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Philippines Chat - Meet people when traveling in Philippines on Nomad List

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Hey! I want to spend some time in Siargao next year. Has anyone been there as a digital nomad? I'd like to know if internet is ok, if there are any work-friendly cafes and so on. It's a place I really want to visit but I don't know if it's the most reliable place to work. Thanks!!
I hear only bad things but haven't been myself.
xonufyy internet is pretty bad there. There are some cafes, but usually they donโ€™t offer wifi. What Iโ€™d recommend is buying Globe at Home modem for 1000PHP I think it is comes with 10gb I get around 10mbps with good LTE signal.
Pocket wifis are junk, as is the Smart one. Only one Iโ€™ve had luck with is Globe at Home. Most places are starting to get Fiber Optic though. Davao has it, smaller cities around it have it, Panglao, Bohol has it. So maybe wait a year? Or try your luck with the Globe at Home
Siargo is cool though we stayed right near Bravo Beach Resort Siargao if you Google Maps it thatโ€™s a perfect spot
which bank's ATMs have the least strict withdrawal limits?
> ๐ŸŽ‰ โ€œAt midnight (Tuesday), the martial law in Mindanao will end after two years and seven months or 953 days of effectivity,โ€
Not exactly sure what a Mindanao not under martial looks like, as it's been under "martial law:tm:" since I've been here ๐Ÿค”
In IT Park, Cebu City until 14.03. (most of the time at least). Anyone up for a Red Horse or beverage of your choice?
I'm in IT Park most days too. Up for food :D
Sounds good too! I'll pm you later
I'm gonna be in Manila for a week and then have 3 weeks of vacation, any good recommendations for destinations for some exploring, nature and beaches?
From Manila you can take a flight to Palawan, then Cebu (go to the south) and Siargao
dbttwgscumcwv I'm flying to cebu on friday... will be there for around a week. you still in town? ๐Ÿ™‚
I'll be in town the next three weeks for sure! Just pm when you're around ๐Ÿ™‚
Excellent! Will ping ๐Ÿ™‚
Hey all! Nice to meet you.

I'm considering heading to this paradise called Philippines for two months in Feb!

Just wanted to ask a super common question (I can guess it's been asked at least 100 times in different forms, yet I can't use the search as I guess that requires a paid Slack account. It seems I can't scroll up either unless I upgrade). Here goes.

How good is cellular data coverage in some of the remote islands of the Philippines nowadays in 2020? I know Internet is generally slow in the Philippines, but I don't really care about speed too much, more about connectivity (usually just need to clear an e-mail inbox / SSH / etc). Therefore any kind of data connection would be good.

I'm referring to destinations like El Nido, Coron, Dumaguete, Manjuyod, Oslob, Badian, Panglao, Bohol, & Siargao. I won't be spending too much time in populous cities (e.g. Manila) where coverage is guaranteed to be good.

