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Italy Chat - Meet people when traveling in Italy on Nomad List

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🛬 spefhhfmbpm just arrived in ⛪️ Palermo, #italy
🛬 koufjabe just arrived in 🇮🇹 Rome, #italy
🛬 npywzmimgm just arrived in 🇮🇹 Rome, #italy
🛬 reehttxfphbp just arrived in 🇮🇹 Bologna, #italy
hey romans 👋 who knows where is the good wine shop/bar with organic stuff?
Weather warnings for Sicily/Sicilia

I flew down for the warmer weather and rain every day so far.
Weather forecast with a radar map -
oh shit! planned to be there in a week
🛬 dyflanfkm just arrived in Pescia, #italy
Anyone has been for a few months in Milano during the winter? I'm considering visiting during Jan-Mar, I know it will be cold but was wondering if it should be worth it or not. Overall I quite like the city, but only been there during spring.
Nice, will you leave it up when you check out of your accommodation??
😄 that’s the restaurant i was in 2 hours ago
Good to see some decorations in Italy, thx
I bought a large enough purchase in Italy to qualify for the Tax Free plan in Italy (_or maybe EU-wide?_). One store said I can't use the product while in Italy, the other store didn't wrap or indicate. Any tips, I can't even find the official Tax Free site, unless it's Global Blue ()?
I want to use my new purchase without losing my tax free status
🛬 luupikip just arrived in 🇮🇹 Rome, #italy
Is anyone in Catania? Please provide an update on Catania's flood
no such things as "cant use the product", its a confusing thing but I've done it before, you go to the airport when you're about to leave the EU and handle them the receipts(ask the store for the tax free receipts) they'll charge you some processing fee and you get the money back in a few days
often these are not super easy to find at the airport so I suggest coming with time to spare, usually its global blue outlets doing it
🛬 twoafnyryzb just arrived in Catania, #italy
Has anyone in here ever used a bilateral agreement to stay in Italy for 6 months?
👆 related to this, does anyone know of an attorney in Italy who specializes in foreigner visas that might have an answer as to how these bilateral agreements can be used?
I looked at the Canadian travel advisory for Italy and didn't see it anywhere either. Out of curiosity I think when I am in Toronto in two weeks I am going to go to a spanish/italian embassy and ask.
It's now Standard time in Italy. Hmm, Vancouver ends Day Light on Nov 7
🛬 xayaywzc just arrived in ⛪️ Palermo, #italy
🛬 glkvxxdamqf just arrived in Enna, #italy
🛬 qgikgxxwohvir just arrived in 🏞 🏖 Cagliari, #italy
🛬 wuwnwdlble just arrived in ⛪️ Palermo, #italy
Hi everyone,

