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In that general area, I've heard great things about Merida, but I can't comment on toddler-friendliness or cuisine diversity.

The Pacific Coast has chill beach towns, but again the internet speed and reliability is often an issue.
Round 2 of trying to ship my thermal paste.
They're not sending it via FedEx โž•
Amazon shows it's delivered, but their tracking code shows it's en route โž–
I'm even using the most expensive shipping which is more than the product. ๐Ÿ˜ž
Is there not a computer supply shop near you?
He's looking for a specific high performance type
eztqwshwhsjk kebng The Tulum beach area (hotels and hostels) donโ€™t have cabled electricity yet, but theyโ€™re working on it so it has been a multi year mess with traffic problems and dirt etc. So itโ€™s all running on generators for now which is weird for a self proclaimed โ€œeco resortโ€ place. I guess thatโ€™s where the internet problems are. But the pueblo itself and the new residential area between the beach and the village had fast and stable internet when I was there last year. No electricity outages either.
The main problem with Tulum is the tourist overload in the high season, prices triple, getting anywhere in a taxi take hours as opposed to minutes in the low season, etc. I would stay away in the high season, but October-November was great. It rains less in Tulum than further north, so if it looks grey in Cancun it could be sunny in Tulum.
I was there in February and stayed in La Valeta in a brand new condo and there were daily power outages in the whole neighbourhood. That was definitely not a one off experience either. Most nomads i met would have preferred to stay in Tulum town but had to stay in PDC for that very reason. And those that I met who were based in Tulum were using data over wifi most of the time.
FedEx update.

FedEx is not doing the final delivery, a courier is, and said courier doesn't have a credit card reader and expected that I have $7800mxn in cash just laying around the house

Of that $7800, $2800 is fees from FedEx. Mostly for their imaginary documents and handling it seems. When they could have just bought it to my fucking house with the standard important schedule and a credit card reader three weeks ago like DHL would have
It took me an hour to pay on the phone to FedEx, and I still have to go to a copy shop to get a physical copy of the receipt for the courier, because... Technology is hard ๐Ÿ˜œ
Guys. Don't use FedEx in Mexico
So, today the package was literally in my hands, as I was reading the paperwork with surprise fees, and asking the courier why he doesn't have a terminal
Sorry you had that experience, man. FedEx Express from Mexico to Mexico worked great.| had everything here in like two days as their standard shipping.

Meanwhile Iโ€™m still wrangling with Mexican Customs over my DHL package sent 4-5 weeks ago.

I suspect the lesson here may be โ€œavoid shipping internationally to Mexicoโ€.
vhadp Ok I see, I imagine it could have something to do with the work done on the power grid there right now, I think they are in the final stages of that process finally. I stayed in Aldea Zama which probably has a newer and better grid, so that may also be part of the explanation. Unfortunately I found Playa del Carmen to suck really bad, so not a good alternative to Tulum.
I didn't like PDC and much preferred Tulum also. I had no choice to turn back cause I needed to work. I'm sure it's a matter of time until that is sorted especially with all the new developments going up. But I definitely wouldn't label Tulum as having generally good access to wifi or power just yet..
Tulum is a great little town. You should check out Bacalat if you're heading that way too.
Just say "Okay Karen."
I'm of the opinion you should rent a bike cause everything is kinda spread out in Tulum. The beach is quite far and prices to sleep there were high. But in the town you can find nice restaurants, a few fun bars if they're open. Nice small town vibe.
FedEx Update:

Today the courier came and looked super skeptical at my print out of the receipt...

I had to explain to them that I paid through customer service. They seemed unamused until I asked them do you have $8000 just laying around the house?

The box was in a bag, with a metal band and numbered piece of plastic. They clearly opened the box and it was marked with some serious labeled tape
They made such a huge ordeal out of a camera, but at least I have it
rlcrqyohqwayoy In Colombia we canโ€™t really use any other services than those that are specialized in Florida-to-Colombia shipping, itโ€™s just too much hassle and/or too expensive. Like many in Medellin use. I guess you have already discussed this, are there similar specialized shippers for Mexico? Panama and Costa Rica have their own services also, seems like โ€œnobodyโ€ ever use the big international companies.
Usually theyโ€™re very affordable compared to FedEx and DHL, even compared to insured USP mail.
Pretty sure UPS does have a specific US-Mexico service
The store explicitly ignored the instructions to use DHL and used FedEx

I've had nothing but trouble with FedEx but I've shipped in many other things successfully with DHL
Yeah DHL has been raved as the best option based on the feedback from all of the "expats in Mexico" FB groups I follow
I had one (1) good experience with FedEx and that was only because they have cargo-only planes that are good for shipping animals during warm weather, but otherwise I've heard it's a nightmare
Also heard people use couriers for bringing things over across the land border and then shipping domestically, but those are generally more useful if you know someone in one of the border towns on either side
My parents have a service that receives packages in Texas and then trucks everything down to SMA once a week. They get an email when packages are at the office and then just go pick them up. Not sure if they service other cities, but the SMA expats seem to be happy with it.
I didn't have that option. A client took my address, and then just bought things from B&H to send...

