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Russia Chat - Meet people when traveling in Russia on Nomad List

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🛬 neyqaqnrbvrg just arrived in Gorno-Altaysk, #russia
🛬 xltnoivwspqf just arrived in Gorno-Altaysk, #russia
It's a shame that the cities I'm most interested in working/studying in are not on the list. I'm mainly concerned with year round outdoor activities, a good place to take Russian classes and being in the far east due to it working better for my time zone (-6 GMT / Mountain Time US) as I prefer to wake up very early to work than work all night. Yakutsk looks fascinating, unique and extremely cold and Yuzkno-Sakhalinsk seems to have a plethora of outdoor activities year round. However, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk seem to be far more accessible.

What are your thoughts?
I guess it’s lack of popularity. Very few people really go to these cities to live and work. I am from Russia and I wouldn’t probably go there as digital nomad destination.
Vladivostok should be cool though and I think it’s on Nomadlist. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it.
If I ever end up in Сахалин I will have to be a trailblazer and send my information to the Nomadlist then.
How do you guys get along in Russia without a language? I just always was curious. Even in Msk or Spb literally no one speaks English. I can’t imagine what it is like in other cities.
I've never been to a Russian speaking country before but I always take a couple of weeks prior to visiting any country to at least learn enough to travel comfortably.
I hope to get to a B1 level at least of Russian before traveling there.
I had zero trouble getting around moscow and peter with just English. The google translate app is very powerful if you know how to use it, especially with the lens feature. Also the Cyrillic alphabet is simple enough to learn on the plane and a lot of loanwords can be sounded out.
I’ve never had difficulty getting around with just English and a smartphone in any of the 30+ countries I’ve been to. You memorize the words say hello, yes, no, excuse me, sorry, and thank you so you can be polite. Make liberal use of hand gestures, maps, and translation apps. Smile and act friendly. Stay out of high poverty neighborhoods, especially at night.
It seems like it would be difficult and intimidating until you actually try. Most people are nice, and the people who are rude would for the most part still be rude if you spoke the language.
Got it. It’s just interesting to hear about your own country. But I actually do the same in countries where I don’t speak the language so it’s probably not an issue anywhere with modern technologies
Surprised Хабаровск isn't on the list considering it's at least 600k people who live there. From my research it actually looks like a decent place to live.

"Nomad List currently has indexed 100% of cities in the world with a population of over 500,000 people, and 99% of cities in the world with a population over 250,000 people."

Is Khabarovsk really an unpopular destination for travelers/digital nomads? How is Челябинск (Chelyabinsk) on the list but not Khabarovsk?
Where is this list? I've heard Russians joke that Chelyabinsk is like the Russian version of Detroit
I've watched a bunch of videos on Khabarovsk and I haven't seen anything appealing about it tbh
mppeoehajz Sure but it's gotta be nicer than Chelyabinsk for god's sake lol
I'll probably end up in somewhere in Sakhalin or Vladivostok. My general rule before moving to a place, even if it's only for several months, is to visit in February and in August. If I can tolerate the hottest and coldest time of year and still enjoy myself in town I move there.
🛬 kjwaomgpjkwv just arrived in 🇷🇺 Saint Petersburg, #russia
Vladivostok is a decent place, people call it Far East capital of Russia. People should be fine with English as lots of tourists from Korea, Japan and China visited city pre-COVID
I’ll be in August there
I also enjoyed Khabarovsk although stated there only for a few hours. Definitely gonna visit it again
The main reason for me is to immerse myself in Russian but it wouldn't hurt to speak my native tongue once in a while. Thank you for chiming in cqloopcx
What would you say are the best ski resorts in Russia regarding snow quality?
Okay, next question haha
Your favorite region to ski within the Russian Federation?
hfaahjkcppn Best resort in Russia is “Krasnaya Polyana” near Soshi and Adler. “Sheregesh” is also pretty good. If you ever seen half naked people on surf boards, it’s probably photos from there.
🛬 jrsprrdakrnw just arrived in Oryol, #russia
Im from Russia, its true)
Hi all) Im from Russia) and maybe I could tell you something about it:)
привет oskbdvzrqzfvbx ), I will be spending a few months in Хабaровск, Сахалин, Владивосток and maybe even Магадан sometime next year. What is by far the fastest internet provider? Are there national internet providers or are there only regional providers?
I'd be willing to pay a premium.
Each region has its own providers, you can see in Google which provider provides coverage in your city or region (Ростелеком and Транстелеком for Sakhalin and Magadan its ok) . In large cities, we use the Internet of mobile operators (Beeline, MTS, megafon, tele2, Tinkoff mobile).
Спасибо большое)
You're welcome)
I can't imagine internet being fast in Magadan 😆
Yes, all technologies are concentrated in the country's capital and several large cities nearby. Thats all)
I come from a city of 80,000 people. There is no cinema there, and the salary is $ 150 per month. People don't live there, they survive. This applies to 80% of the country's cities.
There is so much potential in many of these provincial areas in the Russian Federation. It's a shame.
My goal is to invest in startups in the far east.
That's cool. We have many talented startups, but it is difficult to get investments in our country. This applies to different areas real estate or IT.
and they wouldn’t let me have a profile picture in sunglasses 😅
I’ll be in Russia next year once I get my Brazilian passport sorted and can travel visa free!
🛬 crrnst just arrived in 🇷🇺 Saint Petersburg, #russia
I thought about waiting for my Colombian passport but I think I will just bite the bullet and apply for a three year visa with my U.S. passport.
🛬 bglhffsoz just arrived in 🥃 Moscow, #russia
🛬 ttkonxzzebwa just arrived in Vologda, #russia
🛬 jzwkgxulklhg just arrived in 🇷🇺 Rostov-on-Don, #russia
🛬 heqjdudmvsdb just arrived in 🇷🇺 Saint Petersburg, #russia
mqmrfztycoiiwx what city are you in?
Is the new Russian e visa, the one that allows visiting Moscow being emitted right now?
Not sure how easy it is to get into Russia as an European rn
There is no lockdown now. Moscow and other cities are open. I don't know about the visa
🛬 zubzocbjrejm just arrived in 🇷🇺 Saint Petersburg, #russia
Just ran into a Swiss couple on an intracity train in Moscow. They said it was easy for them to get their visas.
is it a good time for a nomad meetup in Moscow? who would come? thinking of organizing a small event.
I would’ve joined for sure)
I’d be surprised if there are any remote-working foreigners in Moscow now though 🤔
It's not allowed to enter the country for many of us 😕
I would love to, but Im afraid that I don't have free time right now( Maybe only this Sunday, but this is not for sure. And I also have a bad conversational English for such meetings
qpbqg really?(Why?Is it because of covid restrictions or do your planes not fly here?
covid restrictions
the attendee don’t need to be foreigners, though 🙂
Okay, guys. Im only free on Sunday, and only if I skip moto training:innocent:. If you will meet , let me know please, I'll try to come up with something.
I've already done my training today instead of tomorrow, but it seems that no one is going anywhere in this thread yetslightly_smiling_face
oh man, I miss Moscow! ❤️ Haven’t been there for two years. Have a good meetup
This cafe was completely filledexpressionless
🛬 pkrvquo just arrived in 🥃 Moscow, #russia
Ulizka, we’ll have to coordinate better for next time 🙂
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