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Netherlands Chat - Meet people when traveling in Netherlands on Nomad List

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⚠️ mnpjuiyozgvpzp changed the|Amsterdam meetup>. It will now be at, Tweede van der Helststraat 3, 1073 AE Amsterdam, Amsterdam|Glouglou> on Thursday, 28 April at 2000 "hang out and have a nice drink" ✅ RSVP here
I’m going with one nomad friend, hope it’s ok
Hey there waveskin-tone-3
I'm coming too
Is there a whatsapp group for amsterdam digital nomads?
hi peeps! Anyone has co-working space recommendations in Amsterdam? Looking for fixed desk setup in a place with a nice community and regular events 🙂
Can’t reply with a link but check out Spaces by The Next Web.

Also I can’t go to this event but I am planning on going to the next. If you go to eventbrite and search for Coworking, Connecting & Fun #4 - Stop grinding alone, Come join us they are hosting a event next week. I thought it looked pretty nice
Really digging Amsterdam
Hi everyone! Me and my boyfriend are coming to visit Amsterdam for a weekend 3-6 June, and the prices seem pretty crazy. Does anybody know someone who’d be willing to house us for around $100/night? We are great guests, I promise! 🙂 Also, is anybody going to Money 2020?
🛬 gjubmrzoosrbxy just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
Hi all,
I’ve had a job offer come in to be based in Amsterdam with the opportunity to work remote/hybrid. Any suggestions for any cities or regions outside of Amsterdam live in? also keen to understand any data on price point for a 2 bedroom rental apartment/house.
I’m also currently in the process of moving to the NL with remote job. I picked Den Haag. Seems like a nice mix of great city and not-so-expensive housing yet.
I’m counting on finding apartment for €1200-1500 for 2BR.

But I’m not Dutch and moving from abroad so it’s just my observations. I could be wrong. Would love to hear local’s opinions.

Many people recommended Utrecht to me, but although beautiful, it seems a bit more expensive city.
What's a good place (cafe/coworking with day pass) to work from in amsterdam for a day?
I've been living in Utrecht for about a year and love it here. We're paying 1400€ for 2BR / ~80sqm, just five minutes by bike to the old center. It's about 20 mins by train from Utrecht Central Station to Amsterdam so it's pretty well connected in case you have to commute. And yes, very beautiful city and easy/quick to get anywhere by bike. Living here is definitely not cheap but I'd say anything is cheaper than Amsterdam.
It’s true. I’ve never even considered Amsterdam. With remote work it just doesn’t make any sense.
coffeecompany seems to be catored towards laptop users, long tables with power points in them etc...
Hi guys, I'm landing in amsterdam on 31st July and would be having a schengen visa. Any suggestions for a euro trip? Panning to stay in amsterdam for 4 days
🛬 qoijphmqqazppq just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
Check out House of Watt, great place to work too
Buro has day passes I believe
And there’s WeWork or other coworkings too which can be found via Google I reckon
Thanks for the insight!!
I’ll have a look at both this evening.
Anything you need to consider/watch out for when receiving a job offer as full-time employee? Is the norm to negotiate?
No clue about that, sorry. My gf and I are both self-employed. I would assume that negotiating is expected, though. They say the Dutch invented capitalism, so yeah!
zjlihwvenlo My wife is going to work full time but I’m planning to work as self-employed. Can you share any resources where I can learn more about the registration process as self-employed and about taxes? 🙂
kvfhmeip Sure! The Dutch government fortunately has some pretty decent websites for internationals.

