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Dubai Chat - Meet people when traveling in Dubai on Nomad List

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merraysy 2mo
But just go and act old ๐Ÿ˜‚
No worries man hahah, I read your message but I was in Abu dhabi then. would've come
I went into one fan festival in Yas Island. It was good. Budx looks more grand. Let's see
Yeah haha.
merraysy 2mo
You will enjoy Budx Iโ€™m sure, Iโ€™m not a party guy and them guys made me dance like an idiot one night, people were awesome
abuzay 2mo
Can you try to buy a local prepaid credit card from an exchange place (like ansari exchange) with your US credit card and then use that card to link to careem?

Not sure if this is possible but an idea you may want to look into
Does it have to be a taxi? Uber worked fine for me
rabourn 2mo
Taxis are cheaper so I prefer taxis
rabourn 2mo
Not really looking for suggestions about various transportation options like Uber, bus, metro, etc.
rabourn 2mo
pzydjasr Interesting workaround, but I assume they take a cut. Iโ€™d have to weigh that against just transferring funds to my ENBD account and using my Enbd card. Best situation for me is chase card with points and no transaction fees though. Just have to figure out how to avoid Hala
ritwickd 2mo
Careem should work imo, give it a try. It can book RTA cabs as well as their own fleet.
rabourn 2mo
Iโ€™ve been using Careem for years. I think you missed the part where I mentioned that they also use hala taxis that have stopped having POS machines. So my question was โ€œhow can I specify RTA only and not Hala using the careem app?โ€ tufqjdtznk

Wow, am I really being that unclear? These replies woman-facepalmingskin-tone-2
mxmzb 2mo
qrwnuapkrygmswan iโ€™ll get to dubai on 15th. would love to explore the city on scooters and have a talk about residencies etc!
Hey U04E299QMKR. This is awesome, hope you enjoy your stay and get residency. Dubai is amazing. Check out Dubai marina / JBR. my favorite part of the city.

My flight is tommorow, going back home Pakistan. So wouldn't be able to meet. Let's catch up later
abuzay 2mo
rzjseubris thanks for trying man ๐Ÿ‘
Letโ€™s do it ๐Ÿ™‚
Hey! Anyone set up freezone company can recommend a good agency? Some i found online are not overly responsive
Hey :wave:

I've recently moved residency to UAE, wondering if anyone has recommendations for health insurance?

