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Singapore Chat - Meet people when traveling in Singapore on Nomad List

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no prob, thanks!
Guys, who wants to meet for networking dinner today, Singapore?
Welcome to Singapore rdqvegkq – whereabouts are you? If you are near the CBD, then the seventh floor of the National Library is a good place to work from. Very quiet, you can always get a seat at a table, and good Internet. You’ll need a local (+65) number to receive SMS to get the free Wi-Fi though, and you won’t be able to make any calls there.

• East Coast Park the Coffee Bean there normally has some tables free and is a nice environment.
• Pasir Ris the Coffee Bean in E!Hub is normally decent.
• Bugis I like Mellower, but the Wi-Fi is restricted to an hour for every purchase, so unless you’re tethering it’s a pain.
• Robertson Quay Book Café is nice, but a bit expensive. There’s a few other decent coffee shops nearby as well.
thanks U23EBR0SD!
I'm currently in Bugis
Hi guys! Just arrived in Singapore. Thanks iymjqaitshf for the coffee shops recos.
I'll try Book Café later today, it seems nice
Feel free to join
I went to BOok Cafe yesterday, it was chill 🙂
I'm at Coffee Bean Marine Cove today, also chill
it's got a SoCal feeling here
Minor update Just tried Mellower today and it's actually 2 hours per purchase. It's quite fair. Difficult to find electric plugs though.
Ah interesting
everyone staying home cause of coronavirus?
I think it’s mostly lack of tourist, Chinese tourist are banned from coming to SG right now. I assume tourist from other countries are also avoiding SG when they can.

Many companies are doing work from home this month too (mine is). I live in the central business district and it’s noticeable quieter here too, not just touristy places.
vumceqvjqql ah gotcha, yea i was out and about last night on Sunday and it was dead
Been here 5 years. Never seen it this quiet
Anyone got any food recommendations around East Coast park? So far my fave has been Wantan mee.. Thinking of going to Eng's Wantan Mee
Also, can anyone recommend another coffee shop to check out around East Coast park area? I have a flight tonight at 20:00 and looking to hang around near the airport before then
cdneyqpmvic how are you liking it here? Where are you from?
No recommendations from me for East area.

And I’m from the Netherlands, ended up in SG by coincidence and liking it! It’s a good base to be professionally at this stage in my life decent wages, low tax, safe, easy to live in, well connected airport.
iqdunhipqpd cool! good to hear
Oh, cool, they must have increased it. Yeah, buying one drink every couple of hours is fair.
Eng is a good choice for Wantan Mee. Walking distance from there (~10min walk) is the famous 328 Katong Laksa which should try too!
Along the way you might see the Kim Choo museum where they sell Peranakan snacks as well. You can try the ‘ondeh ondeh’ there, made with coconut and brown sugar
esszhqhu thanks for the suggestions!
Along the way you will pass by Katong Shopping Centre too, the chicken rice at the basement is great sethlui.com/delicious-boneless-chicken-rice-singapore/|https://sethlui.com/delicious-boneless-chicken-rice-singapore/br />I went to middle school in that area and went every week hahah
ynsedliu perhaps try Penny University?
Few expat friends that tried and failed 😅 I personally am not even trying even though I wouldn’t mind being a Singapore PR. I only have vocational education (no high school nor degree), not married etc. Pretty sure I won’t make the cut.
Sure dugkuibo
Who else is in SG at present?
Nope, really need to get to a couple meeting there but I'm just gonna wait until the world resumes operations
Fair enough.
I'm getting bored in Bangkok during this I'd lose my mind in sg
I do like it enough to consider living there sometime
But man, so boring
Good luck! At least you know you're somewhere safe
Yeah, I hear you. I'm looking at this time as forcing me to put the head down, turn off the news and focus on several personal things I need to complete over the coming months..
Yeah, it's great for that. This thing came on the heels of my spending 2 months doing exactly that though
So I'm losing it a bit haha
I’m staying holed up in SG for a few more months at least, cancelled all flights and travel plans.
It's a good plan
I was coming to Singapore on Wednesday but after today’s conference I’m changing my flight to JB to take a taxi to Singapore instead
14 days stay home notice isn’t ideal
if Bali is still a good choice I’ll go there, otherwise I’ll hole up in Singapore too
there are no flights from my area to Singapore tomorrow anymore, everything was quickly fully booked up to beat the deadline
Singapore is probably the safest in the region now
I wonder for how long
Well, probably it’ll stay the safest even in the worst case scenario, but will it stay as safe as it is now?
There’s lots of things they could be doing to cut transmission but aren’t because they want to avoid disruption. If there’s a significant rise in cases, they’ll start applying those brakes until it slows again. The new travel restrictions are an example of that. So I don’t expect safety to get much worse here. If the problem gets worse, safety will remain relatively constant and the trade off will be that everyday life becomes more of a hassle.
Just arrived to Singapore via San Francisco. I didn’t need to pass any health screening nor I saw people doing it. Did they stop it or just trying to focus on the risky countries now?
You probably just walked by the thermal cameras without noticing them
Yeah I wondered if that was the case but couldn’t see them. It’s likely that then!
Singapore has _real_ security, they don't need the security theatre :)
oqtjsfbaabttd just arrived in 🦁 #singapore #singapore
fspqdsvfpzzpp just arrived in 🦁 #singapore #singapore
If the situation in Malaysia worsens after the current lockdown, it will be hard for Singapore to avoid imported cases from Malaysia – we rely on them for both workers and food
vionhmgantiuo welcome!
I'm currently an American in Kuala Lumpur. is Singapore still accepting foreign travelers into the country?
Can you even get out of KL now? If you manage to get to Singapore then you’ll have to self isolate for two weeks.
Yes, Singapore is still accepting travelers except from countries most heavily hit. However you'll be required to stay inside for 14 days and will need to provide proof where you will do so.
And what thjjodh said. Wonder if you can even leave KL? 🤔
My friend was able to leave KL a couple days ago to London
Ah yeah only Malaysians can’t leave
How does one qualify as a goods vehicle
Made it back to Singapore before the 20th! Self-isolating myself anyway.
Congrats largaglhw and thanks for doing that
All short-term visitors to be barred from entering or transiting in Singapore from Monday 23rd March 11.59pm
Has anyone here got tested for COVID-19, if so, how? I was working out in the gym when a few days later turned out there were two members (unrelated to each other) with COVID-19 at the same time as me. Nobody reached out to me since I am not a close contact. I also feel fine, just a tiny bit of runny nose, but that could be from being inside with aircon all the time too. Some staff from the gym went to a clinic and they told me clinics only refer you to the hospital when you have a multitude of symptoms, which I don’t.

