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Russia Chat - Meet people when traveling in Russia on Nomad List

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welcome. share what you find out
Don’t forget about local restrictions. From tomorrow they’re imposing a lockdown inside the city.
It’s until 7th of November but better to double check if they decide to extend it.
List of restrictions:
```All non-food stores are closing, except for pharmacies and grocery stores and essential goods stores.
➖ Cinemas, museums, concert halls, circuses are closing.
➖ All cafes and restaurants are closed, only takeaway and delivery are allowed.
➖ All enterprises and organizations are closed, except for those necessary for the functioning of the city infrastructure and a number of others.
➖ All public events are prohibited.
➖ Theaters and museums can continue to operate, entry is possible only by QR codes.
➖ Medical organizations will continue to provide routine medical care.```
True, it seems like a bad moment to go, thanks.
I think, it really depends on where you're going to live in both cities. Moscow is more expensive. For ~500$/month you may get an accomodation far (~15min walk) from Metro/Subway somewhere on terminal/end station. Such a place would probably look like
Aw, yeah, and it'll take ~25min subway only to get to the center. So +15 min walk and you're going to spend ~40min just to get somewhere.
If you wanna spend like ~800$/month, then, you're going to be more in center and surrounded by something like
You will spend less time on travelling to somewhere, there will be more cafes, travel agents, more 'couchsurfing' events for socialisation with locals (50%) and English-speaking pals (50%). Yet still! You'll live in a quite non-renovated place!
To get a nice place you'll need ~1200$, I believe. So Moscow may be good, but, still:
1. It's a city for people who went to work there, not a touristical one (and Saint Pete is a touristic city). So many people live there not because it's cool, but because there're many opportunities and if you are not hunting for opportunities, then, prob, you can miss the whole point of living there.
2. It's more expensive then other cities (still, it's not that much expensive, I believe)
3. It's overcrowded in a bad manner it's not like a lot of pals to talk to, it's just a busy city.
4. Taxi is expensive.
5. It's airports are distant and taxi's are expensive. So it's not that cool for travelling. Though if you're going to rent something in city center, then, you'll live close to airports express railway systems.
Saint Pete:
1. More like a 'city center'. For $200/month you can already rent A ROOM with nice renovation something nearby subway/metro (5min walk) in just a city center. Though common facilities are still shitty, so I'd better pay a bit more. For 14$/day I already rented some small apartments in the same central place. It was small, but it was my own and it was daily rent without any discounts.
2. People are more chilly, in my opinion.
3. Has better views, in my opinion
4. In May/July days will be longer in Saint Pete. Prob, you'll be able to see 'white nights' if you don't go somewhere else in June. Prob, you'll see Scarlet Sails (prob, can't post a link, have a look in Wikipedia).
5. It also may be less hot in that season than in Moscow.
6. Saint Pete has super developed service. You can eat almost everywhere. In my opinion, Moscow loses in that term. Prob, Moscow's city center is better, but I don't know.

So, my overall conclusion:
1. You can live comfortable in Moscow. There're many specialists that may have salaries like 3500$-6500$/month after tax. They have beautiful offices, the best possible coworkers, and all of this stuff, there's also a ton of professional (and non-professional) events. So it compensates the city's high cost. But for a digital nomad, in my opinion, especially in May/July Saint Pete is just more comfortable. I also don't know your budget. But, if you're ready to spend ~3k-4k$/month, then, Saint Pete is better, if you're ready to spend ~$4k-$6k, then, Moscow may be also not that bad option for you.
2. In Moscow you may find some colivings. I have never tried them, but if you wanna find a professional communities it might be interesting for you.
Ow, yeah, last but not least, it's prob, the most strict city about covid.
Though, it seems, that in reality is not that bad and lots of people go to work, etc 🙂 I'm not there, so don't know really, just heard about it.
Great stuff U013YTYN5U4!
Both are fun cities although perhaps Moscow feels a bit more impersonal. Loads to do in both of them. You get more artsy/hipster people in Saint Pete and more career and corporate folks in Moscow but the difference is not massive. English levels are very low in both of them
Thanks a ton U013YTYN5U4! Money-wise, neither city should be a problem although I try to maximize my savings nonetheless.
🛬 zrhcaxg just arrived in 🥃 Moscow, #russia
Hi! Does anybody going to be at Blanc on Oriental party tomorrow?
No, but it has an intriguing party title; what is it?
