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Medellin Chat - Meet people when traveling in Medellin on Nomad List

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How long do you think you’ll be there?
I haven't gone yet. But will probably be there the whole afternoon
Cool, I’m down to go work from there. About to start some laundry and I can head over afterwards.
On my way
Sweet am walking to the place now as well.
Hello mlmryez There's a language Interchange in Laureles tonight starting at 7. I went last week and we all had a great time.
Be there 1.5 weeks. If you’re still there would love to join!
I'm actually leaving for the US tomorrow, but I'll be back in a month or two. If you check Meetup, they have listings for the language exchanges.
Thanks for this info
Hey Nomads! Who's in Medellin these days?
i'm around for another 3ish weeks or so
Hello everyone,
I am planning to do Medellin for a month starting the second week of March. Does anyone have any suggestions (or connections) on where to stay?
hybtnaqukotutng What kind of living situation do you prefer?
I generally either book Airbnbs or stay in co-living type situations where I have my own private room.
Interesting advice from another channel for Airbnb just ask the hosts for a discount before booking it. Might be useful if you go the Airbnb route. Never thought of that before.
I live in an Airbnb in el Poblado atm. Would recommend that area and personally I'm very happy with the location of the flat
I've starred some listings in the same area, I think. Near Parque Lleras. I'll probably book one tomorrow!
If you book an airbnb a month or more at a time you usually get anywhere from a 10-50% discount. The booking cannot be cancelled though. I’ve had great luck going this route and usually get good deals.
I’ve been trying to decide the next place to go post up for 2-3 months. I’ve been to Medellin but didn’t spend a lot of time there. How do you guys like it? I thrive off “community” style feels with friends and easy access to nature. I’d also like to meet more nomads (just joined Nomad List 🙂 ) and so would look to work out of coworking spaces.
I personally haven’t been before but have heard great things so really looking forward to being there for a while.
Definitely seems to be a hub
Yep. Just trying to figure the apartment situation out so I have nothing to worry about!
When are you going?
Probably the 18th of March for at least a month.
You might want to speak with Diego Mesa () who runs Oasis in Laureles.
If you want to meet other nomads and working out of cooking spaces then Medellin is a solid pick!
Hey guys, is anyone flying down to Medellin from the US sometime in the next few months? I have a couple small things that need to be brought down. Thanks!
I personally like the Estadio-Laureles part of Medellín and always use La Casa Redonda as my coworking home.
Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone is in Medellin currently or over the next month I would love to meet up! I’m currently solo but my business partner is flying in early this week and my girlfriend in a few weeks. If anyone wants to grab drinks or coffee today or anytime within the next few weeks let me know.
Also first time in Medellin and staying in Laureles but game to meet up anywhere and explore the city.
anyone to hangout tonight ? 🍺
Just woke up from a solid nap. I’d be game!
sorry , I've seen this til now !
Does anyone know of a coffee shop in or near Laureles that doesn't have a limit on wifi time?

Been to two coffee shops and they all cut your wifi usage after 2 hours and I don't need 4 coffees in one day lol
have you tried revolucion?
they have 2 spots, the one close to Laureles Mall seems a bit quieter, they also have a back garden
I have not but if they don't throttle my wifi it will 100% be my next stop! Thank you :)
I normally work from home, but when I was there I haven’t experienced throttling. It didn’t appear that they would mind anyone sitting there longer
jjqjjoutfopc Café Revolución doesn’t throttle their WiFi and they also have outlets in case you need power. It’s my go to place after La Casa Redonda.
+1 for Café Revolución
Does Cliche have wifi limits?
So Semilla _does_ have a limit on wifi, but it’s 4 hours which is pretty nice and a good alternative option - their wifi is crazy fast and I love their space
I have heard good things about Semilla as well. Will definitely check out when I venture over there.
Café Revolución will definitely be my stop tomorrow, thanks everyone! 🙂
While everyone’s suggesting cafes, any near El Poblado that are good to work from?
Hello everyone! I arrived to Medellin last Saturday (well, I'm staying in Bello tho), hope we can hangout anytime soon!
Cafe Velvet and Pergamino are two great cafes to work from that’s in El Poblado
There are actually 2 pergaminos - just came by one of them which was even nicer a bit more in the north.
sounds cool, I’ll see if I can join
which style are you learning? colombian?
We are also having a dance lesson at home right now - our teacher asked whether there is a cover fee for that evening + told us that this Style calena is a very hard style
ojosef On1 and On2. Figured that would be the most versatile or at least most useful for myself being from Miami, US.
I have no idea about if there’s a cover or not. Also didn’t know that this was a different style!
I guess I’ll wing it and try my best.
wow, I’m impressed
can you keep up learning on1 and on2 in the same time without issues with timing?
how long have you been learning?
I’d expect more Cuban in Miami
bbqzbl There’s also something called Miami style but figured that would be too niche. Whereas at least in the US On1 and On2 are the standards all around.