Good place to start />KVK (chamber of commerce that you’ll be registering with) />General information on living in Utrecht
I was fortunate that, coming from neighboring Germany, our chamber of commerce and the Dutch one work together on consulting businesses moving across. I got a free consultation with a team from both sides that answered my questions. I found it quite helpful. Maybe there’s something similar for you.
Apart from that there is a lot more information online as we have a lot of expats here with the same questions.
Thank you so much 🙌
Zoku is a pretty cool coworking space too
🛬 svddtqjpzs just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
> Buro has day passes I believe
Boy they are expensive, €700/day! (). In contrast, on demand wework in India is €5/day this-is-fine-fire
Ah, I think these are private office spaces while wework is shared. We work in NL is €40/day/person and that works 👍
700 a day? for real? wtf
they absolutely lost their minds, who would pay for that??
Probably companies for offsites etc. While they will also have regular monthly customer base
bgkkwlmdl get to Southern EU asap it's much better and more affordable and ppl nicer
🛬 khlhlshzxur just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
🛬 niaorwm just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
Hey! Any Armin fans here? 🕺 Anyone interested in going to Armin van Buuren This is Me opening night in the Ziggo Dome Thursday, June 2nd? (21-00:30) It's celebrating 20+ years of his career, postponed twice because of COVID. I have one ticket to sell and happy to have company. 🙂
Anyone living in Netherlands (or having Tax Residency there) but working remotely (as a contractor) for non-EU companies?
There’s a chance I move to Amsterdam and it’s being a nightmare understand the tax system.
Maybe someone knows about this or has a professional to recommend 😅
Going too though I already have tickets 😅
Don’t worry, even as a Dutch native I barely understand it, but I'm probably going to combine EU & non-EU work
lhiuvklbapnm Do you know if it's _better_ to be a self-employed or have a sole partnership?
I literally just started in the form of being self-employed (also known as freelancing or one man business, in Dutch ZZP (Zelfstandige zonder personeel; “Self-employed without employees”), which is the simplest. I believe other legal entities are more interesting if you have a high turnover or want to cooperate. If you doubt, it’s best to search legal advice from a Dutch advisor!

If I understand it correctly, self-employed and sole partnership are sort-of the same in terms of taxes and liability, the only difference being that you’re doing it on your own or with partners. The big difference really lies between being self employed / sole partnership and having a private limited company (BV), in terms of taxes, liabilities, responsibilities etc.
I got that too. But when you use those tax calculator that are around google, looks like sole partnership pay less taxes (or maybe I'm just missing other taxes and they're truly the same).
Do you know a Dutch advisor to recommend?
Hmm, could you point me at one of those calculators? I’m curious to see what they say. Unfortunately I don’t know any Dutch advisors yet, I’m also looking around to find one who can answer my questions regarding doing international contract work 😛 . I now use the bookkeeping software Jortt (for English, they recommend using Google Translate, which is a bit of a turnoff if you don’t speak Dutch if you ask me), which automatically states the correct VAT outside of the EU on the invoices.
Let’s see if I can post the link…
Apparently not! What’s the name of the tool/site?
DM 😄
I’ll take a look!
zzp’er is the self employed construct and directeur eigen bv translates to director/ceo of your own private limited company
Yup, that one plus SME Yes/No, that’s where the tax changes a lot
Right yeah so the SME is what I’m also hoping to get but I know that I won’t be eligible this year. As the help text describes, it’s meant for small businesses and starters. In order to be eligible you need to meet all those bullet points mentioned, but they’re quite straightforward if you’re freelancing. If you just have one client it’d be a bit more difficult as the government will likely presume that you’re actually somewhat employed by a company, but all the risk is on you, and the government doesn’t think that’s fair.
You won’t be eligible for SME if you have a BV as BVs are a lot more paperwork to set up; You can’t just take out the money because it’s an actual company so you’d be paying yourself a salary, over which you have to pay personal income taxes, just like with the ZZP construct. However the BV itself _also_ pays taxes over its incomes even before you can pay yourself with it. I thought I read somewhere that it is only interesting if you have a 80k+ yearly turnaround, as BVs have their own tax schemes, rules and exemptions.
Anyway, my personal advice is to start out simple by registering as a self-employed person, it just takes a few minutes and roughly €55, unless you’ve already managed a very high yearly income from your client(s) of 80k+, but then you can definitely spare some money on an actual legal advisor 😉 (and some beer for me as long as I’m in NL :stuck_out_tongue:)
For the SME many blogs recommend to register yourself at the start of a calendar year because a big requirement for the tax discounts is that you need to spend at least 1225 hours on your own company during the year. I won’t be able to make this amount till the end of 2022 as I just started out, so I’ll give it a try next year.
Thanks a lot! Starting simple would be better, and of course you’ve already earn some beer. I’ll be there in August if we (my friends and I) survive finding a good house-appartment to rent 😆
Good luck with that, you can already guess why I’m leaving to go nomading for a while 😉
I’m betting that once we’re there, all the good ads that are online are going to disappear or will have horrible clauses facepalm
But yes I’ll gladly take that beer, Amsterdam’s nice (& give Utrecht a try!), I’m not leaving for a long while until November! Feel free to get back any time as I’m now in the middle of experimenting with all the ZZP stuff, I hope that I can manage everything administration-wise in a few months all by myself, when I hopefully work full-time on my own company
But to give you a rough idea of what I’ve done so far:
• Register myself at Chamber of Commerce (kvk)
• Set up a company bank account at Revolut (it’s free, but it sucks because there are 0 integrations with Dutch bookkeeping software, and those are aimed at the Dutch market so they’ve got tax rules and stuff built-in)
• Set up a company bank account at Knab (Dutch online bank like Bunq but they seemed the cheapest for starting out)
• Start a trial at Jortt as was recommended by a friend, the software seems nice as it tries to automate a lot of things, but it can only do so if it can read your (Dutch) bank account transactions. However as I mentioned they recommend using the built-in translator of your browser for other languages than Dutch, which I find quite a pity. There are many more alternatives so I’d just give them a try, they all should offer trials, although some of them actually cost more to connect to your bank account, depending on the bank and software.
And that’s it. I also did some stuff in regards to setting up my travels by train but that’s probably too specific for you now. And I might go to the Dutch tax office’s website (Belastingdienst) and request a provisional tax return based on my estimated freelancing income, because otherwise I’ll have to suddenly pay all of my taxes at once next year, and with a provisional tax return I believe you can request the Belastingdienst to calculate your monthly taxes and pay them immediately, just like your employer would do normally.
That’s amazing info. Thanks a lot 💕 I’ll come for an update once we finnally decide when to move
No problem, exciting times ahead! Best of luck and keep us in the loop!
I’ve been very happy with 🙂 Basically they advised the same as hxeckdeowwwg — start as a ZZP as it’s much simpler and there’s no need for a BV, though sometimes the tax is better from around €100k/year profit. Billing US customers hasn’t been a problem for us but it depends on exactly what category the work you do falls into (we can simply do 0% tax which makes it easy), and then there’s some specific stuff about ‘reverse charging’ vat to other EU countries (and charging VAT for any NL customers).

