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Germany Chat - Meet people when traveling in Germany on Nomad List

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cufpkcwygswzkd i have done the freelancer visa in Germany, specifically in Leipzig as designer
ah great, thank you. I was wondering 1. how many german clients you needed to have as "letter of commitments"--and did they have to be german clients? i have plenty of US clients, but it looks like they need to be german? 2. do you have to pay german taxes on your income now i presume? 3. any tips/surprises/suggestions?
🛬 hsnwito just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
What’s the status in Germany these days as far as things being open — restaurants, museums, etc.? I’m heading to Europe in early July to scout some possible future nomad locations.
1. I had 3 clients and they don’t need to be only German.
2. Yes but are you from the US? I think there is more work for you because you’re taxed by the US on your worldwide income. You need to submit that you’ll pay German taxes based on the US-Germany treaty.
3. Re tips, I’d just recommend considering if you really want/need to be a freelancer versus finding a german employer. There are benefits to having an employer contract, especially with healthcare. As a freelancer, you need private health insurance.
🛬 rozmemsetax just arrived in 🇩🇪 Hamburg, #germany
Hi people! any alternative to Airbnb in Berlin? I’m searching for an appartment for December (for like 20/30 days) and I don’t find many options in the center, I don’t know if it’s too early or because of covid or what 🤔
🛬 rfelhlnub just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
I usually use WG gesucht (can't post link) for short/mid term rental in Berlin
🛬 xodnfswlgyh just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
🛬 iurttiaw just arrived in Augsburg, #germany
🛬 xkowielpghy just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
thx Brindu! I’ll check it later 🙂
wunderflats is also okay
make sure you negotiate a cap on cleaning fees etc otherwise it’ll be like 300 euros
thank you timgl!
Anyone in Berlin have a recommendation on a coworking space and/or cafes that are good to work at?
Landing tomorrow and also curious about that… 👂
🛬 mhczgqyq just arrived in Saarbrücken, #germany
🛬 vuubbchordd just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
🛬 vanmklabaulq just arrived in 🇩🇪 Munich, #germany
🛬 vydfbwosfdvq just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
🛬 penfkevvgho just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
🛬 sfpfaoqy just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
⚠️ ekmzmxgryuutfi changed the|Berlin meetup>. It will now be at Café Nullpunkt,+Friedrichstraße 23b, 10969 Berlin,+Berlin| Café Nullpunkt> on Friday, 9 July at 1800 ```Come over, grab a drink or a small bite to eat, and have a chat with other nomads and remote professionals in Berlin.

Time 18:00 - 20:00
Where Front Terrace

Due to limited capacity, please RSVP or contact me on slack (@evabad) for more details.

All health and safety precautions are followed to make you comfortable.

Looking forward to seeing you there!```
I’m in! 🍻
Just landed in Berlin for six weeks, and I’m in Friedrichshain, which I quite like so far! I might just stay here (I like my room at Stayery) but I’m going to scout around a little, to check out Kreuzberg and maybe Prenzlauer. Any other recommendations? I like being around art, music, and lively street life…
Depends on what you are looking for in a coworking space exactly. My go to last year was Betahaus in Neukölln with both a great indoor space and garden, nice people and community vibe
There used to be a few things happening at Görlitzer Park on the weekends.
🛬 rypoaqwrymf just arrived in Pinneberg, #germany
🛬 weywbczei just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
Thanks! I’ll check it out
🛬 cdyjpulwvjipp just arrived in 🇩🇪 Cologne, #germany
JUST 4 DAYS Left To Go! RSVP for our Berlin meetup today by 18:00 if you’d like to join us. Cafe Nullpunkt will prepare a Welcome Drinktropical_drink especially for our group. Please let me know if you’d prefer yours to be alcohol-free. Looking forward to meeting you on Friday!
If you like art, music and lively street life you’re probably in the right place now!
Kreuzberg is cool too but I always felt F-hain had more going on and everything was closer together
also thanks for the Stayery tip for my next trip out there!
🛬 irlftmcb just arrived in Augsburg, #germany
Hello all, I’m arriving to Berlin on Saturday and wonder what the rules are for entering museums, cafes, etc? Do you need to have two weeks after your second dose of vaccine for them to let you in?
I found my way to Nullpunkt early, I’m having tea inside teapot
Thanks pzbkcqqofoyqeq ! 🙏
🛬 gqddjwqhwj just arrived in Ludwigshafen, #germany
🛬 pgacqahyoie just arrived in 🇩🇪 Munich, #germany
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone to take care of my anmeldung registration & freelance visa?
hello everyone! I'm totally new to nomading in germany. Where would you say is the best spot to go for a few weeks?

