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Poland Chat - Meet people when traveling in Poland on Nomad List

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Have you ever been there before? Do they have private boxes for calls or any suitable place so I do not bother other people while in call. Otherwise glad to join 馃嵒
It's a regular caf茅 in the museum with really nice breakfast menu. No private area for calls that I've seen there.
I have a few calls in the afternoon. I can join later for a coffee or a beer afterwork dpzqw but I'll stay at my regular coworking space. Let me know if you'll still be there around 6pm
馃洭 fraitqpdhawm just arrived in 馃嚨馃嚤 Wroc艂aw, #poland
馃洭 bidutxhgfb just arrived in 馃嚨馃嚤 Krak贸w, #poland
Anyone in Krak贸w for an after work beer on Friday?
Hello everyone! My business partner and I are traveling to Warsaw (13th to 16th) and Krak贸w (16th to 19th and maybe beyond) before returning back to the US at the end of the month. We will be scoping out Poland as a base for our cybersecurity services company. Would love to connect with any of you on those days around tech, beer, coffee, or whatever 馃槉
hey hey, me and my gf will be in Krakow around the same time has lots of places and they speak English
Also there is TEDxKazimierz on Thursday 14th October
Wow! Great to see these ok_handslightly_smiling_face
Ii鈥檓 heading to the CS meeting in Poligamia in about 30 mins
sorry Spoko
Wish II was staying in Krak贸w for a little longer to check all of these out. Thanks for the tips!
I had a week off - but I'm back in Krakow, however only available tonight or eventually next week for a beer fikongwhdx
Hey vgjgdxgwbarl I can鈥檛 tonight but let me know next week!
iqzsvlepo oh hey that's awesome! i'll DM you 馃檪
Hey there! I'll be in Krakow after the 15th! :)
Hey tzlkafkyvx nice! I'll DM you too 馃槃
馃洭 jvjrhaxize just arrived in 馃嚨馃嚤 Warsaw, #poland
Anyone in Krak贸w this weekend (or Monday) that wants to meet up with hmpklvnix and me? :)
馃洭 eksgjtylh just arrived in 馃嚨馃嚤 Krak贸w, #poland
馃洭 menuujtbjm just arrived in 馃嚨馃嚤 Krak贸w, #poland
馃洭 ckxjituupj just arrived in 馃嚨馃嚤 Warsaw, #poland
Hey! I'm going for indoor rock climbing with my sis on Saturday around noon. Welcome to join in!
damn... i missed the memo about being in Krakow 馃槃 ... maybe i'll hold off on going back to Wroclaw and come meet all you people 馃ぃ
Hey, thank you for the invite! We'll be sightseeing around then, but free in the evening :)
vlnorcvihk I still can't send DMs 馃檭 But yeah I can make it 馃槀
oh haha no worries! it looks like there are a bunch of us in Krakow around the same time... thinking saturday ve 8:30pm with kseukomxv and ffnbuswxmqt
Nice! Where at? Keep me in the loop! :)
Singer 路 Estery 20, 31-056 Krak贸w, Poland
See you guys there. If it's too crowded we can go somewhere nearby, lots of places next to it
Place looks nice. See you there!
sciunrodtj gktyhuofiq want to try this place instead? Figure might be better bc singer is next to a bunch of clubs and it's a singing bar
+48 12 307 32 58
Ahhhh yes would be kinda hard to hold a conversation there lol. Sounds good to me!
Works for me!
馃憤 馃憤
jxqgetjsbm wektipzldh we reserved a table for 5 at the bar, in case it would be busy. It's under "Charlotte" in case you arrive before us :)
Thanks for doing that. Glad to have a clutch planner in the group!
Sorry, running 5 minutes late. See you soon!
No worries! Just got here
When are you going to Wroclaw U026MTATGAJ? Currently in Wroclaw for a few more days if you want to go for a 馃嵒
I'm back in Wroclaw on Wednesday 馃様 When are you leaving?
LOL thinking about leaving on Wed for Krakow or Budapest but it's still open (travelling in a spontaneous way) ahewhuogbqsnh
So jealous that you can travel freely through the Schengen zone 馃槀 U01K6LG7F09br />Maybe next time then! I'll check back to see if you're still in Wro when i'm back 馃槃
Yeah let's do that msfwvvpuzgunk
people, only saw this chat now. nomadlist told me that eybkwicxxn DMd me now, but I don't see the DM in the slack wtf.
Anyways, I am in krakow yes still, and I know my way around quite well atm, if you guys are still around, we can do some cool stuff.