Both, I want to visit Russia, but I'm Canadian
Mostly for people who want to visit Russia. But we (Russians) are also here to answer the questions :) Same goes for other channels on nomadlist
Thanks for the info 🙂 Looks like most of people here use slack instead of discord so I haven't seen your messages as threads are not transferred there
I'm just starting out and currently in Saint Petersburg (been living here for last 3 years). Going to stay here until Spring and then move to Moscow for another 3 months so feel free to DM me if any of you is in Saint Petersburg now or planning to come soon - would be happy to meet with you guys. I'm Russian so feel free to ask questions about Russia as well
Also question to my fellow Russians we all know that the visa situation is not too good for people with Russian passports so how do you go about longer stays abroad (say 1-3 months) and the restriction of only being able to live within the Schengen area for 180 days throughout a year? Would love to live, say, 3 months in Portugal, 3 months in Montenegro, 3 months at Canary Islands etc but I'm not sure how would you go about it visa-wise
Yeah, unfortunately Slack <-> Discord bridge isn’t great for now
Well, Schengen zone is basically closed right now because of Pandemic and I don’t think it will open any time soon unless you’re applying for long stay visas like “D7” in Portugal. I was considering this option until I learned about Portugal taxes :smile:
Honestly Europe is pretty bad place in terms of digital nomading if you have Russian passport. The hustle with visas are just too much and not worth it.

In Asia and South America (where most digital nomads are) you usually have the same conditions as most of the foreigners.
Basically, if you really want to stay in Europe you need to research long term visas. Spain has one and Portugal as well. But be prepare to pay European taxes. It’s more immigration rather than nomad stay.
I’m currently in Georgia. Turkey also okay to stay with Russian passport. And before that I was 2+ years in South East Asia.
yeah... I know. Well Georgia, Turkey and SE Asia are great and I could go there in between visiting some other countries but my primary goal rn is to check out the Europe 🙂 Yeah the covid doesn't help with travel (although it has opened the path for remote work for me which is great) but I hope the borders will be more open sometime soon.
What do you mean by taxes? You are not a tax resident until you spend 6 months in a country afaik. Also I'm employed in a Russian company so that shouldn't be a problem if I stay for 3-6 months at a place max
with a Schengen visa you can stay 3 months in the Schengen zone, then 3 months in an EU country outside the Schengen zone (Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria) or a country that’s not EU, but accepts Schengen visa (I think Montenegro is one of them). Then you can return to a Schengen country. At least this is we did with my gf last year who’s Russian
For example if you use D7 visa you have to rent apartment (not aribnb). And by Portugal laws you tax resident from day one of your official apartment rent.
In general yes, you right you are not becoming tax resident unless you stay less than 183 days.
But most of the open ways to go to Europe suggest you’ll stay there longer, like D7 or Non-Lucrative visa in Spain.
I wouldn’t hope to most of the European country to open borders in 2022 even if you have EU vaccine. I can get a shot with Pfizer but I still can’t get EU visa because this shot isn’t issued inside EU 😄
True. The only thing you probably need to get local visa and not use Schengen AFAIK. But not 100% sure.
Bottom line is better to research each specific country and their rules about COVID vaccines and visas.
The problem is that you can’t get touristic visa now. And seeing how Europe countries shutting down right now it’s not going to change anytime soon.
Don’t want to sound gloomy though, just my observations 😄
gf got Spanish Schengen visa for 1 year 2 weeks ago, did it through an agency.

Hungary still open for vaccinated Russians, might be difficult to go West from there though
Well Hungary sounds like a start 🙂 Any recommendations on where to go this summer? preferably not too hot and with mountains and sea\lakes
If it’s true with visas to Hungary, Budapest is really nice city for nomading. I’ve spend there couple of months 2 years ago and it was awesome.
Spain visa with Russian vaccine? It’s very surprising.
oh you’re right, she got Pfizer in Bulgaria, so EU vaccine certificate
Oh, in that case many countries are open I guess 🙂
Hungary also gives Schengen visa at the moment, but only single entry for the duration of stay
I wish they start accepting Pfizer from outside of EU 😄
Yeah, and probably you’ll have a hard time if you decide to go outside of Hungary.
And it’s usually quite hard to get 90 days visa when they’re issuing “duration of stay”. You’ll need 90 days Airbnb.
I think Portugal is the best choice for people from Russia right now but it’s mostly for longer stay
I’ve just spent 2 months in Portugal with Russian passport and Greek tourist visa and Sputnik vaccine without any issues. The only trick is that you need to enter Schengen through one of the only countries which give tourist visa to Russians nowadays Greece, Estonia, Hungary
Please note that my words might be outdated but that’s how it worked for me in the last months
What was the period of your visa?
Oh yeah, I’ve heard as well that Greece is issuing visas as well. I’ve only seen they have some messed up with QR codes and Russian vaccinations.
It’s viable option especially because in Portugal you can try to extend tourist visa
I am not sure if it works with Schengens issued by other countries though. But technically it’s possible.
Multi visit for 2 years. I’ve received it this August and went in September
Does Discord have a thread feature like Slack or is the bridge not able to sync the messages?
It does (as of lately) so I guess the bridge can't do that
I believe they only give you long visas if you had shorter ones before. Could you elaborate more on how you've done it? Would be super helpful for me
I think it worked at some point but stopped. It seems it’s very complicated task to make them run smoothly. Discord have threads yeah, but they’re a bit different.
