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Italy Chat - Meet people when traveling in Italy on Nomad List

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lol alright thanks for the translation :wink:
We already left but I'll let you know next time too
Palermo Gang Y'all wanna get together for some drinks tomorrow?
I wanna check out the old city night life
apparently, according to our Airbnb host it's THE place to go for a pub crawl
I don't drink heavily, but I am in for a glass or two of vino and some good company! blushwave
ALSO I made some legit spaghetti carbonara tonight in my little kitchenette soo I'm feeling pretty good about myself lolol sunglassesspaghetti
Yeah the Vucciria market area especially is really cool for night life. Let's see tomorrow afternoon but I think we'll be down for a drink
Any favourite places that spring to mind?
I can't remember the names, but the street where the market itself runs during the day is full of bars
Palermo Gang What's shakin' tonight? Any plans? Anyone want to grab a drink in old town?
We are heading in to old town, will be around.
Yeah we're down for a drink, say around 8/9 pm?
Piazza Rivoluzione, Piazza SantAnna and the Vucciria market should be good, but anything else is cool too
ok cool, we'll check in for 8:30pm, which piazza do you prefer? we haven't been to any yet, so you guys should pick
they're all not so far apart so we can try Rivoluzione first and see how it looks. Meet y'all by the statue at 8:30pm?
sure that sounds great, see you there for 8:30pm. Will message on slack if we're lost or something
We may have a 5 min delay ๐Ÿค
Hey we're walking now, 17 minutes out
Tell us what bar you're gonna be at and we'll meet
We're there, I think it should be worth checking the other piazza too
We made it
To Rivoluzione
Sitting on a bench ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Look left?
Had a great night tonight with Tusan and Yael! Hope I got your names right!! sweat_smileblush I think we're going out again next weekend so if anyone else wants to meet up feel free to join!
lol no! That's just my user handle :joy:
Had a great time, and oh, so many valuable tips for us rookies, still trying to wrap my head around it.

We'll probably see ya at Magneti before but definitely next weekend! (Although I think we missed the real action of the old city, at least now we know)
Yeah let's definitely check it out, it looked super lively as we were walking home
Cool cool cool totally getting frustrated with the internet here ๐Ÿ˜…
At Magneti? It was pretty stable for me last week!
my only italy experience is southern italy, but it seemed really important to ask ahead for people to run speed tests
so much of naples and palermo have home internet on bad 4g lines
Yeah, our previous Airbnb had a 4 Mbps downstream and upload was non-existent (needless to say, it was also impossible to access any mobile network)
Now in Palermo we get ~70/70 Mbps which is more than enough. Magneti has great speeds too
openfiber.it/en/br />Open Fiber is connecting almost all Italy, they started more than one year ago and "one day" all the country will be connected, I saw them also in my little village. I'm keeping strong with my 7 Mbit/s and tethering with Vodafone/Iliad when it's not enough :muscle:
The best thing you can do if staying anywhere in this country for more than a couple of weeks is to buy a Iliad sim card and use those 50 GB of traffic.
i messaged a collection of hosts when booking, 6 replied with actual internet info
4 of those were like 5/1 or worse 4g connections
2 were fiber
I guess I just got lucky this time
We got a new gas tank like less than two weeks ago and it seems this one is already out .. is that reasonable possible in terms of depleting a tank for a couple people cooking/hot water/light heating (our place is drafty and freezing lately haha) or is there something possibly wrong?
Going to message our host in the morning, was just curious at the moment
At the previous place we stayed, outside of the city, the gas ran out after 3 weeks, but not sure if it was full or not to begin with. They sometimes use dual 10L tanks so you may be able to check if there are two and if so, switch them (that's what we had to do)
Otherwise, now in the city it seems like it's unlimited
How big? 10/15 kg?
In Palermo the host left me a little tank (10) less than a half empty, only for cooking, telling me to ask her for a replacement at the end... but when I changed flat after three weeks there still was gas.
I ate almost always at home, but for heating and hot water it's easy to finish them, it's not impossible that you finished one in two weeks.
So... we went to Magneti today, arrived at ~12:30. It was almost empty so we figured everyone just went to lunch or something, but needless to say, 5 minutes later they closed for the day. Really weird, as they should be open till 8pm on Friday.
Got to spend an hour walking in the rain instead ๐Ÿ˜…
So with that behind us, anyone up for a drink tonight?
it's a holiday here today
"festa de santa lucia" i think? i didn't google why but heard something about how many sicilians can't/don't eat pasta or bread today so it's unofficially "arancini day" (if you see a ke palle they are fucking swarmed)
Oh man..that explains a lot, I did see tons of ppl in line for cake/arancine or whatever
And of course why the cowork place was closing so early
the fun part about traveling ๐Ÿ˜‚
this keeps happening to me lately but usually with the gym wherever i am
i get all psyched up to go work out then when i get there it's closed
Oh is that why all the bakeries had like pudding stuff instead of cakes?
"Palermoย too pays homage to Santa Lucia in memory of one of her miracles. In 1646, the wheat harvest failed and Sicily was gripped by a terrible famine. All seemed lost until, on Santa Luciaโ€™s day, a ship carrying wheat finally docked at the port of Palermo. The starving population were handed rations of grain, but, too hungry to waste time transforming the grain into flour, they cooked it whole. A new tradition was born and every year on 13thย December,ย _Palermitani_ย renounce all flour-based food (pasta, bread, biscuits and cakes) and eat only rice-based dishes or traditional specialities, such asย _cuccia_, made from whole wheat grain. All in all a good excuse for indulging inย _arancine_ย andย _risotto_!"
Well that explains it
vyimokb Also are you sure they were closed for the day? A lot of businesses will full on close for lunch for 2 hours and then open up again at like 2:30-3:30
It's rather maddening
Hmm...idk actually. From my broken Italian, I understood that they were closed for the rest of the day
It was literally 5 minutes after we started working heh
The arancini at Cappello's was ๐Ÿ˜
Also I hope you all don't blow away today
we've just barricaded ourselves in our apartment
It sounds like we're on an old wooden ship ๐Ÿ˜‚
oh definitely, barricaded now. Sounds like the whole neighbourhood is falling apart for the past few hours
check out the arancine at Dainotti's in the capo market, they also have a couple other specialties (panelle/crocche) which were really good
dttrwhbgsudmgedsyt just arrived in Sassari, #italy
Lol the Catania prioritypass lounge is so sad
The first thing which comes to my mind when I think to Catania :joy:
Honestly if the city cared about dog poo Palermo would go from 6/10 to a 8/10 for me.
Lol, I don't remember dog poo being a main issue
yeah don't remember dog poop being a problem either
trash mostly not being picked up (and thus then torn open by animals and blown all over the place, organic waste included) was though haha
It's the circle of life - maybe a bunch of stray dogs are raiding town nightly and eating the trash (and then spreading the joy on the sidewalk)
But seriously though Palermo was really awesome. Personally the dog poo didn't seem _that_ bad. Now in Naples and the trash problem seems to be exactly the same. In Palermo the Airbnbs are much much cheaper, and also much bigger, when comparing to Naples (at least from what I could find)
yeah the trash thing didn't impact my love of southern italy at all, to be clear
At my first impact what all that poo I thought very bad of the city and its inhabitants, but as soon as I noticed how easy is to find trash on the street and stray dogs/cats it was clear that in part the problem was due to that. At least compared to other stray dogs in other big cities these look happy and well nourished...
this dog for instance was clearly a "dog of everyone", and guys were playing with it in the square in front of the cathedral. One of my favourite images of Palermo.
just was commenting i noticed that all over the streets and not poop
About cats:
lrcxansllpeurykagm bruh why you leaving Milan so early?! Back to UK?
(regarding palermo) It's most likely the issue is worse for us because I believe we are in an area with more dog owners because it is a richer area, there is a distinct lack of green spaces so that also makes it a bit worse. Everything is also possibly made worse because we were in Japan last month, so it is a pretty stark contrast and we are probably noticing things we wouldn't otherwise notice.

