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Miami Chat - Meet people when traveling in Miami on Nomad List

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Also down to meet up ๐Ÿ™‚ I live in Midtown
Where in MIA are you?
Edgewater hbu?
Going to work at tea & poets on Friday. Anyone want to join me?
that place looks cool! i havenโ€™t been to Sunset in ages. iโ€™ll be in town May 4-May 18. if youโ€™re still around iโ€™d be down to meet you for coworking next time.
totally! DM me so we stay in touch. ๐Ÿ˜„
Who's in south florida? Staying in delray but will be driving up and down the coast to see friends in dade/palm beach county.
jauxdnxfbbms heading there next Sunday, to WPB for a week before driving up the coast to Boston
Nice. Ping me if you want to get together for lunch/dinner.
Where ya staying?
Anyone interested in an unofficial covid-safe meetup next week in the Miami area? Anyone interested can reply to this thread with their location and whether they are available on Sat the 15th or Sun the 16th and we can organize from there.
Where are you staying igldcmqqajrlflvb
I'm in South Beach. You?
West Miami!
you going to any cafes to work?
Occasionally. But usually work out of the place I am staying. You?
ah, i go to cafes. also have an office i have access to. but mainly cafes. more fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
how are you liking SoBe?
Hey everyone, Iโ€™ll be down in Miami for a couple of film shoots next weekend. The production company I work with is making a documentary on the latest wave of nomadic living - if anyone is interested in getting involved either with a quick interview or to join the community while weโ€™re in Miami, shoot me a DM!
Not in Miami, but interested in watching the documentary when it comes out! Could you add me to an email list or something?
Let me know when the video is out.
I'll be down for the 3rd weekend of May for Viernes Cultural. Open to the interview.
Hi. I'm in Miami and would love to be interviewed/involved.
Gonna DM you!
I'm pretty close, I live here in Ft Lauderdale. I'll hit you up
Any non club/bar events happening on the beach tonight ?
omg i am desperate to spend some time in florida this year!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ
tbcbxw anybody in Miami this coming week?
Is it possible to get the covid vaccine if you are not a Florida resident?
we will meet this time
will be partying a LOT more this time, adding Wednesday to the mix too:

โ€ข e11even Wednesday
โ€ข Space Friday
โ€ข LIV Saturday
this looks like my standup update at work
I support this decision
Current blockers hangover
too good
Absolutely. The vaccination center in Miami Beach convention center doesn't care. Just tell them you are in town working there. They are trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible and don't want to turn people away. They are even giving vouchers for free drinks when you get vaccinated.
Who else is going to the btc conference this weekend? or sh!tcoin conference?
ima be working in the surrounding areas at cafes.
For those of you in Miami, what have you been doing for accomodations?
when I needed a place short-term I was able to find a furnished studio for 3 months using Facebook Marketplace
nice, did you check out the place before committing to 3 months?
yes, walked through with an agent. also paid about $300 fee which is sensible
Cool, appreciate it. 'Nother Miami question for everyone I'm considering making Miami a "home base" for U.S. and international nomading, although I've never been there. My thoughts are, it's in FL which has tax advantages, and I'm hoping (correct me if I'm wrong) it's easy to get around without a car. The idea would be, I'd bring my storage unit there, and see my doctors there, and if there was a place I had to return to, it would be Miami. Obviously probably visiting first would be prudent. But can you think of anything that might make Miami unsuitable for this purpose? Only potential thing I can think of is the weather during hurricane season.
It's really not that doable without a car unless you're living on the beach. Even in that scenario, you'll quickly rack up Uber and Lyft charges crossing over to Wynwood and other places on the mainland.
Interesting, good to know, thanks!
You def need a car for Florida
it helps to have a car, BUT I did a whole year of just Uber in Miami. there are plenty of public transportation options, cheap + free. the trolleys go all over the place in various parts of town (free + sometimes paid), there is the people mover (free, in brickell/downtown area), the metro (limited, but cheap), bus (not efficient, too many stops, but cheap). using only uber, i would spend about 200-300 a month on transportation. so about the same as a note if you finance a car. definitely much cheaper than leasing most cars. if you have an uber credit card, you also get cash back constantly + discounts, so it actually ends up being economical.
if you are into doing road trips (which i recommend if you are in miami because there is a LOT to see and do in the area), then a car will be more efficient and cost effective. specially if you want to hit up the everglades or go biking somewhere. itโ€™s definitely more convenient. but you can most definitely do miami without a car depends on what you do around town.
there is also the freebee, which are also free transportation for close distances and work in various pockets around the city. if you dont mind pop music or having the driver talk about the best deals in town ๐Ÿ˜…
there are also plenty of vehicle rentals, bikes, zip, etc. that sort of thing. + scooters here and there. so the amount of transportation is endless. just a matter of preference and convenience and where you will be most of the time.
forgot to mention the train that goes all the way up the coast, so you can go to west palm, ft lauderdale, etc.
This may not be relevant in a few months, but wait times, and costs, for ride share apps are both up. Surge pricing can get really out of hand if you don't plan ahead.

E.g. 5pm on a Sunday from South Beach to the tri rail was quoted at $50. This is normally ~$20.
there is always surge pricing in peak times + when there are events in town, lots of tourists / attendees.
Yes, it's interesting, I have a car that I own outright, so no car payment or anything. I want to get rid of it prior to doing some international travel, but don't have to quite yet. One of my thoughts was to wait until Uber / Lyft go back to normal. I used to be a really big fan of Uber (Express) Pool and Lyft Line. I hear Uber Pool is done for (for profitability reasons), but they will likely come out with something similar, but a bit more expensive. So I could wait to see what happens with all this.
I have a car downtown and I barely use it. Sell your car while the used car market is hot, change domicile to a FL forwarding address (hire a tax guy), and enjoy cafecito in your airbnb until intl travel opens up
in short, your plan is sound, but Miami may not be the affordable and convenient place youโ€™re looking for. I tried on foot + metro + bus + bicycle, it was difficult at times. I got myself a motorcycle which gave me a lot of freedom. a scooter would do that too. those two-wheeled ones you can park virtually anywhere without getting a ticket โ€“ the police are lenient towards motorbikes. with a car you would add extra $$ and hustle for parking, can be brutal.

the significant distance separating key neighborhoods in Miami and Miami Beach (plus Broward county) comes as a logistical issue again and again. Uber/Lyft can surge dramatically (from $15 to suddenly $100 for a 20-min ride) depending on multiple factors.
I really wanted to make it work in Miami, but if you donโ€™t have a base like your close friendsโ€™ house or relative who can store your stuff for you, itโ€™s an expensive endeavor. I wish there was a train system as expansive as in New York, then it would be amazing. imagine going from Brickell to South Beach by train that leaves every 5 mins 16 hours a day and takes 15 minutes. one can dreamโ€ฆ
xkdjuvkz that would be amazing. +1 to this comment. Miami is more than just the beach.
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