a quick tip, couchsurfing events work quite well here, there's events on that every day!
I'm still banned from sending messages for 9 more hours apparently 馃檭 Feels like a countdown for new years eve hahaha

Haven't gone to one those events yet. But let's do something this week! I'm down 馃憣
OK, so, probably thursday would be a good day, if you're down!
Yep, I'm down for it 鉁
I'm still in Krak贸w jmiibly I'm up for meeting! nhvsnrseja too :D
And thanks ewzcceavz and elitdpckisq for setting up the meet a couple nights ago. It was fun!
hey there :wave:
any good specialty coffee shops in Krakow?
KawaLerka (nice own roasted coffee)
Coffee Garden
Cytat (coffee is average but place is nice). I'll let you check, can't post any links unfortunately daevisop
so, you guys up to a coffee, let's say thursday at 20h?
I'd say we try KawaLerka

let me know your thoughts, and also if you really want to go or not to get a hang of how many we're gona be so that we can choose the right venue
U2VUS8EBYbr /><@U02H0BDS9S4>
I'm leaving Krak贸w today unfortunately. Appreciate it though 馃槉
Unlucky timing!
No worries, maybe our paths will cross again sometime :)
hey all!
organizing a meetup this thursday, already talked to some people from here. If anyone else wants to join, the plan would be thursday at 20h, possibly at KawaLerka, but depends on the number of people.
I'll connect with other digital nomads from other platforms as well for that matter.

If you want to come, do reply here 馃憤
Awesome, thanks U01K6LG7F09!
yes, safe travels bossecam
Maybe I'll be free around that time 馃
I'm down!
I have work to finish up so it will be a game time decision
I'm not fully vaccinated yet, so will have to see how big the group will be :)
馃洭 tenslqea just arrived in 馃嚨馃嚤 Krak贸w, #poland
OK so, for now, I've only advertised here, so I'm counting on

<@U02FAFEHJCX> yes?
+1 or 2 friends of mine

<@UUGE4UBAB> how many are a big group? would like to have you around. if you prefer I can choose an open space, although it may get colder. but if you need it, I'd prefer having you in
zjfnswh - great initiative! Might join, will also depend on work - I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon. Or would you already close the round of participation?
I'm also noticing that KavaLerka closes at 9 PM, might be a bit tight on time no? 馃
me and dupsfznlgwu aren鈥檛 going to be able to make it later :disappointed:
however, up to meet on saturday during the day if anyone鈥檚 down
Also, you guys should come check out/work from Mak hrmyux Hotel. This place is awesome
I'm free on Saturday! 鉁

Currently working out of Yolk, the Co-working space. I'll add that to my list of places iwbhlifiv thanks!
OK guys, let's do saturday then
more people can
and we can actually better plan it, as I didn't have time to do it properly
I do work from yolk quite often as well. I also know Puro, like it very much. Atm I'm at Przestszeny pelna, or something like that
another amazing place to work from is The Temple
it's really good
you may also like the vibe to work from cytat
Cytat is often very busy. I'm also at Yolk guys plkpnzqojg hxyarfz 馃ぃ
well guys
going to yolk tomorrow morning edsjqswgts ccyqdsjsfenn
we could go for lunch 馃憤
jwfydoj will let you know spontaneously, not sure to have much time over lunch because of support calls but up for a 馃嵒 afterwork
Oh wow you were at open coffee today U01JRNT9NHH right?sweat_smilejoy
Yep, let's to for lunch! And also an after-work beer, I can do that 馃槀 (but after 7 only, got a minor client call before that )
No I'm sitting on the first floor tmsvuywwjq - barely spending time at the coffee space unfortunately
vvpfobmrqurj tjbgigutsj what time do you guys usually go to lunch?
Today probably around 12:30, maybe later xzmubmj
I got a meeting at 13, so I can make it either now, or at 13h30. if that's ok for you guys
will skip today - maybe monday. Or a 馃嵒 afterwork, but I need to finish something before and then be back at 13:45 latest wcwbnyp
we can go now!
ok, meet you at the outside door in 5m
Hey y'all!

Regarding tomorrow (Saturday), what's the plan? If you're more keen on going to a pub, I've found this,19.9384889,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47165b126ac33793:0x86813e7254a3017a!8m2!3d50.0599994!4d19.9388376|Game Pub> if you're interested in board games and the like.

Or can we just meetup somewhere and then decide on the spot? 馃敭
How about dinner at Bonjour Pho and then a drink nearby afterwards? gyqvycwzte tbkthua tsarfoxctnan irdkkfvbzol
Mhhh, I already have a dinner planned! I'm free tomorrow though. Or we can just meetup for drinks after dinner :)
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