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Japan Chat - Meet people when traveling in Japan on Nomad List

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This time I've picked Ikebukuro, so let's see about that ๐Ÿ˜‰
Yeah there is no JR line if that's important to you, but you should be able to access Chiyoda, and also Maruonichi and Ginza from Akasaka-mitsuke
I _really_ loved how convenient and not-so-busy the stations were in Akasaka/Akasaka-mitsuke
Ah, I miss Tokyo.
oh fuck
alright well thatโ€™s enough to turn us off
we stayed in nimman in chiang mai and it felt like we were in china
nothing against chinese ppl you just go to a country to be around locals, not tourists
Ah if you're looking for more local flavor then of the three choices presented, I guess I'd go with Nishi-Shinjuku
I'm wondering if there's a general sense of happiness/relief from people in Kyoto that the Mainland Chinese tourist numbers have been dwindling due to Coronavirus
I went to USJ yesterday and it was wonderful
it was like going on a Tuesday with bad weather
with respect to the number of people
yeah it's fun
I really recommend Tokyo Disney Sea, it their best theme park in the world. The attention to detail is ridiculous. Magic Kingdom is pretty much similar to all the other ones.
Hi there! Can anyone recommend somewhere between Tokyo and Kyoto to try skiing? I'll have the JR pass. Thank you! (I'll be there in early March)
gbbmvtffqtntjyh That's going to be hard. If you want snow you need to go up more north.
Tenjindaira should still have a few resorts open, would be the most south one I'm arrive of.
I thought I read this was a terrible snow season
Terrible as in they needed to import snow from elsewhere for some Hokkaido festival
But if you're lucky, you should definitely go to Nagano.
Oh wow. I wish Iโ€™d known that and thank you for sharing. I will definitely return soon hopefully.
Awesome thank you for sharing this! I love vegan ramen.
Letโ€™s hope the tourists behave themselves.
URVR7QK1Cbr />Yeah, Nagano is the best place for skiing )
bqsmoo esuqfhihbpbcel phsufvxopu Thank you for the info! I really just want to check out somewhere beautiful outside of cityscape. Last time I went to Sendai and found the landscape around there to be beautiful, and also hiked Fuji then as well. This would also be my first ski lesson, lol, I doubt I'd spend much time on the slopes. So I was thinking a resort that makes snow for a lesson, and then just spending time being somewhere beautiful/mountainous.
jlzfyytpclmyxir Gifu pref has lots of slopes. I'd recommend night skiing. for example, www.dynaland.co.jp/ they're open until 11 pm
anyone aware of any cheap affordable accomodation for a 2 week stint in Tokyo? Most shared-housing/co-living type spaces I've seen require minimum 1 month, want to make it shorter ๐Ÿ™‚
So I was approved for a 1-year student visa, but I am considering not taking it just yet because of reasons. Is it possible to delay accepting it or will it somehow adversely affect me if I don't go through with it?
I'm still overly reliant on Airbnb unfortunately ๐Ÿ™
yeah might have to, was looking to save a bit of money, harrumph
that would be a question for the Japanese consulate I would say, but Certificates of Eligibility are good for 3 months.
with the whole process of taking the CoE to the consulate so they give you a visa, then entering the country on a visa and getting your residence card
it's god damn highway robbery for masks now
rest easy that they donโ€™t really do anything anyway? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
also people reusing masks ๐Ÿคฎ
they keep me rom getting other people sick
i'm sick as shit and have stuff I still have to go do
and i'd much rather have a mask so I don't spread whatever it is i've got
also i've lived here 3 years so I just kind of feel naked without one
๐Ÿ˜ท how much are they going for now? can't you re-use them?
you could re-sterilise them, but not with heat as the old reusable surgical masks were in the past, use bleach and dry them and hope for the best
no stores have them, have to buy them online, only individual sellers on amazon and rakuten
50 pack used to be like ยฅ600, now I can't find a 50 pack online for less than ยฅ10,000
maybe I should invest in a suitcase full of masks and deal them in the black markets of sapporo and tokyo when I arrive in couple of weeks
profit? ๐Ÿค”
Or buy a bunch of them cheap and give them away as a act of kindness.
i'm a bad person
fair nuff
coughing in japan without a mask on now must be the worst social shaming experience ever haha
Someone stole 6000 masks from the Kobe red Cross hospital
Haha yeah I sniffled going down an escalator earlier and got some death stares
I spent 3000 JPY on 3 masks from Amazon a couple of days ago. Just to wear through the airport when my time comes
Saw a pack of 10 for really cheap, tried to order it and saw the shipping costs were 10,000 JPY ๐Ÿ˜‚
JAL j/f amenity kits used to have one. Not sure if they still do. I got a few of those left.
