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India Chat - Meet people when traveling in India on Nomad List

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Where to stay in Goa?
Also if anyone is in Ahmedabad and wants to meet up let me know :)
khfdeylgagze guess you're either currently in goa or coming soon? i'd also like to come soon so wanted to ask about the current situation and restrictions to enter, do you have any info?
I think india is restricted only to people holding oci or indian passport
And people that are here on business visa
so that means that tourism isn't open yet? the only way to get there as a non-Indian would be through a business visa?
if that's the case, i'd imagine goa to be a dead area right now, no?
Ive heard goa is doing ok (not sure how) but yes tourism is not an option.
Maybe you can get a โ€œbusinessโ€ visa and go to goa
Goa had way more domestic tourists than foreign tourists when I was there.
^ I bet - many of my cousins here are thinking or have gone to Goa due to #covidblues ๐Ÿ™‚
checkout nomadgao, great DN community and 4-5 spaces available in north goa now
goa will always be full, we got almost ~1.5 billion folks here and very few have international access or too much hassle
tourism is always open there if you can somehow get in fgfrzmgdkxdvdl
ok so domestic tourism is allowed? i.e. indian people in india are allowed to travel
if that's the case then goa should be great
issue is getting there...
absolutely, there are no restrictions anymore especially in goa (other states, minor)
any intel on how to get a business visa then?
i know what the requirements are, i'm just not sure on how to get the letters, etc ๐Ÿ˜• i guess you'd need someone in india to help you?
I'll check and update - have some connects, will dm you if they are positive that they can help

Which passport do you hold btw?
wow, awesome, thanks! spanish passport with recent stamps in turkey and egypt
Best vpn for india? Not sure if its random but i think having unencrypted data is having middleman spoofers trying to hack into my account lol. Already had home depot fraud and now paytm.
Flights to goa are expensive domestically. Like $200 rountrip this weekend.
I've been researching this myself a bit and you also need to check what countries you're allowed to travel from...for e.g. EU passports could only enter India from like France/NL/Germany when I last checked and nowhere else whereas other nationalities could enter from say Qatar/Dubai etc
Hey guys, my friend is getting married on 17th of Feb in Nepal
Tickets are freaking expensive, I wonder if I can flight to India right now.
So I want to make a route:
1. Moscow/Saint Petersburg -> Delhi
2. Delhi -> Kathmandu
3. Kathmandu -> the place
very interesting U015TC8M61X! will definitely keep this in mind
utwbpdnr if you find something and donโ€™t mind sharing I would appreciate the DM too prayskin-tone-2
yes, I'm actually still waiting to hear from them, will update if I get any +ve news
Hi uxqohljoqmxa I can recommend my own VPN company ๐Ÿ˜‰ you can try with a free 3 day trial.
I'm interested to get a business visa too.
I cannot even go to the nearest country Sri Lanka. Flights were cancelled just recently due to COVID-19 restrictions. It might be hard for you but can try if it is must.
I am using Mullvad VPN. No issues for me until now. Search for "Privacy tools VPN" to know more.
sorry guys, for now, they're just too packed in their business and won't be able to help
that's alright dtpfezir thanks for trying anyways!
Got it, thanks for checking vplfimjc
Anyone working from himachal ?
Howโ€™s the internet connectivity ?
very good jio connectivity there in dharamshala, dharamkot areas - many places and folks there
Jio fiber ?
just jio sim is also quite good + fiber
is it at all possible to enter india these days? trying to come up with my next destination after egypt and india is the nr. 1 choice, but it seems virtually impossible to enter at the moment
this is great, thanks! any info on visas though? afaik no tourist visas are given
awh man that's too bad ๐Ÿ˜ž
mngxeincv just arrived in Hyderabad, #india
sqimdippea just arrived in Kottayam, #india
Where are some good places to consider in India to live for three months? Iโ€™m a teacher so reliable internet is a must even if I have to pay for it.
jvnngeyckd I am not sure if you will be able to get in yet, but I would recommend Kochi. I spent a ton of time there including the entire 45 day lockdown and will probably still be going back. The fort kochi area is really cool and I think the uber situation was one of the best uber situations I have experienced. That said, I would say it is a little boring.
Boring would be good for awhile. I will have an entire curriculum to make and could you some quiet.
Bengaluru. My place, Chennai would be too hot in the coming months. No issues of Internet for me.
Right before covid I saw a few co-working spaces opening up. The Homestays are very good. It has one of the largest international style malls, so you won't be without anything. Covid accelerated food delivery, I couldnt leave my airbnb and had food delivered everyday. Also, interestingly because of the large catholic and Muslim populations there, you can get beef, if you are not a vegetarian. That said you can Indian everyday as well.
Fort kochi (it's an area) is the hippest area but is catered heavily towards tourists so will be more expensive.
U0ZE9P5TLbr />Many hidden spots in south india like kochi and vizag , but too hot now - would not recommend

