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aqpzzacizbk just arrived in Auckland, #new-zealand
Hey peeps! Myself and ebjrumfisoz above ^ probably were the last foreigners let into the country. Feeling pretty lucky and thankful to NZ government for letting us trhough
We went into isolation straight away, but looking for things to do and explore the country once things get back to normal again
Any recommendations for groups to join on Telegram/FB for hikes and other activities around here?
jaezu lzqqjmfgiln welcome! I made it in Friday morning and am currently in isolation.... yeah, normal might take a bit of time as I'm sure they'll restrict movements within the regions soon...
Telegram groups etc - not sure TBH
Going down south island have to say it's pretty stunning :sunglasses:. For my trails I am using| for trail status, hop into an i-site for local trails or into any YHA hostel as well, check| or do parts of the TA. When they are locking down intercity travel due to covid my whole plans will change quite a bit..
Also every city does the normal adventure activities (skydiving, rafting,..). I find a useful way to plan the locations of the YHA hostels. If you travel through those, make sure to take a membership, pays back quickly.
Ah - I forgot how good the DoC site is. Shows how much I've explored the country of my birth lol ๐Ÿ˜†
Alert level raised. Looks like another 4 weeks in isolation. Time to focus on getting some side projects completed!
Does anybody know if it will be allowed to change Airbnbs since weโ€™re not supposed to be outside except for grocery shopping and some other essential stuff, especially since they might raise it to the highest level? Mine is rather expensive (as everything here) and after 14 days self-isolation i would move in with other nomads who came here at the same time to share costs, if possible. Also, to get out of Papakura ๐Ÿ˜…
Damn - why did you end up in Papakura lol.... even I wouldn't go there haha. I would try and change AirBnB's before Wednesday if I were you.... however, you will probably need to notify HealthLine (should have received a pamphlet on arrival) with your new address, otherwise if the cops turn up to your current place and you're not there, it could cause you a few issues...
Anyone else wants / needs to extent their NZeTA? I just can't find the right website / form or email for that. Does it make sense to just apply for a visitor visa with a covid note? I have almost completed it, but isn't a visitor visa a bit more expensive than the NZeTA that is like 9$ for waiver countries?
Anyway I just want to extent the visitor status in time, maybe someone else already did that for NZeTA here so let me know.
Yea, the cops have been here already to check ๐Ÿ˜‰ Other friends also changed addresses and notified authorities last week, so Iโ€™ll definitely do that. I ended up here because I had no idea about NZ or Auckland and decided in a matter of hours to bug out of Bali, booked a flight and this was an Airbnb that would take me, cheap enough and near the airport ๐Ÿ˜…
ituzwglvpkbuc definitely let us know if itโ€™s possible, we also have been wondering just in case it takes 3+ months. not so worried about visa costs, but I donโ€™t want to overstay of course and wtf knows what flights will look like in 3 months. or tomorrow for that matter ๐Ÿ˜„
Man I do not envy the nomad life in this particular moment. Although it does feel nice going โ€˜Oh, 4 weeks in isolation? Nnnno problemโ€™, heh
fyiplvfhily yeah haha I'm glad I am here though as long as everyone keeps their distance we still have a chance. We will see end of this week if people get it.
seabdoetpwviu For sure. I guess the good thing so far is only very few have required hospitalisation.... but you're right, we won't know the full extent of things for some time.
jtezox fair enough. Interestingly, I've not had a visit from the cops yet lol.
xpqjdct with "if people get it" i actually meant if people are smart enough to minimize contacts :D but yeah community transmission should also show up by the end of the week. Just hope bar closures don't lead to young people doing corona parties...
