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Morocco Chat - Meet people when traveling in Morocco on Nomad List

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nielsgeo 2mo
awesome, really looking forward to it
I’m unsure as I’ve not been actively meeting people here. But there seem to be a lot of down-to-earth tourists and vibe is relaxed and nice. Very nice place to work from also.
🛬 dymplaawqwty just arrived in 🇲🇦 Casablanca, #morocco
jaydevos 2mo
🛬 unuprorxop just arrived in 🇲🇦 Rabat, #morocco
🛬 oengbzeoebkxlydo just arrived in 🇲🇦 Essaouira, #morocco
mallberg 2mo
thanks !
mallberg 2mo
meeting point suggestion Mega Loft, from what I saw on IG they have a cool rooftop
The rooftop is cool at Mega Loft! But it’s the only place in Essaouira where I was disappointed with the service and the price. I don’t usually complain about price, but I paid 35dh for just 1 cup of mint tea, not even a teapot, which took them 30 mins to prepare 🤣
Well… I guess it’s good to share negatives, as well as positives of a country…

As much as I absolutely love Morocco and my 6 weeks here have been incredible, I have still been scammed a few times (mainly small things like them giving me different currencies for change or a guy knocking on my door every day until I paid him lol).

But today my girlfriend’s necklace was stolen from our hotel room in Essaouira. 😢 We believe it was the cleaner but nothing we can do! Glad they didn’t take anything more valuable though.

Just sharing in case it helps someone be more careful. I think I’ll start locking my valuables inside my bags when I leave the room now…
Ah that sucks - I’m sorry to hear this. Hope I’m not staying in the same hotel as you…!! 😬 I “lost” my nice sony headphones in Tangier last week - pretty sure it was hotel staff too, but again I can’t prove it and only noticed they were missing after I left when I went to use them a couple days later. I’ve never had anything go missing from my room in my 6 years of travel, so this is a first for me. I’ll definitely be more vigilant for the rest of my stay
mallberg 2mo
kvjknykxantk what other places can you recommend in Essaouira?
you're right lot of places targeted to "expats / tourists..." are overpriced
Some places I liked:
• La Roche
• Retro corner Essaouira
• Restaurant KHMISSA
• Pasta Baladin
• Salt & Pepper
Damn, sorry to hear that!
mallberg 1mo
Arrived today, who is free for a drink this evening ?
psesrsjfpnyg thanks for the reco of Khmissa, their tagine was off the scale! jfcctgcurk I checked out Mega Loft today and it’s pretty cool - agree with it being pricey but it’s a great spot. And they gave me tea with a teapot 🤣
Oh yum - where was this?
mallberg 1mo
The white and blue stalls just before the port entrance. I will come back tomorrow, wanna try oysters
nielsgeo 1mo
Will you guys still be there beginning January?
mallberg 1mo
ywttcjgiwp I m leaving tomorrow
🛬 mqekxrvjftnohkneg just arrived in 🇲🇦 Marrakesh, #morocco
jamieb 1mo
Hey Abdallah! I'm also in Rabat. A coffee sounds good :)
abdallah 1mo
Oh hey! Where are you staying in Rabat?
jaydevos 1mo
jazgracxqv Absolutely 🙂
jaydevos 1mo
Has anyone here been to Tunesia? Seems like a few Moroccans recommended it to me 🙂
Hey Guys
I'll be in Taghazout for a month starting mid January and I'm looking at flights to Lisbon after that, but I can only find direct flights from Marrakesh or ridiculous 10h layover from Agadir.
How easy it is to go from Taghazout to Marrakesh?
Is it worse than a 10h layover? hahah
Already figured it's not easy to go to Marrakesh, might just take a layover...
🛬 xahhkbszrkyrtju just arrived in 🇲🇦 Marrakesh, #morocco
nielsgeo 1mo
🛬 uuusqyuizm just arrived in 🇲🇦 Essaouira, #morocco
mehdii 1mo
🛬 feijkefq just arrived in Imsouane, #morocco
nielsgeo 1mo
I did the drive once from Agadir to Marrakech. It’s insanely beautiful and the roads are good. Arranged a car which I could pick up in Agadir and drop off in Marrakech. If you have some time I would definitely recommend this. I guess busses to Agadir from Taghazout are not that difficult right?
abdallah 1mo
I don’t think 10h layover would be any better, it’s not hard to go from Taghazout to Marrakech, you can go from Taghazout to Inzegan by a bus and then Inzegan to Marrakech by another bus, or you can always rent a car as neilsgeo proposed.
abdallah 1mo
Absolutely, this is a third world country, but that doesn’t mean all hotel staff are thiefs, but it’s always easier to have your small stuff stolen cause cameras can’t catch that. So better to always keep your valuable small stuff in a secure place inside your bags, and always aim for premium hotels more than cheap ones, cause cheap ones hire anyone while premium/expensive hotels hire with a strict process.
tomasruta 30d
Are there any places to work out of Essaouira? No coworkings yet, right?
I’m in an apartment with great wifi thankfully! But L’Atelier cafe and Mega Loft rooftop in the medina are also good spots to work from
mallberg 30d
hi Dani
I went there, highly recommend it !
Nice but not great this time of year. Morocco is much safer and reliable than Tunisia. I believe they're still having riots in Tunisia from time to time, which can cause blockades on the roads.
jaydevos 30d
Thanks jyivxbwifgpuuklh 🙏
jaydevos 30d
Is anyone in Tangier? :)
Pretty easy ride from Taghazout to Marrakech. You'll take a shared taxi from Taghazout to Agadir then a taxi cab to Gare routière (Bus station) where you'll find many buses taking to Marrakech - I recommend Supratours or CTM and it'll take 3 hours to get to Marrakech.
nielsgeo 29d
I think there’s two
nielsgeo 29d
One is called NOQTA space
nielsgeo 29d
If anyone would like to meet up in Essaouira the coming month, let me know !
nielsgeo 29d
tomasruta 29d
How did you find them?
Marrakech experts - where’s a good place to stay inside the medina and/or outside the medina? I have a ton of work this month, so as usual I need decent wifi too 😖|The place i’m at> has good Wifi, inside the Medina but generally anywhere with good wifi boast their speeds on AirBnb.
I’m wanting to do a 3-day trip to Sahara. I’ve spoken to people on the street but i’m just being cautious about being mugged off. I’ve heard paying a bit extra for a nicer hotel/camping experience is worth it.