I’ll be in Italy for 1 month (Dec 18th to Jan 18th). My main intention is to explore a few wine regions such as Piemonte, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Sicily. So I’m here basically to connect to other wine lovers and am open to suggestions and recommendations regarding places to stay and wineries to visit. I’m kind of a off-the-beaten track type of guy, so I’m aiming to visit small wineries and wine experiences. Cheers!
If you decide to pass in Marche I suggest you Morro d’Alba, there are a lot of little producers of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, both DOCG. The first one - white - kind of famous, the second one - red - very very local. In that period I’ll be around, in case let me know.
Also all the areas around Montecarotto/Staffolo and Matelica are interesting, even if probably the period is not the best one. In Montecarotto there is the headquarter of the biggest cooperative of the region, Moncaro.
hey Mpic, thanks for all the info. I took notes male-technologistskin-tone-4
One of the most beautiful wineries of the region is actually in my village San Marcello, it’s called Filodivino and it’s a couple of km from my house. My favourite producer in Morro d’Alba is Vicari, and the one of the guy I know best is called Lucchetti.
Thanks for these well curated tips, Mpic. I really appreciate it! We’ll keep in touch!
By the way, you live near Florence. I’ll definitely stay in Florence for a few days!
That’s San Marcello Pistoiese/San Marcello Piteglio, it’s very far from my place and I’ve never been there (but I want to).
Marche is just above Abruzzo.
Alright, sorry
Sorry :)
i’m planning to visit Frank Cornelissen winery at Sicily (super organic stuff), don’t know when yet, probably next month
🛬 pcnpupqirll just arrived in Agrigento, #italy
Hello! My partner and I are planning to spend January in Italy. We are looking for a smaller city to base ourselves out of (300,000ish) We are thinking Sicily because the weather will be pretty mild there.
• Where in Sicily would you recommend we stay?
• Is there somewhere else in Italy with mild weather at that time we should consider?
If you have an idea to move around a lot to explore also other parts of the country, I would probably choose a place in South of Puglia (Lecce for me is a big city… but is it big for you? :slightly_smiling_face:). This because from there by train you could easily move along the coast.
If you’ve never been in Sicilia and you prefer to focus on the Island, One month there makes sense.
Palermo of the big cities is my favorite one, but I’ve never been in Siracusa/Trapani, also those could be good. Cefalù, or Taormina if you are looking for smaller and more touristic/expensive places.
I’d stay based in Siracusa and rent a car to go all over the island. I’ve lived in Palermo for six months and wouldn’t really recommend
Palermo is a total dirty mess, but it’s also very beautiful and it cannot really leave indifferent. Anyway I agree with you that probably I wouldn’t return. Siracusa is on my list because the last time I didn’t go and friends of mine love it.
You can also go to Puglia, close to Bari you'll have trains and an international airport closeby
Or Salerno, the area is quite beautiful and well connected too with high speed train to Napoli Rome Venice Milan
Sicily is not well connected, so if you wanna visit the whole country, it will be not that easy
I did a month in Palermo, it was ok, it might be fine for a month. The co-working situation is absolutely abysmal, so you will need to work from your airBNB. For me, and this might sound odd, the copious amounts of dog crap every where is what annoyed me, if they just handled that it would be nicer. However, lots of good things to see and food is good, but really I wouldn't recommend it for over 2 weeks.
I actually think it might of been nicer staying in the are around Cattedrale di Monreale but it is rather small, there is more stores etc.. on the main strip in palermo.
👋 will be visiting palermo, bologna, and probably napoli in the next few weeks. i basically want to eat the tastiest food i can find—any recommendations?
Cant miss an Arancini or three from Ke Palle in Palermo.
In Palermo panini ca “frittola”, “stigghiola” and “meusa”. About dsessers cannoli con ricotta, cassata siciliana, granita con mandorle (almonds).
You can find panino con stigghiola close to the ponte normanno from the late afternoon if I’m not mistaken. For panino con frittola there was a guy in the morning at the top of the market in Via dei Beati Paoli.
Panino con meusa is more common and you can find many in Palermo, but I got the best one in Agrigento,
In Napoli pizza fritta, brod ro purp (octopus). About desserts sfogliatella frolla and crespa, pastiera napoletana, and babà.
For desserts I suggest “Sfogliatelle ricce e frolle, babà,pastiera. Attanasio.” close to the station,.
For pizza fritta “Pizzeria De’ Figliole”.
For octopus “soup” “Ca Sta A Figlia Do Luciano”
Ciao!! Anyone in Rome these days? 👋
🛬 qkglmslplev just arrived in 🇮🇹 Rome, #italy
Jesus, how have I not been aware of pizza fritta all this time? I need to get to Napoli ASAP.
amazing! that's a mighty list to accomplish
I had two dogs at the time I lived in Sicily and I completely understand qvifimfacegoyzgoa 😂 I started making homemade poop bag dispensers with plastic bottles and supermarket bags and putting them around the trees in my region, it really helped (until the kids destroyed it)
🛬 gwnkhmivrll just arrived in Catania, #italy
Weather update in Catania. No sign of flood that made the news (3 hours walking old town before rain started). It is raining heavy with lots of umbrella street vendors. 3 euro for a tiny collapsible. It was raining the same heavy rain in Agrigento and Palermo
Hi all,

I’m on the same boat, going to spend a month in Italy from Dec 19th onwards. The idea is to explore 5 or 6 of the main wine regions, but at the same time considering staying longer at a base and thought Tuscany would be a cool option, despite the weather not being ideal at the time. Any thoughts?
For future readers, I discovered my product uses Global Blue for tax free but there is another VAT processor which is Plant Payment. Planet mentions on their FAQ />> Customs request that all goods are sealed and unused.
The last three days have been all sun
Near Grosseto there's a lot of nature
a nice roman age spa nearby too
Hey all. I'll be in Rome tonight and tomorrow. If someone wants to meet up and have a walk around this wonderful city, just drop me a message :)
Just arrived in Salerno. Anyone around to do some exploring tomorrow morning/afternoon?
Just arrived in Milan, anyone up for meeting tonight/tomorrow?
✅ Ke Palle’s arancini
white_check_mark Cassata siciliana
white_check_mark cannolis (lots of)
white_check_mark panini w/ meusa, panelle, & frittula