Ah, gotcha.
So visitor visa is 246nzd and I attached a Covid19 cover letter.
Anyway I will wait a week or so before paying and submitting in the hopes there will be an official statement or cheaper way to extend.
Interesting. How long does that give you?
Nice tips guys. Thanks!
The visitor visa? I don't know. You put an end date yourself, i put july 31 to just add another 3 months.
I have to leave by end of april so still time to watch the situation for a week or two, but the planes that do fly won't be cheap so anyway. I prepare mentally for experiencing winter in wellington
Winter in Wellington is a bit shite, but not as bad as some other places...
Winter in Wellington is not that bad
I think the worst part about Wellington winter is wellingtonians complaining about how shit it is joyjoy
ujkhvngm very true. Did you manage to get back, BTW?
Not yet. GF still at the hospital. Waiting for her to be discharged to move our flights
So all temporary visas are being extended to september if it expires between april 1 and july 9.
People will get an email confirmation.
If visa expires before april 1 for whatever reason have to apply online for a new visa if they can't get out in time
Oh wow! Mine would expire mid June. I really love this country so far โค๏ธ
That doesnโ€™t include NZETA though right URRDC9ULT?
bbshd2mo />
> โ€œTravellers with a temporary (work, student, visitor, interim and limited) visa expiring before 1 April 2020 who are unable to leave New Zealand must apply online for a new visa. An interim visa will be issued.
> Travellers with a temporary visa due to expire between 1 April and 9 July 2020 will have their visas extended to late September. Confirmation of extensions will be emailed to all visa holders.โ€
cjosjb well i would think NZeTA is a temporary visitor visa... but yeah I am not sure. It's a bit weird they simply won't mention that type ever
If i don't hear from them 2 weeks before expiry i will apply or call or whatever
Itโ€™s technically visa waiver (โ€œElectronic Travel Authorityโ€) I think. So just a registration to confirm we actually do _not_ need a visa. But thanks anyway. Iโ€™ll see what I need in 2 months, canโ€™t forsee anything now anyway ๐Ÿ™‚
fpspwbo just arrived in ๐Ÿ Queenstown, #new-zealand
Haha, damn I didn't break the stay-at-home rules, settings on the site were outdated, was already here since tuesday ๐Ÿ˜Ž
fjxjuwccbnbo just arrived in Auckland, #new-zealand
hvefwfjoxkm just arrived in Rotorua, #new-zealand
Still moving around?
Nope, had to leave โ€™cause we couldnโ€™t extend the AirBnB after the self-isolation period, which smoothly transitioned into the Level 4 lockdown. Had no choice. Luckily, we can stay here now until the lockdown is over
Hey guys, anyone in auckland?
Yup ๐Ÿ‘‹
Yup! West harbor
You went from one side of Auckland right over to the other bfjjiy ๐Ÿ˜†
But this one is a nice big house with friends and a nice view of the city โ€ฆ much better than papakura ๐Ÿ˜›
Mate, anywhere is better than Papakura
But yeah, some decent sized family homes out west Auckland way..
For how long will you be in auckland?
Maybe after the lockdown we can go for beer or pool or both ๐Ÿ˜Ž
The government seems to think September ๐Ÿ˜… I donโ€™t have a plan but wouldnโ€™t mind staying here longer if I get to see the country after the lockdown. And itโ€™s not like I have a home to go back to ๐Ÿ˜›
Thereโ€™s 8 of us in this house, we should definitely have a winter BBQ or something when itโ€™s possible again
It'll be before September ๐Ÿ™‚
Not the level 4 lockdown, but they extended the visas until September. Also, no predictions concerning this age well ๐Ÿ˜› So letโ€™s see, definitely keen on some beers and BBQ
Ah - true.
I ended up stuck in Dunedin the last month, but may run for Christchurch either this weekend or next.
On 6 June, I'm flying up to North Island from Christchurch. On 11 June, I have a flight to head home (Iowa) from Auckland.
I expect the international flight will go through, but worry they will keep me from the domestic one.

