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Latin America Chat - Meet people when traveling in Latin America on Nomad List

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and i forgot to talk about Selinas U028MH33H9U... well you know what we do when we detect very young travelers ( nomads ) that are more in the party-fun mode than in a remote working balanced life style? we send them to Selina. ( and we send quite a few of them. Sadly we dont get any reward from Selina :joy:)
Just in case somebody is wondering, the friendly nations visa is changing in a couple of days and so getting a permanent residency is not going to be that easy
Good to know! Thanks to both of you for great insights raised_handsskin-tone-4
I can't believe. Just when I think I can go for it, the rules change!!
It is true..the friendly nations visa like it was has the days count. But there is a new digital nomad can consider to apply to that if you want to stay longer than 3 months, but doing visa runs to costa rica or colombia is something normal anyway.
Wondering if there’s a channel for Caribbean island nations. I’ve seen channels for some of them (e.g., Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica), but thought it might be better to have a general channel for that region. I feel like this channel is the closest to that, but not all of the islands are part of Latin America. I don’t see a general channel for posing questions like this either.
Lived in Panama for 14 months. For the most part everything was covered above but as far as the city, there's a lot going on. Especially when talking to different business people and as an investor who speaks spanish there's a lot of deals being done in the city. And yes if you're looking for a place to hide money I know quite a few who can help. Wifi is awesome in the city but not so much outside of it. I went to Bocas once and never again. Prefer Boquete but the wifi is not as good.
qpvtldpm carib will be part of LA channel/region until it becomes more popular to get its own
Ok...fair enough. I might be heading to Barbados later this year if things aren't too restrictive by that point crossed_fingersskin-tone-4 So thought I'd post about that island if and when that happens 🇧🇧
when were you in Bocas UE13897QV? long time ago?
I was in Panama from Nov 2018 to Mar 2020. I went to Bocas for 3 weeks
So you were in Bocas when all the "massive" tourism was there. I heard a lot of stories. And checking the hostel, hotels infrastructure and mindset i can imagine what you experienced. Hopefully it was not that painfull.
I am in Costa Rica, wide open but they just increased national taxes by 10% which pretty much forgoes the benefit of their new Nomad visa.
Anyone else in Costa Rica?
Cartagena, Colombia is FIRE 🔥 Cheap as hell, nice people everywhere, beautiful place
agreed - underrated location, colombia in general, underrated!!
In Medellin in 2 weeks, I hope it's as great as you guys say 😄
I like what you're saying!! Is it too sweltering hot and humid now?
U023H1Y5XKMHow is the location with Corona?
Chill. Masks everywhere but you take them off the moment you’re seated. Not a hassle at all. Everything is fully open
Never been to Cartagena, but will check out next trip. My friends and I visited Colombia a couple years ago. Loved Medellin…had a good time in Bogota…and visited Santa Marta, which we enjoyed as well.
Hey guys! I'm thinking of planning a trip to Peru for Oct - Jan. I'm looking into best surf spots, wifi conditions in different towns for working remotely, and covid restrictions. If anyone has any info or has been, I'd love to connect! ❤️
Interested too
also interested
xymwrypk I'm from Costa Rica, currently living in Turrialba. Let me know if you need help with anything while you are here
I'll be in Bogota (August 24–30), Cartagena (August 31 – September 2) and Medellin (September 3–10). Any other nomads around during those times?
Hi Miguel. Where might you suggest learning more about nomad life there?
I’m in Cali, Colombia. I might make a trip to Medellin after but I’ll probably miss those dates fpaluquq
I’m in Medellin til the end of sept so also down to meet up!
Hey there! I am travelling to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica tomorrow. I will stay there for two weeks. Someone around there? :)
I too am looking to visit Bocas and had a call with an attorney there last week who helps with residency and property sales. Boquetes sounds great too ⛰
Well..i dont know what to say now. Imagine that we are back in spain after a very bad experience with property owners of the coliving place we started in june. We lost everything.
#costa-rica might be your best bet 🙂
Ouh, that’s a hint! 🙂 I am new here. Thanks for pointing me to that channel!
No problem!
So sorry to hear that wcncsoqcg I think that’s one big concern I have with either doing business overseas or renting/owning property — dealing with shadiness, then getting burned. It’s tough to relocate somewhere you don’t really know anyone, and finding people that you trust. Joining communities like NomadList and CS helps to some degree, but you’ll inevitably have to find others outside of those networks for other needs.
We trusted in people we shouldnt.. the most funny part is that they continue with business..but now fully working with all the reparations, payments of debts they have from water and elctricity from months,etc,etc.. we paid..restarted the business, attract the clients..also to their other place ...and then bum.. you are out of the equation
Is there any problem with traveling to Colombia from Ecuador?
How’s Medellin looking? 🤔
try this

