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Europe Chat - Meet people when traveling in Europe on Nomad List

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Heyyy I'm from Spain, if you go to the south, you'll have cheap prices and good weather, it never feels like really winter as it's sunny most of the time.

My hometown is Sevilla which is lovely, as you can go walking every where and many places to eat and drink cheap, people are nice to foreigners and there are a lot of plans, I don't know how is the international community now but when I lived there I usually went out with many international people, there a lot of people coming because of exchange programs

Also, I think the greatest community of international people is in Barcelona but is not cheap and the weather is worst compared to the South

Also you can go to Malta, I think there are quite a lot of foreigners, I went there last year, is not as cheap as some places in Spain but still nice to be there

Also, Croatia is a good destination that you have both, cheap prices and coast, not sure about the international community. Also, it's safe.

hope it helps crossed_fingersskin-tone-2smile
benoit 3mo
Thanks for the recommendations!

Indeed Klaipeda might be better in late-spring or summer, thanks for pointing this out! Timing is indeed important when choosing a location :)

Sevilla, Malta and Croatia are all good suggestions, thanks I'll look into it! I've also seen some rural coliving in Spain that can match what I am looking for, so it might well be Spain again :)
christos 2mo
It is good practice to enter/exit a country with the same passport. Exception is when you do a "change of status" (ie enter as resident, then get naturalized) but this is not your case.
I have Greek and US passports. I always enter Schengen on my Greek passport and USA on my US passport.
When I fly out, I show the destination passport at airport check-in (ie in Greece I check-in with my US passport) and the local passport to exit immigration (ie Greek passport to "step out" of Greece).
Hope this helps.
๐Ÿ›ฌ xatuwtgehcbll just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฆ Mostar,Bosnia, #europe
that pen outline needs a NSFW tag though
What mobile plan y'll use to travel around Europe? I was checking Vodafone but it cost 29EUR per month. Does anyone have another recommendation? With e-sim.
I use Airalo's Europe eSIM. $13 for 3GB for 30 days
i was using Nomad but sometimes it stop to work lol
guar47 2mo
Isn't all SIM card in EU works anywhere in EU?
I use my home plan from Tele2 and it works perfectly everywhere.
if you have a plan like vodafone as I said, you can use for 6 months in EU
Hop by Spain and get Lobster, havenโ€™t been in Spain since 2020 and I get 20GB monthly across EU for 18EUR, downside is no app and shitty website. Think they have a smaller plan as well.
๐Ÿ›ฌ yhqftykabkmyu just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฆ Sarajevo,Bosnia, #europe
๐Ÿ›ฌ ncmbpwvlttgqsw just arrived in โ›ช๏ธ Vatican City,Vatican City, #europe
edward_ 2mo
does anyone know if Andorra works fine as non-schengen country to reset your 90 days ? I know there's no flights there so I'm wondering if the current border control is enough for this purpose
It doesnโ€™t matter which country, you just have to be outside of Schengen for 180 days since the first day of your 90
edward_ 2mo
In theory yes, my concern is how this border works . Wouldn't be nice to later get an issue in schengen zone saying that I overstayed because the Andorra time wasn't discounted ;)
are you planning on leaving schengen without crossing border control?
Are you sure you want to spend 3 months in Andorra?! ๐Ÿค”
roger 2mo
Yeah, from what Iโ€™ve heard about Andorra itโ€™s not a place to spend 3 months ๐Ÿ˜ฌ โ€” the big thing is you canโ€™t just pop over somewhere and then come right back to a Schengen zone country, you have to wait until youโ€™ve spent equal time outside of a Schengen country.
edward_ 2mo
Not three months, but Iโ€™m looking for places to be for one or two weeks to โ€œsave some schengen timeโ€
edward_ 2mo
hphalbafsyjx seems in Andorra is hit-or-miss getting stamped when going there, so thereโ€™s a chance it doesnโ€™t work for my purpose.
ah that's fair, for sure you'll want to ensure you get stamped
Airalo regional Europe eSIM
Let us know how this goes, we'll all be interested to have another alternative to Ireland, especially now that Croatia is going away
With Croatia now joining the Schengen area starting January 2021, could someone in theory get their digital nomad visa for Croatia, and then just drive or take a train somewhere like Spain and just stay there for most of the time the 1 year visa allows? Then just either go back to Croatia and leave the zone from there as the visa is about to expire. Probably you could leave from anywhere.

I know itโ€™s a very gray area but wondering what you think.
roger 2mo
I personally would not think of it as a gray area but something most likely against the rules (illegal) unless otherwise stated but with a low probability of getting caught.

From the perspective of Croatia, there is zero benefit I can think of for them to have a visa scheme where people donโ€™t stay and support their local economy. With enough abuse they will probably yank the visa because it wonโ€™t have the desired affect anymore, and it could antagonize other Schengen countries. This happened also with the Portuguese D7 visa in the past lots of people using it as a Schengen limit avoidance instead living primarily in Portugal, how they responded was to make it much more difficult and expensive, thus pushing it out of reach for a segment of people who it was originally intended for (less affluent people who actually wanted to live in Portugal full time).

