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Portugal Chat - Meet people when traveling in Portugal on Nomad List

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🛬 rtuhhwpcqrzizg just arrived in 🚣 Ericeira, #portugal
Figuring out current covid travel rules is a nightmare. Between the official SEF site, visitportugal, europa eu, and ITAP, I keep getting conflicting answers.

Does anyone know how best to get an authoritative answer on what countries are allowed into portugal?

My wife is a US national, but is supposed to fly from Japan on Friday.
Japan is on the official site (I think, IANAL) and ITAP, but not visitportugal or europa eu
Hey guys, since I dont live in Europe at the moment, I'm thinking of buying a new SIM card before arriving Lisbon. Three and Vodafone seemed good as I wanted to travel around several European countries including Portugal. Which one would you recommend, in terms of overall network connection, speed, price, etc?
apartments or hotels?
Ignore everything and just fly.
Portugal doesn't care about any rules, there's 0 checks
Thanks vbbsdqhf I think I'll start with the Estonian option
How much tax will u pay with Estonia?
Corporate plus personal plus social security
I'll set up NHR next year and this is the setup (for 100k invoiced):

First year, 20% personal tax over 25% of income with 0 social security, invoicing in personal name (recibos Verdes) == 4500 euros.
Second year 20% personal tax over 50% of income with 1000 euros per month for social security , invoicing in personal name (recibos Verdes) == 22500.

Third year I'll need to set up a company and get paid with dividends because it will jump to 20% over 75% of income plus 1000 euros per month for social security.
I don't need to pay for housing since I'll put my name on my parents address so I can travel everywhere while maintaining the residency (parents will pay for stuff with my credit cards)
I didn’t get if airalo is a one time sim valid for the days they mention on the package or whether I can use it “for life” on always recharge it with a package when needed?
Check the details, depends on the package I guess
You can top up through the app
Got it. Did you ever tryGoogle Fi? Do you have any take on it versus these brands?
I'm not American so can't try it
Also esim is much cheaper .
Also allows you to do do tricks like:

I'm in Andorra, a physical sim from Andorra with 3gb of data costs 30 euros but an esim from France from orange costs 20 with 20gb
And u don't need to go to a physical shop
dowzrfwl Google Fi is a decent option if you need a US number but I wouldn’t rely on it exclusively for data because it’s expensive, sometimes not using the best network for a given location, and if you use it a lot without occasional trips back to the US they sometimes will cut you off. The combination of a physical Google Fi sim + a local eSim (or Airalo) has been working great for me thus far.
Alright, thanks for the info!
Now I just need to find out if my iPhone X supports eSim because it doesn’t seems like that
Unfortunately the iPhone X does not support eSims.
Has anyone used a realtor to find an apartment? Ie. you pay the person to do it. Worth it or no? Any reccs?
In Madeira I did. Usually you don't pay them, the landlord pays a provision. I think it's usual in Portugal
Hah, thanks U02SYJFDZ. That’s reassuring
ah I’m actually looking for one in Funchal – do you have any recommended ones, UKS9WGS6R? thanks!
Yeah, I can dm you two numbers
So was there a meetup today or was it moved to the 18? 😃 Just reading this now, arrived to Lx yesterday
We just had the meet-up this morning. There is another one end of this month on nomadlist
Gotcha. I’m leaving on the 28th, so won’t make it to that one
+1 for Google Fi! I live between US and Europe (and travelling a lot elsewhere too) and it's simply amazing. It's like having a local number everywhere.
Nomad Web summit meetup?
How long are you staying?
Mid term Flatio is good.
Long term Idealista and FB marketplace are the best there.
Meetups in the morning?