Hey guys! Does anyone know of a good country in Latina America to visit right now that doesn't have crazy restrictions going on internally? I'm in Mexico currently but still have a few countries in Latin America on my list such as Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize. I was leaning towards Peru for the next few months but heard that it was really restrictive internally a few months ago. Any advice would help just looking to see a new country!
I would recommend avoiding Honduras in the upcoming months. There’s elections coming in November and the last 2 have been chaos.
Very good to know, last time I flew into Ecuador it was the night before their elections and had no idea. Luckily it turned out fine - but I will definitely keep that in mind for planning appreciate that.
In Bélize there is a curfew at 9pm
And 250 usd ticket if you don’t have your mask properly set over your nose / mouth
Also very good to know. I tend to try to avoid places with early curfews if possible.
I'm planning to go to Guatemala in December for 3 months so hoping everything there is smooth.
Looks fine. Everything is open.
I was just in Guatemala a few weeks ago it wasn't too bad there. Just wear masks on the streets and in restaurants, they stopped serving alcohol at 6pm throughout the country but they stopped that after a few weeks of being there. I think they may still have some curfews in place for restuarants and bars at like 10pm or 11pm depending on the town
It was still a lot of fun even with the restrictions when I was there though
Thanks. Yeah I'm usually in bed by 10pm anyway since I wake up at 5am. I can only do happy hour at my age now. 😂
Honestly same I low key prefer the 10pm curfews so I have an excuse to go to bed 😂 Enjoy!
Some good, chill, beach areas in Panama? Will be working remotely so prefer some reasonable internet also. Any suggestions?
Do you know if Perú is still really restrictive? I'm planning on going there next month
Thank youraised_handsskin-tone-3
I have been in Peru for about 2 months already and absolutely love it. Sure, there are some stricter restrictions like needing two masks to go into a grocery store/malls/cinema, needing a mask while in a gym or exercising outside, etc. but overall, everything is open and the place is amazing. No curfew as far as I know.

If you are comparing it to Mexico, then you might be disappointed. It's more restrictive here for sure. Still great in my opinion.
That's great kreyeivr thanks a lot! If it's just the mask, then it's fine, I'll survive (not sure for the gym, but I'll home exercise then). I can't wait to be there!!
Hola amigos! Looking for recommendations of your favorite co-living places in Latin America -- any in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Colombia that you loved??
Not Selina 😂
Co.404 in San Cristobal (Mexico)
Umaya in Placencia (Belize)
Impact Hub in Antigua Guatemala (coworking space only, you can book a place on the side)
Defffff not Selina!!
Wow iyeocmzoiuxa & iolkgefrmdie would love to hear more about why not Selena! Thanks so much for sharing! This is really good to know lol
dvashxbbjpmd thanks so much for these recs!!! Can't wait to check them out!!
Selina is growing too fast, for me it’s an expensive party hostel.

They lock you in with their monthly coliving package, since you paid for a month and you’re moving somewhere you tend to stay in Selina, because you don’t want to loose money, and it continues forever.

It’s super expensive, 1080$ for a private room with shared kitchen, is nonsense in Mexico.

