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Singapore Chat - Meet people when traveling in Singapore on Nomad List

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Yeah, I left a month ago. Had to get out, I don't do lockdown too well. Now in HK.
I'll be back soon, maybe once things are open again
๐Ÿ›ฌ yswaxxne just arrived in ๐Ÿฆ Singapore, #singapore
Sounds like they'd responded to a noise complaint / complaints from neighbours in general?
Yes. I still think it speaks to the kind of place that Singapore is that this is allowed and there is essentially no redress or circumstances for challenge
well, apart from Instagram
I agree it should be illegal but people do always cherry pick Singapore when other "democratic nations" do exact same or worse
I assume these are all if it's in response to a call by neighbours or reasonable suspicion
And not just police randomly walking into peoples houses as some sort of spot check
vrkctnbgen good point... Australia is really authoritative/backwards as well, lived there for 2 years
it's just that Singapore always boasts about being a modern, progressive, diverse place when in reality it's quite the opposite
Singapore is an amazing place for me โ€” Blade Runner city. Exemplary in so many ways.
But it has a very peculiar enthusiasm when it comes to law and the enforcement of the law. โ€˜Disneyland with the death penaltyโ€™ isnโ€™t far off.
I do wonder if the safe distancing officers enter and catch you doing something else thatโ€™s not allowed (take your pick) what might happen.
jxexeyt without going into pol territory speaking with many ppl and spending lots of time in Asia the last 10 years I've gotten a more nuanced view on Singapore, it's not free no, not in the Western/European way, but it's highly progressive in many other ways for example feminism, women in the workplace, having affordable housing for most ppl via HBD (?), social programs etc. Then the flip side of that is low paid badly treated immigrant construction workers and maids that make that possible. It's just more nuanced then most of us as Westerners can realize.
jsoosxdlfm totally agree. It is an awesome place but there is definitely a flipside that only a few experience/know about. I'll leave it here as discussing more would probably get me banned ๐Ÿ˜‚ But good discussion to have if we ever meet in person ๐Ÿ˜
What's the latest on entry/quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers (i.e. non-residents) from Europe? Pretty opaque to figure out ๐Ÿ˜…
I believe impossible to enter, no?
If you are just on a tourist visa, it's definitely impossible.
"A 21-day quarantine for foreign visitors began on May 8, and lasts until further notice.
This regulation currently applies to travelers from all countries but Australia, Brunei, mainland China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau."

"Short term visitors from the following countries/regions may apply to enter Singapore for any purpose of visit.
โ€ข Brunei Darussalam
โ€ข Mainland China (excluding Jiangsu province)
โ€ข New Zealand
โ€ข Taiwan (for entries on or after 12 Aug 2021)"
yeah still pretty hard
I don't think surprising at all. Delta still infects and kills vaccinated people all the time.
I do believe they are planning to open up but who isn't right
But on a mere tourist visa it will be a long time IMO
When will this fact become more widely known? The failures can no longer be brushed off... see Israel
EP holders can apply to come back again, and from certain countries you can now even do your quarantine at home instead of a hotel. Countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland are on that relaxed list.

Personally will stay in Europe for the time being, wasnโ€™t much of a life in Singapore lately. Left as soon as I got my 2nd jab. Will see how it is end of the year or early next year.

Deaths from COVID are low in Singapore, deaths from suicide are an all time high and mental health issues are rampant.
More like we have a crazy virus that keeps mutating, vaccines work but don't stop it completely
yeah, think UK is open again. I went right when they opened up, then left right before they closed down again so didnt experience the full lockdown there. But i much prefer how the law is treated in singapore then in the UK. Most annoying thing about europe during the lockdowns is the amount of people you see breaking the rules.
are there any new sources regarding Israelโ€™s new breakthrough? i havenโ€™t been keeping up with the news but i remember seeing the report where the high percentage number of breakthrough cases were cited from, and it was from a study that had low-ish sample size.
Whatโ€™s the situation right now if you need to travel to Singapore for business purposes ๐Ÿค” This info is much harder to come by than Iโ€™d have thought
my company has (physical) infrastructure there and also some other things I need to take care of, ideally around end of sept, and can come from europe if it simplifies things (will be in ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช around mid sept)
anyway Iโ€™d have thought this would be easy to sort but the info seems to be changing daily so anybody with recent experience let me know ๐Ÿ™
for context I donโ€™t have any formal work/residence permit, I could maybe arrange a note from a vendor etc or other things along those linesโ€ฆ
also am vaccinated, if that makes a difference
Hi Nick. Cant specifically help but if youโ€™re flying from ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช then you can get a tourist VTL (you need to have been in GER for 21 days before departure). Going as a tourist makes things a lot simpler.
Jeah thats the site. Should have everything on it (follow those VTL links).
โ€œ_Travellers must have been fully vaccinated in their country/region of departure or Singapore.โ€_
yeah, I contacted the consulate in DE about this, weโ€™ll see what they say
saw that too today. Guess they realised how many people would travel into germany and then summer all over europe >_<
Anyoneโ€™s got experience with getting the booster shots around here?
wait so currently to go to SG from the US, I need to spend a few weeks in Germany, then I can go to SG?
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