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Italy Chat - Meet people when traveling in Italy on Nomad List

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Little recap for nomads willing to come in Italia during the following weeks/months.
Right now a good part of Lombardia and Veneto, plus other areas (like Rimini and Pesaro, just above mine) are in red zone, it means that people cannot enter/leave without a valid reason. Almost every kind of social event/meeting/whatever is canceled. In all the country people are encouraged to stay at home, specially elderly ones, and in public places (bars, restaurants, ...) in theory they should stay one meter far to each other.
Useless to say that the situation is not much serious than the rest of the world, but the public healthcare system is suffering and it risks to collapse if the number of infected will increase more (and it will for sure).
I guess the government decided for the strict rules because we know each other and it's obvious that a lot of people people won't give a shit and they'll continue to do everything like usual (for instance bar in my village since yesterday is just a little less crowded than usual).

Right now the premier said that all Italy is red zone and everything will be closed, for all the time necessary to keep the problem under control (I guess 2/3 weeks).
Discovered that they lady I'm sharing a room with is from northern Italy. Lol. We shall see...
Anyway, in France and Germany have numbers just a little lower, right now nationality doesn't make a big difference.
(and in France yesterday there was a meeting with thousands of people dressed like smurfs...)
Yeah, I'm not overly worried. I was in multiple airports yesterday. I can only do what I can do. It just caused me to chuckle.
I still don't believe that in Italy we are doing this. Before I went to the bar in my little village to see how is the situation and there were just the bartender and a couple of friends of mine.
Carabinieri passed a little earlier saying that he had to remove all the food from the table (I grow up with that shit on the table during the happy hour) and nobody playing cards, something never seen in that place.
The cards thing is interesting and makes sense.
Of course, also the food on the table for everybody. I told him on Saturday and he didn't believe me, today he risked that they forced him to close. In my little village of 2000 people, with no more than a few "cities" of 40k/100k in a radius of 100km. Nothing never happens in my village but it's happening in parallel with all the rest of Italy, I'm impressed.
My plan was to head back to Italy in August...I can't imagine an Italy without everyone sitting outside of restaurants and bars, having an appertivo, drinking wine on the steps of the fountain....
In August there will be a zombie apocalypse if it won't be solved :slightly_smiling_face:
I've been living all my life in a little village like the one you just described, you can guess my surprise, today the bartender was visibly worried while yesterday he was joking about it...
I live and work alone, in countryside and with enough food for a couple of weeks and hectars of land to cultivate if necessary, I just miss a rifle to survive a zombie apocalypse :joy:
(anyway for anyone reading, I'm Couchsurfing ambassador, I have a lot of space and I love to host and show people around when I'm here, for free of course)
yea I've noticed the sentiment of my friends (even in Rome) changed from 2 weeks ago to now. 2 weeks ago they joked about it, today, they said, it's coming to Rome. Not just a north problem anymore. Really hope this thing is solved worldwide pronto!...
afcgn3mo />The bar in my village, hearth of the community, in 65 years always owned by the same family, it's still exactly like when it opened, it was used to be closed one week a year and usually it opens before 6:00 am and close after midnight (often also much after midnight). Today it was closed at 6pm. Sad moment, society is like freezed.
Better to freeze things temporarily, so that there will be a society... grinsob
By Friday Iโ€™ll be departing Milan and heading to Sofia. It isnโ€™t the strict measures that are pushing me out, but the bane of Schengen day management.
I was to be in Edinburgh on the 14th, but my receiving party got cold feet and canceled our plans.
Despite the restrictions and the (maybe) relative risk, I wish that I could stay here.
Are you considering self quarantine?
New decision of the boss from tomorrow all public activities (every kind of shop, bar, restaurant) will be closed 24h but supermarkets/groceries and pharmacies.
What about public transport, UHX7J24EP?
mfnvcgagi All the transports and services like banks, post offices, insurances and so on still working.

"Resta ovviamente garantito lo svolgimento dei servizi pubblici essenziali tra cui i trasporti, dei servizi di pubblica utilitร  dei servizi bancari, postali, finanziari, assicurativi nonchรฉ di tutte quelle attivitร  necessarie, comunque accessorie, rispetto al corretto funzionamento dei settori rimasti in attivitร ."

_Public_ transport, but so far Iโ€™ve only seen a single airport bus trip from Centrale to BGY (at 5.00) and BGY to Centrale (at 21.00).
and now thatโ€™s gone; from what I understand the only route from central Milan to BGY is via Trenord and a bus via Bergamo itself
Uh... We spent 6 weeks in Palermo, left in January. I would NOT want to be there for this and I'm in freaking India
Riots for food, cool, like we studied in history books :slightly_smiling_face:
(I have colleagues and Palermo and they haven't mentioned anything, newspapers may magnify problems).
"may magnify" also sounds a lot like "reports the news while people are in lockdown"
I'm actually surprised about how Italians have learnt how to stay in queue so fast, this virus is doing a great job here +1joy
The best summary of Italian situation I've found right now is this one:
Good point cwrzns - I have never been able to successfully queue in southern Italy!
Would that suggest that they always knew how but chose not to?
lecksdiaysw over all, don't forget that here we have a lot of pasta
And combat priests
Who all is going to Italy when borders open after June 3rd?!
I'm always here for everyone. But right now in case I would prefer hospitality requests on BeWelcome or TrustRoots, I have an open war with Couchsurfing :slightly_smiling_face:
Since yesterday we also have bars open, yesterday I had three cappuccini ๐Ÿ˜‚
A little detail to to keep in mind there will be a lot of "freedom" for regional governments, and they could change rules on the fly if in some regions the curve will go up again... which I'm quite sure will happen in a lot of regions, specially considering that from north a lot of people will go down to Calabria, Sicilia, Puglia and so on.
I'm in Rome - had my first haircut in 2.5 months yesterday and it felt glorious.
Isn't Italy open only for EU residents only?
iwygiqpogcg just arrived in 98050, #italy
I wish I did
me too! LOL ,the bots are getting bored with all of us staying put these days
borders open june 3
If you are planning a travel here please don't forget to look for info about the regions you are going to visit, because they are updated quite frequently. For instance a couple of days ago the governor of my region (Marche) said that we can leave the region to move in the provinces close to the borders of the region, which in theory had to be forbidden till the 3rd of June. If you cannot find the info ask me.
Thinking of going to Savona / Varazze for a month in July, to do some climbing (bouldering). Anyone been over that way? Worth?
If you end up going let me know how it is. I love bouldering.
Let's open everything! ๐ŸŽ‰
As a "test" on the 3rd of June I got the car to visit a friend of mine in Abruzzo. In the afternoon I danced on the borders Marche-Umbria, Umbria-Marche (in another place), Marche-Lazio, Lazio-Abruzzo, and yesterday Abruzzo-Marche. In 400km I've seen a couple of police cars and everything was normal.
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