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That's manageable. We're sitting on a Plan B to start a company here to acquire investor visas, but we're going to sit tight for May and make the decision early June.
Same situation here.
We're due to leave the 18th of June
According to the Swedish embassy in Tokyo it was extended 90 days for everyone (I.e. we don't need to apply for an extension). Only issue is that they also said "Japan might change after the summer so keep yourself updated on the news.".

Think I'll reply to the email just to get a clear Yes or No.
This update doesn't mention Temporary Visitors anymore. The April 3 measures did. Maybe I'll message the lawyer we are dealing with for the business application. He might have insight.
Luckily we're all in the same boat
Let's keep ourselves updated
So reading all this it appears that we need to take action before our temp visas expire and show that we can't get 'home'
I have an email out to the lawyer we were working with to get his take and will report back.
Thanks for those links guys, Iโ€™m in the same situation and that helped to have a better idea of whatโ€™s going on ๐Ÿ™‚
I just heard back from my lawyer. He said essentially whatโ€™s in the memo from the US State Dept.
For the current situation with the visitor visa status, if your visitor visa status will expire in June, you have a grace period of 3 months from the expiration date.

You can extend your current visitor visa status within 3 months period. You need to go to the nearest Japanese immigration office and ask for the extension of visitor visa.

You can visit to the immigration office anytime before the current expiration date or within 3 months after the expiration date.
So weโ€™re going to ask for forgiveness rather than permission and go after the expiry date.
qpmcezbvof just arrived in โ›ฉ Osaka, #japan
Anyone here that knows any Japanese digital marketers? My boss is looking to hire one if possible.
Thatโ€™s why weโ€™re in standby mode until we can see the payoff. Besides the capital outlay, which can be spent down paying ourselves or renting the office, the business registration and legal fees are several grand. That would be worth it for a three year visa. Itโ€™s the office rental that blows the budget curve for us. Foreigners canโ€™t do a coworking space or virtual office.
vhysxobnd just arrived in ๐Ÿ—ผ Tokyo, #japan
jxgrweqjmjsccn - do you have an approach in mind? Show up with a ticket to the USA on the date you want to leave and some bank statements showing you can support yourself until then?
Or the cancelled ticket route?
In Kyoto, the google reviews for the immigration office here make the officers sound very unfriendly. Iโ€™ve been considering hiring a translator to go with us. I donโ€™t think is an issue in Osaka/Tokyo, but I do feel like our chances of success will be improved if we go in assuming the Kyoto officers donโ€™t want to help us.
I think speaking Japanese or having a lawyer prepare your application would definitely help.
For us, I'm writing off a covid-19 extension at this point.
With 12 flights headed to the USA _yesterday_, a number which will only increase, I don't see how we're gonna prove inability to return.
Mostly our options are get a business manager visa, overstay and get deported, or leave to the US and risk losing FEIE in the USA
or possibly leave to another country, but options are _beyond_ limited today for that.
All good points. Our current backup plan is South Korea.
And two weeks of government run quarantine
Hm, are you trying to get a visa? I thought all visa exemptions in SK were suspended
Visa exempt entry was suspended three weeks ago
Friends with US passports flew from Tokyo to Seoul and are in day 10 of their 14 day quarantine.
xntgtjiwerwdxg Only for certain countries (which suspended visa waiver for South Korea - it was a retaliatory move). USA visa exemption is still working fine.
> quarantine at a government-designated facility at their own expense for 14 days
yeesh, sounds thrilling
thanks for the info though, a good backup
mwgonggsqdazjxy heard anything about the conditions of the quarantine from your friends? is it like a field hospital or a business hotel?
They were in a dorm, but they created a network of other people in quarantine there. Someone was in a Radisson. The food was decent the first week and then dropped off in quality the second week - not clear why, but it might be associated with a quarantine manager change. They created a list of items to bring based on conversations with others who went through it. Iโ€™ll see whatโ€™s on it.
Food was delivered three times a day. The hall was regularly fumigated.
jtoqvndtmbwdrq just arrived in ๐Ÿ—ผ Tokyo, #japan
We're biting the bullet and immigrating. Shutting down my business for a 2 week quarantine is a no-go, as is going back to US and losing FEIE status. So stay it is! Doing a business manager visa w/a new KK entity. Can provide refs to the firm I'm using, they seem on the ball so far.
Wow, thatโ€™s huge! Congratulations :smile:
We are still on the fence. Please send me the name of the firm you are using. How did you end up handling the office requirement?
Yeah I'd like to hear more about it as well and congrats dptiyiyfrzlybb
DM'd. It was a referral through a friend.
Office requirement is still in the air. They've pointed me to a company called Compass, which apparently will allow a physical office for 3 months + virtual office for 9.
That is smart.
Iโ€™m fascinated to see if Japan will really change:
It wonโ€™t
Itโ€™s prompting them to move to American work from home policies from like 2004
Which is basically โ€œsure if you can convince literally everyone in the companyโ€™s management structure then we can let you do it one day a monthโ€
Three weeks ago the messaging in the news was how everyone in Japan still had to go to an office and that will not change. So this article was an interesting turn.
Everyone in Japan still has to go into an office though
A fluff piece doesnโ€™t change that really
It would be nice if it changed
I don't think these people have been inside an average Japanese accomodation.
Especially in places like Tokyo.
yeah i was gonna mention that, seems like it'd be tough to work from home in a tatami-sized room ๐Ÿ˜›
need office chairs that can be rolled up and put away
I donโ€™t think the article changes office expectations, but they did find a medium size tech company that is going the all-remote route. Thatโ€™s impressive.
I harbor strong doubts about the permanency of their permanent change, but their founder is younger than like 99.99999% of all decision makers in Japan
So maybe theyโ€™ll stick with it
Sometimes I work from bed.
Also if the idea is to prevent the spread of disease it could make it make it worse. If instead of following a routine of going to an office people instead start going to cafes etc.. to work that would could spread disease faster instead of just being contained to bubbles.
National emergency lifted, any idea on when Americans can visit again?
oeogccys you don't see any flights?
I know Finnair is starting flights up again early July
There's two things to consider. One being when Japan will allow tourists in again (early July?) and then it's per country basis.
US still have an ongoing issue with corona so doubt they'll be part of the first "wave" of countries that can enter. (Hope I'm wrong but you never know)
Japan just added more countries to the ban list. Travel between prefectures is still regarded as โ€˜only if necessary.โ€™
oh well - never mind :face_with_rolling_eyes:
yeah, so basically a JR Pass?
So sounds like 20,000 for hotels or maybe trains? Then 20% discount on drinks
Which I won't mind at all!
I'm a little confused by the eyerolling emoji.
I find I use as shorthand for โ€œtoo good to be trueโ€
I definitely recommend camping in Awaji btw
it was nice
yigebofbeymmyqixj thank you for many of your comment on #___general after all
Any sake lovers - this group is supporting small craft breweries by sending the sake to you and giving the brewery tour and tasting online. Dan and I are going to this one.
owwjxfmkx just arrived in Kลchi Prefecture, #japan
Hi! Today I got a visa extension for 90 days after my flight was cancelled. In case somebody finds this useful my visa was expiring June 12th, and my flight for June 10th was cancelled two days ago. So today I went to the immigration office in Osaka and they extended my visa after filling an application form and a small letter explaining why I needed my visa extended. Also, you need to bring 4000ๅ†† with you to pay the fee. It took about two hours and a half going through 4 different windows, but without any hassle, mostly just waiting my turn.
USD โ”€ $
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