(Context I'll be in cologne for a few days in August as I am visiting a wedding venue with a friend (I'm his best man). So thought I'd hang around for a few weeks while over there. I have friends in Berlin and Nuremburg so thinking one of those, but open to suggestions).
🛬 szfgqhalcgrxne just arrived in 🇩🇪 Dusseldorf, #germany
juijsjsmyp Berlin is great in the summer — and things are really coming alive again. Hamburg is a lovely place to visit too.
Yep, Hamburg is really nice. Lived there for 4 and half years. So let me know if you have some questions. I could recommend some nice cocktail bars, if they still exist...
Thanks both for the replies! I'm leaning towards Berlin, simply because I do love the place in the summer (that's a good point).

But i have heard great things about hamburg for a while. I'll take a look what accommodation is looking like and maybe go from there.
🛬 qbpqwxnjaz just arrived in Herford, #germany
where can digital nomads make antigen test in Berlin ? Any website with overview? Some test stations accept only German residents.
sqhpikxhrll You can use any to register for free resident test, they don’t check. Just take some ID and if you get asked (unlikely) say you live here.
kuwpnvfmiyh passport is enough on the quick test centres, and they often don't request it at all
The first one I tried rejected me because I do not live in DE. But I searched online and found one nearby that accepted also people not living in Germany and accepted my German id card. Issue solved.
Hey all, I'm thinking of landing to Germany for 6-12 month to study the language and nomanding. What would be the best visa for that?
I was thinking about freelance visa, but probably language visa might be the better choice.
if you plan to work with german clients, consider the freelance visa, they require you to have 2-3 german clients at least, however if you apply to the language visa, you won’t be able to work at all and they will require you proof of money during the language course… they usually ask around 8,000 EUR for a 3 month German course, i’m not 100% sure about the number but you can find that info in their websites!
The clients don’t need to be german for the freelance visa, just fyi.
that’s true! but as for personal experience and other friends of mine, it will benefit your visa application approval if your clients are from Germany, since one of the goals of the visa is to add value to the country through your work and bla bla
You add value to the country through your taxes, period 🙂
i completely agree with that, but tell that to the immigration officers who review the applications 😅 many times people have had to appeal stating stuff like “according to the law, in the section, x, y, z it says i can do this and that” -.-
it all depends on the state, also… for example, Berlin’s officers are more than used to handle freelance / artists applications and “nomad” related stuff while states like Sachsen (east of Germany) where I live, there are officers that are waaaay conservative and they judge your application upon who knows what terms, not to mention that they are not familiar with “freelance visas”
I was turned away at the ausländerbehörde for not having a German client (or letter of intent) at my initial visa appointment (5 yrs ago). It wasn’t a rejection, but they told me to come back with at least one and scheduled another appointment. At my visa renewal (2 years ago), they didn’t even look at my foreign clients (they gave the letters back to me) and only took the one German letter of intent.
This was in Berlin
🛬 deuwlretohyqeb just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
I've got an overnight layover next week in Frankfurt. Any suggestions on what I should do?
🛬 rxgzifhukiliqt just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
🛬 lomjssu just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
Does anyone have experience using the UK NHS covid pass to prove they are fully vaccinated in Germany (specifically Berlin)? I saw on German govt website that it's "recognised", but it wasn't clear from the wording whether they meant in general, or just for entering the country from abroad.
Not sure if this is normal, but when I came here from Iceland a few weeks ago, I only showed my U.S. vaccine card in Iceland to get on the plane, nobody at the Berlin airport asked for it 🤷‍♂️
I read somewhere that you might be asked for vaccine or negative test to sit indoors at a restaurant (among other things) - is that not the case? Or maybe case by case depending on venue?
I don't mind getting tested regularly but obviously it would be easier to just show vaccination status
It’s up to the venue. The weather is so nice that everyone is outside most of the time, but I’ve sat inside a few times at places that didn’t have outdoor seating. One asked if I was vaccinated, but didn’t need to see the card. The others didn’t ask. The only place that was strict about it was the yoga studio, which makes sense. And they were fine with a photo of the card on my phone, I haven’t been carrying around the real card.
Ok, makes sense. Thanks for the detailed response
🛬 jkreqdpebtlsj just arrived in 🇩🇪 Frankfurt, #germany
🛬 kdjnjxtcgu just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
🛬 maqgjramzef just arrived in 🍺 Berlin, #germany
I believe the paper one you can request will suffice. I ordered mine and it's a super simple/quick process.