• If you’ve been on one, how did you book it?
• How much would you expect to pay for the experience?
🛬 obyliqvpuhowyyzn just arrived in 🇲🇦 Marrakesh, #morocco
nielsgeo 28d
Google to be honest haha
nielsgeo 28d
Following this
nielsgeo 28d
Is there any bank/ATM in Morocco without the bullshit fees? Max you can get is 2k and every time that’s roughly 3 euros of fees
Credit Maroc is the cheapest i’ve found at 22 dh
I’ve yet to see any
jaydevos 27d
🛬 nypjltantr just arrived in 🇲🇦 Tangier, #morocco
tomasruta 27d
Oh I meant what was your experience like? Noqta seems better, although overpriced.. More worried about the quality than price though..
merraysy 26d
I think they’re roughly all the same when it comes to fees, but I remember with Banque Populaire you can withdraw MAD5k if I’m not mistaken.
nielsgeo 25d
Ah cheers! Will try that
nielsgeo 25d
Aah gotcha. I haven’t been to any of them. Usually work from my apartment here or from some cafe
To update, I went on Airbnb experience for a 1 day trip to Altlas. I spoke to our guide for a referral and he’s getting me a name.

€60 basic
€70 mid
€120 luxury

I’m trying to understand the difference but it’s been recommended by my YouTube research to pay that little bit extra. Referrals are always good as everyone likes to help out their friends. The Berber people seem more honest and so I trust them more.

Would like to hear other peoples experiences
I’m thinking of heading to Taghzout. Do they do the typical Sahara tours from there? Presumably as it’s a bit closer
Not as far as I know. Taghazout is a little bit far and you'll likely have to go to Marrakech where most tours start.
Agadir to Marrakech is only 3 hours by bus btw
Thanks!! What’s the relevance of Agadir btw?
Currently in Marrakech. Preferably I’d get on one before I go
Taghazout is a beach village 25min outside of Agadir which is the main city and where transportation is available to travel to other cities.
Yes, preferably get on one before going to Taghazout
🛬 bebubqvjssxatmhq just arrived in 🇲🇦 Taghazout, #morocco
jaydevos 14d
🛬 icyicztzam just arrived in 🇲🇦 Tangier, #morocco
🛬 jqyuaddenudfgjdn just arrived in 🇲🇦 Marrakesh, #morocco
Wow Marrakech has whole new angles on hustles I haven’t come across before. And I just got told to get fucked by a small child because I wouldn’t let him take my bag into the hotel 😄 I’ve only been here 10 minutes!
nielsgeo 13d
Haha damn, yeah it’s a bit of a free for all vibe here. There’s a common scam where they tell you a road is closed and they will take you there, after that you gotta pay for the help or be intimidated by a big group of people who came out of nowhere
nielsgeo 13d
If you look like you know where u are going they usually don’t see you as a target, but if you look lost or whatever they’ll give it a try
nielsgeo 13d
Also with taxis, asking the price beforehand helps big time
Yep we got told the road was closed, and there were no riads the way we were we just kept going 😄
jaydevos 13d
Hi everyone, just wanted to confirm something with you guys & girls. I've been in Morocco for the last 2 months and went a few days ago to Tarifa (Spain) by boat to stay there for 3 days before coming back. I should have another 90 days now, right? (As there's so much to see here and want to get the most out of it :slightly_smiling_face:)
I was looking at this today. I can’t find any clear indication on when the Moroccan tourist visa ‘resets’. My assumption is that it’s the typical 90 / 180 policy as with many other places. I don’t think a simple visa run will reset it. You still have 1 more ‘month’ but I would double check as soon as you arrive.
dfelncicdc Being told that a road is block when I knew for a FACT it’s not confirmed this scam for me. Strangely though the guy never asked for money but did claim he recognised me from ‘the hotel’. Also, some ‘flower market’ or something that’s only here for one-day only was something I heard more than once. Never understood it.

