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Georgia Chat - Meet people when traveling in Georgia on Nomad List

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I went to explore today but couldn't do anything
so I'm back in the room
When I was here last year, I'd go to co-work spaces, cafes etc.
well, 18 months ago
Many of the co-working spaces are open in the week, and with a monthly sub the weekend
We spend a day at Fabrika last week. Good place to work from and breakfast is decent for 19Lari inc coffee
Yeah Impact Hub was my spot last time I was here
Iโ€™m thinking I might go to Gudauri
Just a warning, from my own mistake. There are no taxi apps working after 20:50 and if you are in the street after and the police see you. There is a 2000 Lari fine (โ‚ฌ500). We got fined last night at 21:15 becasue we left the co-working space at 21:00 (Terminal) and thought we could just get a taxi straight away, but unfortunately not and the police flagged us. Pretty horrible fine and the experience was not fun either โ€” so be aware.
Oof thatโ€™s insane
Wondered why I couldnโ€™t get a bolt
The scooters were working tho
idynzlcoxzt are you no longer in Batumi then?
Hello everyone! I arrived to Tbilisi a couple days ago, and tomorrow I should get the required third day PCR covid test. Anyone recommends any clinic in particular?
I used Mega Lab
didn't need a booking, was in and done withing 10 mins
got result same day
about 30 USD
and is on the official list of places they hand to you at the airport
But maybe all the places are that good, I dunno - I only had to do it once ๐Ÿ˜›
Thanks! I tired to see the official list in the stopcov website, but it appears to be broken ๐Ÿ˜… I'll go to MegaLab
If you scan the QR code on the flyer they give you at the airport it should load
Went to Mega Labs, it really just took 5 minutes. Thanks for your help!
Yeah I was impressed
And I had the result like 5h later
not even that
Most places you can pay about 10GEL extra for them to come to you, worth it
No โ€” went for a long weekend.
Ah ok, would you consider going longer?
Yes we are looking at returning from the weekend. Weather was better, despite the reports and overall felt better to be there. Airbnbโ€™s are insanely affordable right now, and luxury hotels are very low too.
Ha ok...
I just booked a month AirBnB here lol
But I might go next month maybe
My AirBnB here was only about 270 USD or something tho
for the month
Whatโ€™s the main attraction there over here right now? The weather?
Sweet. Mmm, weather and the spas - they donโ€™t have the same restrictions as in Tbilisi. The saunas/steam rooms/ pools are open.
Heya ๐Ÿ‘‹ Iโ€™ll be in Batumi on Apr 5-17 โ€“ happy to meet as well!
What would be your ideal route around Georgia? Time is not an issue, but we normally move to a different town every week or 2. Total length of stay is not an issue so feel free to freely advice grinninggrinninggrinning arriving in early June, beginning of summer โ˜€๏ธ
looming murmurs of another lockdown
hope not tho tbh it kinda feels like the lockdown didn't end with the curfew.
Does anyone know what the laws are around negative reviews online?
Is it ok to leave a critical review for a business
Iโ€™ve been told mixed things by locals, but one is concern of uptake of vaccines by medical staff, and itโ€™s a threat to encourage them to do so
But there is also the fact that case numbers simply are going up again
sorry for taking take this out of the scope of georgia, but is this ever not ok? i'm constantly leaving reviews, positive or negative, mostly on google
Itโ€™s illegal in some places
writing honest reviews is illegal?
It can get you into trouble ya
that's fud up... how would they find you though? i'm a business owner myself, get all kinds of different reviews (most positive luckily) and i can't get much through the name of the reviewer other than seeing his/hers public reviews, location and a tiny picture
the classic case
Thereโ€™s always more than meets the eye etc etc etc
Similar can be done for defamation in UAE
so just want to know what the lowdown is in Georgia
ok back to topic, georgia, sorry for taking it in another direction
Yeah I heard that negative reviews are illegal in UAE. This is so sick. I havenโ€™t heard anything about it in Georgia though
sounds like the type of dude who tells women they're prettier when they smile.
> The staff was not friendly. Nobody could smile. The restaurant manager was very rude and full of himself. He is from the Czech republic. There are other hotels with better-friendlier staff. Avoid this place as if it was the Coronavirus!
Hey everyone! Does anyone wanna join me tomorrow? Im going to go karting and then go to shoot.
oh nice idea
I really donโ€™t mean to be controversial and donโ€™t want to start an argument, but what do people see in shooting? Iโ€™ve never tried, maybe itโ€™s awesome, but just the sound of it isnโ€™t appealing to me.
Hm..I called them today and they said they will work tomorrow, open at 10am
I imaging shooting firearms in a foreign country is riskier and more fun. The weapons variety could be different, I can't imagine shooting a fully automatic in a strict society, but maybe elsewhere
I'm not one for guns and never owned one but I don't have anything against sharpshooting in a controlled environment as a hobby. Tried it once on a company thing. But then again there are those places where you can shoot a cow with a bazooka like in Cambodia that I do not approve.
like it's an Olympic sport after all
what the hell, you can do what?
People coming back in - how long did it take to get a response to the form that you need to fill out? Anyone get in without filling out the online form?
Yes, but I didn't realise I was supposed to - and have no idea if it's repeatable
I was made to sit at a desk at the airport while they filled it out for me
UPDATE If you get a fine for anything like this, send me a DM.
Hey Crew! How are things standing in Georgia? Thinking about is as my next destination (stuck i n a strict lockdown in Mauritius at the moment). How are things COVID-wise over there?
There's a curfew between 9pm and 5am, and you will be fined 600usd if they find you in the street at that time. Bars and restaurants are closed on the weekends. Aside from that I think it's pretty okay, weather is fine, most places are still open, gyms are working, coworks too. Some 24 hour coworks are still open 24 hours, so you can work from 9pm to 5am there if you'd like.
That sounds like a good enough setup!

