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Pretty mild winter so far
No no no. Not coming back.
Freezing indeed
pddofqkrnljuvtck just arrived in #montreal #canada
Thanks, I'll be there tonight. Not planning on leaving the house much though.
I’ll be around for a few months, self isolating for a week (or two) though
FYI, the city is going to install people at the airport + help of the police to warn all travelers that they have to stay home for 14 days
They said “it’s going to be like another custom”
Hopefully they make it outside or in a large area to prevent the same problems that happened in the states
It seems like a pointless exercise. So Canadian. We are just going to politely ask people to stay at home. Jeez.
FYI, I’m back in Pointe St Charles and just did a produce run at IGA. It was quiet and there was no shortage of anything +1skin-tone-3
Edit I wasn’t able to verify the source and whether the video is actually from today (I saw some fake ones circulating around that date back to 2017 when Montreal had severe flooding). And I can’t take it down.. so take it with a grain of salt unless anyone can confirm this actually happened today.
I haven't heard anything about the army being ordered in.. that would be big news in Quebec.. especially with a Trudeau ordering it
though the city of Montreal just announced emergency police powers
Yea it's probably fake news and I was too quick to post. I heard it's likely in preparation for the yearly floods support. Carry on 😬
Montreal state of emergency means police can break up groups of 10 or more people, even in private homes
Damn. Quebec now has 628 cases. We're currently the province with the most cases in Canada.
From what I understand, they just stopped waiting for a confirmation from winnipeg today, so now if you test positive from our local labs, you’ll be flagged as so right now VS they had to wait before.
So all the backlog from the past days due to that wait were all added today without waiting for a confirmation.
Ah, gotcha. I understood Legault mentioned something about changing the way they were registering positives. I didn't understand the part that they previously would wait for a second confirmation from Winnipeg.
And also their test capacity increased yesterday iirc
I'm still surprised at how many tests have come back negative. Far more than tests that have come back positive. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the latest information I saw was approx 628 COVID positive, but over 9000 COVID negative. That means that many people who returned from travels abroad with symptoms turned out to have a regular cold or flu?
I fee like it was mostly already the case, except companies making their employees work without it being necessary.
One of my friend couldn’t work from home (based on his boss), and all of a sudden, well, yeah, why not…
The list of everything that can stay open:
Mostly everything that was left anyways…
There is still quite a bit open
Québec demande à Montréal de déclarer l’état d’urgence locale dans la métropole. La mairesse Valérie Plante fera le point à 16h. 🤔
In English State of emergency will be declared in Montreal. The mayor will talk about it at 16
They could restrict entrance and exit of the city, they could also to the same thing with different region within the city..
that's now though right?
i mean, if they are announcing at 16h
She’s talking right now yes
At the moment it seems mostly about homeless people, they’ll help them etc…
Like creating outside places where they can sleep …
They’ll say more precisely what the measures are tomorrow
Time to make a run for the chalet now 🙃
They just said that they won't allow renting chalet anymore... 😐
any good up to date news on restrictions (preferably english)?
Not much.. They closed some northern and eastern regions to prevent people going there. In Montreal, the mayor has a press conference at 16h.
I think as of 4pm yesterday they started regulating travels between regions. So people are no longer allowed to travel to different regions for leisure / tourism purposes (like a city person renting a chalet to escape). I believe there are road blocks in lots of different areas and they question people on their reason for travel
Other than that, 14 day quarantine is mandatory for travellers who have returned from abroad. Those people cannot step out of their home for any reason whatsoever except of it is to go get COVID tested.
And I may be wrong on the numbers (correct me if I am), but I believe that in today’s briefing, Legault mentioned that something like 135 beds are currently used up out of the available 6000 hospital beds in the province. So far it seems like they have a good grasp on the situation, but things turn sour quickly with this virus, so who knows what this will look like in a couple of weeks.
Oh and last thing mentioned today is that recovered case numbers are way off because it is less of a priority to test those with no symptoms to see if they have officially recovered than it is to test those with severe symptoms who need care. So right now tests are being used mainly for severe cases and highly suspicious cases.
In some regions, mostly regions where there are less people and are far away / vulnerable Here’s a list Bas-Saint-Laurent, l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, le Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, la Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, la Côte-Nord, le Nord-du-Québec, le Nunavik et les Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James
Beds number make sense, I think ICUs are 60 or something like that.
72 actually in ICU beds
In the Government’s projections, the curve’s ‘plateau’ would happen around the 20th of April
You have a couple of info in English here on reddit www.reddit.com/r/CoronaVirusMontreal/
i heard there are roadblocks even up north (Laurentides) and such
But I only heard that through a comment on FB
Well this is encouraging to see!
The link needs a login it looks like. But yeah.. seems better than it could’ve been.. 😐
I couldn't access it either, but figured I would still link the source. A doctor I know shared it with me.
That same friend has been stressing that they've already started re-using single use equipment and they are going to run out of equipment in 2 days or so. And some nurses / doctors are dropping out because they feel unsafe in these working conditions. That part is not totally reassuring 😒
For sure 😕
Well, they’re now ‘closing’ other regions now Outaouais, les Laurentides, Lanaudière et la Mauricie – Centre-du-Québec
yeah i heard that
Looks like we can still go in Montérégie and Estrie…
In not too long we’ll be locked in
I heard Estrie got hit really bad though.. weird
They keep regions with most cases together and isolate the others to prevent the spread
But I suppose it’s just to not make people panick.. they’ll eventually close all of them I suppose 🤷‍♂️ At that point it won’t change much. It’s the frog in boiling water analogy…
ah okay that kinda makes sense then
By the way, if you want to watch press conferences from federal and provincial without voice over (if you’re bilingual) www.youtube.com/user/cpac/videos
thanks - the voice dub makes it really annoying to watch 😅
> Les adultes de moins de 50 ans représentent 53,2 % des personnes atteintes de la COVID-19 sur l’île de Montréal et la tranche d’âge la plus contaminée est celle des 20-29 ans, selon les données dévoilées par la santé publique.
It might’ve been one of the source of the virus here..
Number of new cases per day
And the cummulative..
(in Quebec)
We started the measures more than 2 weeks ago, we should see a slow down.. soon.. hopefully…
awayeee faut applatir la courbe!
A friend of mine who is a Dr. at Verdun Hospital got some intel on this. Apparently the wedding had closer to 350-400 guests rather than the reported 160... And apparently a big chunk of beds currently used up at the JGH is from people who attended this wedding 😒
Yeah… not great…
slow.. clap... bra... vo...
anyone have fav small business type restaurants/breweries/etc that are doing delivery now? trying to support places that might be struggling more than the places that are already on ubereats/etc
(also just in general looking for inspiration for delivery options haha)
Which neighbourhood are you in?
Also, do you speak French? Because this just launched – it's a repertoire of local businesses across Quebec 🙂 It's a work in progress which has been getting some awesome feedback from the community. It's still in its early stages
For local produce, I love Lufa Farms. Although I'm not sure that they are still taking on new customers. Otherwise, I love to support jardinsdarlington.ca/en/home/|Arlington Gardens organic weekly produce baskets during summer months. For healthy / bio groceries I'm doing my best to support www.allonsvert.ca/?l=en|Allons Vert>.

For booze, Boutique boutiquecheers.com/products/|Cheerse is so awesome. They opened last summer in Pointe St Charles and the owners are incredible and really passionate about their beers (grab some Tadoussac Brewery beers if there are any left!). Also, decapsuleur.ca/|Le Décapsuleur >has like 95% Quebec beers and wines on hand :)

for coffee beans.
USD ─ $
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