Getting drunk in the morning is hard core
fyephyno are you going to be in Funchal in Nov/Dec?
xlpsrqxw thanks!
<@U01G3EPEMT9> I booked 1 month with Flatio in order to do viewings locally and pick a place for a 6 mo+ stay. I will use Flatio and Idealista, but I wouldn’t mind delegating the process of arranging meetings to someone else hence my question :slightly_smiling_face:
<@U02SYJFDZ> yes! still in Peniche (loving it here), moving to Funchal in 3 days
Nice let's meet up
tbubyayw basically we can also meet up 🙂 will be there again from 20th to 11th
yes! would love to as well. I’ll add it to my notes and will circle back once I’m there 🙌
• can’t advise on social security or personal income tax as that’s dependent on your tax residency and where you stay
• whether Estonia is a good option for you depends on your situation. in my case, I’ve been reinvesting the majority of my income and been using it as an investment vehicle, that’s working out great for me since they have deferred CIT so it helps with compounding. secondly, all my income is from the U.S. which means that I don’t have to register as a VAT payer, and therefore I only need to take care of accounting or handle paperwork once a year, saving my time. thirdly, the law is simple and quite very stable, I can e.g. easily process crypto payments, this is contrary to other countries more hostile to crypto
• the dividend tax is 20%, but for more details (e.g. how to pay yourself a salary which I don’t do) I would recommend looking it up as I’m not sure. the 3 reasons above have been more important for me personally. but the costs of running the company are not high
all that sounds great but like I said before, the CFC rules (especially within EU) are becoming a bigger hurdle every year. before taking any actions (e.g. starting a foreign company), make sure to look them up

FYI I posted a brief info about the ‘economic substance’ of a company that has the owner in a different country here
Official info from the government in Estonia:

> Basically, with the new European directive, that all EEA countries must implement, you can live in any country of the Union and have a company in Estonia. CFC rules won’t apply.
> How? Well, your company must fulfill some requirements. Namely, it needs to prove substantive economic activity in Estonia. This mainly means performing a legitimate activity (programming, marketing, a SaaS service, design, e-commerce…), but maybe also important to have premises or employees working in Estonia, depending on the country. Under those conditions, in the spirit of the European Union, you may live in any of the member countries while enjoying the advantages of the digital, paperless business system of Estonia.
I have it more or less sorted out, but it took me a long time to find a solution with advisors and it’s quite complicated. I don’t mind sharing some tips but prob in person would be easier
What's CFC?

I'm also contracting for US only
if you’re a resident of Portugal and fully own a business entity in Estonia despite not being there physically (a vast simplification), Portugal can argue that your company has a status of a Controlled Foreign Company and treat it as a tax resident in Portugal, forcing it to pay all taxes in Portugal

it’s quite complicated and these rules change every few years. quite often the EU creates some guidelines and then member countries implement them a bit later

imlwaoyvie dxiudpzy Westonbridge was amazing! Thanks for recommending them they're smarter than anyone I've talked to thus far.
Ah ok, yeah makes sense
is is becoming a problem for nomads running businesses abroad. there are ways to work around this, but sometimes it’s a gray area or otherwise it’s playing cat and mouse
any cafe recommendations for evening/ night working in Lisbon?
if u change country every 3 months, bulgaria still seems like the best option.

if u stationary in the same country for more than 6 then it gets tricky.

although I’m lucky because if I do everything in Portugal my parents can use my credit cards there and I pay all the bills for them then it’s like I’m staying there
selina is open at night I think, not sure if only for residents though
I have 100% understanding of how it works in Poland, but it varies between countries. I’m hoping to get a clarification about how Portugal implements CFC rules, soon (I should talk to some advisors soon)
ellresul not really, revenue offices have access to where you physically are through checking where your personal SIM card logged in / which IP have you used when logging in to banks for a long time now. I’m not saying that it’s being checked often, but it is technically easy for them to check where you actually are if they wanted to. so determining your location is not really a problem these days
doesn’t even matter that people can move freely within Shengen
cool thanks!
that only matters if they want to go the extra mile though – but it means that it’s not really a solution
My accountant said they don't check anything apart from money spent in Portugal through giving the NIF when you buy something
You'll probably just end up drinking wine in the terrace but that's ur choice 🤣
it’s possible – like I said, some countries are less strict than others, can’t advise about rules in Portugal until I talk to local lawyers. however, I’m also aware that UE is pushing Portugal to make some rules more strict (would need to dig into my notes to find the reference). so tl;dr check what CFC rules are about and make sure to re-validate your setup regularly. better safe than sorry
Yeah my accountant says it's fine so I trust that until they ask me for money 🤣
🛬 wdwfzefrqbrc just arrived in 🇵🇹 Ponta Delgada, Azores, #portugal
🛬 sqyxbfhlrwdeuy just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
Has anyone tried Oportunidade 24 for purchasing electronics? They seem to have decent reviews on trustpilot
Pcdiga is my go to in Portugal
I am organising a dinner for around 15 people, in Lisbon (on the 19th oct). I would appreciate if you would recommend a good place to do a reservation for this.
Pccomponentes is second, Amazon a close second as well
lots of crypto/web3 related events in Lisbon soon.
I’ll be in town (Selina Secret Garden) between Oct 20-25, would be happy to connect

