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Latin America Chat - Meet people when traveling in Latin America on Nomad List

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Are there any good bungee jump spots in Latam other than the one in Monteverde, CR?
Hey all! If you were going to open an office in South America which country would you do it in if the three most important things to you are 1. Saftey 2. Good place to live 3. Taxes 4. Talent

Which countries/cities would you check out?
Do you need local talents to come at your office every day or are you OK for remote ? The talents, are they developers ?
And why do you want to live in the same country than your company ?
I'd have to say probably the best places are either Chile or Uruguay. Speaking as an Uruguayan, safety is definitely an issue in the capital, but probably still better than in other bigger cities in Argentina or Paraguay. It's a great place to live, specially during the pandemic (as there was no lockdown, and the government handled it better than any other country in the region); it's also the most expensive country in the region. Taxes are ridiculously high, except for software, where there's a 100% income tax exemption , as in, you pay literally 0 taxes. Many US companies have taken notice of this and installed offices in Uruguay. I'd be more than happy to talk more about it if you're interested.
I can't share links, but if you google the medium post "Uruguay The Silicon Valley of South America" by Christian Serron , he goes into more detail on all the points you were asking about, and more.
+1 on uruguay
dbxkfmtbgr thanks for the response! We currently have an office in medellin- but more importantly would like to have a local base somewhere else as well and iโ€™m looking for other countries that could be good to do this in
Medellin has pretty annoying taxes that we pay for employees
kcoqqh thanks so much for the response! Would love to hit you up to learn more about this!
really apprecaite it man, super helpful thanks a lot
Anyone have any experiences in Asuncion, Paraguay? Thinking about a quick trip there from Medellin to see what's up.
Hey fam! I have traveled to Latin America a lot, but never nomaded there! Where are the spots? I've heard Medellin, Colombia & Tulum. Give me the deets please prayskin-tone-4
In Rio, canโ€™t recommend it enough. Itโ€™s fantastic
I've been in Tulum for the past 7 months. The nature here is very accessible (beaches and cenotes) and the town is lively enough yet still has a neighborhood feeling. If you find a place that has fiber internet, you can get a good signal for remote working, and there are a few coworking places (Digital Jungle is one). It's super easy to get around by bike since it is flat here. Most people here seem to be on some kind of spiritual/personal growth path, so if that is your goal, this is the place to be. There are many yoga studios, meditation practices, and shamans/energy workers. The only downside is rent is ever increasing, and food is also pricier.
I've also lived in Medellin for 6 months and loved it there. Provenza and El Poblado are especially walkable, and the nature all around the city is beautiful. Groceries and food was cheap (this was a year ago) then, and I was able to hire a tutor for Spanish cheaply as well. Gyms and labor based services (massage, cooking, cleaning) are cheap. The main downside is that there isn't as much free things to do as there is in Tulum, since the city is landlocked.
hwraaa how's the internet in Rio?
If you find a good spot it's top class, you just really have to push to get them to test it for you. My current place hits 220mb/s but others I've been in get like 5 intermittently
awesome, thanks for the tip.
orwkcadkzztk awesome! Thank you so much for this lovely overview, so, so helpful! I love nature and I have heard the cenotes are awesome! How is it there with covid? Colombia is DEFINITELY on my list too โค๏ธ
Even with the lockdown?
Hi All, my wife and I will be spending a month in Guatemala, how confident should I be about being able to be on Zoom calls?
kamsyycn Masks are required while shopping and in some restaurants when you are not at your table. Otherwise, things are chill here. There is no curfew and no other COVID-related restrictions. Most of the population in the expat areas are young and healthy, since the town draws in yogis and influencers, so people don't seem so concerned. The vaccine is released to seniors, but not to the general population yet.
Local Mexicans and Mayan people are more cautious, from what I've observed, and wear masks while walking and biking in the street. I wear masks in taxis and buses as well, out of respect for the drivers and other passengers, but this isn't required.
Thank you for the info, I appreciate it!
I was thinking of heading there next too but has the same worry
I regularly speak with a friend who lives there and there's never been issues (Guatemala City)
good to know!
couldn't find a central america channel for this anyone tried dn'ing from belize?
When I was in Mexico I met people from belize who were going there, but at least at that time (April), no one else was getting in
i was checking the restrictions and they're pretty soft, i mean, it's not diff. to get it
Hi, are any of you in El Salvador? I'm wanting to travel within the next month and am looking for a safe area to rent an airbnb.
I was considering it but didnโ€™t know the wifi situation
Anyone in Cuba?
I was there last year, internet situation is pretty terrible! Amazing place to visit though
What's it like getting in and out with COVID?
I left just as it was all kicking off so not too sure
Where, besides Mexico and CR, is relatively accessible for US residents right now?
kayak. com/travel-restrictions

according to this website most of South America is open as long as you do a PCR test before traveling
My plans changed, but I was on my way from CR to Panama, and it looked like it was going to be easy
This website is awesome, thanks!
With a PCR test, you can get into pretty much anywhere in Central America. Colombia is loosening a lot their restrictions, as well.
In bigger cities you'll be OK. If you're visiting beach towns or remote places, it's more questionable. I did Zoom calls fine in Guatemala City and Antigua.
We've had a lot of success as a US company hiring full-time contractors in Mexico. Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara seem to produce the best developer candidates for us.
Make sure to check curfews as well. Mexico currently doesn't have any except maybe Cancun. Panama has various curfews depending on the city.
Anyone in Columbia right now?
lwgdjxjn curfews now in Panama, are in some regions, at night ( 11pm - 4am ) and between saturday night to monday morning. So sunday is blocked. Panama city does NOT have this. Bocas del Toro also NOT.
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