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Portugal Chat - Meet people when traveling in Portugal on Nomad List

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I was in Lisbon July 2020-Dec 2021. I just came back to Latin America (starting in Colombia) and I can’t really describe the difference in mentality and sense of freedom here in comparison to Lisbon.

The vibe is so different it’s kind of crazy. Feel free to PM me ppijjmcectqxkkh if you have more specific questions 🙂
oldmcpkybrkcd is proposing a|meetup in Lisbon, #portugal at, Av. 24 de Julho 50, 1200-868, Lisbon|Popolo> on Friday, 28 January at 19:00. ```Hey guys! I guess, Lisbon is the place to be right now! Let's gather together, get something to eat and drink, get to know each other and talk whatever! :) P.S. I'm super open about place (venue) to meet up, so if you want to suggest/change something – feel absolutely free to do so! ```
Caparica is the place for you, no doubt
I am not able to attend this one unfortunately I have a sequence of meetings that conflicts. 😞 But I hope y’all have a good time!
🛬 dsdvwpbm just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
🛬 eswyuiiu just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
🛬 qqbrfblhrk just arrived in 🇵🇹 Azores, Azores, #portugal
xwdonhkjh whats 10º comparing to Finland's weather?
Sunny summer day at June 😄
🍻  See you all at Fábrica Musa tonight for a Lisboa drinks meetup :beers:

clock1 19:00
pushpin Rua do Açúcar 83, 1950-006 Lisboa
rotating_light  It’s a little bit outside of the center so plan a bit ahead to come there (there’s the bus 728 leaving from the center going there, or you can Uber/Bolt there :taxi:)
Hi everyone!

For how long are EU vaccine certificates valid in Portugal?

I just left Italy and certificates expire 270 days after your last shot
Do certificates also expire in Portugal as well?

Do COVID certificates expire in Portugal in the same way as in Italy? After 270 days of last shot
I haven’t read anything about a specific validity for vaccines in Portugal yet but I’m assuming they’re going to follow the EU’s guidelines (although countries can still override this..)
Thanks. I think Italy is leading the way then. Looks like it's the only EU country already doing this
No, same goes for several other countries as well. Netherlands, France, Austria for example. I’m not sure how far Portugal is with their booster campaign but I think they’re going to introduce a similar validity when most people have had their chance to get a booster
But certificate expiration is not enforced as of January, right?

Asking this because I will be traveling to Portugal on January, but I will be out of Portugal before the month ends

I was wondering if I should worry about EU certificate expiration
It looks like not yet
No, haven’t read anything about it. For entering the country, you’ll need to be tested (or have been recovered from covid) anyway, and I haven’t been checked for my DCC in a lot of places either.
Got it. Thanks for all the help vabzesyrkiqh
No problem, just be sure to “do your own research” (:joy:) before you travel 😉
Haha yeah! On it! Will post here if I find something of value
if it's been 270d, you can probably get in and then get boosted once you're on the ground
Even if I'm not from Portugal nor do I live there?
Hi Everyone! I am Biran. I'm from Istanbul and I just got my residence visa from Portugal and I'll come to Lisbon next month. The automatically assigned appointment for SEF exceeds the valid date of residence visa. Did anyone experience that?
Ok. I found out the latest date is valid as the due date among visa and SEF appointment dates. My new question is, can I get a Schengen visa(as I'm not an EU citizen) for Spain while I'm in Portugal while I'm still with my residence visa/process?
Thanks for your answer UHYHNFELS. I have 2 entries and the problem is I need to go to Spain the day my PT visa ends. So, I'll try my chance with the Spain consulate to take Schengen.
Also, I'm ashamed to admit that, I canceled my SEF appointment to see if I can find anything sooner from the portal but now I cannot take the new one. I'll try to call after I came to Lisbon.
So messy adventure is waiting for me...
Based on my experience, if you already stayed 90 days in the Schengen over the past 180 days you won't be able to get another visa from another country to restart the clock, if you're in the middle of a residency process then usually you can overstay because you have a reason to do so (ie they're processing your residency) but that's only valid for the country you're applying for residency, not the entire Europe, for the rest of the Europe you're overstaying, and although people might not catch you, that's still a bad position to be in.