I’ve had shorter visas before indeed
My goal was to stay in Greece for a week as a holiday and then move to Portugal as remote work for two months. When I applied to Greek visa I've told them only about the planned Greece visit and even provided the ticket back from Greece to Russia after one week stay. After my visa got approved I've canceled the ticket back and got one from Greece to Portugal instead. The rest is same as with any shengen tourist visa
I see. But won't the fact that you've stayed most of the time in Portugal affect Greece's decision on visa next time? I've heard something like that with Finland (people from Saint Petersburg usually makes visa there as it is easier and people said there were some problems getting visa if you're not using it mostly for the country you've requested from)
Not sure about it. I wanted to get to Portugal and it was the only feasible option so I chose it
🛬 ffzxkagm just arrived in 🇷🇺 Kazan, #russia
Really? how so ?, i thought u could do NHR or something similar in order to dont pay taxes as a foreigner
There are many tricks to that but:
1. If you have active income you pay 20% income tax, on pension you pay 10% and other passive (!) income you pay 0%. Compared to what locals pay it’s still pretty good. I think you can only pay 0% income tax if you already pay taxes in your country (say the US) and they have DTA.
2. You pay social security which is about 21% for self-employed
3. You pay around 23% VAT on all services you provide as self-employed
Compared to my current 1% on everything (no social security, no VAT) it’s pretty horrible 😄
Portugal is a really nice place in terms of taxes if you have only passive income but bad if you’re working as freelancer.
Love this. You can go to San Marino now without visa with Russian passport. But you can’t because they don’t have airport and the closest one is in Italy 😄 pinched_fingers
sail boat it is then 😄
Or private airplane airplane_departuregrin
🛬 jwhcynzlf just arrived in 🇷🇺 Saint Petersburg, #russia
plaxigwa have you contacted any lawyers to get that info? Seems like doing contract work for the US companies would still take 0% in taxes (not sure about the social security payments though)
Not really but you can easily find this on the Internet or ask other people who live there. If you pay taxes in US, yes it will be 0% tax for you in Portugal + Social security. Also, if you pay taxes in any other country with DTA you’ll only pay the difference in Portugal.
On the other hand if you don’t pay taxes in your country you will be fully taxed in Portugal. NHR allows you to be taxed on flat rate of 20% + VAT + Social security.
It’s self-employed income which means it’s taxable. Only passive income have 0% e.g. royalty, rental income etc. Passive income in their interpretation means you don’t do anything to get that money.
If you have to do something to get that income means you working (self-employed) on territory of Portugal.
If Portugal had real 0% income it would have been the best country in the world to live in and everybody would be already there 😄 Such country doesn’t really exist.
I am sure there are multiple ways to avoid this by structuring your business some complex ways with lawyers but I didn’t wanted to go that road.
Hello! Anyone flew from Russia to turkey recently? are there any special requirements for russian citizens
Not sure about recently but when I went there in September the only requirement I recall was having the HES code. I'm vaccinated with Sputnik-V so I think that helped a bit as I didn't need to do any PCR tests
Nothing special, but a vaccination certificate was requested for boarding. Flew in October, although from Kyiv.
🛬 clfeq just arrived in 🥃 Moscow, #russia
🛬 jgytqioyd just arrived in Bryansk, #russia
🛬 zjfwyrr just arrived in 🇷🇺 Sochi, #russia
hi! i guess you enjoy freezing temperatures. :) what passport do you have?
🛬 xbrfbwhf just arrived in 🥃 Moscow, #russia
Happy (upcoming) New Year guys! I hope this year the borders will be a little bit more open ;)
this is how 2022 is looking in Moscow so far ⛄
Wow looks festive! Where is it in Moscow? Can’t recognize 🙂
1 and 3 are near metro Kiyevsakaya, 2 is by Ulitsa 1905
Oh so it’s Evropeysky 🙂 I though that it could it. Love this area, have been on some fun parties there 😄
Missing Moscow a little, haven’t been there for a few years. Maybe manage to visit this summer.
Anyone can tell me what this new Leningrad song is all about?
Ленинград — Пока так
(HN doesn't let me post YT links...)
It's about problems of the Saint Petersburg city
About "trash problem" in particular and how city government ignores it
Russians may also confirm that actually this is not about Saint Petersburg only :(
Btw here is the translation of one of the local news:

_Municipal services are not able to cope with garbage collection and street cleaning, the load on emergency rooms is growing, residents move around the city on skates and try to sprinkle sand on the streets on their own._

The song is the Leningrad's effort to bring attention to these problems
I hope you can! The summer is going to be fun. 🙂
Hey guys, I'm in|Kotobyuro cat cafe> today if anyone wants to pass by 🙂
🛬 azgddvrsp just arrived in 🇷🇺 Saint Petersburg, #russia
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