I just told them I don’t mind that it’s blocked. They always assume you want to go to the square. I’M QUITE HAPPY GETTING LOST, THANK YOU!
jaydevos 13d
Seems like it shouldn't be an issue I guess
nielsgeo 13d
I was just roaming around Marrakech to find my hotel and like 4 dudes tried the road is blocked stuff, the “are you lost, tell me the riad name”, the “where are you from”. One started shouting and following me. Fucking annoying. Ended up getting picked up by the Riad owner from a point just outside the walls lol
This is good. Recent and hands-on experience which is positive. Personally would find some more evidence just to be sure. I just don’t know why countries don’t make their visa policy clearer to be honest
jaydevos 13d
A Moroccan friend in Tangier said it should be possible as well as some of her friends did it via Ceuta instead of Tarifa
Good to know
jaydevos 13d
mpic 12d
If it’s a “we” more or less you are good. If you are alone… I lost my patience more than once past year. I think I was there in the worst possible moment, just after the lockdown and after one week of ramadan. Apart from the scams, a lot of little frauds, and on the streets from children to grown adults tried to intimidate me. Ignoring them sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t, sometimes saying “no grazie” works because they understood that as Italian probably I’m a bit more hard to chew than English or northern European, sometimes I had to shout blasphemies in face of people to let them go away. For me Marrakech can disappear from the face of the world, good just as a hub.
jaydevos 11d
🛬 nzqyxlalnb just arrived in 🇲🇦 Taghazout, #morocco
I’m looking at heading down to Taghazout. The Airbnb situation looks a little scarce. What’s the Riad situation down there? Is it fairly easy to find a well equipped Riad (kitchen, breakfast, spacious room I guess are top of my list)
Don't know of any Riads around but there are plenty of hostels with shared kitchen and breakfast included
It's a very small village, rent prices are very high for Morocco and there are some big hostels/colvings with good shared kitchen and coworking zone.
siobhan 7d
🛬 exptgrfbm just arrived in 🇲🇦 Marrakesh, #morocco
Thanks both. This was my assumption based on my findings
Hey everyone 👋 I just arrived in Marrakesh and will be around for at least the next 1.5 weeks, staying in Gueliz. Would be nice to connect with others while here! Lmk if you’re around and we can plan something 🙂
🛬 hspsjgwwifmdyznc just arrived in 🇲🇦 Agadir, #morocco
🛬 ygyoavlliiaiyneam just arrived in 🇲🇦 Taghazout, #morocco
Still about Taghazout, I've been here for 3 weeks and still have another week.
I'm only staying in Sundesk for my whole stay, which is an amazing Coliving with a nice cowork zone and many other month-stay-travelers.

I personally didn't like the village or the beach, it's all either under construction or not well maintained. But I'm liking my stay here because of the people and the place I'm staying.
This village is big for surfing, specially for beginners because of the long waves. I did a class here and went surfing a few times, it's not my thing, but it was fun.

I think most travelers here come for a week on vacation. Though this is not a party place, usually everything is closed by 22~23h.
There's a lot of places to do yoga, surfing and skating. Some places for massage, there's 2 Hamam places, many restaurants with local or western food.
Thanks URGC7SEQG. This pretty much sums up what I thought. Lots of positive reviews but from people staying a short time. Sundesk seems great but they are pretty booked up according to their website unfortunately and that’s one of the main reasons I’d go so that I can work and meet people.

Generally though, Morocco seem to do all their construction in the off-season. It’s the same here in Essaouira too and was all over the Atlas Mountains. A bit of a shame but understandable.

Generally my expectation is to chill and work there with a few surfs thrown in at the weekend.
Any one in `Dakhla` city? I’m thinking about going there but don’t know if it will be a good experience considering the weather and lack of friends.
nickdpi 1d
🛬 zvafcoota just arrived in 🇲🇦 Marrakesh, #morocco
Anyone have recommendations for cafes/coworking in Fes around the medina area?
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