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Medellin Chat - Meet people when traveling in Medellin on Nomad List

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A small donation of $10 would go a long way to feeding these children (who have been victims of armed conflict in Colombia, and suffer from food scarcity and malnutrition).
Nice. Sounds like a real grassroots effort instead of the more common NGO money sink.
tlymcyvurt I get there on Jan 4
โ€œparty like a fking rockstarโ€ - seriously? ๐Ÿคฎ
I get there 31dec, ready for NYE at Selina if anybody wants to go!
Hello Fellow Nomads. I'm looking to visit Medellin starting sometime after the second half of January. I've be scouring through AirBNB and it seems like alot of places in/near El Poblado are already book (high season maybe?). Any recommendations or pointers of where else I should be looking (maybe Laureles, but I really want a balcony with a nice view of the city/mountains)?
You might consider Envigado too
Thanks UEK154457. I've heard Envigado is good too. Any particular areas of interest there?
Personally, I stayed in Laureles for my whole time in Medellin. I just know a lot of expats go there as an alternative to Poblado/Laureles, and it was pleasant the few times I went out there
therre are a few taller buildings in laureles
it really is the most liveable barrio, imo
iโ€™d never consider living in poblado personally
+1 for Laureles
Cool Thanks uubnfrrdifxec hxyyfwgdgex qkwhwpepej for your input. I'm going to update my AirBNB search to focus on Laureles.
If you're a coworking type of person, check out Casa Redonda. I really liked it there
Currently writing to you from there ๐Ÿ˜‰
lovely space, great community
made some lifelong friends here
Me too ๐Ÿ™‚
Where are you sitting?
I'm not there now... I was a few years ago. I sat downstairs by the front door though ๐Ÿ˜›
Ahhh cool
Mariah says hi
lol say hi to her for me
Cool. I take it being in the general vicinity of Casa Redonda would be a good spot for finding an Airbnb.
On a different note, anyone know if (with a US passport) you can book a one way flight to Medellin, Colombia? I'm planning on spending about 3 months there to start and I'm not exactly sure where my next destination will be.
I get there on Jan 4th and donโ€™t have an outbound flight. Can let you know then if itโ€™s not too late
I'd be curious to know you're experience. How long are you planning on staying in Medellin?
Not sure exactly, my Airbnb is until the 20th
Cool. I'm shooting to arrive around the 18th. Perhaps if you're still around we can meet and hit the spots.
Sounds good!
ksuqcz you need an outbound ticket. Just get one you can cancel
Thanks evrcnropgv for confirming. As I was looking for flights, I noticed jetblue had a slightly more expensive ticket that allowed you to cancel/change it (i figured I'd pay for the upgrade for the return flight )
alscrf US passport holder here. I arrived in Medellin by way of Bogota 2 weeks ago and they didnโ€™t ask me a single question at immigration. I booked a refundable flight just in case, but cancelled it once I got here.
Thanks for the feedback. Seems like getting a refundable flight is the trick. ๐Ÿ‘
How long are you planning on being in Medellin?
I have a Delta AMEX for this reason so itโ€™s on credit and cancelled before interest is charged; basically a free loan.
I will be here for 90 days then apply for the additional 90 days visa extension. If you want to grab coffee when you get here let me know!
Sounds good. I'm planning on doing the same thing. I'm still booking my trip there, but I'm shooting to be there around Jan 18.
bwvizutuznpjmbcpw Wait, I do also have the Delta AMEX, need to how to use it better lol
i'm also searching between Poblado and Laureles, prices are high or it's fully booked!
where's everyone working from?
I typically work from home. It was just mentioned to me that casa redonda is a good cowork place. I was looking at poblado, but I'm looking at laureles now. Haven't book quite yet, but need to.
cbvylsn and I are in Poblado in 2 days
I'm normally am able to check-in online as I just have carry on but just got asked to visit front desk before check-in ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Looks like they'll want to talk to me about onward travel out of Medellin. what fake/refundable ticket sites do you guys use?
When I was looking at flights a few days ago, it seemed JetBlue had a pretty decent deal on their top level ticket (something like blue+) that allows for cancelations and changes. It seemed it wasn't much more than about $50 than their base ticket that didnt' have the ability to cancel.
I use bestonwardticket.com|https://bestonwardticket.com because their tickets are good for 48 hours, which can make difference if your flights are changed, late, or cancelled.
It is never necessary to use a fake/refundable ticket site. All flights in and out of the US are required by law to be refundable for 24 hours after booking. Just book a ticket to the US before boarding your flight and then cancel on arrival
Sometimes airlines will make you jump through some hoops to get the refund (e.g., they'll try to get you to take airline credit and won't give you a chargeback unless you specifically ask for it on the phone and cite the 24-hour rule), but it is always possible
Painless process with Expedia.com|Expedia.com, you can administer everything online. Pretty satisfied with their interface, hadnโ€™t tried them before.
Yea never ended up needing an exit ticket
Do you not need a print out when going through customs?