And B&H Photo will only ship with DHL by request, and they inconveniently ignored that request
inqsptaxaoximkh just arrived in ๐Ÿ– Puerto Escondido, #mexico
Anything worth seeing in Veracruz and Tabasco? I know there's the sand dunes in Veracruz that I definitely want to stop by, but other than that I'm clueless.
Gonna do a road trip to Merida -> Tulum -> Chiapas -> Oaxaca, but that area is the only one I'm most unsure about.
Villahermosa seems really cool
When are you planning to do this road trip? In Canada, regional travels (i.e. road trips) are heavily frowned upon for the forseeable future since transient tourism is a vector for spreading the virus, especially to regions with less infrastructure.
Whenever it's safe to do so
jzkbfqgduwevknyq for Veracruz, thereโ€™s Coatepec and Xalapa, but my favorite place is Catemaco. The port is also interesting if youโ€™re into historic things, there you can see the old jail San Juan de Ulรบa
I like Xalapa, especially if it's not the rainy season
Tobasco is my least favorite state. It's hot, humid, and people can be rude
vnrjxoxnsqncgi oh hi! Itโ€™s really difficult to catch up with so many messages here hahaha
alcvolxfoqz Catemaco looks _beautiful_! Seems like it should be doable to go from Xalapa -> Catemaco -> Coatepec (going from CDMX to Yucatan). I've got those noted for my road trip, thank you!

<@U04BRT3UC> I love humidity ๐Ÿคฃ when you say people can be rude, is that in general, or specifically towards those that are tourists?

I'm hoping to do one-month Airbnb stays in major areas to get to know the area/culture a bit better and obviously take advantage of the monthly discounts. It's looking like Tabasco may be one of those places that we'll just do a drive through within a couple of days.
I just noted in general people weren't as nice, and in general just not as polite as other parts of Mexico
Thanks for the tip!!
Anyone here In/at/near/ Mexico city?
Got here from the states, after living in Europe for a while. Polanco Area, and Lease is up soon. Looking to find another place here in Polanco (if anyone knows somewhere in Polanco with good prices let me know) its pretty pricey here comparitively. Or I may head to another country altogether.. Any info would be helpful. My spanish is not as 'legit' as it once was...
Are other colonias a possibility?
where were you thinking.
I like the security in polanco, Deliveries show up from fedex etc on time. I would consider something similar-
fxheiqfkejlglwgy apologies, not sure about how things work, It may be best if you had some great info to also DM me so I dont miss the message! thanks a lot.
yroatlloom you should definitely check out Condesa and Roma - they're not as upscale as Polanco but they're really good areas to live in. I've never had issues re shipping in this area
I have been there, they seem ok. My issue now is everything that was supposed to re open tomorrow is staying closed now, I just called four seasons they said even their gym and sauna is shut down indefinitely. No date to re open in sight. nmsiqkaxlffbeitu Do you know of any gyms that are opened here in the city? I am googling and calling one at a time. NO luck. My apartment building has a gym and it is closed also. It is miserable. I dont think I can live another month without a gym... Any recommendations would be helpful.
Not that I know of. Iโ€™ve been staying confined within my apartment so Iโ€™m unsure what all is open. I do think there are some parks that have workout equipment where you leverage body weight for workouts, but Iโ€™m unsure if those parks are open
I've been relying on a TRX suspension trainer and physically distanced walks.

Alternately, you can make your own weights out of all kinds of stuff that is readily available in hardware and grocery stores.
And several folks I know have "splurged" on Pelotons
I would honestly consider getting a peloton if I had any idea how to get one shipped to me in mexico
well, not a peloton
but an exercise bike of some sort
How do you like the TRX setup?

Iโ€™ve got some Monkii bars stuck in Mexican customs. Looking forward to adding some variety to my routine.
I have to hang it from a door, but it's been helping keep my core from completely going to hell (which it was 6 months ago).

