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Georgia Chat - Meet people when traveling in Georgia on Nomad List

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Hi everyone!

I would like to participate in group outdoor trainings in Tbilisi for running and workout - for example, jogging in the mornings on weekends. What sport communities can you recommend for this?
is this LOKAL place also a coffeeshop to go work there? or you need to be a member?
There are co-working spaces here too. I believe you can get a week or month pass. They definitely serve coffee
I was thinking to go work there until tonightโ€™s event :sweat_smile:, but I donโ€™t want a membership or pass, just today sweat_smilesweat_smile
I'm checking with the owner if that's possible
Hey guys! What time is that event at lokal today?
qhrzklsnksile she didn't get back to me, sorry
oh Damn it ends at 10pm? thats too early
What after that?, I will get free at 10pm.
blojyakykl no problem man, thanks for asking, appreciated
dmuskzklnd is there a day pass for a meeting room I am thinking to do my lecture from there
so, following rknoxnlei question, is this event really ending at 10pm? do you have plans after? I may finish late today
Yeah we can go grab another drink(s) after, no set plansโ€ฆanyone there yet?
going for the lecture till 10 pm, keep me posted ๐Ÿ˜„
anyone likes CHARLOTTE DE WITTE?
Iโ€™ve never heard her. Why?
she is performing next weekend
daaamn i missed it, how was it?
there will be day party at the same day (google โ€œIIIITKESHI DAY PARTYโ€)
after that we can go to charlotte (if weโ€™ll still alive)
it was good, and tiring
very tiring
Does anyone know of any trustworthy Makler in Georgia?
โ€ญ+995574747492โ€ฌ Irakli
dbmpzbbnit do you like charlotte?
not really ๐Ÿ˜…
Any feedback on ?
are they good?
I have spoken to a few people. I was told the Russians moved here due to the war and took there money with them to invest. That they are buying up all the apartments within the areas which can be used for AirBNB. This has doubled the m2 rates across the whole country. I tried speaking with developers but they are only interested in shopping bags full of cash from Rissians and that they are just not interested in taking on individuals that only want one apartment when for the same effort they can sell 10-15 .... I checked across the country and the only small hope seems to be in houses in commutable distance from the city ... but those projects seems to be very much in their birth stages ... perhaps if we could get enough investors we could buy some land and build a few houses .... that seems to be the only thing left to do here ...
Dont think they have BeerO'Clock here ... when I went to the supermarket they didn't even have a local beer ... what is that all about????
Seems they have ChachaO'Clock in Georgia ... not tried that before ...
I spoke to a lady today, she said the same thing about the Russians leaving due to war and coming here. Thats why the prices are too high a bit, also the global situation.
are you looking to buy land or an apartment. I was looking, I found some around 50 - 80K but not sure if they are big enough or good enough
I think I will try to visit some properties and see how it is exactly
Not tried them at all .. there seems to be a lot of smaller operation in Georgia ...
There are still some new builds that are white/brown finished ... which was the way to buy a while ago and then finish ... but the $1000 > $1500 m2 makes everything very small and also the best floors have been taken.
thereโ€™s too much good wine here to drink beer ๐Ÿ˜‰
I know ... the waiter said we have the best beer in Georgia ... and gave me a German white beer ๐Ÿคฃ ...
Has anyone used the services of ExpatHub .ge? Particularly for registering as a Freelancer
No, but I chatted to them yesterday and the guy I talked to seemed competent.
are you not interested in green frames?
They charge 25% for management and saying 70 to 80% occupancy per year
guaranteed? melting_face
Yes ๐Ÿ™‚
I also had the free chat etc.... but I have not paid the money and moved forward on it as yet ...
I'd wholeheartedly recommend yourcompanyingeorgiaDOTkom

They have helped us with everything since we arrived here from freelancer registration to company registration, residence permit, apartment rental and even our recent apartment purchase. All excellent in quality and communication and zero misunderstandings.

