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Dubai Chat - Meet people when traveling in Dubai on Nomad List

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hi, i missed the last meetup. when is the next one? i'll like to be a part of it
Has anyone here looked into the green visa at all? My remote work visa expires in a few months and I wanted to see what my options were as it looks like thereโ€™s no renewal on the remote work visa and Iโ€™d have to apply for a new one anyway.
For reference, I just spoke to someone at GDRFA and they said the visa hasnโ€™t been implemented yet. Although, I am not sure if they knew what they were talking about?
Update Spoke to someone on chat support and they said itโ€™ll launch in September 2022.
I looked into it and found some instructions at the bottom of some landing page for it. Like select this profession, etc. Tried it, but showed aed 1200 or so in fees.
There is generally a gap between announcements and implementation.
I called them again and turns out I have to contact dtcm (sponsor of my current visa) and ask them to extend it.
The remote work visa?
I just extended and was just a few emails to alrais.
Oh, interesting. How long did it take and how much did they charge you?

Mine expires in September so I'll probably reach out in August.
About 1300. Was during Ramadan.
Took a few days until medical and then a week for full approval and EID printing.
Didn't have to leave the country, right?

Btw, are you still here? We should catch up!
No, was here all the time.
Still here until mid-July.
Yeah, lets organize something.
I think anyone can host a meetup. Just pick a place and post to see if there is any interest.
How did you guys do bank account opening? I've been on it for 2 weeks now across 6 banks and they are all asking for salary certificate, trade license and residence/address proof. The online banks and apps, sadly, have blacklisted Nigeria. Once I put my details or scan my IDs, the next stage errors out. YAP, Mashreq Neo, ADIB, Emirates NBD, Liv etc. Had no luck. At the bank branches they don't seem to get the remote work program structure and become clueless when I say my employer is outside of UAE.
I've given up and will maybe focus on getting Malta digital nomad visa. US, UK and EU countries don't give us (Nigerians) this fck off treatment. I had to start asking at the banks what led to such a very hellish stance on Nigerians. โ˜น + exhausted.
dyuwrwehuq is proposing a|meetup in Dubai, #dubai at Gwynne English pub, Marina Byblos Hotel - Dubai Marina - Dubai, Dubai|Nell Gwynne English pub> on Sunday, 29 May at 20:00. "Grab a drink and discuss remote work life. " โœ… RSVP here
Anyone looking for rooms in Marina? 2800AED per month, 2 persons can stay.
Hey all:wave:
I am a French software engineer & web3 entrepreneur
Incorporating in dubai with my 2 partners for network & quality of life
Looking forward to meet yall at the next meetup!
If anyone know where I can find a place to rent, would be huge
propertyfinder dot ae ๐Ÿ™‚
Hey yyfkxvzwd I just left Dubai, would've loved to meet as Iโ€™m a SWE and in web3 as well. Iโ€™ll be back in october.
I was staying in a coliving called HIVE JVC, highly recommend
I've got a friend who needs a place from Sunday-ish for I think a month. (but would need to check he hasn't sorted something tonight)
how long are you looking to rent for?
Hi everyone! I am looking to rent a 1-bedroom apartment for 6 months and need to be able get a Ejari for it. Does anyone know where should I be looking?
So I got the Malta Digital Nomad visa approval and will be doing the biometrics next month to get the residence card. I have opened EU bank accounts for my EU registered company before now and faced no discrimination. I guess I'll shift my focus to making more use of that than the Dubai residence. I have a feeling that the restrictions and discriminations I'll face in Dubai are more than just what I faced with the bank account opening.
Hey! Hive Coliving in JVC
Hi all,
Anyone want to buy crypto. I have 1800 USDT to sell. I will come and collect AED in Dubai. (Google rate)
Is dubai the best country to save tax? Anyone move to dubai just to save tax?
depending on your country's non resident tax laws, it is possible, Dubai doesn't have personal tax and tax residency depending on number of days you spend here.
Obligatory This isn't Legal, Financal, or Tax advice
it surely attracts a lot of people for this reason

however I think that they are going to implement some sort of a tax next year. Not sure yet what the reform will encompass

Keep also in mind hidden costs :
โ€ข administration fees
โ€ข visa cost
โ€ข legal fees
If anyone has any issues with local banks, Central Bank can resolve it in 1 day ๐Ÿ‘€
abvqawetmx this option looks interesting. Thank you.
One of the best tax havens in the world that is also a livable modern metropolitan. No income tax, no capital gains tax, no personal tax filing. No tax for rental property income, no property tax.
Taxes are instead in the form of various fees like visa fees and and license fees for businesses that can be like $10K per year.
there will be a 9% tax on company revenues implemented next year I believe
also it's super hard to open a bank account here now because of many compliances issues with all those money laundering scandals
anybody will tell you that
keep in mind you have to come every 6month for visa stamping