Like, if they want an exit ticket.
no, only with the email confirmation. but again, most of the time they don't ask
I have so much travel anxiety, I just have this scenario in my head where they ask for the ticket and see I purchased it within the last 24 hours and they call me out on it. Iโ€™ll be going Toronto > Buenos Aires in April and will try this ๐Ÿ˜›
They shouldnโ€™t be able to figure out when you purchased it from the confirmation. I personally always buy a dummy return flight because Iโ€™ve only once not been asked to show one.
Itโ€™s probably because I have an Indian passport.
They all know about dummy exit tickets if the ticket validates there is nothing they can do about it
I have never been asked for a return ticket at immigration when entering Colombia. However, the airline usually requires it. I would always recommend traveling with a dummy or refundable ticket when flying to a foreign country. I had an incident last year where they almost didn't let me board my flight to Panama because I didn't have it.
I worked out of cafes mostly, there are a lot of good ones in Laureles and Poblado, less so in Envigado.
They certainly wonโ€™t let you board from Panama to Colombia either without a return ticket, in my recent experience. And itโ€™s always the airlinesโ€™ responsibility to check it because theyโ€™re fined if they donโ€™t comply to certain immigration rules.
I've just did Panama City to Cartagena and we didn't get asked for a return ticket, UK and MEX passport
From my experience, airlines ask for proof of return flight about 60-80% of the time when flying to Colombia.
nice, where's the stop?
is that an 8 hour layover at FLL on Spirit? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
๐Ÿ˜‚ ok good. I think I took total duration as layover time. Much better
I took the same flight here
Hello. I'm heading to Medellin this Saturday. I booked an Airbnb for a month in Laureles, and the host is asking for a photo of my passport. Is this required by Colombian law? How do you all typically deal with this? I saw some comments on the Airbnb forums that some people just provide the bare minimum like name, dob, and passport number, and then maybe show the host the passport on arrival. Any thoughts (especially about data privacy and security)?
I have never been asked for a passport from an airbnb host, but I have been asked for it by hosts I met outside of airbnb (I've stayed at a lot of apartments in Medellin). It seems pretty common practice. I would just send it to them, airbnb already knows who you are and where you are staying so you don't have much privacy to begin with.
I didnโ€™t get asked for my passport for the AirBnB in Laureles Iโ€™m in currently. You can try offering just the basics, but if they insist itโ€™s probably fine to go ahead and send it to them.
I got asked for a copy of my passport too for my stay in Laureles. Iโ€™d say itโ€™s safe to do so
Another question; cicadzikpwtleam I also bought a single trip to Medellรญn but recently realised they might ask for an onward ticket! Do you have anything set up already? I know you can rent them, but Iโ€™m not sure how trustworthy / legal / okay that is. Then I think Expedia (US one) offers 24h cancellation service, so it might be an option to book an onward ticket there and cancel

Any experience with this from anyone, feel happy to share
if they ask for an onward ticket all you need to do is book another one, with an american carrier...jetblue or spirit and cancel it within 24 hours ๐Ÿ™‚ ill prob buy one just in case and then cancel it as well.
Well, after contacting AirBNB support, they said that I didn't have to share my passport with the host (unlike in Europe where it is required). After a few hours, my host cancelled my reservation ๐Ÿ˜ž He said that he needed my passport in order to get paid by his bank.
Iโ€™d believe that tbf. I usually donโ€™t have a problem providing passport info to hosts
we are coworking a few in Rumah Soul-up today at 2pm if you wanna meet some pals
Itโ€™s pretty common to be asked to send passport info. Think about it from their perspective, theyโ€™re hosting a stranger from another country in their private home/apartment. Iโ€™ve had to do it a few times and never had a problem with it
Anyone free to hang out for hike or anything next weekend Jan25/26? I am flying in to Medellin for the first time. Would love to hang out or hike somewhere.
Hello guys! I arrived to Medellin this week and I will be here for one month. Anyone bootstrapping their startup or into indie hacker here? would like to connect with other entrepreneurs in the area or just going for a beer with other nomads!
Hello Fellow Medellin Nomads. I just arrived to Medellin this morning. Seems there is a good number of us here. I'd love to meet up with all of you for coffee or beer and get to know you. Having a group to explore the area would be great! I'm currently staying in Laureles.
Am flying in next Saturday I can text u when u get there.
Hi seohtqzatzi and ehtmym just arrived as well, happy to go for a drink sometime! Donโ€™t have my own startup unfortunately, just your average programmer here
I'm doing the "free" tour of Comuna 13 Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm if anyone is interested. It's with World Lions tour.
It is. My understanding is that these tours are perfectly safe.
Cool. Sounds good.
I registered online and plan to meet them at Estaciรณn San Javier at 1pm. Tour starts at 1:30
Ok. I'll check it out.
Well worth it. The story is one of hope. The neighborhood has made an amazing recovery in a short time after a period of violence through a passion for art.
Happy to meetup with you guys hvuviyuvbbfjzbc US3R0ETV2! Let's go for an after office this week, around Thursday or Friday? where are you working from?
That sounds good. Probably going to work from my apartment until I find a coworking space that suits me. Where is everyone staying (I'm in Laureles)?
Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to plan to make it out there.
Sounds good to me too! Iโ€™m based in Laureles as well ๐Ÿ™‚
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