.
Anyone got contact details for the team at Hugge? Keen to rent two desks from next week but canโ€™t seem to get a response.
Write to them on Messenger
Cheers Angela
You can just go in and get the desks no problem though
Ah ok cool - thanks
Both Michael and Nikolas responds quickly. I'll let Nikolas know he has a message waiting for him
Cheers mate!
zuhmnckrisyougsi he responded. If you wrote him he should respond soon
I booked a rental car for an upcoming trip. When I was looking online about driving in Cyprus I read somewhere that auto insurance is compulsory. I normally use the insurance included on my Sapphire Preferred Visa card, but Iโ€™m wondering if that will be adequate based on the rules there. Has anyone run into this sort of thing before?
spent 3 months in Cyprus last year, rented a car many times, never was asked for insurance (although I had a 3rd party one)
Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
๐Ÿ›ฌ ykneiukf just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡พ Paphos, #cyprus
I am coming the 27th of October at Paphos. Do you have any tips for accomodation or a nomad house with free room :) and also I saw the price for rental car it s super expensive any tips ?
Has anyone tried pay-as-you-go for mobile internet and cell phone service?
Hey you ! I was planning to go there. But i ve just seen without a car itโ€™s complicated and now car are like 600 euros for 15 days !!! Are you going without car ?
Iโ€™ve decided to stay at a co-living space in Malta over the winter.
I rarely drive a car anywhere. I prefer walking, public transport, and occasionally use ride apps/taxi/etc.
I got a house in cyprus for december month, but cant go, nice 2 level house with a pool and close to the ocean got a 1700euro discount from airbnb on it and i cant get a refund, if anyone is going to cyprus in december n need a place to stay, let me know
What are the dates?
I've been using primetel on Airalo and it's been very fast both up and down here in protaras
Hello, is anyone aware of any co-working spaces or at least nice places to work in the North Nicosia? Google seems to know about none.
ptydqtidhsomp did you end up getting a Cyprus tax residence certificate? To show youโ€™re accepted.
Not yet, my application is still in progress. It will take years to be approved for me (Australian). I have a certificate that basically says itโ€™s in progress with the ministry.
(Australian also :slightly_smiling_face:)
aprnyqoljuqsb do you mean it will take years to get the tax residence certificate? Or years for Oz to accept?
To get the tax residence certificate. I do already pay tax in cyprus though, but Iโ€™m not an official resident yet, that takes years to be approved even while youโ€™re living there.
Only shortcut is buying 300k of property
or marrying a European I guess ๐Ÿ˜‚
So many people are setting up ltdโ€™s here in Cyprus (it seems). it looks like a similar situation to Estonia and Portugal. Services providers just making bank on company formations/advisory fees!
Definitely, you have to go line by line over their suggestions too
Things which in the UK are trivially straightforward and clear
Yeah i wish i did that! Iโ€™m sitting on a Singapore and Estonian company at the minute. Both seem pointless at the moment.
How do you hedge with this situation of being sort of tax resident in cyprus but not quite yet officially?
Any apprehension that Oz could challenge?
Australian government consider us non residents for tax purposes and donโ€™t tax us on worldwide income (outside of Australia).
ujhwyvhasdglrowb I found someone that seems very decent and has been very forthcoming with their time, is also advising about crypto and has a clue about what Cyprus are likely to do
Although Hugge seems to be the general preference
Itโ€™s the same in any EU country tbh. I lived in Germany for 4 years, was still only a โ€œtemporary residentโ€, despite paying tax there
lidcfblqs keen to speak to your contactโ€ฆ meeting Hugge on wednesday.
wowwe i didnโ€™t think cyprus had 5g?โ€ฆ an airbnb mentioned he has 5g earlier so this helps alot.
yzwifzlro is it on a pre-paid service or plan?
they had a 3x offer at the time so you got 9gb for the price of 3 etc
so good! thanks for the heads up.
i think it might still be on
5g coverage isnโ€™t ubiquitous
i drove over to quite a remote airbnb near polis and the coordinates i had were useless, was driving around just trying to get a single bar lol to find the damn place
lol i hope this isnโ€™t me on wednesday
(looking for coverage maps now)
that was a lone occasion, usually itโ€™s 5g or 4g
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