So I guess itโ€™s really about each personโ€™s ethics and morals, and nobody can answer that for anyone else. How I normally approach thus things if a rule is unenforceable I wonโ€™t necessarily force myself to adhere to it strictly, but Iโ€™ll still put an emphasis on following the intent of it as to not contribute to harming others or incentivizing the yanking of the privilege (donโ€™t piss in the pool sort of thing). FWIW I have complete respect for people who have more strict or less strict moral codes. I often question whether I draw the line in the right place around these kinds of things and enjoy debating and refining them.
I totally get your point but I'm focusing more on the practicality rather than morality as is very hard to draw a line as you say.

Someone could say is morally incorrect for you to move to a different country because you are a foreigner and make more money than the locals, so you're making things more expensive for locals. (Personally I believe they're nuts)

Eventually most of those digital nomad visas, citizenships by investments, paper residencies, legal loopholes, etc, are doomed to become stricter or simply go away.

As per against the rules, it's actually not prohibited anywhere so in theory the "Everything which is not forbidden is allowed" principle should apply.

Again, focusing more on the "could" rather than the "should".
It's definitely against the rules, but you will be able to do it. There's lots of folks with residency in EU countries who technically don't have unlimited stay in the others but since there's no border checks they travel freely like any EU citizen
Oh I'm not actually considering doing it :sweat_smile:.

Way too many moving pieces for my comfort and I believe there's plenty of other options shall I decide to stay in Spain.

Just like to know these little hacks and how they work.
I don't think you can (legally) - usually you cannot leave for more than 90 days.

Edit it's probably difficult to really track though.
edward_ 2mo
I actually decided against trying Andorra - it would seriously suck to leave the area in the future and get controlled with an โ€œoverstayโ€ ban because they somehow didnโ€™t track properly โ€“ I rather avoid the unknown for now ๐Ÿ™‚
edward_ 2mo
lhahzavzquzsln any recommendations on Ireland ? I actually havenโ€™t chosen my destination for next weekend and had Ireland in my mind for a week or two , despite the rain (never been there)
I prefer to do schengen resets in Turkey or the Balkans where itโ€™s warmer, or just get out of europe altogether, but youโ€™ll find lots of recommendations from people who tolerate cold rain better than me in #ireland
madi 2mo
if you could go anywhere in europe in _december_, where would you go? ๐Ÿ‘€
What kind of weather are you looking for? ๐Ÿ˜…
roger 2mo
Tenerife / Canary Islands
dactrtr 2mo
If you don't like cold, gray weather, Gran Canaria. If you wanna see nice Christmas markets, Germany
Las Palmas ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ for sure.
madi 2mo
these are all great -- thank you! jckmpsosdfwoshsd any towns/cities in particular in germany?
madi 2mo
flexible on weather -- might do a mix of colder/wintry places and some more mild places!
IMO there isn't a huge difference between Christmas markets, they were pretty nice everywhere I've been. But I guess there's also other factors to consider... Obviously Berlin is a nomad hotspot and there's lots of stuff to do and see
hatchelt 2mo
๐Ÿ›ฌ xynbkcrtwy just arrived in ๐Ÿ˜ Pristina,Kosovo, #europe
yelena 2mo
๐Ÿ›ฌ qrfzpdar just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ฒ Yerevan,Armenia, #europe
leighb77 2mo
Iโ€™m currently in oludeniz in turkey and my 90โ€™days in turkey is almost up ๐Ÿ˜ž
I have a car and was planning on a car ferry to Greece from fetiye but it seems like there are none so Iโ€™m rethinking my next destination - I need to be able to drive there so islands without car ferries are out - where in Europe can I go thatโ€™s not too cold and drier rather than wet in November and December - not asking for much ๐Ÿคช
Cyprus seems like the obvious choice to me (if you don't mind driving on the left). Although I'm sure there must be some way to get to Rhodes from Turkey ๐Ÿค”
leighb77 2mo
I didnโ€™t realize there were car ferries from turkey to Cyprus - I drive both left and right side as I have lived in countries for both so thatโ€™s not a problem for me
leighb77 2mo
So far there are human ferries but not ones that allows you to take your car to Rhodes or at least I havenโ€™t found any flushedpray
Didn't check, but I'd be surprised if there aren't car ferries to the Northern part of Cyprus, how else do they ship all the goods there...
brendon 2mo
Is Izmir - Athens an option? We were planning on the reverse a few months down the road, but havenโ€™t checked explicitly if they still run
leighb77 1mo
ybmicvrfv are you referring to the car ferry from Cesme to Chios the island thatโ€™s the only one I found then you take another car ferry from Chios to Athens but I donโ€™t have full confirmation they are running now in winter see_no_evilgrin
brendon 1mo
Yep, that sounds about right. I never really thought about those ferries not operating in winter.
This message was deleted.
Did you search on nomadlist? You can filter by air quality.
Why do you want Europe, and how exactly are you defining it? Gran Canaria is part of Spain and has excellent air quality, but might not count depending on whether you go by political or geographic boundaries.
ishminder 1mo
Hey guys - considering spending Feb - June in Europe. I've already been to Barcelona + Rome. I want to spend at least a month in each city that I stay at. Any recommendations for solo traveller?
Lisbon, London, Berlin are cities I like as nomad spots
what are some scenic train routes across europe? looking for a peaceful train ride, could be long in duration
Iโ€™ve also done Zurich to Vienna as day and night train - both are good
Hey :wave:, I have applied/been granted Schengen visa for a visit to Sweden. I will be travelling by train from London. I am wondering if there will be issues at passport control since I will enter Europe through France.
Schengen visa allows you to transit other countries. Why do you need a Schengen visa? Your profile sayโ€™s youโ€™re a UK national, you get 90 days visa-free on a British passport.
Oh nope. I am not a UK national yet. I just saw that nationality is set to UK which is not true sweat_smilesweat_smile
But when entering by train I wonโ€™t be transiting, I will probably pass border control in France, correct?
Doesnโ€™t matter. Even if you were flying with just a layover in France, you would still pass border control in France rather than Sweden.
Yeah. Makes sense now ๐Ÿ˜‚
Thank you!
joejones 30d
You'd do well to say what it is you look for in a city. Europe is the most diverse continent there is (prove me wrong...) โ€“ one person's Valhalla could be another person's Luton.
FYI French border control will be in London before you enter the Eurostar
Sounds like quite a journey ๐Ÿ˜… I'm sure part of it is by bus though, don't think there's a good train from Germany to Copenhagen?
Thanks everyone. Yeah. Itโ€™s quite a journey joyjoyjoy
Wondering if anyone knows if I can bring a bike :bicyclist::skin-tone-2:?
You'll surely need an extra ticket for the bike at least
peerjue 27d
juyczymvjruafu There's a "good" connection from Flensburg to Copenhagen with a stop / change in Kolding or Frederica. I take my bike in a bike bag like this, It saves having to buy a ticket as it counts as luggage which is free.
qdoug 25d
Between Innsbruck and Trento is a really lovely section Iโ€™ve done quite a few times, but not a long trip.
qdoug 25d
Also a little bit north of Perpignan has some nice sea views, which Iโ€™ve done going from Paris to Barcelona.
qdoug 25d
I heard Oslo to Bergen is good.
what are the best beach spots in Europe? parties, cool beaches, not too high pricesโ€ฆ
Wow. Thanks U0375ERBN6P. Really nice idea. Thanks for sharing innocentinnocent
Not sure, canary islands maybe? Not a lot of options in winter...
Whatโ€™s high price for you?

