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Mexico Chat - Meet people when traveling in Mexico on Nomad List

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hey there, my first post here! I've been nomading since april 2019 and now finally signed up on nomadlist. anyway, after three months in puerto escondido I'm in tulum now. if anyone here is up for a beer or two let me know ๐Ÿ––
Iโ€™ll be in playa del carmen in a week so nearby, prob will make trips to tulum as well
... and two more people just showed up in your area kpayagoa ๐Ÿ˜
wow everyone arrived exactly at 2am? ๐Ÿ˜‰
hi bnifwnvi I was just starting to consider puerto escondido! How was the internet? Do you surf?
Iโ€™m in the Tulum area this week if you want to grab a beer! Have you found any good coworking spots?
afllxxjdlx the internet is the only thing that is not great about puerto escondido ๐Ÿ™‚ if you find a place where you get +/- 10mbps you're really lucky. I heard the Selina coworking has more or less that speed, so that's probably you're best option. but I usually prefer to work from home, so what I did is buying a Telcel SIM card and use a mobile hotspot. anyway, puerto escondido is a fantastic place, definitely my favorit in mexico. there's just a really relaxed vibe and so many nice beaches and people. I tried to surf once (I'm an absolute beginner) and it was fun. there are many surf schools and teachers and you have beaches (like the main beach Zicatela) where the waves are really big but there are also beaches with smaller waves. I'm sure you'll love puerto!
rcnotfymxakgvtjpe nice to hear! let's have a beer together ๐Ÿป I've got time tonight or tomorrow after 5pm so hit me up whenever you want?! I haven't been looking for any coworking spaces because I prefer to work from home and I've got more or less solid internet speed at my airbnb...
joxwbcsh thanks for the info!
ghisntgbfl you're welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ let me know if you have more questions (e.g. which area to stay) but many people prefer to do their own research about new places so I'll shut up now ๐Ÿคญ
wczighdm thanks for the offer! With how much I travel, I will take all the info I can get haha. The research can get tedious ๐Ÿ˜› . I will hit you up if I decide to head that way
Does Uber work out of the CDMX airport? Or should I just get a cab?
Uber works in cdmx
You just have to position yourself at the right door
But cabs from airport also works
Yeah when requesting one they will always ask what exit youโ€™re waiting from, just give the one closest to you and wait outside for them
Hey guys. Do I need onward ticket to enter Mexico? Do they usually give visa for 180 days or you have experience with shorter periods?
what is your passport country?
Technically we are allowed to be up to 180 days without visa but it is always decided by immigration officer at the border
Yeah, it's really up to the immigration officer. Sometimes they just stamp you with a quick glance. Sometimes they're asking questions, and you want to be prepared

The only time I've been asked about onward travel was at check in. So, I bring a copy of my temporary vehicle import permit and say "Well, i need to leave the country with this motorcycle, so... That's my plan to leave the country"
Iโ€™ve never had any issues / questions when coming into Mexico, until a couple of weeks ago. They asked me what my job was, and when I said programmer they went nitty gritty enough to ask what my languages are and then questioning me whether the company I work for really uses that language ๐Ÿ˜‚ That dude took his job very seriously. Also low-key respect he had a good understanding of tech
yeah I got a veeeery strick guy too when I arrived 30.12.2019.. They kept asking A LOT
who asked to see airbnb receipts, tickets out of the country etc
had to actually show him all the documents
xntglall Ouch, thatโ€™s pretty painful. In that case, itโ€™d definitely be worth having an onward ticket on hand UNC1AFE3W. I think Expedia (american website) does 24h cancellations on tickets you book, which could be a good alternative to cancel the onward flight as soon as youโ€™re in the country
eoiemo i've never had an issue. if you're worried, buy a 1-way ticket to the US (using a US airline) for a couple months out that you can show. buy it before you leave, then cancel it when you land.
I had a tiny bit of trouble on the way in. Didnโ€™t plan ahead, no return ticket, and no place to stay beyond the first month. I just laughed and said I promised not to stay, and that did the trick. But I wouldnโ€™t recommend that approach. :)

btw, hi everyone. Just got to Mexico City with my friend/co-founder Megan.
Thanks everyone. I will just use bestonwardticket service and rent some random ticket 2 months after my arrival to have peace of mind. I have airbnb only for few days so I hope they won't have problem with tahtj
For anybody interested, a reminder that on Wednesday the 22nd at 3pm at Jardรญn Chapultepec I'm hosting a finance meetup in Mexico City
What aspect of finance?
Iโ€™ll be in town.. what are the topics? Is there a meetup link?
Yo! I don't wanna get into any trouble, but I read through the whole "empathy" discussion above, and I did want to at least throw something out there. Without weighing in on Mexico specifically nor lemidiant's specific points above, do people think it's fair to suggest that different cultures have different attitudes towards how to treat others, individualism, etc.? Do people think any sort of conversation around that idea is inherently racist?