So my recommendation would be sorting out your residency before going to another country.
Wow, I didn't know the time limit gets affected that way. Thanks for the warning ULH2K4R3L. I'll try to book a sooner appointment. I hope I can manage it.
nbouxjyp & i are posted up at one of the tables near the front door. see y'all soon ☺️
Lack of real-time info for public transport in about every app should be added to cons on nomadlist tbh 🙃
I think the bus stops have real-time info though, so at least there's that 🙂
Yeah although not every stop seems to have one either, or the display’s barely readable 😛
Because you're using Discord and it uses a bot to exchange messages between slack and discord! There's a meet-up going 🔛|
dhglhnhy if you can manage it I would highly recommend hiring an immigration attorney to help you figure out a solution. Especially without having an SEF appointment I’d worry that your PT residency might be in jeopardy.
Thank you, I've joined through the slack now.
Fábrica Musa is not very central I see.
I took the bus! Others have used Uber or alternatives
My new accountant told me she needs to ’check under which VAT regime I’m under’ even after I told her, so I wanted to make sure she’s just trying to have me pay for a consult for something I already know
And yes jgcrcjlouj until I have the refs, I will trust no-one ;)
🛬 eiwiqmw just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
good, never trust anyone anyway ! so you have the article I linked to study 🙂
Meetup pics look awesome! I landed pretty late last night so couldn't make it unfortunately. If anyone wants to grab drinks or dinner over the weekend, hit me up! I'll be here til the 1st of Feb
Hey all, interested to hear neighborhood recommendations. I know people say go east + looked at hoodmaps, but still looks like a pretty broad area.

Is it much of a big deal?
What are you looking for ?
Thanks for the advice. I think I'm gonna do that
Who'd like to go skiing in Spain week of January 29 - February 5 ? 7 hours from Lisbon. tell me by PM !
Hey gang, I'm thinking going to Lisbon next month or on March. Let's say I decide to stay there for a month. What option do I have for housing? I'm planning to find an Airbnb that gives monthly discounts. I wonder, however, what other nomads do in these instance?
Good to know ! And you'll grab the next one 😄
The copenhagen coffee lab in alfama is a really good one ! You have a lot of space, the atmosphere is great and they are really cool with laptop

Only weakness the wifi is wobbly, but if you don't need to use a huge amount of data, it's a perfect one !
🛬 jgrdbsvtwa just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
🛬 hkwophqtqk just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
I've heard some people recommend Selina, not been myself but seems to be a co-living/coworking/hostel kinda vibe You can also find them on| with more photo's and reviews 🙂
There’s a meetup in Lisbon on Friday 28th at 7pm, come by! :)
Use speedify when travelling and use the airbnb net + airalo hotspot or local sim
🗓 vdrnbuykushgd is organizing a meetup in Lisbon at Popolo on Friday, 28 January at 190000 hey guys! I guess, Lisbon is the place to be right now! Let's gather together, get something to eat

