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New York City Chat - Meet people when traveling in New York City on Nomad List

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Hot desking doesn't work for you U0HAV3AKB?
No sir
How much gear do you need to work?
I need a private office for my boss and myself. I use a 43 inch monitor and my laptop. He'll use something similar. Starting beginning of October
Standing desks, large spaces and views would be great
gmisjura1 3mo anyone co living spaces like this one for new york?
There is Common Coliving, Roomrs, and a few others I'm sure. Just can't remember them all.

Outsite is definitely the nicest though.
Thanks ohzxyhmokkqn for setting up the meetup for tomorrow - who else is in?
No problem. Thank U02MY27FQ86. It was his idea.
start time is a little late - was that intentional?
scotty529 3mo
No, we were planning to do 6:30 p.m
scotty529 3mo
hpwsklxvvyxo can you please change that?
eicxiilvfyl you never said a time ๐Ÿ™‚
I had set 19:00 originally but I had to figure my way around the buggy code :laughing:.

When I opened the โ€œcreate eventโ€ modal again, I must have missed that the time was changed to 9pm. My bad.
I canโ€™t change the time. I can only update the description so I put 19:00 there.
If you need to place non-portable gear, usually youโ€™ll be stuck in a small office, and the view depends on what the window is looking out at. I just use an iPad so I can get away with working at the coffee shop/restaurant/lounge at 5 star hotels.
scotty529 3mo
gxxrbrl ckpbhcmaykf ugcjqpoeycmn lvsspz bfgaohiroz ijyxmkxbhv pcmenbgh onjtxhyajt ozjpmvlshals Making sure so read above. Meetup is at 7p.m EST (19:00). Not 21:00
unfortunately not going to be able to make it after all
scotty529 3mo
Anyone going to the meetup wana meet earlier at 6:30?
shady 3mo
Thanks for the update.
dionysus 3mo
Could've sworn I saw 21:00 first time around! Bummer won't be able to join this one if it's earlier in the evening but hope it's a fun get-together ๐Ÿป
nickries 3mo
Be there like 715
akqrceenpxy Are you inside?
scotty529 3mo
1 min I will be
scotty529 3mo
ofrbomentxrj where you at?
scotty529 3mo
Got a table downstairs
scotty529 3mo
We are at a table in the basement
nickries 3mo
Be there in a minute
840 for me
yxlmbwcyckrp vlsduasqrn we're still here
Letโ€™s see pics!
Hopefully someone took pics
pics or it didnโ€™t happen
ah, i missed this, bummer! would love to attend another meetup in nyc!
scotty529 3mo
dkicep took some pics
noellela 3mo
:frame_with_picture: next week :frame_with_picture:
Thu, Sep 22, 2022, 12:00 PM โ€“ Sun, Sep 25, 2022, 5:00 PM EDT
Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
bptlxp can you upload the pictures?
I am based here too for the time being and the foreseeable future
cool looks like another meetup is on the cards, NYC is poppin!
nezblert 2mo
Sadly I will be too late for the September meet-up but I'm in NYC between 18-26 October and it would be great to meet with anyone during this time. Coffee, beer, whatever. I know it's been quiet in here but thought I'd give it a chance.
Hey everyone, any recommendations for a hostel in Manhattan?
I've had great experiences at the Freehand in the Flatiron district.
minti2 2mo
Hey everyone just a friendly reminder about the NYC meetup this Thursday! See you then
minti2 2mo
Hi cnyqrjrshm I'm organizing a meetup in NYC tomorrow (info here in this channel) stop by if you can
nezblert 2mo
Wish I could, not in town for a few weeks.
minti2 2mo
Hey NYC nomads attending the meet-up tonight. We got a table outside and will be there waiting for you. They also have heaters there in case we might need them. See you soon
Awesome meetup last night thanks lyrhpxlg for organizing
minti2 2mo
Great times pulwrrmvvehe glad to meet you all and thanks for taking the time to stop by and connect. Let's keep in touch
Bummed I couldn't make it! I'll have to create a meet up for when I'm free
albertol 2mo
Hey guys! Any cool places where to work from in NY? I have been at Devocion in Williamsburg which is pretty cool but was wondering if there are ny other cool places?
scotty529 2mo
Thereโ€™s many! Any preferred areas you are looking for?
albertol 2mo
actually I donโ€™t really have a preferred area, I would like to find one where to make new connections / get know people ๐Ÿ˜Š
albertol 2mo
Iโ€™m open to any zone
sasac3000 2mo
Devocion in willy bโ€™s was the best place I worked from. Some of the cafes I went to actually had no laptop signs. That being said I did think `Variety Coffee Roaster` was decent and `Partners Coffee`, `Blue bottle` in willy bโ€™s, and `Eleva Coffee` in Greenpoint where pretty good as well.
albertol 2mo
Thanks guys! Super appreciated!
workfrom .co is also useful for finding good spots
I find NYC coworking places to be kind of quiet and focused and haven't met many people yet. I'm trying out a WeWork all-access pass so I go a lot these days.

My favorites so far are the 195 Montague St. Brooklyn Heights location (cute neighborhood), and 511 W. 25th (views of the High Line). I go to 408 Broadway in Tribeca lot just because it's convenient from where I live.

I'm always interested in having company so hit me up if you ever want to join! (This goes for anyone reading this thread too btw...ALSO...I can get you in as a guest, so reach out :relaxed:)
Iโ€™m also an all access member - youโ€™re right, w 25th st is a good one, has a terrace and nice to go for a walk down the high line during a break. It also has a podcast studio you can book out with credits!

Iโ€™d also be down to hang and cowork some time, how about 408 Broadway this coming Thursday?
Cool! Yeah, let's plan on that for Thursday!
Cool beans, see you there!
nickries 2mo
Anyone already at cellar dog?
Iโ€™ll be there in about 20!
nomadryan 2mo
Iโ€™m here.
nezblert 2mo
Heading in now. Have sprayed fizzy water all over myself so hopefully they won't assume I'm some wastrel
nezblert 2mo
Was good to meet everyone on Friday!
nomadryan 2mo
it was great ๐Ÿ‘
Just proposed a NYC meetup in a couple of weeks if anyone wants to RSVP:
noellela 1mo
How'd the place work out? I was sick and couldn't make it, unfortunately.
Hi U03M2QUBV4M! Uh ๐Ÿ˜ž .. Yes it was a good place, we had some beers there and then we move to talk to a quieter place (the music was quite loud there)
noellela 1mo
Thanks for the recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚
dionysus 1mo
bwlicqprunxr - looking forward to the event! ๐Ÿป last meetup started after 9 - confirming that this is for 7 pm

Thanks for proposing the event - great spot!
7pm it is!
Recommendation for a laundry pick up and delivery service?
h 23d
Just about every mom & pop laundromat in NYC offers this, and likely cheaper, faster, and with better service than a large company. And you'd be giving your money to a locally owned small business.
Just joined today, will try and make it!
Hey yall! Do you guys know anyone who's trying to relocate to NYC? I would love to chat and know a little about your experience!
legtar 2d
Going to be in NY 29 December to 5 January. Will be glad to chat with nomads out there.
Happy to answer any questions you have. I've lived in several neighborhoods below 23rd Street, three neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and I grew up in Queens (Ridgewood area).
Ahh, i'm looking for people who are actually going to go through that process now! Questions are about the relocation process and all that stuff actually. I will reach out with regards to getting to know the community and neighbourhoods though! zwfkymwemv
When you say โ€œprocess,โ€ what do you mean exactly? How to find an apartment?
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