Professional accountancy is a bit expensive, but I definitely am happy I don’t have to figure it all out myself 😄
I used| business account for international payments
• ING bank account for holding funds (because I don’t trust digital banks and it integrates with the dutch tax systems etc.
• Also as Max says, it’s annoying that the Dutch have their own bookkeeping format so you’ll have to do manual book keeping or pay accountancy firm to do this for you. Mijn Accountant uses| for book keeping so I have to use that too and it’s not great, but htey do the difficult parts
Good tips yeah Pieter also recommended Wise to me for international payments. Revolut Business in that sense can be cheaper (their cheapest, freelancer only plan is free and has a few free international transactions per month), but as soon as you want to use your company name or aren’t a freelancer then you’ll need to pay up for a monthly subscription, so then Wise’d be better I think. Also, only having Revolut for sending/receiving international funds seems like a hassle so I don’t think I’ll continue using it (I’d have to transfer from Knab to Revolut and then to my destination and vice versa, although maybe it’s the same with Wise).

Being a customer of both ING (consumer) and Knab (business) I can say that ING definitely has a nicer interface, but that’s regarding the consumer part of things, I can only hope it’s the same for their business accounts. Knab is more limited but as a freelancer you’re not transferring hundreds of thousands every month using bulk transactions and whatnot :stuck_out_tongue:. Manual bookkeeping is a pain, so the accountant tip is nice, although if you’d like to learn a bit for yourself just use some of the popular software like Moneybird, e-boekhouden, Jortt etc in combination with an accountant or advisor so you can see if it’s worth delegating or if you can save some money by doing it yourself with the help of some software 😉
🛬 ahudwevehre just arrived in ⚓️ Rotterdam, #netherlands
🛬 uxvemjxk just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
waveskin-tone-2 Hi everyone

Anyone having tips for accommodation in Amsterdam during the summer, we want to book a room for 3 persons.