Himachal and uttarakhand would be better from April-June times
If you need beaches, north goa should solve it from June onwards and a friend is now building a 3rd villa and office in there with an amazing community and high speed internet at nomadgao (google it)
I'd recommend| for all DNs, built by an old genuine DN - stayed there for 2 months in 2020 and loved it, will go back again this year surely
Bengaluru isn't a bad shout, if you need to be fairly "plugged in" throughout. All the convenience of a city, but still plenty to experience that is unique to the place. Elsewhere you are somewhat limited to specific nomad work places like the Goa example above. Nothing wrong with that, but you may find there's less options to move around or change plans if there isn't much happening in or around the place.
Bangalore is my homebase, so I always recommend it too, but goa is not "all beaches" - north, central, south - a big city in between too, village in an hour, mountains in an hour and the entire experience, depends what you want, really :slightly_smiling_face:
Recommended as for new folks - DN community in goa is dope
What time of year are you going? That is a HUGE factor. Hyderabad is fantastic and has great internet but absolutely do not go in summer.
I would be going in the summer. I need absolutely great internet and a private place to give lessons.
Wow this looks so amazing. I am super interested in Goa! I am wondering what kind of lifestyle can $5,000 USD afford me? I will be very busy and need a comfortable living space, surfboard, possible car rental, high speed internet, almost always eat out etc...
ootgdkgpma I was there before switching to Kochi. The reason I didn't stay in Goa was because the short term accommodation situation was not the greatest and the taxi/uber situation is really really bad. There is a taxi cartel there, that said if you can get into one of the touristy areas, it's not too bad. So while I was there I stayed at the sea shell villas. However, while I was there I talked to the owner and they not only own that property but another one across the way and he offered to give me I think a 20% discount if I wanted to do monthly.
It depends on the quality of life you are looking for.
but $5000 USD is a lot, you could stay at a resort for that much, if you don't care about saving money.
I would say show up, look around, check out nomadgao and see if it works for you. If you decide you want to stay in a resort, talk to the manager.
Nomadgao I think has some on site accommodations as well.
Most importantly benchmark the internet at all the places.
Iโ€™m hoping India opens up soon ๐Ÿ™ I wonder if thereโ€™s a way to get in like a business visa deal in Indonesia
I donโ€™t think Goa is a good choice for you, based on your timeframe, it sounds like youโ€™ll be there during monsoon season when most of the attractions are closed. I would recommend going further north. The Himalayas are amazing in the summer when itโ€™s warm enough to be pleasant. Leh Ladakh is incredible in the summer.
Unless youโ€™re only going for the monsoon swells, in which case maybe Goaโ€™s the right choice.
yeah, not the best season for goa, but a few weeks won't hurt - goa should be less crowded too, if that helps
with that budget, you just need right people/org to outsource everything, hence nomadgao and mayur was the recommendation
haven't found better folks yet in india for DNs - contact them and will share more ideas if I get any later
heโ€™s going for 3 months, not 3 weeks
Leh has terrible internet
but should be on everyone's bucket list, if you like motorbikes
not sure if you've had any experience iojuvgwtvv already with driving in India/Asia, but driving a car there is...interesting. You've obviously theoretically less safe on a scooter/motorbike, but of the two, I would say the latter is still the most feasible to get around if you've even got some 2 wheel experience. If neither, you'll probably rely on Uber, which for me makes me think you're better off in one of the cities, at least for your first stint there
yeah most westerners are initially quite scared even when riding in a taxi or rickshaw
forget about good internet in the state of kashmir, from what I hear they still use 2G-3G and super slow speeds
leh is the worst idea for workation, perfect for vacation
love kashmir for sure
yeah kashmir is gorgeous, with the political situation there though now might not be a good time
pls do inform me if there are spots you find with good internet - would love to be proved wrong
ladakh is kind of a different story
in Srinagar I could barely get 3G, in Leh there were loads of internet cafes and I never had a problem
although to be fair I wasnโ€™t working 8hrs/day and often the quality issues only arise during prolonged usage
great nomad scene in leh, lots of adventure sports, full of german bakeries and italian coffee shops and people from all over the world
srinagar was crawling with military police and the tourist economy was being slowly choked out
the best I could find in Leh was about 2-5mb connections but it was very variable, with some days where the Internet was totally out for the whole area and there isn't really a 4g backup. Can't imagine that would have recovered after all the info wars there fairly recently
if you want to surf, Goa is probably still the front runner (if you don't I still think Bangalore)...but then again if surfing is the main thing you might be better considering somewhere like Indonesia, Canaries or South Africa
nice, any recommendations on which areas to stay in leh, mate?
Ya I think Goa would be more enjoyable if you are willing to have a scooter, I was not.
I think Goa with a scooter and dealing with rain is something I can deal with. Nomadgao sounds like a really solid resource to hit the ground running. I really want to like India and have a good first impression.
I cannot find clear requirements to enter India. Any resources?
rnrxioctpx AFAIK, India is currently closed to tourism.
leh's tiny, like 30k people and you can get anywhere in an auto rickshaw pretty quickly so I wouldn't worry too much about where to stay, but the most happening part of town for foreigners is the market by the jama masjid
Weird that the mosque is the center of the action given that it's majority buddhist but the mosque is gorgeous so I guess that's why it draws a lot of tourists
The rock climbing is great, really interesting rock formations because of the unique geology in the area and there are indoor rock gyms where you can practice bouldering before going on one of the trips, I had a blast
makes sense, thanks, will explore more!
Anyone had a longer than six month stay in India and how did you sort out your taxes in the states?
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