The legwork helped get me up the side of a volcano a couple months ago as well!
A bike plus the Peloton app would work well.
I've been using the peloton app for the body weight workouts
........ except I've been slacking off for the last week oops
I am legitimately reviewing the possibility of dhl getting a treadmill desk to me in MX
bvvkzumhb just arrived in ๐ŸŒฏ Mexico City, #mexico
deufvwscn where abouts are you? did you fly in? how was the airport and flight situations upon entry? where from? did they try any quarintine?
I've heard rumblings that for a limited time the INM is allowing people to apply for a new FMM without leaving the country because of the pandemic and difficulties getting home, but it seems like everybody has heard something slightly different and I can't find any official mention of this...does anybody here have any info?
I would love to know that too
Is INM open?
Quick search in Facebook groups make me believe that there is a special process in place for this (unsure if established specifically for COVID). It involves your expired FMM, a fee, and an interview.
Probably would have to go to the information desk at the INM for additional details given the rate of how infrequently they update their website
I asked a friend who works at an immigration office to keep an eye on it. I don't think anything is officially announced
thanks both of you, I've seen some stuff on FB too but am really hoping to get a more concrete answer or some details so I know what expect when mine comes up in like a month
Hey guys! My US esta expires soon and Iโ€™m thinking of heading to the Mexico west coast, potentially Puerto Escondido or Sayulita. Is anyone currently staying out there or have any info on how feasible it is to stay there currently with the quarantine in place?
FYI you're supposed to exit North America when your ESTA expires, although I don't know if they check
but with US immigration it's better to err on the side of caution
I believe thatโ€™s only if I want to return to the USA afterwards, the plan would be to head elsewhere after Mexico
Thanks though
vbwafqiykabq I am literally navigating that exact issue now. I have a few weeks left. A friend I know, in february, went to Vegas for two weeks and came back. That was before worldwide lockdown. Another friend (columbian) went to immigration and they told him they would let him stay due to COVID< that was Monday. I have tried contacting EMbassy they have no imformation.- Could not get through to Immigration office. I have an appointment at Consulate in a couple weeks, No idea if they will help. I am trying to get a personal VIrtual Assistant here iN MC to handle getting accurate information for me- No luck so far. I will post whatever I find out here ASAP. However, In the meantime, if any of you find anything please Direct message me!
zxpmffjviq sure, let's all keep each other in the loop about this and post whatever we find out. Thanks!
exactly, Do you have an extention or a contact that speaks good English there in the Immigration office? I am having a hard time getting ahold of a real person in that office. If I dont get any info by friday, I will head there inPerson on Monday
I don't have any contacts at all--my FMM runs out in early July and from what I've been hearing they won't even consider giving you an extension until about a week or two out, so I'm just trying to learn more about other people's experiences for now. Seems likely that I'll be going to the INM office as well in a couple of weeks, kind of nervous because my Spanish isn't very good either
Is Amazon the primary choice for buying books online in Mexico? Or is there potentially another supplier in Mexico that has a good selection of books written in English?
Acronyms are fun, but what are the INM and FMM in this context?
immigration office and the little tourist card you get when you come here
Seems like it may depend on the INM office or who you talk to. Someone stated the following in a Facebook expat group:
> A friend of mine went yesterday to check. She has another few weeks on her tourist visa yet but they told her come back the day before it expires & they would extend it.
Asking to see if she knows which INM location her friend went to.
thanks Caitlin, really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚
Follow ๐Ÿ†™ it's the one in Polanco (inner CDMX).
Awesome news UCS5W1ANA! Cutting it pretty close and hoping for the best kind of situation but hey!! lol. Also, I have been struggling with the Books in English thing. I have called a few places, recently attempting to pick up the New Stephen King novel (I know, Let it be) and only a book store in Antara mall- In this area. They would not let me in obviously and it is frustrating.
My friend at immigration got back to me...

"And yes, there is an extention for this, spetially in pandemics time. You can get it at the INM"
Awesome, thanks! Not to bother you but does your friend know how long this will last? My FMM runs out in early July and I'm concerned because it seems like that policy could change at any minute as we start heading towards a "phased reopening"
He followed up and said the extension was for 10 months for tourists. But, that the IMN office here only allows one person in at a time, so expect long waits outside the building
awesome, that's definitely reassuring--hope everything works out when the time comes next month ๐Ÿ˜‚
Might wanna start waiting in line soon apparently ๐Ÿ˜‚
hahahaha yeah, bring a tent ๐Ÿ˜‚
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