For example, there are certain countries I've been in where people on public transport are very cognizant of those around them and don't want to talk and disturb others. And where the culture generally encourages people to really value "doing right" by others. In others, people are more likely to talk loudly etc. and/or are less likely to care about doing right by others (to be clear, loud talking and not caring about doing right by others are hardly perfectly correlated). The latter group may have more of a dog-eat-dog/individualistic attitude. For example, there are some countries where I'd be less confident someone would tell me the truth about whether a soup is vegetarian.

Another example, in some countries, people would generally think of someone acquiring a lot of wealth and spending it on very lavish consumption as perfectly normal/natural, and in others that person would be seen as an asshole.

Obviously, humans are individuals, and there are "good" and "bad" people, or people of different values, in every society. But doesn't culture shape individuals towards, on average, certain outlooks/attitudes? Is it racist to suggest that Danes, Americans, and Japanese have different attitudes towards interaction with strangers?

Thank you for attending my ted talk.
And again, to be clear, I'm not specifically condoning "mexicans lacks empathy" nor has that even particularly been my experience here!
i think every culture has their own logic, so people within that culture are usually nice to each other, just the same as any other culture
for example when i'm driving on my motorbike in vietnam, and someone is coming up behind me on my left, they always honk to let me know that they're coming up on me, and about to pass me.. it'd be considered rude if they didn't honk, according the organically evolved rules of their driving system..
in other cultures, honking is considered extremely rude however
but in vietnam, passing is done on the left side, virtually never on the right.. also quite a few motorbikes have no mirrors, or only 1 mirror.. so yeah, honking is polite communication there
have you been to india? they drive by sonar
Yeah I totally get that. Rules of polite behavior end up varying a lot in different cultures as well!
I RSVPโ€™d to the finance meetup, so Iโ€™ll sit in the back and observe what the locals are like. Will report back ๐Ÿ˜‰
Have a link?
Prediction itโ€™ll be mostly non locals
Iโ€™ll be playing blockchain bingo while there. First to get โ€œbitcoinโ€ and โ€œrevolutionaryโ€ and โ€œopportunityโ€ gets a free pez dispenser
100% every country and culture has it's own quirks. That's just a fact of life. One of Mexico's quirks is that they're loud. That is also just a fact of life. The racism comes into play when we negatively judge a whole country/culture just because their quirks are distasteful to us or don't align with our personal quirks and we want them to change (in THEIR country) to suit OUR needs.
There are things I find annoying and even gross in many cultures, including my own. The difference is, I just accept/ignore/avoid those things to the best of my ability rather than expecting the locals to conform to my needs.
In my view, racism implies some form of discrimination. I think U03K95VPN's view is that racism involves some sort of negativity towards a group of people. I believe this is why she called me out for being racist with the assumption that my "lack of empathy" comment was meant in a negative light. "Mexicans are loud" is okay but "Mexicans lack empathy" is not.

I believe my comment was taken completely out of context and seen in a negative light. "Empathy" was not the right word choice but it was the best word I know in English to be able to describe my views succinctly. (I myself lack empathy so obviously don't see it as a negative thing to lack it, but others may have differing views and may have interpreted my comment as an insult.)

Different cultures have different behaviors. That is a fact of life. It is however a generalization to group people together and claim that _all_ people in that group behave the same (regardless of whether or not it's true). It can even be beneficial to talk about generalizations because humans are good at categorizing things -- it makes it easier to understand and discuss. There can however be a fine line between generalizations and racism.
Mexico is loud in comparison to many/most other countries. That's a fact. It can be measured. Mexican's lack empathy is not a fact. It's an opinion. It is YOUR opinion based on the fact that apparently the population isn't behaving the way you want them to in their country.