Anyone else in Christchurch? What is your living situation like?
Also, another topic- but does anyone here have a NZ Credit/Debit card that allows them to spend overseas with little-to-no conversion fees?
I have my US cards (VentureOne and the like) that are amazing while traveling. Though, I make a New Zealand income that I want to spend in South America next year.
Converting money from NZD to USD, in order to spend it as COP just seems ridiculous. Thanks for any advice!
xynroxlq Not really a traditional bank account but you can use Transferwise borderless (it comes with a debit card with very high spending limits). If you're a US citizen you can also use Revolut. Both option have the cheapest fees out there I believe, especially for NZ which doesn't have many options.
I'm using both to convert from/to USD/NZD and it's working very well for me
especially Revolut since there is really 0 fees for the conversion
Thanks aquyjcesx I have the Transferwise borderless card issued out of the US. I've been using it to send money from NZ to the US.
Though, Transferwise fees from NZ or US to Colombia (where I plan on living come July) are very high. It's actually cheaper to use my New Zealand ANZ debit card and pay the 1.8% conversion fee.

I'll look into Revolut now. If you have one, feel free to PM me a referral link.
hnlvccuv In the background Revolut uses transferwise but I use Revolut anyways because for some reason they do not have the fees Transferwise has (for instance with TW you would pay ~$4,5 to convert your money, with Revolut it's 0)
nqijirggw - I'm downloading the app now and will take a look. Thanks.
otteionh The only thing you have to be careful about is the intermediate bank fees when you transfer money. For instance I noticed when I transferred $8k USD I've got a $20 fee but when I transferred $4k USD I've got $0 fees. Also the $8k USD was much faster to arrive than the $4k. I think they probably have internal thresholds (like > $5k) and depending on the amount they internally use a specific intermediate bank.
Now I only transfer sums < $5k to make sure I don't get any hidden fees
Wow I didn't know that, tbh I use my transferwise card only to top up Revolut haha
since it's instant transfer at $0 fee
and Revolut works pretty much anywhere, even in the butthole of the world (I used it in French Polynesia)
That's good to know about the possible fees for higher amounts. Probably wouldn't go over $2-3k at a time anyway.
You can hold NZD with Revolut with instant conversion from/to USD at $0 fee
unlike TW
qbdyrsdhc - I've been messing with the Revolut app for the last 30min and am unimpressed.
โ€ข There is no human support, unless you pay $10 for premium. (When I called, I selected the key to leave a formal complaint- and was immediatly disconnected. lol)
โ€ข The name they put on my new card (that they are mailing to me) is not my proper\legal name. I was able to contact Transferwise to have this easily corrected; Revolut doesn't have a way for them to be contacted.
โ€ข When I try to add money to my Revolut New Zealand account, it will only let me add US Dollars. Even after selecting my NZ account, the only way to charge Revolut seems to be USD.
โ€ข It might be that my account is empty, but I can't see anyway to transfer money from one currency to another. Nor am I able to see any of their fees listed.
The issue may be somewhat with me not understanding how this company operates. Though, if I can't even contact them for support without paying... I'm not inclined to link my bank account. Thoughts?
As you suggested, I'm sending money to Transferwise in order to send money to Revolut, as a test.
ynczzvmc Hum, interesting. I'm a metal customer so my experience might be a bit different. As for the support I always get someone on the chat (and most of the time pretty quickly). Note To bypass the bot and reach a human just type `/human` in the chat.

For NZD indeed you have to top up your money in USD and them make the conversion within the app or you can top up with NZD but with an IBAN number.

> It might be that my account is empty, but I can't see anyway to transfer money from one currency to another. Nor am I able to see any of their fees listed.
To transfer from one currency to another you have an "Exchange" button in the app. As for the fees there are none with most operation (if not stated). What kind of fees are we talking about?
Hey hmibittxc thanks for the pointers. It appears the chat option within the app is only for paying customers ($10 USD month). So, no support for someone on a free account.

My income is in NZD and I have the goal of spending overseas.
The fees for Revolut seem to be hidden under a less than optimal exchange rate. Still the end result seems to be a better overall rate than Transferwise. Iโ€™d be curious to see if I can use the card in Colombia- as it doesnโ€™t look like a currency they support.

Thanks again for the support. I may stick to Transferwise for the time being. Hope you still got the referral points, as I added money to my account.
why do you need to send money anywhere? use your NZ card to top up your transferwise and use your transferwise card in Colombia
oops wait I missed a big chunk of the conversation which just loaded ๐Ÿ˜„
so ignore what I wrote above if not pertinent
eirelzvzck - Today I opened a New Zealand credit card through ANZ bank. Both the New Zealand debit card and credit card take 1.8% in a conversion fee (no foreign transaction fee). That rate is better than what Transferwise offers converting to Colombian Peso.
The other issue is that my cards mat not work in some countries, such as Bolivia, at all. I need to check and see what my US cards say.

The best (but painful) option may be to convert from NZD to USD with Transferwise, then use my US CapitolOne cards on South America.

I like the seemingly better transfer rate offered by Revolut. Though, they donโ€™t take NZD which is where I am starting.
That's very weird because I can definitely use NZD with my Revolut
I even used it when I was in New Zealand
and I can click "Add money" and I get an IBAN for money transfers
(I sent you a picture of what "Add money" looks like on my side in dm)
qmjvqigpa - Thanks for the PM.
My guess is that contributing via NZD is only an option for select users, or paid accounts.
Perhaps I'll try a premium account for a month. Thanks.
gocfxddwakg just arrived in Wellington, #new-zealand
xvwuvoac just arrived in Christchurch, #new-zealand
0 reported cases today for the first time since cases were reported. Borders will be closed for a long time yet, bit the Great New Zealand Road Trip looking like a good possibility for this year
Yeah, I think borders will open faster than we think.... a trans-tasman bubble will be first, and then other countries like Taiwan will be quickly added to the mix...
ekbjufye That place in Bream Bay looks amazing
It was a spectacular view. I've had some nice housesits over the past year.
wdplenajosd just arrived in New Plymouth, #new-zealand
chrgtmqelkf just arrived in Wellington, #new-zealand
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