Ponta do Sol and Madeira have a strong community with parties and coworking spaces.

Las Palmas has a good community with a lot of parties and a nice beach.

For a cheaper location, Mindelo in Cabo Verde, 850 per month with a private studio and coworking space included.

Algarve maybe an option, the community in Lagos is growing as well.
darriall 15d
This message was deleted.
#netherlands probably has the experts ๐Ÿ˜‰
darriall 15d
You're right. thanks ovriaqfartpkifnu
abidaleth 14d
any suggestions for furniture moving/transport companies in Europe?
moving my stuff from Amsterdam to Barcelona!
lgonzalez 13d
I'm also US citizen and never been asked about funds or onward tickets. In my experience, I'm more likely to get questions in some countries. Germany often asks me questions (why I'm there, where I'm going, how long for), Switzerland usually checks all my Schengen stamps (I have tonsโ€”once looked up every single stamp for that year to make sure I had not overstayed). Spain, Portugal, and France have never asked me for anything.
Hi everyone! Iโ€™m going to Europe next month and would like to know what is the best SIM card I can buy to travel around Germany, UK, Netherlands and maybe other countries. Any recommendations and prices?
I use Airalo eSIM everywhere
if you want a physical prepaid sim, then get it a Vodafone one in Netherlands - one of the few countries where you donโ€™t need to go through passport registration etc, and data prices are not terrible.
Thank you guys!
Hey guys
We are a digital nomad family from Iran and we are suuuuper flexible with which country to travel next.
I wanted to ask if itโ€™s true that getting schengen from some countries which has less applications is easier and our application will not be rejected
We want to stay 3 months in the country as tourist.
We have been 3 months in Istanbul, 45 days in Georgia, 7 days in Oman and we are now in Kenya and we are going to stay for 3 months (Iโ€™m trying to state our previous travels in the passport)
Also does owning multiple real estates help for Schengen tourist visa?
or they only check bank statement?
It helps because itโ€™s proof you have money and you have ties to your home country
Some embassies are easier than others but not sure if thatโ€™s due to number of applicants.
Also you might have to fly back to your home country to apply. At least thatโ€™s how it works for filipinos
Thanks a lot stsjotsneem
Thanks a lot lowgsnxnhoh
Itโ€™s true, some countries are more lenient and faster to process. It also matters what country youโ€™re applying from and the time of year. For example, I know someone getting a Schengen visa from Turkey and the visa agency recommended Greece. The Greek embassy in Turkey has a lot of capacity because of historical ties between the two countries, and the winter months are the low season in Greece so demand is light at the moment.
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