Lacking empathy is generally considered a negative trait as it informs how you relate to other humans and form relationships and generally those relationships are not positive ones. You've made it very clear that you don't care about or have respect for anyone but yourself and that basic human kindness is not something that interests you. Most people are not like that (thank god) so when you make that clear, you are going to alienate a good many of those people.
wrpibiudkadthd Interesting. For my own curiosity, how have I made it "very clear that [I] don't care about or have respect for anyone but [myself] and that basic human kindness is not something that interests [me]"?
through several of your posts ranging from the ones here to the ones on tipping.
I wonder if that can be objectively proven, or if that's your opinion ๐Ÿค”
Well i can tell you it's not just my opinion. But i'm going to stop this convo otherwise i'm going to get a nasty gram about being mean to newbies.
It's very easy to dismiss someone completely because you disagree with them about something
It's a rather bold assertion to make that somebody lacks basic human kindness and then run away haha
Iโ€™m amoral so those labels donโ€™t apply to me. Thanks.
Hey, if you want to sit in the back and judge people, go for it. It's your time, you can waste it as you please ๐Ÿ™‚
Did you just say your meeting is a waste of time?
Hi everyone! Just arrived in Mexico City last week ๐Ÿ‘‹ hello, hello! I'm a designer working with my friend/co-founder USSPSRF24. Anyone up to meetup for drinks this thursday at one of the breweries in town? Thinking Cru Cru Brew around 7pm. LMK/good brewery tips welcomed!
Hi Megan! My fiancรฉ and I wonโ€™t be in town until Saturday, but weโ€™d love to meet up!
ugh, smart fit only lets you sign up with a mexican credit card?
what a drag
Letโ€™s do it
My wife + I are up for it too!
gyms here were a PITA to figure out man
i wound up at Qi, it's pretty expensive, but if you can go during the day they have a discount for entry only between 10am-6pm on weekdays (and anytime on weekends)
think it was like $75/mo
pretty happy with it, even if it's expensive. nice amenities and during the day it can be pretty deserted.
sounds like there are lots of couples here haha, should have mentioned i would have a +1 of my gf as well
There's a weekly couchsurfing meetup that happens on Thursdays that we were thinking about checking out but I have a list of beer bars/breweries I've been wanting to check out (and Cru Cru Brew isn't even on it!) so could skip to hang with other nomads.
If you're into beer, I went to Revolver which is a pretty small beer bar with a great selection. The staff are SUPER friendly and gave us a huge list of places to try.
The one nobody has ever seen because she is โ€œin Canadaโ€ all the time?
no, she's just more antisocial than i am ๐Ÿ˜›
thanks, a little out of the way for me but Iโ€™ll keep it in mind
singles are invited, too haha
for all the people who just showed up to cdmx, i was thinking about going to this today www.facebook.com/events/913570279038172/?notif_t=event_aggregate&notif_id=1579704353716807
coworking meetup in the afternoon
Oh nice, I'll add that spot to my list of places to check out! Thank!
Hey all! Hello, hello! Cool, let's do Saturday then, look like that's better for folks. So Saturday at 7pm, Cru Cru See you all!
Cool cool!
lol... wonder if it'll be like that one we went to where everyone wanted to chat and not work. lol
right? haha
seems like a, uh, different crowd though so i'm assuming normal amounts of socializing plus actually woriking
Ohh I might try to roll in at 3 or so
i got some EPL to gamble on first.
zagclwclabaioo are you in town/gonna go? You've given me some great random advice over the years that you may or may not remember so it'd be fun to say hi!
no. i'm in Turkey right now. but i was just joking with Tyler about a coworking thing we went to an 90% of the people just wanted to chat and he and i were like "dude, gotta work!"
but maybe we'll meet elsewhere at some point. ๐Ÿ™‚
Hey all, I'll be in Playa del Carmen this Friday for at least a month. If anyone in the city is down to meet up, I'd love to meet some people from here face to face! Excited to meet any fellow nomads on the road ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ
obazxtmtewgywz nice nice, would be fun if we crossed paths. Yeah I'm a little scared to go to it today for that reason, I actually wanna work today.
yeah i wound up skipping because my todo list is way too long for today to risk it haha
Yeah... but then I ended up watching key and peele videos for at least 45 minutes so I guess joke's on me.
gktajareephzeba my UI designer friend also just landed - would you like his contact info? ๐Ÿ™‚
Me and another friend (both copywriters) will land on the 5th
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