I expect the regulation to stay relatively loose for the next years but it will certainly toughen in the long run

still, if you manage to make past it and earn enough revenues then you will definitely save money
9% is still great
I think it doesn't apply if you make revenues outside of the country
go to pallapay to convert that into AED
You donโ€™t need to come every 6 month for โ€œvisa stampingโ€ .. It says on the 3 year visa that you canโ€™t stay out of the country 6 months in a row.. thats it
9% only apply for mainland companies. Not freezone companies.
.. so basically you have to come back every 6months at least
I believe so, if you want to keep being a resident but not live in Dubai
A residental address is not required so itโ€™s a great residency to have, you can keep your banking and stuff in UAE but still live in more affordable or countries you enjoy more
freezone company opening cost about 5k usd am I right? and there will be renewal fee each yr
yes the renewal fee depend on the number of shareholders/VISA I believe (6k for 3 shareholders)
You also have to account for the service fees if you are working through a firm (around 5k)

It depends on your freezone too, I went with IFZA which is the cheapest
I pay 9.5K AED per year plus the 5K visa cost, for Internet City Freelance license
Where I can read more about Internet City Freelance license.
My wife and I are around until September if anyone fancies a coffee or is part of a couple. We know a couple of other Nomadlistets who are in town too who we can prob bring along
akeqdyksjcw whatโ€™s the difference btw internet city freelance license and digital nomad visa?
There is nothing called digital nomad visaโ€ฆ But there is something called Remote Work visa .. that costs very little and just require you to prove your $5k/month income and you get a 1 year visa,, need to be renewed annually.
The freelancer license is an actual company license that gives a 3 year visa so that you can invoice from UAE
The freelancer license gives a visa for you and your spouse
Remote work visa renewal fee how much?
A google tells me the fee is $287
The question is what you need and why .. You could stay as a tourist for 90 days and then get more extensions other ways
if $287 (plus medical insurance fees) is what I have to pay for a year and avoided tax, I donโ€™t see why everyone is not moving to dubai ๐Ÿ˜‚
Itโ€™s not bad right?
It has no match ๐Ÿ˜‚
Anyone here thatโ€™s on the remote work visa and has purchased a good insurance (ideally with dental)? Anything I should know beforehand?
I just used my existing plan
Been impressed at how quickly everything has moved with the visa
Was stamped in passport within a few days of landing
Biometrics was an issue but there are ways to get that done more quickly
Existing plan from?
Now health international
I bought it through a broker called Global Albatross who I'd recommend
Awesome, Iโ€™ll look into it.
Do you know how long the process takes from start to finish?
Should be under a week
Great! Thanks for the quick replies. ๐Ÿ˜„
Does anyone here have experience with Du Home wireless internet? Is it reliable? What are the speeds like?
Yup. Itโ€™s great
I have the 250mb option but get 500mb for some reason
Same here.. Have 250mbit and getting 500 mbit .. hmm .. it has been super reliable and fast for the 1 year I had it for.. Fiber directly into the apartment
But what I heard DU and Etisalat are almost the same. Equally expensive etc
I started the process for VD visa so far the experience is terrible I need to submit my documents twice after sending all my documents they send me a link todo a payment with my name but the site does look like trusted as it's Trend Micro has blocked this website

VD visa Sender โœ‰๏ธ

Does anyone got into the same experience?
I got this

_`As per the immigration procedure, we need to collect the submission payment of AED 1251, which can be made via the secure payment link below (which is valid for only 24hrs)`_

`Pay now`

sounds like theyโ€™re begging for money, why thereโ€™s a limit ๐Ÿ˜‚
Yes the limitations was a red flag for me before opening the Link
I got the same Trend Micro error
I also got a visa tho
And yes that's the expected email
does the link expire in 24 hrs after we receive it in our email or after we clicked on it?
I assume received
Anyone here yet?
been here last year and a half, but leaving in September
Will be here till 21st of this month
Just arrived today for the first time

Damn is hot.
Welcome! It's quite hot indeed not recommendable to go out much during the day.
Thank you! It is and was surprised by how hot the water on the shower was on the cold setting ๐Ÿ˜„ still super nice place ok_handskin-tone-2
Yeah, it's the closest to living on Mars! Enjoy :)
I thought Mars was really cold? ๐Ÿ˜›
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