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Poland Chat - Meet people when traveling in Poland on Nomad List

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🛬 gsyqgrwr just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
OK so, for now, I've only advertised here, so I'm counting on

<@U02FAFEHJCX> yes?
+1 or 2 friends of mine

<@UUGE4UBAB> how many are a big group? would like to have you around. if you prefer I can choose an open space, although it may get colder. but if you need it, I'd prefer having you in
hwfdxyk - great initiative! Might join, will also depend on work - I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon. Or would you already close the round of participation?
I'm also noticing that KavaLerka closes at 9 PM, might be a bit tight on time no? 🤔
me and dmqvxiicqeu aren’t going to be able to make it later :disappointed:
however, up to meet on saturday during the day if anyone’s down
Also, you guys should come check out/work from Mak utrcng Hotel. This place is awesome
I'm free on Saturday! ✅

Currently working out of Yolk, the Co-working space. I'll add that to my list of places daixpxsmq thanks!
OK guys, let's do saturday then
more people can
and we can actually better plan it, as I didn't have time to do it properly
I do work from yolk quite often as well. I also know Puro, like it very much. Atm I'm at Przestszeny pelna, or something like that
another amazing place to work from is The Temple
it's really good
you may also like the vibe to work from cytat
Cytat is often very busy. I'm also at Yolk guys eaeacoypei biggggv 🤣
well guys
going to yolk tomorrow morning zkzyljjmcm isfyzjfrjrse
we could go for lunch 👍
bogkfau will let you know spontaneously, not sure to have much time over lunch because of support calls but up for a 🍻 afterwork
Oh wow you were at open coffee today U01JRNT9NHH right?sweat_smilejoy
Yep, let's to for lunch! And also an after-work beer, I can do that 😂 (but after 7 only, got a minor client call before that )
No I'm sitting on the first floor fnacqvaplo - barely spending time at the coffee space unfortunately
dgjvxehyztae xnfvmcfshd what time do you guys usually go to lunch?
Today probably around 12:30, maybe later cikrgng
I got a meeting at 13, so I can make it either now, or at 13h30. if that's ok for you guys
will skip today - maybe monday. Or a 🍻 afterwork, but I need to finish something before and then be back at 13:45 latest ypnxfuh
we can go now!
ok, meet you at the outside door in 5m
Hey y'all!

Regarding tomorrow (Saturday), what's the plan? If you're more keen on going to a pub, I've found this,19.9384889,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47165b126ac33793:0x86813e7254a3017a!8m2!3d50.0599994!4d19.9388376|Game Pub> if you're interested in board games and the like.