toby 2mo
```Anyone want to grab dinner / drinks? Just arrived from Qatar. My background is in tech```
Sounds great, where you at? I'm in marina/JBR area ๐Ÿ˜Š
manu 1mo
Oman Insurance was cheap and paid all the routine stuff. They may use a different name this year though. Not sure what that is.
Thatโ€™s great. How can we meet? Love to learn more about here and make new friends
I am
kobrianos 1mo
Astrolabs, but its a co-working space and setting up in DMCC. They are not just an agency tho.
Hey! I am gonna be in Dubai 31/12 till 8/1, anyone wants to join for WAKE SURFING? 1 hr boat rent is about 600 AED.
Hey Petr!
Sounds fun, Ill join you ๐Ÿ˜„
rabourn 1mo
Lol I know what I want and how things work
I am in as well!
What kind of visa would you recommend someone willing to try living in Dubai 6 months first and maybe doing yearly?
nomadlist 1mo
tojrcnimz is proposing a|meetup in Dubai, #dubai at Dubai marina on Saturday, 4 March at 21:00. "Huge boat party in Dubai with DJ" โœ… RSVP here
nomadlist 1mo
โš ๏ธ yiaxyyaax changed the|Dubai meetup>. It will now be at,+Dubai%20Marina%20dock,+Dubai|Dubai marina> on Saturday, 4 March at 2100 "Huge boat party in Dubai with DJ" โœ… RSVP here
nomadlist 1mo
โš ๏ธ txmfbuczk changed the|Dubai meetup>. It will now be at,+Dubai%20Marina%20dock,+Dubai|Dubai marina> on Saturday, 4 March at 2100 "Huge boat party for 80 people. Dubai Marina with DJ and afterparty. For expats and digital nomads only" โœ… RSVP here
Hi ditereshchenko, I just moved to dubai as well after being here a few times over the last year. Got a residence y and just found a flat. would love to hear your experience. could do virtual sync or meet for coffee. are you up fo rit?
nomadlist 1mo
xgqoozmcd is organizing a|meetup in Dubai, # at Dubai marina on Saturday, 4 March at 21:00. "Huge boat party for 80 people. Dubai Marina with DJ and afterparty. For expats and digital nomads only" โœ… RSVP here
I'm trying to apply for a virtual work visa here, It's asking for my address inside UAE and phone number. I'm outside of UAE. Doesn't make sense? Anyone have info about this
Iโ€™m wondering if I have to pay taxed from income mare abroad or only local.
klim 1mo
You can ask any friend here to use their number. For the address, enter hotel/apartments where you will stay. They will deliver Emirates ID to that address
Hmm, thanks.
Hey U04GFLD9DND. Iโ€™m on the same boat. I visited 3 times this year. Now applying for residency.

How was your experience with overall process? What visa did you apply?
Letโ€™s also sync up a meet ๐Ÿ‘ when I come by.

Also about renting a flat, there is that cheque system. Did you opened a bank account in Dubai? I heard itโ€™s extremely difficult from some people. Iโ€™m thinking about renting airbnb few months starting cause this chicken/egg problems
henno 30d
damn, so you have to do 90 days a year now to maintain it?
cwjkhqf Yes, to maintain a TRC (Tax Residency Certificate) you have to spend 90 days yearly. This is very generous to be honest. I mean, you can go without that, but when your citizen country tax authoreties ask you for it, and you cant show, they most probably will tax you in their country.
fzwtrqidfgsotji Im not sure I understand your question. There is no personal tax in Dubai, so why not only use that account for income? Then you are safe?
henno 30d
it used to be a lot easier
Nope, it use to be 6months
It's 3 months starting from 1 March 2022,
henno 29d
right, but it used to also be that you keep it as long as you don't leave for longer than 6 months. Now it seems you have to spend 90 days a year in the UAE to maintain it
ritwickd 28d
Any nomads here tried looking for reviews
jmibl 28d
Looks interesting. Haven't seen before. JVC can be a bit dead, so either get a car, or check how you're going to escape JVC.
jmibl 28d
Have you asked their current rates?
They have pricing on the website, looks steep.
Could be worth it if the community is strong, but it seems like less of a coliving space and more of a luxury high-rise targeted at yuppies
Would love to be wrong though, Iโ€™d be super curious to hear from anyone whoโ€™s actually stayed there
ritwickd 27d
cebjfdk yup you are right. I'm a long time dubai resident, so just need to be relatively close to JLT and Marina.

contacted for current pricing, will share here once i hear back.
jmibl 27d
"They have pricing on the website, looks steep." - nothing is cheap right now ๐Ÿ˜ฌ but also, I tried going through their booking flow and it then set prices to zero... so not sure what the real prices are.
ritwickd 27d
the prices everywhere are brutal right now smiling_face_with_tear
following this thread, I also looked at them. I don't believe prices too haha.

I'm in the application of freelance visa and permit, also looking to live in Marina. Always lived there, but Airbnbs are like $3000+ / month for a studio. Crazy
henno 27d
You can also get the freelance visa.
elliptica 26d
```Lived there till November, 9k AED for 2bed, 3month rent minimum, ejari included.
Some events every month, noting special and not many people attend. JVC is not best neighborhood and you can rent cheaper in the area.
I did like the flat design and pool)```
ritwickd 24d
9k is all year round? or do they have dynamic pricing?
My friend Farah from New York lives right next to it)
Itโ€™s Dubizzle, Airbnd works as well, booking, if you want longer term - try facebook groups (like French in Dubai - there are many sublets there as well)
ivfhawspnafyoz yes, Iโ€™d love to, my friend from NYC is visiting now - also think of staying
Here is my whatsapp number -
jynzujaquutm I didnโ€™t open - but my friends recommended Bank of Abhu Dabi, you can go to one of the brunches and they do it all for you
imnaebzufuanvjj I would recommend just tourist - youโ€™ll get 1 month or 3 month on arrival (they always count as 30 days+10 days (free) to leave a country). So after 30 days you can go to Amer Typing Center, just with passport, and they can do a new visa (same day) for 1-3-6 month or year.
I think tourist is quite okay
What area you want and the dates, I might sublet mine in March-April
Othervise itโ€™s Dubizzle, Airbnb - or facebook groups
Like French in Dubai, or Americans in Dubai etc
manu 19d
Hey all, anyone who's in IT wants to join a fun cyber security event in Burj Khalifa?
manu 19d
You probably get some free gadgets and room in Armani hotel.
manu 19d
I did it last year and it's legit.
manu 19d
There are also models and such.
manu 19d
If interested, PM me and I'll refer you to the headhunter. I'm not affiliated myself, so can't answer specific questions. Just a fun experience, while in Dubai.
Sounds interesting. When is this?
Actually donโ€™t mind learning more about opportunities here
Hotel Apartment / rooms can also be affordable
Reach out to the hotel sales manager for booking these / to get an offer.
manu 18d
Jan 23 with 1-2 days before and after probably
Ah I have a business trip back to Europe that week. Have fun!!
Iโ€™d love too!)
From tech industry as well
manu 17d
PMed on Slack
manu 16d
If you need an official rental contract (EJARI) you need a proper lease.
manu 16d
If you just need e.g. a bank statement with a random address, you can open an account with some online bank and put pretty much any address on the account.
jmibl 15d
For things like this I used the address on my freelance visa, which gave me like a virtual office address.
manu 15d
You mean the cheapest Ejari leasing a real property? Probably something unfurnished out in the desert. ๐Ÿ˜†
I opened my first bank account on hotel addresses. You maximum need an email confirmation from the hotel that you stay there. But thatโ€™s not a utility bill / Ejari.
manu 14d
Me too. So depends on how good of an address proof you need.
Just arrived in Dubai, I got the freelancer license from Gofreelance and 2 year visa. In the last step now, will go for medical test on Sunday and then get my passport stamped. Overall very smooth process, recommend them if you're looking for straightforward way to get visa and don't have a degree or educational certificates and not enough income threshold for other visas.
Staying in Dubai marina, If anyone would like to catch up, ping me. I usually hang out in Starbucks Reserve at JBR.
cd 3d
Sleep ๐ŸŽ‰
Or I think Soho Meydan and White are usually opened at that time
Platinumlist or| - are good options to pick a party ๐Ÿ™‚
mxmzb 2d
ebyvqz whooops, missed this. Is it still upcoming or am i too late? Would love to join
mxmzb 2d
F guess i missed
Do you guys know anything about the $3m in funding that global visa holders have access to?
are you talking about the residency by investment program?
Nevermind, it was a crook trying to sell me shit.
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