Unfortunately not at the same time… I’m not that good yet. Starting with On1 and then once that’s down good enough moving into On2. Just a week and half right now at an hour a day.
Are you doing some lessons or already know a bit of Salsa? If so which style?
I’m doing lessons here, started with colombian about a month ago, and added on1 2 weeks later, now learning it parallel, but from the same teacher
That’s awesome. After doing a bit more research, I might want to do Colombian or Cuban next instead of On2. On2 seems a little slow and less fun.
the biggest challenge with on2 is that you step on a different beat, which makes you off the rhythm super easily
the others seem to have enough overlap to do in the same time
to practice Cuban, Son Havana offers a free basic class on Wednesdays, and then a lot of people actually dance Cuban there
and Colombian, practically everywhere
I’m planning to go to Son Havana wednesdays going forward, as it’s just a couple blocks from my place
Ahhhh that’s awesome! When on Wednesdays?
open class is at 8pm
for about an hour, and then the locals start showing up slowly around 9-10-ish
Awesome! Maybe see you there one of these weeks!
Does anybody here have a great Spanish teacher to go from very little Spanish to conversational as fast as possible?
I looooved Colombia Immersion school in Laureles/Estadio. They’re primarily small group classes but also have 1 on 1 conversation practice.
I learned more in a month there than all 4 years of high school spanish
Any particular teachers?
I've been at Baselang for the past month. In Laureles. I recommend it. Really learned a lot.
I will be back Sunday
I just signed up for TOTAL Spanish has anyone taken classes with them before?
Great! All game to meet up for coffee throughout the week or some drinks next weekend if you’d like?
Tbh they were all top notch and I think I really benefitted from switching as I moved up in levels every 2 weeks
Sounds good - did you have any language lessons in other languages before?
gkhyowmfvhntjvp just arrived in ⛰ #medellin #colombia
Sorry was busy but am finally back. What are you in?
yzfsxwzyiguyf Me and 2 friends are in Laureles. But game to Uber/Didi anywhere at nights or weekends. One friend will be living in El Pablado this weekend as well.
yqaosmejkcyjgbs just arrived in ⛰ #medellin #colombia
gnjjqqcplhnsd just arrived in ⛰ #medellin #colombia
gfgwixsdbyefwgc just arrived in ⛰ #medellin #colombia
How’s everyone holding up here?
I think in general things are super chill, most of the people I know who stayed are already setting up for longer stays
what I don’t understand is that with all these lockdowns how is the AQI up to 150, it’s starting to be like Chiang Mai burning season levels
how are you doing, are you planning on staying longer as well?
I am, I just applied for an extension of my tourist visa. I’ve been here since January 25th, so technically my 90th day is April 24th and I feel like I should probably stay a little bit longer to wait things out.
Thanks for the extension link UMLDF0PML! Mine is expiring on the 18th so will very likely need it. So far all is good here, I’m lucky to have a flat with a balcony to get some form of outside entertainment
Very nice… all prepared for the lockdown
I can't believe the pollution is still so bad here, even without all the traffic. Making it hard to stay active
Looks like it’s clearing up a bit in Medellín now, or is it still bad? (I’m out of town)
it’s the same, has been the whole week
Wow, that’s crazy. Must be industry mostly then, but they also say it’s sand from Sahara blending into the mix during this time every year. The fine dust from across the ocean comes with jet streams and end up deep in Amazonas and elsewhere where it actually nourishes the plants and trees with minerals (!).
I also heard that this time of the year the winds get a bit slower, and since Medellín is in a valley, the pollution just cannot leave that easily
That is true. It's a mix of various circumstances that meet in a perfect clinch around February-April and sometimes in September-October. Colder air from the mountain traps the warm air in the valley by pushing down from above, and if there's no wind it gets ugly. And if there's sand in the mix, it gets extra ugly.
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