Coworking space is overbooked. They sell daily pass to people, because they make more money on that. You need to be there super early to get a sit (if you can even go in).
For example, in Puerto Escondido I booked 3 weeks in advance to make sure I’ll have a sit in the coworking space. The day I arrived there, they told me it’s overbooked and there is 1 month of waiting list (from people out of coliving package, just external).
In Isla Mujeres, better be in the coworking space before 7:30 am, either way it’s full on people, or bags of people that went to yoga are reserved the sit for later :)

Kitchen, there is no equipment fridges are not working, it’s dirty af. In Cancun there is fork, no knife, no pan. In Isla Mujeres there is 1 fridge for 60 people. In Oaxaca there is no kitchen at all.

Excursions, overprice, almost 40% more expensive than next door.

There is no community events, mo one to take care of colivers or anything. Just an hostel, branded as a coliving :sweat_smile:

I understand why people go to Selina, on paper it looks great, you meet people, you feel like you will have correct wifi, a place to work. It feels safe for a nomad. And when you stay in there you feel like it’s normal.

But the day you move out of the “Selina sect” you realise how bad it was 😂
evmumamxxatj thanks so much for taking the time to write all this I just got to Selina in Sayulita and got the colive package for 1 month (also going to CDMX) -- this is definitely accurate with everything I've seen/experienced so far. The kitchen is pretty nice here but the rooms are really poorly lit, terrible wifi in my room, not really any community space or events, super expensive for what it is, and definitely not enough room in the coworking space...or even outlets. Probably will not do the Selina thing again hahahhaa. Thanks again!!!
I agree with everything said above. It's much more of a party hostel than a coworking space. Even on work days there was loud music at all times of the day. In Playa especially, I found the kitchen was dirty, utilities were almost constantly broken and while there was usually space in the coworking area, the Wifi elsewhere stunk. In Isla, the Wifi never worked anywhere and had the exact same experience as eokqvclwlqft I could never find a place to sit. Will never stay at another selina if I can avoid it
cqmchraqmdgp thanks for adding this! Jajaja lesson learned -- no more Selina for me lolll
giuztigeyxvs have you found any colivings you like better in Latin America?
I had a good experience with Outsite in Bali but haven't been to any of the other locations
I will say, not a coworking space, but I had a coworking space in Costa Rica I really enjoyed. Locoworking in Samara. They do offer to help find accomodations just a short walk away, but its a very small town so you could have no place finding anything. People there are social and very dependable Wifi.
jdqxptnkxmws thanks! I love social nomad communities with good wifi 🙂
About Selina, I went there in Bogotá and it was quite good actually (OK, maybe because it was 90% empty and that I got a room upgrade :joy:) . A lot of space in the Coworking space, no need to book in advance, clean, nice, very good Wi-Fi, cool people, good kitchen with everything I needed etc...
• I've only used the Coworking space in Medellín, but same it was good!
• I passed by for a party (here we go :joy:) in San Jose - Costa Rica. It was great for me / I guess not so great for the nomads working night shifts.
The big big terrible point for me is the price. You can get much better in term of community/activities and get the same location/services for way less money. They exaggerate a lot on prices. When I was in CR, the guys who were working there told me that they almost tripled the prices from one month to another during covid, because they saw that people were coming. And prices never ceased to increase since...
krirjnsn thanks for this! Yeah I totally agree, the prices are a lottt for what you get. Glad to hear you had a good experience though! A room upgrade is always nice hehe 🙂 Were there any other coliving/working places you came across you've liked?
Thx for sharing about Selina, I’d been curious myself but kept thinking it might be too party-focused to be a viable workspace, esp for the price. Your reviews are very helpful. I do like their business idea though, a network of connected spaces worldwide would be great if the other bits weren’t such a disappointment.
Anyone knows of any cool co-loving nomad spaces in Columbia? Or the best places to go?
I’ve been in Huanchaco for 2 weeks now, Internet is really fast and reliable and the surf is super fun, especially if you like lefts
Hey! Any recommendation for Honduras ?
I wanted to go to Utila but dunno if it’s nice for nomads
Was considering utila for doing my padi certification
lyruzaqs not really unfortunately! I never was so much into coliving, but I do want to try the ones people talked about in Mexico.