FYI I have bene social distancing and working from home for over a month and it’s been 8 days since I was in the same gym as two confirmed cases.
Arrived in Singapore before the stay-at-home restrictions kicked in, although I have been practising social distancing and working from home anyway. Concerned that with the recent uptick in cases they may impose more stringent measures and perhaps ask travellers to leave. And also, if the US CDC issue a level 3 notice on Singapore, my insurance will cease to apply after 10 days, and Singapore hospital bills are no joke. Starting to think (aargh) that the only option is a flight back to the UK. While there are flights. Any others here in Singapore on short-term permits?
I don’t think they’ll ask people to leave, especially not since Lawrence Wong said “there should be consequences for those who still travel” (although I think he was more talking about people who intended to travel and come back). But yeah if you’re risking to be here uninsured that could be scary. I also believe the government here doesn’t pay for short term permits COVID-19 treatment anymore?
I think there's a solution to the insurance issue, but it still leaves the problem of what happens when the short-stay permit runs out. That's more than a couple of months away, but I don't think I can ignore it.
It happened last night, Singapore was added to the Warning Level 3 wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/noticesbr />
New insurance suggestions?
You can try healthcare insurances which mostly cover COVID19 treatments
But it’s more expensive
SaftyWing have their health insurance that does cover it, but it’s one year commitment (about $160 per month)
I’ve just canceled my travel insurance with them as it’s unuseful for level 3 countries (which is almost everywhere)
Another option I found is Expatriate Health Care. It’s about the same price and requires 1 year commitment, but they also offer short term healthcare, which is not cost effective at all, but I’m thinking about doing that only for a few months till things get better (hopefully) and recalculating my next steps then.
It was about 1100 USD for both me and my partner for 3 months (we’re around 30~).
Both support COVID19 treatments. Checked several times with their support.
Forgot to mention, the one with Singapore might be more expensive.
However. both include 30 days cover in countries which are not explicitly stated in your policy. So if you plan to stay in a country which is not covered for less then 30 days (or avoid it), you better buy specific areas other than “worldwide”
What did you do for the insurance situation?
Ended up buying from Expatriate Health Care since the reviews on Trust pilot were fine and I’m tried of SafetyWing that loves to hide behind small fonts.
And they offer short-term which are not cost effective but cheaper considering you don’t need healthcare for the whole year.
I may have spoken too soon (was looking at Remote Health also but there is a lengthy approval process, not to mention damn expensive)
Which was the actual plan you bought?
I'm not sure how much of an issue it is, but neither the Expatriate program nor Remote Health seem to cover the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, which keeps cropping up whenever I look into the actual covid cases being treated
Primary+ (Expatritate) just for a few months.
Talked directly with their support (and asked to check with C-level executives) and they confirmed that COVID treatments will be covered.
Would they really cover me when I really need them? that’s the usual ping-pong games with insurance companies.
I’m not in Singapore so it’s not relevant to our case, but is the National Centre for Infectious Diseases not covered even with the “including Singapore” package?
I'm investigating that
On the 'what is not insured' section for Primary+, it includes 'Treatment over €1,000 that has not been pre-approved'?
USD ─ $

by levelsio

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