I have heard of some people using the NHS app, but I'd rather not risk it.
That's a good idea
How can tourists (not registered) get a vaccine in Berlin?
Hey there, I am a German citizen by birth, residing in the US, but have never held a German passport. Would it be possible for me to get apply for a passport while I'm in Germany on a tourist visa?
Getting an appointment at a US consulate appears to be essentially impossible at the moment.

```I'm not sure it's faster to get the appointment in Germany. Is your goal to get the passport before the visa runs out? That is highly unlikely given the processing time for just producing the passport is 4+ weeks.

Can't post links, but here you can find the appropriate consulate in US

```And this is the process for application:

Thank you! The "drop in" event was last Friday, but basically this is what I'm searching for my friend. Also I see news about "Spontanimpfung" starting at Impfzentren this Friday. However, I just called the _Impfhotline_ again and they still seem to require residency (Anmeldung) in Berlin for the new offer :thinking_face::grimacing:

AFAIK Anmeldung at the Bürgeramt takes up to several weeks in Berlin. So I wonder how other people with tourist visa are able to get vaccined nowadays?
+ Waiting for the next pop-up event with vaccination independent of the place of residence to happen and contacting doctors directly now
🆗 Rathaus Neukölln offers another pop-up event this friday from 10:00 to 17:00 "_Wie Gesundheitsstadtrat Falko Liecke (CDU) am Dienstag auf Twitter mitteilte, können sich Personen unabhängig vom Wohnort am Freitag am Rathaus Neukölln impfen lassen. Notwendig ist demnach aber ein "amtliches Ausweisdokument". Die Impfungen sollen zwischen 10 und 17 Uhr durchgeführt werden._" (News from yesterday, 20.07.2021)
wodsvbc Thank you, that helped 🙂
Being a German myself, the process is usually bring your old Passport / ID and you get a new one.

Since you don't have one, usually you need to bring a birth certificate as proof you are born German (or any document that entitles you to get the passport) and you should get it easy (besides it taking a lot of time I guess)
🛬 zbbuttq just arrived in 🇩🇪 Munich, #germany
pbsumbzbuzmu is that pop up tomorrow for tourists as well - we are in Bulgaria and only coming to Germany next week
will check it out with my tourist-friend tomorrow and let you know later
lbcdtnnsrpen thank u 🙏
🛬 jhujmytfna just arrived in 🇩🇪 Frankfurt, #germany
US can stay Schengen 90 days though?
Yes, but given the processing time of just printing the passport, this might not be long enough.

But you can also always briefly leave Schengen and come back to get the passport, once it is ready for pick up I guess
Thank you - so he had no problems then and no option for johnson and johnson I take it
Today you could even choose between J&J or Moderna. No problem there as a tourist, everything really professional! 😎 Don't know if they have the same offer next friday too, better check again
mpyzuel Thank you for your help
Ok thank you
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