If you talk to them tell them I sent you, they may be able to adjust their pricing a bit ๐Ÿ™‚
lol no guarantees only fees is 25% that is fixed
Also they do our taxes, monthly, quarterly, annual declarations, etc. I'm truly hands off with them which i hugely appreciate

Sounds like I'm part of them but I'm really not, I'm just hugely satisfied with their service
Ok I tried it last night ... and I am paying for it today ๐Ÿคฃ
25% is a standard property managers fee ...
Assuming they manage the cleaning, checkin and out, books, and maintenance ...
its not straight from here boris, they have a pool where they keep clean water
oh I didnt know that, is the fee same in Dubai as well?
Hey all, happy Saturday. Question about cost of living - on Nomadlist, the rental cost monthly of a studio in city center is 183โ‚ฌ. On Numbeo, the cost of renting a 1 bedroom in the city centre is 733โ‚ฌ. In your experience, not from AirBNB or tourist platforms, what does the monthly cost of rent actually look like?
vxjepmjy Russians are again fleeing from Russia to Georgia in huge numbers now, just as they did in March. Expect the rent to go up. I won't be surprised if there are no decent airbnb options left for less than 1000$/month after one-two weeks.
Longer term rents (including monthly) you can get off sites like| or|
I'm guessing the holiday tourism will start slowing soon, so maybe prices won't actually get worse.
It used to be the opposite at the end of 2021 ๐Ÿ˜„ (who knows for what reason , maybe due to covid slowing down). But 2021 winter prices were significantly higher than 2021 summer.
Thanks guys!
Hey heyโ€ฆ.anybody know what the deal is with Vanilla Sky? When do they release tickets for October? Or are they only running seasonally and itโ€™s end of season?
Iโ€™m particularly looking at the flight from _Natakhtari_ to _Mestia_ and back in Octโ€ฆ.
I know there were planes flying to Mestia back in like July. Never worked out Vanilla Sky, or if they were its planes (I messaged, no response), but I assume they were its planes.
Keep in mind, that these flights are super unreliable as they are heavily dependent on the weather.
Hmmm, ok, then any other advice you have for someone who doesn't want to waste a whole day travelling from Tbilisi to Mestia by road, and same on the way back?
Go to Kazbegi ๐Ÿ˜
Or stay one night in Zugdidi on the way to Mestia. But I think you can try to buy these plane tickets on short notice in case the weather is good. In my experience the best forecast in Mestia is mountain-forecast dot com, check the nearby mountains and make sure there are no t-storms.
And in case you didn't realise, take the train to Zugdidi then road to Mestia. The train is pretty chill.
It's still the whole day, but easier to use laptop or whatever
They are very disorganized regarding releasing schedules. I think they always have to wait for some approval from GAA (or some other organization). And you know how things are in Georgia ๐Ÿ™ƒ Anyway, they always release the schedule on their FB page. Yes, the flights are unreliable because the weather has to be good, otherwise, they can't fly. But the flight is worth it. You can use the night Tbilisi-Zugdidi train as a backup, they have sleeping cars.
Thanks all!!! Super appreciate the comments - I'll keep ringing Vanilla Sky for info, and probably opt for the overnight train to Zugdidi if no other option..
One friend here found them a bit off a rip off for setting up as a Georgian tax resident, esp the monthly fees to pay tax via the online portal.
so in Dubai is around 5%
I went to see some apartments. It was not worth the price.
That doesnโ€™t sound good.
Well, I guess they're working so expect to be paid. But the way to sign on for tax is actually quite straightforward. There are YouTube videos explaining it.

First you register with PS House. When you've got the SMS to log in to the tax hub, you set up as a business there and wait a day for confirmation.
Could you recommend any Youtube videos ... which are applicable in 2022?
I don't think slack let's you link YouTube but if you PM me on telegram, same handle, I'll link you one. Since July though, Revenue House won't do the company part for you.
I paid a local accountant 100 gel to do that bit
Banking question ... when you open an account in Georgia ... how long does it take to receive the physical debit card?
it took a week for me because kys - Bog, Liberty
2 days for me, tbc bank
Which bank?
1 day TBC but it was a long time ago
So to open you can just visit any branch ... or is there a special recommendation for English nomads that don't speak Georgian ...
I was thinking TBC ...
TBC took 2 days I think. Picked it up from the branch
Ok thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
Can you use an airbnb address for the account opening? Or do you need something more permanent ...
I used my airbnb address for the account opening, for BoG it was fine
I got a one bedroom in Vake for $500/m back in June. Look out for the RealtorKristina telegram group. Just you need to read basic Russian.
I opened in TBC with just my passport and got the debit cards the next day
I am sitting in TBC right now
... and after doing all the paperwork the system is down and I need to go back tomorrow ๐Ÿคฃ
Yeah, Georgia can be like that. The same happened when I tried to get my Magti eSIM; the internet was down :)
Thanks so much Dev!
xeoxckfy october flights are available
heart_eyesheart_eyesheart_eyes thank you!!!! xscdtowckqtslocxo i'm bookinggg
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