I heard that it’s super cheap there, but dunno about accommodations and coworking
Yeah keen to hear about that too
hi ismkqjlcygh - I’ve signed up recently and can’t reply to DMs for 7 days but feel free to post any questions here - I’m really enjoying the surfing here in Huanchaco but it’s not for everybody, definitely no high performance waves and more of a beginner / intermediate spot from what I’ve seen so far
Ah ok! No worries. Thank you in advance for any info! Sounds like that wave would be good for me as im more intermediate level. Here are some of my follow up questions:
• What do you think of the town in general?
• What are the beaches like? Are they nice/beautiful spots to chill or more just for surfing? (i have hear the beaches in peru are not all that picturesque)
• Have you made it to Chicama yet?
You mean Colombia?
Bocas del toro for sure. The Selina on the mainland there has good wifi and same with Selina Red Frogs as well which is a quick 10 minute boat ride from the mainland Selina. I thought Red Frogs was more fun
Hi guys! I couldn’t find a Haiti nor a Carribean channel so I figured I’d post in here. Seeing if anyone has had any recent experience in Haiti, any tips for a digital nomad / spots with the best wifi?
The town is a little shoddy looking but I haven’t travelled in South America before so I’m not sure how it compares with other countries. There are lots of tourist cafes and it’s busy with folks from Trujillo on weekends but quiet during the week. The people are very warm and welcoming, though speaking Spanish would be a big plus.
The beaches are not beautiful (I’m a little spoiled coming from Ireland, Australia and Bali), there is a little sand but they are ‘town’ beaches beside a busy/noisy road and cafes, entrance to the surf is mostly over a rocky bottom, I haven’t encountered anything sharp yet but it does take a while to get into the water at low tide. For the first 8 days I was here the surf was quite big, consistently 6ft+ of swell with overhead to double overhead wave faces, the point breaks were really fun but the currents made it too hard to catch more than two or three waves in a session. For the last few days it’s been a lot smaller with mostly shoulder high waves on the points, no real currents and it’s been really fun, it’s been surfable on all tides, even when it’s windy it’s mostly crossshore and surfable. The best part is the crowds, the locals seem to mostly surf after 4:00PM, up to then you can surf all by yourself or with 2 to 3 people at most. The locals are very friendly in the water, the friendliest I’ve encountered outside Ireland which is a big plus for me.
There is a swell coming this weekend so hopefully I will get there Saturday or Sunday, I’m super excited at the prospect of surfing it, it’s going to be a little expensive because I’m told without a boat it’s hard to get more than 1 wave in an hour, I’ll share photos / video next week hopefully!!
This is the beach where the good lefts are, they break along a 1km stretch of beach along the main road on the south side of town
Don't know anything about Haiti but just wanted to say nice job snagging that domain name for your personal site haha
Hi kozxnogklvpqld yes, I mean Colombia indead. Cartagena. 😄
azxaxaeb ahh gotcha. Curious which ones you heard about?
I've only been to the Selina spaces in Bogotá (Parque de la 93) and in Medellín. Both good spots...but I preferred the one in Bogotá because it was a bit smaller and more chill. I've never been to Cartagena.
It wasn’t cheap but has a good amount of search volume so it should pay off haha
`````````When I look at the Google reviews I see 4,3 score from 1095 people for Selina Cartagena...this looks ok or are there big differences between the locations? Does anyone has a great tip for Cartagena?
I think each Selina location is unique...I've also stayed at their hostel in Lisbon -- more people, so more activity. In some places, they have the reputation of being a party hostel for the younger crowd...I suppose you can be a part of that if that's what you want out of your experience. I was more interested in the coworking aspect since I was traveling and working in Colombia. I think it's good for community and events if you're seeking that.
So sorry for my delay in response! Thank you so much for sending all of these videos and this info! Amazingly helpful. I'm glad to hear the surf has been fun but bummer that the beach and town aren't all that nice. That's what I've heard about many beach towns in Peru. I have just a couple more questions if that's cool!
• I'm curious where else you have visited in the country?
• Have you made it to Chicama yet or heard anything about it from the people you've met there? That is a beach near you now with the longest left in the world. I've always wanted to visit and am curious if the beach there might be a little nicer than the others in Peru
Thank you again so much!
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