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Poland Chat - Meet people when traveling in Poland on Nomad List

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amade1 3mo
🛬 rbtziruk just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
🛬 kpajwuzpbvrusl just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
dhriaznov 3mo
🛬 zjxwgmtllsq just arrived in 🇵🇱 Gdansk, #poland
qnexdev 3mo
🛬 wxysivuof just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
nomadlist 3mo
tvydqffgnarbwmw is proposing a|meetup in Warsaw, #poland at Bar Koszyki on Thursday, 17 November at 20:00. "Let's meet for a beer and food! Please RSVP, so that I can book a table! See you there!" ✅ RSVP here
syreanis 3mo
We arrive on 17th November, so we are not sure if we will manage. :)
nomadlist 3mo
dumumklaesshemt is organizing a|meetup in Warsaw, # at Bar Koszyki on Thursday, 17 November at 20:00. "Let's meet for a beer and food! Please RSVP, so that I can book a table! See you there!" ✅ RSVP here
Would be great to see you there if you could make it!
Hey, how are people enjoying Poland? I’m considering a stint there. Mostly interested in:
• openess/friendliness of the locals to foreigners
• atmosphere/culture
• weather
anyone have thoughts on Poznan?
I like Poland, but this is very much a personal preference thing. Poles are|coconuts, not peaches>, so a lot of people think they are unfriendly at first, especially in big cities. I find Poles are super friendly and loyal, and it’s a pleasure to be here once you’ve got some real friends.
One major caveat here, there’s a sizable minority here that’s actively hostile to certain groups (e.g. LGBT, muslims). If you are a straight white male from a western country you would likely never notice it without reading the news, but if you’re in one of those groups it can be dangerous.
There’s lots of culture here. It’s the land of Chopin so you can catch an amazing concert in a small intimate recital hall where he played at age 12. There are beautiful 18th century palaces like in Łazienki Park, many housing some incredible artwork. Copernicus was also a Pole and there’s a massive science center named after him.
In terms of weather, it’s a typical 4-season temperate zone climate. Because it’s at a pretty high latitude within the temperate zone, summers are pleasant and it rarely gets oppressively hot, but winters are quite cold and long. Spring and autumn are really colorful and marked by catholic holidays with traditions you may be familiar with like Easter and All-Saints day, as well as some with traditions you likely aren’t familiar with like Śmigus-Dyngus and Andrzejki.
Poznań is an unusual choice for a nomad, most of us go to Kraków. It’s a midsize city and has a lot of german influence because it was part of Germany until recently and it’s still pretty close to the border. It’s quite livable, but there’s not a lot of draw there for your average traveler. If you want a German influenced Polish city, most people would probably recommend Gdańsk instead, which has the Baltic sea and enough attractions to be a common holiday destination for Poles, particularly in summer, which is the best time to be in Poland.
jaimefy 3mo
🛬 mtvnwppxw just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
Thank you for your thoughtful replies! 🙂
yiyqlxousvlmsa why do most folks go to Kraków? What sort of attractions there cater to nomads?
artbalsam 3mo
🛬 oablouljfab just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
gautile 3mo
🛬 zrfaqonut just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
romano 3mo
🛬 ppoebzej just arrived in 🇵🇱 Szczecin, #poland
It’s the second largest city in Poland and a former capital so it’s tons of history and the original architecture survived the war (unlike in other cities which were leveled by the germans). There are lots of hip cafes, bars, shops, etc, and a thriving art scene.
Warsaw is bigger and has slightly better / more expensive everything but the tradeoff is it’s got a corporate hustle vibe and is a little bit sterile because of the nazis flattening it and the soviets covering it in depressing housing blocks. All the other towns are a little bit too small for me.
This is really all personal preference. Some people wanna just go to Zakopane and chill in a tiny mountain resort with hiking and spas, no city life needed. Other people love the Warsaw hustle. I’m sure there’s someone out there who thinks Poznań is the best compromise. On|nomadlist for Poland>, the stats usually show Krakow #1 (it’s #2 right now but that’s probably a blip) and Poznań way lower down the list.
🛬 ptserdfxeupusy just arrived in 🇵🇱 Poznan, #poland
nplusp 3mo
🛬 yvxgvbqo just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
Great thread. Will visit Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw in May. Are any of these cities also worth visiting Wroclaw, Lodz…anything else?
Also, easiest way to get to Baltics is just fly, right? No cross border train? I can’t do a 9hr Flixbus…
nomadlist 3mo
⚠️ gyrchxvufndiusk changed the|Warsaw meetup>. It will now be at,+Boho%20Club%2C%2022%20%C5%BBurawia%2022%2C%20Warszawa,+Warsaw|Boho Club> on Thursday, 17 November at 2000 "UPD Changed location + will be bringing a bunch of board games :game_die:

Let's meet for a beer and food! Please RSVP, so that I can book a table! See you there!" ✅ RSVP here
syreanis 3mo
🛬 limyaarubj just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
mike01 2mo
Thoughts on Wroclaw vs Krakow?
Wrocław and Łódź are worth visiting for a few days as a tourist but I wouldn't spend months working remotely from those cities as a nomad, for DNs I recommend Krakow, Warsaw, or Gdańsk.
There are trains to Lithuania, they're on, but I would fly. Those train lines are slow and you have to cross the Suwałki gap which is on high alert right now.
Wrocław vs Kraków I would pick Kraków. Just my personal opinion. A lot of nomads go. I had an Indian friend who got thrashed as a tourist in Wrocław so I had the impression it was conservative and backwards but it's also a university town and allegedly liberal. Never been there.
Great info ljdubboupgbvbe I’ll just be in Poland as a tourist so I will focus on flying to Baltics then and spending more time in Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk
syreanis 2mo
We will come, now we are heading to our Airbnb. :)
syreanis 2mo
What shouldn't I miss in Warsaw? I am foodie, love board games and programming.
nomadlist 2mo
📸 Did you take any photos at the Warsaw meetup this week? ✅ Upload them here
konradd 2mo
Uki uki is a good ramen,
Hala mirowska or hala koszyki are food halls worth visit too,
Bakalarska Street is little hanoitown where you can have great korean bbq named Home BBQ.
Palac na wilanowie and its garden now is open with illuminations.
Niewidzialna wystawa is a museum where you can check how blind people live.
Centrum nauki kopernik is an interactive museum of science
konradd 2mo
Also I recommend my neighbour burgers świeci z Bostonu :)
syreanis 2mo
Thanks! We are sitting in Uki Uki right now. :) Others looks great as well. We will be here for 2 weeks, so plenty of time. :)
konradd 2mo
If you like art you can also check National Museum it's great
🛬 wletxfzktyiw just arrived in 🇵🇱 Wrocław, #poland
reverseme 2mo
🛬 jlcagbuejrf just arrived in 🇵🇱 Poznan, #poland
🛬 qbryitatmppzuuqi just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
Any recommendation for restaurants in Powiśle? Bonus points if it's frequently visit by locals
konradd 2mo
There is a food hall in Elektrownia Powiśle, I like asian dumplings from pełną parą.
But if you want really polish experience you can check for some "bar mleczny". They are cheap places where you can eat all traditional polish foods but check the reviews before.
konradd 2mo
Near Powiśle on Nowy Świat is a bar kawowy Piotruś. It's super local stuff where you can eat tatar and drink vodka 😋 it has PRL vibes
konradd 2mo
I also like Bułkę przez bibułkę but it's more like breakfast restaurtant
valentink 2mo
Arriving in Krakow in about 1 hours, anyone has plans - or wants to make some?
kpagcha 2mo
are they asking for COVID certificate or test to enter Poland (from Spain)? we are one EU and one non-EU people
amade1 2mo
No tests or certificates needed.
kpagcha 2mo
🛬 hsngxmbvc just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
jaimefy 2mo
🛬 uamaylacs just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
kpagcha 2mo
🛬 sunrpcwzq just arrived in Zakopane, #poland
amade1 2mo
Fitness Platinium, get 2x3 day pass
kpagcha 2mo
🛬 neaqogwgo just arrived in 🇵🇱 Wrocław, #poland
thegostev 2mo
Asked OpenAI to generate some winter pics from Gdansk, Oliwa and they don’t look terrible
iillexial 2mo
What private clinics can you recommend in Krakow? I have tried Luxmed and Medicover but not happy so far
reverseme 2mo
Minus the snow, plus plenty of rain and roadworks 😄
thegostev 2mo
I felt that’s about a particular doctors you come to. Exactly as in Ukraine. Although in Ukraine I got better doctors in public clinics.
thegostev 2mo
Yeas 😄
adrianb 2mo
Any cafes you recommend in Warsaw? I talk a lot for several hours so I need a place where I won't bother others and also have some privacy. A large space, with tables not too close.
konradd 2mo
I use enel-med and it had a huge app update recently on android. Whats wrong with luxmed and medicover?
iillexial 2mo
In Luxmed doctors sometimes do not speak English well. In Medicover, I booked chest xray. They tried to do me head xray, I spent one hour waiting and clarifying, because nobody spoke English. At the end they told me they cannot help, and gave me a refund
konradd 2mo
maybe try with enel med and u will have more luck, I saw some foreigner clients here in Warsaw and the stuff was doing well I would say
Most of the Green Caffe Neros are good, my favorite is the one on Francuska which is also a great neighborhood for lunch
konradd 2mo
+1 for green caffe nero
amade1 2mo
🛬 loqmiady just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
pidzej 2mo
🛬 houflvei just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
patg 2mo
🛬 omaktg just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
oceanbird 1mo
🛬 ezohkehypfc just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
🛬 kpnbgmuubbsj just arrived in 🇵🇱 Wrocław, #poland
patg 1mo
🛬 oadsxh just arrived in Bielsk Podlaski, #poland
romano 1mo
🛬 rbnkycpf just arrived in Białogard, #poland
🛬 oygnwoazaxgdo just arrived in Białogard, #poland
sandrad 1mo
🛬 haznfjgdf just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
sf1988 1mo
hey, is anybody from Szczecin and can give some hints where to watch the fireworks on new years eve in or around Szczecin?
sandrad 27d
🛬 fwmffqopz just arrived in Zakopane, #poland
sandrad 24d
Hi, I will be arriving to Krakow today. Does anyone have any co-working space that they can recommend?
amade1 24d
If you’re looking for a daily hot desk , I can recommend| next to Galeria Krakowska.
For something more long-term, and with a fixed desk, I’m using Yolk, and am pretty happy with it.
sandrad 24d
Great, I will check it out. Thank you 🙂
iillexial 24d
Kalafiornia - Biura Serwisowane i Coworking

