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San Francisco Chat - Meet people when traveling in San Francisco on Nomad List

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hi, does anyone know where I could find some high-speed internet in San Francisco?
i'm at a Philz Coffee and getting 1 Mbps, and my hotel wifi is also pretty slow
oh this looks good
If you are close to market st, the city has some pretty fast WiFi. Library too, just off hand
thanks U5X10U4DA! Iโ€™m staying close to market st, not sure where to go now though
If you are like 10 feet from it, they have #sfwifi all along it
Castro to the ferry building
Oh cool
Do you know what might be a good place to work during the evening?
looks like most coworking places are closed and/or only for monthly/weekly rates
maybe Iโ€™ll just go to a Starbucks
Oops I posted a link!! It was a list of good coffee shops to work from, sorry I forgot I was too new to post. I went to Haus Coffee and liked that
Also mentioned was Mercury, Equator, Coffee Bar, and Workshop Cafe
Surprised that Philz was so slow. I go to Philz all over the Bay and it's usually zippy
Oh yeah sorry about that, theyโ€™re quite strict here! Thank you, I will check those out tomorrow!
WeWorkNow sounds interesting!
I wanna recommend you here:
โ€ข Mercury Cafe
โ€ข Another Cafe
โ€ข Philz Cafe
โ€ข Peets Coffee
And you can enjoy special coworking experience in Codi and Croissant Coworking.
Would offer up the opportunity for you to work out of Brannan/2nd St but the office is now closed to visitors.

Open late into the night Starbucks on California
Have you considered SFO? BART goes there...
There's also a 24hour Dunkin' in South San Francisco lyhzczcigltvn
thanks for the tips!
SFO is an interesting idea too
i like Workshop Cafe, although itโ€™s a little pricey after the first 10 hours or so
All the way to the airport for Wifi?!! As I hate airports, that would never happen for me. Starbucks and Peets are pretty ubiquitous if you don't want to seek out a local cafe
I thought I heard workshop cafe permanently closed?
was sad to hear as I spent hundreds of hours there over the course of a few yrs
Oh you know what I just thought about it, there is a hacker space that is open until like 10 or 11pm that might have fast internet. There might be... interesting people there
oh boy...
I work out of if your up for $95 a month and it being not that close to bart..
As a local who never flies it's just a museum with bars and restaurants to me
How are you all holding up in SF? I'm back to my ancestral home on the East Coast but really missing the parks and beaches
Traffic is down and parking is super easy downtown. The state just allowed delivery of mixed drinks, so the bars might be able to survive
Slims has shut down forever and the lefties are out demanding rent freezes
Food supply is ample but tends to sell out after 1PM in most stores. People are social distancing yet the parks are busy with people getting some execise
Delivery of groceries is often 1-2 weeks out but it is getting better as Amazon and Walmart ramp up hiring
most of my blue collar friends are out of work. No layoffs in the tech sector but it is a matter of time. You can airbnb here for under $50/ni, cheaper than rent!
Cash tolls not accepted for any bridges
BART reduced hours due to drop in ridership
If you live off of takeout nothing's changed really
Take out has gotten better. The non-delivery restaurants have been forced to do delivery to stay in business, so the selection on delivery apps has gotten drastically better
Mixed drink delivery is legal now, so soon we can get what we would normally get at a bar but to the door
At least one food vendor (bacon bacon) allows you to order meals for nurses at our big hospital, UCSF
Marina is crowded
Pier 39 is closed -- that's weird
Yosemite closed recently
Parks along the coast had to follow since people crowded popular ones
I haven't been in the city since our building was closed for cleaning but I imagine Van Ness is quiet, lombard, etc
in south Berkeley, all the big grocery stores are maddness; all the small ones are fine, running in the streets/hiking isn't too bad
I work overnights and have to be on-call still since operations were moved to another state. Everything closes early. Nothing is 24hrs anymore (except 7-11s) so it's a terrible time finding groceries. I sure as heck don't want to be out and about in the mornings.
It must be SO crazy for the UC Berkeley kids! First schools closed for wildfires, now global pandemic. I have some postdoc friends on campus who will never be able to finish their research
Chico State has lost 2 semesters, one to the Camp Fire and now one to the pandemic
gonna be like 2008 grads ๐Ÿ˜ž
Avoided checking all slacks for a few days. Looks like I didn't miss quiet it's weeeeeird
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