It's a good place if you want good food and cheap accommodation for a month or two but want to stay in the Europe region.
kybyububyyvmrobgv - In terms of green spaces - I think the English Garden is not far from your place. And if you feel you need a quick getaway, you can take the train (the one that goes to the airport) from the Lolli station (unless there's a closer one) and hop off at Sferracavallo, a nice little fisherman village which is about 20-30 minutes away and feels much different
Just don't expect the trash situation to look any different there ๐Ÿ˜‰
evmjfbashga I'm actually going back to sardinia before leaving to UK on the 11th. I just took an apartment in navigli just for the new years!!
Happy New Year everyone! Palermo celebrates with loud bangs ๐Ÿงจboom
Crazy stuff, same noise levels in Naples! ๐ŸŽ†
Wish I would of Google it first. Loud noises to scare away bad spirits and also give me a heart attack.
Anyone in Milan?
Apparently no one is in Milan ๐Ÿ˜… It's been a slice ๐Ÿ• Italy! Ciao in the morning!
How's the air quality? I think I read somewhere else it was surprisingly bad this week.
I'm heading to Naples but not until April
In the north is bad, Pianura Padana in primis. For the rest in Italia is not bad, in my region at least it's very good (Marche).
About Napoli I don't know, I'm going to be there from 8th to 15th of March.
There is a good app called AirVisual to keep up to date on it
Naples looks pretty good for air quality right now
Milan, and the north sometimes gets hit pretty hard because of the Alps
I cannot remember a so dry winter, and no windy. It's not only about pollution in air, also some cultivations will suffer a lot this year.
Hey everyone, I'm considering Sardinia or Sicily for February, is a good month to go? Which would you recommend best and why?
Sicilia, I've been there in February past year and if it's cold you don't need heater because it's not really cold, if it's good weather you could also go to the beach. About history, food and places to visit it's more a country than a region, in my top five Italian regions.

Sardegna is better in June/September (avoid July and August, too many people).
Just been around Sicily for two months, it's really, really recommended. February might be a little rainy, but it doesn't ever get too cold (relatively to Europe..)

If you need any specific recommendations just lmk
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