Missed the granita con mandorle and stigghiolas
On to Napoli soon 😄
🛬 aoquucipfl just arrived in 🍕 Naples, #italy
Just arrived in Roma, in hotel until Friday the 10th. We will be here until the middle of January more or less. We are looking for accommodation (apartment, shared flat or similar, in the worst case hotel) and a place where we can go to telework on a daily basis. Something similar with Starbucks or somewhere that is not boring to be able to telework every day? What about beers or wines?
Hello all! I’m looking to move to Capri (around Ana Capri) starting next summer, for 6 months or more. Anyone here have good recommandations? Especially regarding coffee to work from and how to find a house to rent on the market !
Hello all! I’m looking to move to Capri (around Ana Capri) starting next summer, for 6 months or more. Anyone here have good recommandations? Especially regarding coffee to work from and how to find a house to rent on the market !
Hi Guys, I’m looking for someone who has spent some time in northern Italy (Garda + North from it) especially in winter.
🛬 xhprebowbpekdx just arrived in 🛶 Venice, #italy
Hi ! just arrived in Naples! Is anyone here or has any recommendations? We are being here until the 26th. Any recommendations for Christmas Eve?
Hi! Happy to help
Ciao! Thank you so much! I’ll send you a dm
I can’t send you a DM since i’m a new member, i need to wait 7 days :sweat_smile:.

Anyway, at the moment i’m freelancing with an italian “partita iva forfettaria” which is pretty good for now. However since i work 100% remotely i started travelling quite often and i’m not sure if i should keep my italian tax residency or move it somewhere more convenient. I know a lot of places offer more convenient taxes but not sure if they beat the “forfettario” regime.

What do you think?

Haha! You’re basically me 😂
I’m closing my P.IVA this year and moving my tax residence to Dubai
There’s a lot of information about Dubai and moving there with a Freelancer visa.

If you’re planning on travelling often, you simply need to come back to Dubai every 6 months and spend some time there.

There are many benefits in moving your tax residence there, for example:
• no taxes but fixed costs instead (yearly freelance license, resident visa etc.)
• no audits, reports, invoices (although I’d keep doing invoices to track your earnings and whatnot)
Before doing anything I would consult your commercialista, better if competent in international matters. I also consulted an avvocato fiscalista/tax lawyer just to be sure that everything I’m doing is legal and won’t be causing issues with Italian authorities.
Oh wow! I guess it’s way more convenient. I would love to chat about it privately but i get a message saying i need to wait another 5 days to start sending DMs :weary:

I never thought about dubai since it’s outside of the EU, but seems to be a great deal. I’ll check it with my commercialista as well! Thanks so much.

And yea, you always need to triple check everything in italy. We all know how it is with italian bureaucracy 😂
One more thing, in order to successfully move your tax residency outside of Italy you need to sign up for AIRE and stay out of the country for at least 183 days per year. Other requirements may apply to you (if you’re married, own properties etc.) so as per my previous advice, consult a professional 😂
Yeah, the lawyer wasn’t cheap but I’m not taking any chances with Italian bureaucracy and the Agenzia Entrate.

By the way, if you join Nomad List’s Discord server you can DM me there!
Ohh you’re right! I’ll try the discord chat! But yea i lived 7 years in london and i already experienced the whole AIRE thing.. can be a nightmare
Oh yea? Then I might have a few questions for you about AIRE :joy:
Please DM me on Discord
Yes indeed! Though I’m quite sure you can find a gem for a relative good price if you stay long term after August
🛬 twuvgwyphiqbmhis just arrived in 🇮🇹 Milan, #italy
Hello folks! 🙂 I’m visiting Rome next week and was wondering if there’s any good coworking spaces/coffee places to work from? Also, if you’ve got recommendations of things to do, that’d be awesome 😄
ptgvbgbtxheilj Don't think you will have a hard time finding things to do.
Indeed, figured that’d come easy to find!
Hi Mike! A good coworking space is Talent Garden, the problem is that it’s not so close to the city center. Anyway there are a looot of things to do in Rome, an example:
• Eat pasta cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) and pasta alla carbonara (eggs, bacon and pecorino)

• Visit musei vaticani (cappella Sistina is a must)

• Visit San Pietro

• Visit Terrazza del Pincio

• For dinner you can find a lot of good places in Quartiere Testaccio (Testaccio neighborhood)

• …and more ;)
🛬 czaiuyac just arrived in Fiumicino, #italy
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