_Lisbon 2021 – event schedule_:point_down:
Great list. Thanks!
Nice - handy!
I’ll be there!
What’s with the hate for Web Summit? Having never been, I’m asking because I’m genuinely curious.
Well, Portuguese immigration didn’t ask me for anything but my passport, but my wife wasn’t so lucky. She can’t even reach Portugal, because Emirates won’t let her fly from Japan.
oh, i just want to share links, but it was deleted here
Hello! I’m here in Lisbon for 2 weeks for crypto-week ping my if someone interested to get in touch!

I’m R&D ETHusiast that is keen on open-source & privacy.

I’m part of the core team (Solution Architect) of deBridge (decentralised cross chain bridge)

• Tech moderator gz
• Do R&D with Ethereum Foundation
• Creator and supporter of web3swift library
I don't think there's much hate for web summit, lots of nomads are going
negative comments just stand out more than positive ones
Hello everyone!
I’m here in Lisbon for LisCon NearCon ETHLisbon and other blockchain events.

Would be glad to met nomad around!
ping me here or twitter/telegram UNWVD7P7Tbr />
As an option let’s go for breakfast tomorrow or next few days. I found nice place in Lisbon: seagull method
I think most people aren't that into tech conferences in general, it's kind of a niche thing
By the way, if someone knows where in Lisbon I can borrow/rent :guitar:Guitar for 1-2 weeks (any acoustic/nylon/electric), I would greatly appreciate the help.
🛬 dyvbwscbsrolgn just arrived in 🚣 Ericeira, #portugal
🛬 rueamixdh just arrived in ⛵️ Lisbon, #portugal
🛬 uzxqhjhffgowr just arrived in 🇵🇹 Madeira, #portugal
xstsxygamzx would be cool to meet! Will DM you on twitter.
Hello everyone! I am planning a small city trip to Porto with a friend of mine. What would be a cool area to stay in at Airbnb? We like lively area's with nice restaurants and bars. Any suggestions?
Try Cedofeita :) new & trendy area
Hello, I am planning to stay in Lisbon in January and work from there. The I will be in Barcelona in Feb for 2 weeks. I had a few questions.
1. What areas in Lisbon should I look for an airbnb in? Want to be close to the water and the city centre. Any airbnb that you would recommend?
2. I want to get a temp working setup while I am there. Is there a good place to buy used 4k monitors and cheap office chairs or a place where I can buy new and then sell it before leaving? I can probably carry them from Portugal to Barcelona, but will need to sell eventually.
3. Thanks 🙂
Thanks, will check it out.
It sucks balls
You can buy a decent one on fnac for 100 euros
Everything okay dude? You seem down lately.
I would recommend to look at idealista. airbnb overpriced
```2) regarding monitor and so on - please, let me know too! i found olx - olx pt - here is used items that you can buy```
links are cutted, so only like this
I can buy monitor and the keep it for you wepyzufnb ^)
just ping me if you find some options. i’m gere for 1-2 months
thank you!
```2) i heard about olx also. much apreciated!```
Olx, fb marketplace, that's used stuff
Gotcha. Heading to seagull now
USD ─ $
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