<@URS01DJR1> are you in Tbilisi? Do you think it's worth to spend some time in Batumi as well?
I'm in Tbilisi, haven't been to Batumi yet but I plan to go there for a break in two weeks. From what I've heard, it's worth it
There are rumours of another lockdown
but they are just that atm - rumours
Ah, thanks! Iโ€™ll watch the space for a few week to see how things progress
anyone here done research on best options / potential timelines for being able to get vaccinated?

either in Georgia or an accessible country we can go to get it
Are trains working?
trains should be working. if you ask for Tbilisi - Batumi trains
however. itโ€™s limited to only morning hours. 8:00, 8:30
hzcevdat I am waiting as well. but it seems the vaccines are only available for public workers and elders
thanks U4K3Y0HPYbr />
I saw something about Serbia potentially offering travelers ability to get vaccinated but wanted to check if anyone had heard of anything else.
Heard the same. They are vaccinating people from neighboring countries (e.g., Bosnia), but not sure if applies for all countries
Planning to get vaccinated here, in Mauritius before flying out. Itโ€™s super easy and free for everyone ๐Ÿคž
okxdmh be careful with the lead pollution in Tblisi. I loved the city (was there for a month) but started to feel really sick after a week or so. Couldnโ€™t figure it outโ€ฆthen I read this
Got my hair testedโ€ฆsure enough Iโ€™d started to take a dosage of lead from somewheree
could have been the apartment paint or from food
no idea. i left and it all went away
just throwing it out there, no idea if this is still the case (this was 3 years ago)
oh great
Damn, thanks for the heads up!
That's insane! Anyone can provide an updated version on the above?
FWIW, when i got outside of tblisi (in the countryyside) the symptoms went away. for me, i started to feel โ€˜heavyโ€™ after a week or soโ€ฆhard to describeโ€ฆjust run down and dull
Does it seem to you that this is city-wide or just certain neighborhoods?
I guess that might rule out the spices theory and put it onto something in tbilisi
Itโ€™s because Tbilisi is basically a big valley and thereโ€™s no filters on the cars, all the pollution just hangs there
makes note to move to the high elevation
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