you could try not coughing and sneezing on people. that might help you not get other people sick
yeah, that's sort of the point
do you think I want a mask because I _LIKE_ the risk of coughing and sneezing ?
or are you under the impression that human beings can indefinitely prevent coughing and sneezing while sick?
that advice is in the same tier as "have you tried having more money?" to a poor person
Dang it. I tried to post a link and my comment could not go through....trying this again... short story...for the 2nd time, I have to pass on my TeamLab/Borderless ticket (Tokyo) as I have cancelled my trip to Japan. It's a ticket for this Friday. Who wants it? I will just forward the email.
nice try covid19, nice try
i think human beings can prevent coughing and sneezing on OTHER PEOPLE while sick, yeah i kind of do. To be honest, I think this whole mask thing is the saddest kind of sheep behaviour, especially since they don't even do anything. But i guess you live in the east and EVERYONE has them so you must feel compelled. But consiedring the exorbitant cost of these pointless things... just get a handkerchief mang ๐Ÿ˜‰
Hi euxvvidygvkchww - i'm going to Tokyo in 2.5 weeks. I'll take the ticket, whatever it is - what is it?
oh it's for this friday, sorry, didn't read properly lol
uwrcfhgfq lol I'm not buying them at that price.
you're oddly naive and simultaneously condescending, or maybe I'm misunderstanding you due to the nature of text-based communication
it's also annoying that I can't find one because I want to use it for the intended purpose (keeping myself from accidentally contaminating things due to an unexpected sneeze or cough) rather than what everyone things they are for (to keep people from getting sick)
I'm totally wiling to accept that I've misunderstood your point/tone though since text chat is an innately inferior communication medium
Thereโ€™s also the social signal aspect that many take for granted. Even if masks donโ€™t do anything, at the very least it signals to others that youโ€™re doing your part to contain the spread.
this guy gets japan
i tried to explain this to a canadian once and they just thought that was insane
Yeah it's definitely a thing
So social pressure? That's the only valid reason to wear one? Excuse my condescending tone, but I think these things are ridiculous. People actually wear them to PREVENT other people infecting them (not the other way around) - kind of like the crows beaks that artistocrats used to wear to ward off the plague.
The Chinese were wearing them since the SARS epidemic more than 10 years ago, and I used to thing it was ridiculous seeing them wearing these on the London underground and every single place they used to travel in the world, paranoid that every human being they come in contact with will bring them down with plague
Masks don't prevent you from getting sick, they prevent you from spreading it to others.
The fact that scientists have proven time and again that they do nothing to prevent you from catching anything, is by-the-by, because now they just backward rationalise "oh i'm only wearing them in case i infect somebody else" - umm, just don't cough and sneeze on other people, they're barely effectual at even doing that - no more than having a handkerchief when you cough
Exactly mate.
I remember being in Thailand a few years ago on an island, and every other nationality and person was frolicking about in the water enjoying themselves and living life - and you look on the beach, literally HUNDREDS of Chinese people in bright orange life vests, just sitting on the beach. in LIFE VESTS. Why?? Because they're terrified a Tsunami might come and wipe them out
like literally, what, the f... I know these people (Chiense) are the children of the cultural revolution, brought up in social conformity and sheep like behaviour, but this is ridiculous.
As are these masks. I think you'll be fine
Haha- I remember hearing about that.
still today, boat loads of Chinese people sitting on the beach in life vests
bright orange. In case a Tsunami
Imagine living your life in fear like that, in fear of other human beings, in fear of contamination
If they learned some basic hygiene practices, stopped spitting on the streets, wash their hands after shitting (trust me, i've seen the worst hygiene behaviours over there) - that would go a LONG way in preventing these incidences of mutated viruses
And stop eating bats, hehe
I'll be in Japan for a month in a couple of weeks, and i will NOT be wearing these masks. I will. however, be carrying around some anti-bacterial kleenez tissues in my pockets and iso-propyl hand sanitizer ๐Ÿ™‚
Having said that - those 3M masks with proper filtration - the levels of polllution you see in Bangkok, Beijing, etc., preventing lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses - yes, for the pollution, wear the masks, the 3M ones with proper filteration
People who wear these masks but don't wash their hands after going to the toilet or before eating dinner, need to be sat down and talked to.
I agree.
I'm off to Hong Kong next week and everyone is like OMG WEAR A F MASK!
And then Japan.
fqykksh My last visit to China, it was a long time ago, it was shocking how many people i saw, just spitting on busses and traines. Like coughing up big gobs of phlegm and spitting on the floor.. and then they wear masks,, like priorities???
The conditions of those factory farms in Wuhan, eugh! How can you eat like that?? And masks are your priortiy
Seriously though, and forgive me for going on about this, these masks, if it's that important to you. Why not just tear off a bit of cloth, thread some rubber bands around it, and strap it to your face? Do as much good ๐Ÿ™‚
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