🛬 qyclsvphdlf just arrived in ⚓️ Rotterdam, #netherlands
🛬 cbfhmcctpmi just arrived in ⚓️ Rotterdam, #netherlands
what’s your favourite bank in the Netherlands? I’ve been with ING since forever, but they’re really beginning to annoy me. They want me to come into a branch to do some things, but then they also provide only 3 time slots total to visit the branch over the next month on their ‘online appointment maker’ thing..

I tried to go into the branch and make an appointment for a different time and was told the only way is to use the online form :disappointed:

Is ABN / RABO / something else going to be any better or do I just have to suffer?

(looking for a real, physical, old school bank that has branches and people I can talk to in case things go wrong. I use Wise, Revolut etc for day-to-day stuff but don’t want to store larger amounts of cash with them).
I cannot speak for other banks than ING and Knab, but as far I’ve seen ING is still one of the more modern big banks, I think – even if you can’t make many appointments, at least you _can_ make them (a low bar, sadly). They supported logging in and approving transactions by smartphone way before other banks did, while those were stuck with random digital card readers and stuff. I can only compare it to what I’ve seen my friends use and my own usage of Knab (business), but ING’s website for example is way more extensive; modern and full of functionality, compared to Knab’s. I think you should try to make an appointment at the other big banks with physical branches and see how that goes for you.
Also ING used to have very small branches inside of bookstores and stuff, but maybe they got rid of those, that was a very big plus for me.
ok thanks, that’s kind of what I thought too — overall they are good and I hardly ever have to go into a branch
but annoying that they can’t make a time convenient for me rather than them
Quick related question. How long does it usually take to open a bank account (and get a card) with them?
Is it the same process with just 3 slots for appointments or opening is faster? seemed like a pretty modern neo-bank
yeah but like Knab and Revolut they’re fully digital right? I don’t think that’s what sixhobbits is looking for
I use bunq, they’re alright but fairly expensive, especially when you’re coming from Germany and used to free bank accounts.
I think for personal / sole prop accounts you can open at the ’service points (what jcvfraxtzvtk mentioned above — there are a lot of them around).

For a B.V. account you have to make an appointment and go to a branch which is when you have to find a slot.
I use bunq too. It’s not the cheapest, but it works pretty well, and never had to set foot at any branch
Thanks! Yeah, personal/sole prop is what I need
Hey guys, does anyone want to go to the "Herring festival" in the Hague this weekend? I just want to watch people eat raw fish joynauseated_face
🛬 hvnifdfksvriu just arrived in 🇳🇱 The Hague, #netherlands
anyone know how to get a work permit to employ yourself through a B.V.? I have a residence card that is restricted to ‘self employment’ — converted my Eenmanszaak to a B.V. and now apparently I’m illegal or something :thinking_face:

IND referred me to UWV to apply for a permit who referred me back to IND to apply for a new residence card rather
or if anyone can recommend a good Netherlands immigration lawyer I think they might already know the answers to all my questions from experience.
Hiya waveskin-tone-2 just double check there is no Covid restriction to enter Netherland from an EU country? I read on the official website said so. Just want to confirm with people who are recently entering the country:)
Not from my experience! But I’m Dutch, so not sure for others
nop, nothing 🙂
Looking to rent a 2 bed house in a smaller Dutch town with good rail connections in summer 2023 (approx Jun 4 - Aug 5). AirBnB is pricey, and other places offer 6 month leases. Anyone have any good suggestions that fit the bill?
Does it matter where in the netherlands?
Not especially, although the further South-West the better for access to other countries in the region. I have a friend who used to live in Amersfoort, and I’m thinking somewhere with a similar size, geography, proximity to a bigger city would be ideal.
🛬 nxhenqy just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
🛬 qbdkhbucyrgarl just arrived in Weert, #netherlands
🛬 ibfbaeqxppy just arrived in 🇳🇱 Utrecht, #netherlands
How did you go with this one? I am also looking
I haven’t found anything so far, but still only looking casually with it being a year out. Please share if you find something.
🛬 tpkptorbxw just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
🛬 eiwjpvd just arrived in 🛶 Amsterdam, #netherlands
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