✅ RSVP here
Hey! I won’t be in Lisbon yet (arrive feb 16), but just curious. Where will you go skiing?
Thanks for the help bro, I appreciate it! 😃 🙏
Sierra Nevada 🙂 !
Maderia is where it’s at
So I've been struggling to find long term places in Lisbon. But I developed a tenant resume with my picture, an introduction in english and portuguese, and all my income/tax docs
It seems to really help. I made it once and just change the address
gekqskgpbkvr Whats the trouble exactly ? The owners don't answer you ? You prolly need a PT phone number so they can send you back a text message without worrying about costs
I think I sketched them out, I just used whatsapp. The tenant resume changes everything lol
you need to contact 5 persons to get one answer sometimes
Maybe it was a youth + no guarantor + foreign issue
don't be afraid when they say you need a guarantor, you can often tell them you'll offer them 1 month in escrow instead
🛬 uirlijgmkrubm just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
This is a really cool idea.
Just chiming in I went to a breakfast cafe today in Lisbon and accidentally had them scan the code for my _first_ dose, which is 278 days old. It showed up as `INVALID` but they didn’t care, they didn’t even say anything at all except “Let me show you to your table” 😆
But the important thing to me was that it _did_ show up as `INVALID` instead of `VALID`, so the system is in place to support rejecting it if they decide to start 😬
Anyone have a lawyer or someone that can tell me if my rental agreement is kosher? I’ve spoken to WB but it’s a bit expensive for the scope tbh
Or perhaps an upworker
Definitely. Good idea to have a local review it. I'd post a job on UpWork or something like that if I were you.
Yeah same thing for me but with my third dose which was 10 days old, and it needs to be 14 days old, so it was rejected. However I could just open the code for my second dose and it was valid
laptop friendly?
Very! That’s why I added it on 🙂
seagull method rules. good food, good coffee
although don't attempt to walk there from a few streets below in the south, maps didn't account for the fact that it's all uphill!
Thank you so much keoqyevrg lqzvzfxrd zojholi gzywdncp ukuppiwgvml dvhugxdr vpypgiisxdiao for responding! Now I'm definitely going to think more about this decision, especially considering the 10 degrees weather and the general mentality around covid. I agree, that in latin America (Mexico) there definitely is a "cooled down" mentality around covid and you feel more free. something I'll definitely miss I guess
Since I'm already vaccinated it's a bit weird/ridiculous to me to have to still get tested everytime you need to use a hotel, airport, etc in a 24h window.
Yeah. The "vibe" especially is VERY different 🙏
Hey gang, Anyone know how get through to SEF on the phone? Trying to get an extension to my tourist visa? (From the UK) - Asking for a friend!
I've read somewhere they do not accept calls outside of PT
Received this reply from the sef email:

De acordo com o Decreto-Lei n.º 119-A/2021, de 22 de dezembro de 2021, no que diz respeito aos documentos de residência, os vistos e documentos relativos à permanência de cidadãos estrangeiros em território nacional que expiraram a partir de 24 de fevereiro 2020 são aceites, nos mesmos termos, até 31 de março de 2022.
I thinkk we’re all good until March 31st, 2022 if this helps
Hey everyone! coming and looking for a long term rental…what are the websites to find rentals and what’re the hip areas. Considering Lisbon (what area in Lisbon?) and open to anything else also
Hello! There are a couple recommendations in this thread:
TLDR; Flatio & Spotahome might be good sites to checkout
in terms of the area - I personally like Cais Do Sodré, Bairro Alto, and the Chiado areas. Alfama is lovely too. Thing with Alfama is that it is hilly, but it comes with lovely views
Alfama also has no fast Internet (even in coffee shops) if that's something you need
On the upside, it's a very beautiful, clean, old-style neighborhood with twisty roads and, like Ariella mentioned, nice views
🛬 rcwgfdwsxhduue just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
Wonderful ty for the replies!
Hey! As far as the tax residency is concerned, how do they check how many days you have spent in Portugal?
Any Canadians which arrived to Portugal recently? How was the process are the border? Entry requirements? I'm planning to spent a month there during the second week of February
Hi guys, I'm in the process of applying for my D7 visa. Currently in Australia at the moment.

Looking for some help choosing where to stay (never been to Lisbon)
As part of the visa application i have to rent a place.

Any recommendations for areas to look.

I'll be relocating with my partner and we'll be staying in Portugal as a base to move around.

I work from home and mostly just leave the house to go to the gym and play basketball

My partner will hopefully work from home as well.

I've been looking mostly around Santa Maria Maior and also saw a nice place around Estrela so would consider that.

Got told to avoid Barrio Alto as that's the party central area.

Alternatively I looked at Setúbal, I do like the beach. Is this too far from things would I still need to go into Lisbon downtown for certain things?
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