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Romania Chat - Meet people when traveling in Romania on Nomad List

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Hey everyone, I am going to be in Romania for the next 6 weeks. Who else is here in the area?
hi zibwhgtrftdkon I am currently in Bucharest, ping me if youโ€™re around!
ifgqg just arrived in Cugir, #romania
Hey cchyq - are you coming to Bucharest?
Hey tdronbmgqopnf Bucharest is too far away unfortunately, I don't think I'll get there before I leave the country
> BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania confirmed its first case of coronavirus - a man who returned three weeks ago from Italy
Yeah I saw that last night too
I've been hiding in a tiny town 30 min north of Ploiesti
Sheeeeeeeet ๐Ÿ’ฉ
Whatโ€™s Timisoara like?
Nice. zzqxutvotfritng and I spent a month there 2 summers ago and enjoyed it.
makes me think that I need to do some "nomading" in Romania at some point. I'm from romania, but left the country straight after high-school ๐Ÿ™ˆ
is it still called nomading in that case? ๐Ÿค”
i think so. and yeah, it's a beautiful country, i'm looking forward to my time there this spring.
and if you need good internet, that's where to get it.
yea, whenever I visit my parents I know I have a reliable connection ๐Ÿ˜Ž and it costs them about 3-4 euros/month
I'm in Cluj currently and can't believe how good and cheap the internet is, everywhere, not to mention there being public wifi in certain spots in town. My SIM, with phone number, was like 5 euros for unlimited internet for 28 days
I'm thinking of heading to Timisoara in a week or two, just for a weekend. Is it worth spending more time there?
Iโ€™ve only been in Bucharest and Constanta but Iโ€™ve super enjoyed my times in Romania
zvarynlmgn it really depends on what you like. I don't care about nightlife or anything of that sort. I just like a pretty city with decent food and a good cafe culture. We found a place with amazing burrata. Mmm
gonna be in Cluj end of summer or september I think
I just love the cafes there and I also have quite a few friends there ๐Ÿ˜„
I think that itโ€™s a nice place to visit for a weekend, but I liked more Cluj than Timisoara by far
Timisoara is awesome wckdodasbjo feels like a second european home (from Zurich originally) ๐Ÿ˜„ Looking forward to some co-working this week
Really enjoying it so far, plan to stay for a month and I got everything needed reachable by foot (airbnb is in the city center)
Timisoara is amazing! I loved it much more than Bucharest, to be honest. The only main problem I had is that I wanted to go to Serbia after Timisoara (since itโ€™s nearby). Oh oh! The are no more train routes + buses donโ€™t go there (e.g Flixbus). I searched around and the only option was to either walk to the border by foot or pay 100$ for the bus. I was screwed :smile:

BUT Timisoara is great other than that!
xhrzm Iโ€™m planning to be in Brasov, but might pay Cluj a visit. Letโ€™s stay in touch ๐Ÿ™‚
I must say I'm loving Cluj. Great food and amazing coffee culture. People are super friendly and welcoming too
skshzgmll I travelled from Timisoara to Belgrade in Dec on the Serbia owned Gea Tours bus
Cool UNS4A8HAP. How did you found it though and what the booking process looked like? How much was it? There was no simple solution like FlixBus/online booking when I was checking. Also, it was too expensive for such a short route.
I contacted them through Whats App geatours.rs/en/contact/
I think it was 15โ‚ฌ pickup at 10:30
Probably depends on your nationality but I've not heard of any programs for Romania.
edit for Americans
I'm going to call the US Embassy on Monday but I already have an idea of what they'll say already. I'm kinda hoping for maybe a fine or something and be done with it
Why not just relocate now and hunker down for 3 months somewhere?
I've thought about that too, but not sure where to go... I'm already in a tiny town and staying with friends.i haven't left the house since mid February
Flying doesn't seem responsible now... New infections in Bangladesh came via travels in Italy. New infections in Vietnam came via London
Bansko will be quiet but workable and is relatively close.
Bulgaria is the closest option, but that is still many hours on a bus
Rent a car one way if you're concerned.
But I say this while sitting in my 2nd airport of the day...
Can I do that? One way car rental that crosses international border?
Never know until you ask.
But I highly doubt staying will be an option. So better to start research now.
But u less you are high risk, I would just fly with higher precautions.
Idk, i think flying is actually more risky right now because of the concentration of people you'd be in contact with. The new cluster in Vietnam all came from the same flight from London
I just looked into one way car rental and if the site is correct it's actually not bad
But again, unless you're at high risk from the virus, it's not that dangerous. But everyone has a different risk tolerance. I am not high risk. I'm taking precautions. Given how it is passed and the precautions I'm taking odds of getting it are relatively low and odds of having serious complications are extremely low. But that's for me.
What makes you go to Romania in spring rather than summer?
Because I need to get from Bulgaria to Poland by a certain date and Romania is on the way
Romania is escalating, probably freaking out because there are a ton of Romanians working in Italy who will be returning. Schools and universities are closed. Flights to/from Italy are halted.
Oo0s wrong channel and I can't delete this message
they also had issues at the border with people coming back from Italy by car and refusing to be quarantined. They brought heavy police units and made sure they are quarantined ๐Ÿ˜„
amazing how selfish people can be. Just stay in quarantine if you know you're coming from a heavily affected area and your also asked by the authorities to do so
Well it looks like things are about to get more interesting here soon...a guy retuning from Israel is infected, works in a gov institution, gave out 100 bracelets to people at work...
Assuming my flight doesn't get canceled, I just got a flight out of here for tomorrow
Also hoping I don't get quarantined when I land
Where are you flying to? Is there a safe place left to fly to?
Just want to be somewhere with a good health care system
And will self quarantine to help prevent spread of the virus
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