Or can we just meetup somewhere and then decide on the spot? 🔮
How about dinner at Bonjour Pho and then a drink nearby afterwards? pjfwipbevq ijslgxw noaxnxzdvmvw qtumzqynnsx
Mhhh, I already have a dinner planned! I'm free tomorrow though. Or we can just meetup for drinks after dinner :)
🛬 bibipzmpbjh just arrived in 🇵🇱 Gdansk, #poland
🛬 wtmobsan just arrived in 🇵🇱 Szczecin, #poland
🛬 kjubvrky just arrived in 🇵🇱 Szczecin, #poland
🛬 kgzbzc just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
Anyone in Krakow ? The monthly "Newcomers Welcome" Club is tomorrow 2nd Nov in Zaraz Wracam Tu at 18:00 and Open Coffee Krakow is on 4th in Yolk at 08:00 both free & friendly. is there any way of sharing links to events here without being blocked ?
Only people who are reasonably active and have been around for a while can share links. You can drop me a DM and I'll happily repost them here 😉
Thanks Naz,
just a moment
I'm in Krakow, and I'm planning on going to the newcomers event :)
Does anybody know If I'm crossing into Poland by bus from within the Schengen Zone, are there any special requirements?
You can cross 
1. if you already got vaccinated (two shots),
2. if you recovered from covid, 
3. if you have a negative covid test (PCR or anti-gen)
I hope this helps 😊
Great, thanks, I have both shots. I hope to get the third booster. Do you have any idea if that's available for foreigners in Poland?
Unfortunately - impossible (for now) 😐
Well, I dunno — I’m from Belarus and was able to get a vaccine shot here in Poland. You only need a passport.
Not sure if it’s possible to get a booster tho.
Well, I'm from Poland and got two shots in Croatia ^^, so yes, it's possible, but I can't see any information about the third shot for foreigners. There's a line based on medical necessity (50+, Seniors and Elders now).
🛬 lyistiwwrpbv just arrived in 🇵🇱 Wrocław, #poland
🛬 utsytksg just arrived in 🇵🇱 Wrocław, #poland
Ooh! Nomads in Wroclaw.. is kinda rare! 🤣 Let me know if you guys and anyone else in Wro who wants go grab a drink or whatevsss fxodgmtscpom igejsbcj
Let’s do it! 🙂
nurcpp will you join us?
Y'all can come to Krakow afterwards 😝
Sorry, but I already moved to Porto 😅 But would definitely go out next time 🍻
🤣 damn! nobody likes Wro enough to stay longer than a few days.. meanwhile i'm stuck here
Enjoy U02FAFEHJCX. Best city in Portugal. Source am Portuguese 😆
There are a few nomads that I know of in Krakow ooebgzdloyyyb - you can pay us a visit! 😆
gxarcecflioni well, I was just visiting my brother there 😌 But yeah, not a fan of it lol. Some of my friends are actually love it though!
tycvmrqakm yo, awesome! Yeah, it’s great so far 🙂 I really liked Krakow as well
Anyone in Katowice?
Any recommendations for a co-working and short term accommodation?
Hello people! I'm planing to stay in Wroclaw for two months starting Dec 19 but I just found out that all the airbnb listings are over 1k/mo so I'm considering getting a hotel for a couple nights and try to find an apartment with local real estate agents or smth… does anyone know how can I get an apartment there for less than $800/mo?
I know that long agreements for a 1 bedroom apartments are around 400-600usd but since it's only for two months I would spend some more, but no 1 or 2k LMAOO
Have you tried messaging Airbnb hosts and asking for a discount?
I ended up doing that and it resulted fine, got a good apartment for 42 days at only $900
Most landlords are hesitant to rent out to foreigners especially for short stays.. Airbnb was ridiculous when I looked! Where did you end up getting an apartment in U029H1U28E5?
🛬 ycaplxcnxw just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
I also arrived in Kraków today, not realizing how bad the air pollution is right now. I've booked an Airbnb for five nights but already considering leaving the city sooner than that, the apartment smells of smoke and it's making me feel sick 😩 Any tips? How do other people deal with high smog days?
zzvgqtlijmkekjvi I'm still here.. 🤣 was also meant to meet up with hcgykqtmbjmk a couple of weeks back but life got real crazy. IF you guys are still in town in January, I'm still here till maybe February 🙂
I’ll stay here until Feb 14, so if you guys have some free time in January it would be super nice to do something
Sure, let's do it
I will be available after the 10th of January
🛬 epdnqo just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
sweet 🙂 let's hang out next week - let me know what days work best!
I've some work to be done between Monday and Tuesday afternoon so it could be at Tuesday evening or Wednesday at any time for me :)
Wednesday or Tuesday works for me 👌
How's Warsaw right now? Any recommendations for good cafes to work from? 😄
literally all cafes and bars in warsaw have decent wifi and don’t care if you open your laptop, but i’d recommend Coffeedesk Kawiarnia - Wilcza 42, Wrzenie Świata (it’s actually a bookstore with a small cafe on the back, really cute) and Cafe Kafka
thanks! defo on my list now 😄
Here some more good coffee places :wink:
• Fat White Coffee Bar
• Forum
awesome man, thanks! 🤗
there's another coffeedesk on próżna 7
• ministerstwo kawy (plac zbawiciela)
• stor (tamka 33)
• relax (złota 8a)
• paloma nad wisłą (wybrzeże kościuszkowskie 22)
• typika (kolejowa 47)
• havana (słowackiego 16/18)
most of these places are pretty small, but you should be able to get a seat if you get there early
Yeah went to both coffeedesks yesterday, such a nice vibe
Hello! Does anyone know if it's possible to get the vaccine booster in Poland without being a resident?
Nope. Already checked that :/
I've checked online and found out the same but some people told that you can get it anyway but paying 30-50eur… the only problem is that I don't know where lol
🛬 naikbjtxmcppialw just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
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