this is the best I have seen
iillexial 24d
It’s public holiday tomorrow, so they might be closed until Monday.
sandrad 24d
🛬 uawjrwatw just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
sandrad 23d
Where in krakow is this? 😯
romano 23d
🛬 abfamyjg just arrived in 🇵🇱 Szczecin, #poland
🛬 jvwzrqibwpbvs just arrived in 🇵🇱 Szczecin, #poland
🛬 ydxtlyitskfj just arrived in 🇵🇱 Wrocław, #poland
jpmoreno 17d
🛬 zydytzbdka just arrived in 🇵🇱 Warsaw, #poland
nomadlist 14d
bikmshylk is proposing a|meetup in Warsaw, #poland at Thaisty on Friday, 20 January at 20:00. "Eat delicious Thai food at Thaisty, and then go for drinks somewhere.

Decided to stay in Warsaw for a year. Been a digital nomad for 10 years, and would enjoy meeting other nomads to chat and share stories." ✅ RSVP here
nomadlist 13d
tqpiijmny is organizing a|meetup in Warsaw, # at Thaisty on Friday, 20 January at 20:00. "Eat delicious Thai food at Thaisty, and then go for drinks somewhere.

Decided to stay in Warsaw for a year. Been a digital nomad for 10 years, and would enjoy meeting other nomads to chat and share stories." ✅ RSVP here
amade1 1d
🛬 vhbpzqzk just arrived in 🇵🇱 Kraków, #poland
konradd 18h
Hey nomads in Warsaw, if someone wants to join me and my dog on walks during weekends just reach out. We usually start from Pole Mokotowskie and I know some longer hikes through nearby parks. cool-doge 🌳
andrej 13h
Best cafes to work from in Warsaw? Apart from Green Caffe Nero
andrej 13h
Also local food reataurant recommendations? Cheers
I like Cafe Kafka and Karma as well.
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