Thanks for any insights, and hoping to meet some of you down there!
On remote islands probably close to non-existent. But I would like to hear about specific spots too. I've been to a few of the places mentioned in the past but not for working.
olkvnrrswb just get both Globe and Smart SIM cards and you should have coverage
Generally applicable tip use OpenSignal app to check cellular data availability in the particular area
ssvvibthu and jpmuwtjgggn these are two extremely valuable tips! I really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚ Will definitely be getting both sim cards!
And the OpenSignal app is a godsend! I can't believe I haven't heard of it until now. Awesome tip mate. Looks like coverage is really comprehensive actually!
After checking coverage in the locations I mentioned above, pretty much all of them have some kind of coverage! If not directly there, maybe a short drive away. Woohoo! ๐ŸŽ‰
jxhpgtljet I find the signal to be fine in Davao, Bohol, Samal and Boracay, as they said just get the Globe/Smart sims and know that not everywhere will have good signal so maybe rent a place for a bit then check for long-term spot that has good LTE signal. With good LTE signal you can get a Globe at Home and get 10-20MBPS for cheap. Most places are getting fiber optic now too, but I always have the GatHome for backup.
I found smart to have better coverage in cebu and boracay fwiw
My girl could often watch youtube (smart) and I could barely load webpages (globe)
Also the smart sim still worked when we got back to vietnam, and my globe sim died immediately, so maybe theres some roaming on that
Super helpful info guys, appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚
anyone has any tips to work from coron?
Hey all, i'm planning a trip to the Phillipines in mid-Feb, i'm looking to surf as well as training some MMA. I was looking at Siargao, there's an interesting looking gym there, SOS, and its a popular surf spot. Preferably I want my accomodation near a good surfing beach and the gym - looks like the area around General Luna is the place to be. Anyone haave any experiences there - thoughts, recommdendations?
Does someone know situation about Taal volcano at Manila? I have tickets to Manila at Monday and a bit scary ๐Ÿ˜„
Yeah, it's not looking good right now. The eruption continues, and magma is moving around beneath the surface. Could get worse at any time. Make sure to confirm your flight; many were diverted to Clark last time Taal spewed ash.
Okay thanks. But is there a danger to consider to cancel the trip?
If I had a ticket to Manila right now I'd definitely be second guessing myself. Not for fear of personal injury, but certainly because conditions on the ground might worsen at any time, so there's some extra risk involved in going, and it might become difficult to leave.
It's clear right now, but who knows if it'll stay that way. ๐Ÿคท
My girlfriend lives in the area currently, so I get daily updates.
Thank you guys, Iโ€™ll wait for couple more days and then decide what to do bfifgbzbejenawzpf donโ€™t mind if I ask you in a couple of days about update?
At this short notice, I'd just change plans. Not going to have much certainty in the short-term. ๐Ÿค”
Try searching Twitter for "Phivolcs Taal" and you should pull up some quasi-official information
Thanks for the info on the volcano situation ๐Ÿ‘
I am still emailing back and forth with the airplane ticket company about a refund. But actually still haven't decided go or not at Monday .
pvinhcqt which airline?
would you be heading anywhere else in philippines or only manila?
Cebu Pacific to the Philippines and Air Asia back home. But I am talking to trip.com|trip.com they acclaimed they have insurance for these cases.
Only Manila 27-29 January
oh, a visa run for you?
could always try flying to cebu or davao
there's direct flights there to bali
unless you meant home home ๐Ÿ˜›
Yes visa run. No back to Bali, home is here for now :grinning:. Iโ€™m considering just change to KL as usual.
taal volcano is like 100-200 km south of manila.. cebu or davao are much farther
Yeah I started considering this, it's a bit inconvenience though :(
But at least the costs is really small
Taal Volcano is 55 km from the airport in Manila ๐ŸŒ‹
Okay eventually I decided to go to Manila. I hope everything will be all right. ๐Ÿคž My Airbnb host reassure me that activity is less now and they have everything in case something happens ๐Ÿ™‚
```hey lurglxgws ever figure out a good spot in siargao? debating going there in march for some surf but concerned about internet connectivity```
hey ptxqzjrah ever figure out a good spot in siargao? debating going there in march for some surf but concerned about internet connectivity
hcqmhthavpke yeah I found a place on Airbnb c!ose to the beach. It says it has WiFi throughout the building but this be a third-world country, and as far as I am aware, you'll be using you mobile SIM data most of the time anyway, so it doesn't matter ๐Ÿ‘
nice! i think i will go for it.
Plus, it's one of those places you can get a mobile SIM at the airport when you land and they give you tons of data for very cheap
and the mobile connection is good enough to hot spot off ?
Yep. 4G is great around the whole region. Provided by a Singapore telecommunications company, I believe.
They even launched 5G networks if you have a compatible phone, so super quick
best news iโ€™ve heard all day
you been to the philipines before?
No first time. I have traveled through Indonesia and Malaysia and Thailand extensively. But first time in Philippines. Opted for siargao for the surfing
Might spend some nights I Manila but haven't decided yet. I have friends who went recently and they tell me good things so...
ive heard great things about siargao for surf. i am spending february in canggu but want to get some place for some unspoiled surf
especially since iโ€™ve heard theres tons of trash in bali
Yeah. So dad about Bali ๐Ÿ˜ž
I'm my opinion is been ruined. Though if it's your first time you might still enjoy it
In Kuta your basically surfing in raw sewage, it's disgusting
yeah i hope so. sounds like its real bad though - i was pretty bummed
it will be my first time in canggu
and i got a place specifically close to old mans for the surf and then i started reading about the beach and was like whoa. thanks a lot instagram for deceiving me yet again
Canggu was still better than Kuta or Seminyak when I went. The beach there is rocky but good if you're advanced. However, plenty of plastic rubbish gets brought in by the tide
Yeah, I blame Julia Roberts and her film ;P
yeah, i blame myself for being a basic b
I think Siargao is a better choice, for now. And the islands around it look incredible
yeah, i also heard sri lanka has some good surf!
thatโ€™s still pretty unspoiled. and thereโ€™s a coworking space there called versa
but philippines looks unmatched. i really want to go but i thought it just wouldnt be possible. however now youve inspired me!
That's true, I have heard about that. I was trying to restrict myself to Southeast Asia this winter so discounted Sri Lanka because of that. But places in looking at in Japan or Hong Kong for March/April are crazy expensive
yeah i am going to japan in mid- march. and its gonna be crazy expensive but its where i have to fly home from
Ha, good to know! I'll be in Siargao Feb 13th, I'll let you know how it is of you still haven't made up your mind
cherry blossom season. i feel like japan is just one of those places youve gotta suck it up
yeah! let me know for sure!
That's why I'm stopping in Japan. Connecting flights,
Yeah exactly, the Cherry blossom thing, good/bad timing
yeah well keep in touch! let me know
Sure! I'll add you to my nomad list Buddy list if there is such a thing
hahaha! yeah i have no idea i just joined today. but ill add you to mine as well
volcano downgraded
Thatโ€™s a great news!
Yeah, looks like some people can return to their homes too. Thinking about going to Manila for a month now ๐Ÿค”
qviasvrh just arrived in ๐ŸŒ† Manila, #philippines
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