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South Africa Chat - Meet people when traveling in South Africa on Nomad List

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and some of the food was awesome.
how did you pick a line?
on the wine train
am overwhelmed
tempted to close my eyes and point at my screen
i went down the list and looked at the available activities and picked the line that had the most that i wanted to do. ๐Ÿ™‚
they seem to all have a largely overlapping set of activities so I am leaning towards my digital dart board
or just picking pink
because pink
yeah, but some are similar so i wanted certain ones like the wine and olive oils and that kind of thing.
but i also did 2 lines
like one has a cheetah outreach program that you can visit. one does other types of liquor (though not interesting to your friend), one has a high tea - which is always fun. so even if she's not into wine, if she's into something else it might be a reason to choose one over the other.
and now i totally want to do it again. i could kill the wine and caramels and wine and olives/oils pairings. ๐Ÿ˜„
the red line has one that has a game drive.
Where is the Google Doc mentioned? on the NL site? I'm totally new to NomadList
pyakxtmyqxnf I really enjoy cape point when the wind is strong, its an experience standing on the edge of the cliffs staring towards the end of the world and the wind coming at you relentlessly.. plus if you do that you could cycle around to noordhoek (there's a wine farm on the hill with a beautiful view of ocean / surroundings, it has a market on thursday not sure about sundays) / kommetjie where you have great views of hout bay area, and over chapmans peak through constantia where there are some more beautiful wine farms. I really enjoy just driving around there and stopping wherever, its stunning. Alternatively a drive up the west coast is nice too, there are a bunch of small fishing villages langebaan / st helena bay etc, scenery is a bit different still beautiful, and the drive back is quite cool because you start to see table mountain at some point as this tiny silhouette and then it just gets progressively bigger the further south you go . depends what you're into. the wine farm idea is great too, stellenbosch / franschoek / paarl areas are equally beautiful, theres another nice drive through wellington over bains kloof, again somewhat different scenery and you can stop and swim in the river on the way. riebeek wes which is further afield is nice too, proper little country town in between the wheat and wine farms
`the wind coming at you relentlessly` this sounds........... unpleasant at best ๐Ÿ˜›
haha, we probably enjoy different things ๐Ÿ˜›
like, my actual number #1 suggestion would be to hike up table mountain, but i think i saw you describing your hike up lions head so i take it thats not an option
`you could cycle around to noordhoek` joyjoy you clearly don't know her well. ๐Ÿ™‚
lol heights and exercise wonโ€™t work here
but a casual stroll might
hi there. just arrived today for a month. if someone wants to do a coworking session (i.e. at v&a or mustachio) drop a line
tkchkqeo south africa is a pretty large country. you might want to specify where you are...
cape town :) lahvvgxkhdfntu
... it's pouring on my safari day ๐Ÿ˜ญ
ltvqkrzcjijg welcome to nomadlist. I'm kinda new and well ๐Ÿ˜Š
lol by cycle i just mean "go by", not use a bicycle
What power plug type do you bring for South Africa? It looks like they have 3 possible, but is there a deficit that will pretty much work anywhere in SA?
yea european type c
we use a stupid 3 prong one as well which isnt used anywhere else, but you can almost always find type C too
is visser your surname ? its a somewhat common (afrikaans) surname over here
Yea my background is Dutch :P
Thanks for the tip!
the 3-prong one is actually also used in nepal. my SA adapter helped me out when i was in an older nepalese hotel that hadn't converted to euro plugs yet.
but when i was in SA i def used the 3 prong one more than the euro plug.
I might just hope I donโ€™t need a 3-prong and grab one when I get there if I have issues.
the adapters are in various stores and are cheap, if you're in a bind
There are some 2-prong adaptors. Usually you could get a multi plug adaptor (3-prong) for a local shop which will have 2-prong slots.
Modern apartments may have either usb type A or type C directly in the wall sockets as well. This is rare.
Thanks for the tips. Iโ€™m just going to go with UK and Euro adapters and buy whatever fringe ones I find I need while Iโ€™m there.
yeah, they're everywhere.
hi everyone, we will be arriving in capetown on thursday 06.02. and we are thinking to go for the garden route. We have plenty of time to be honest. looking for tips and tricks! ๐Ÿ˜„
definitely do it. it's beautiful
definitely visit Tsitsikamma National Park and if you can swing staying in one of the coastal bungalows for a night or two, do it. but know there is 0 internet out there.
including cell coverage
east head cafe in Knysna is worth a visit, if only for the views on the drive. make sure you follow the scenic view signs up the hill.
ybfemlrornrdda thank you very much! weโ€™re just planing the trip. so excited!
i spent 2.5 months last winter driving around south africa. it was great!
no. i still had stuff i wanted to see. ๐Ÿ™‚ if you're wine people make sure to get up and do the wine tram.
we are more looking into safari and exploring beautiful places, letโ€™s see what south africa has to offer.
well there are plenty of beautiful places
you could pop up to addo
i think the best safari stuff is more over by joburg, but addo is nice and you can see a variety of creatures there.
thanks, weโ€™ll check it out!
what do you reco for accommodation? airbnb?
i don't do airbnb for less than a week. too much wasted time with the check in/out bullshit and when you add their service fees + cleaning fees, it's not worth it IMO.
so i would hotel.
okei, sounds reasonable
Highly recommended. Main places to stop along the way include Knysna, Plettenburg Bay, Jeffrey's Bay. I'd also recommend the Knysna elephant sanctuary, the raptor rehabilitation center, the wild cat sanctuary and the reptile park. All of these attractions are near Knysna and Plett.

I'm originally from South Africa so feel free to ask me anything you'd like.

I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth which is also on the garden route.
rstqwusxhdjejmru wow, thank you very much for your message! really appreciate it. Yes, we will plan our trip this week and we might get back to you with some questions! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks
I have arrived!
In Cape Town
My pleasure. If you do decide to visit PE then I can connect you with someone that can take you around and show you the best the city has to offer.
PE = Port Elizabeth
gbjyxrqokn sorry if confused but ZA plug isn't at all EU right?
No not at all.
So that's why EU adaptor doesn't go in
Diff plug
Itโ€™s the 3 pronged one. I was under the impression possibly my type G would be fine but nah
Yeah looks similar but diff i think
Well whatโ€™s that adaptor then that goes SA -> EU :P. Iโ€™m sure that _exists_, but itโ€™s just not what was set up here and confused me heh
I brought a type G and a Euro hoping at least one would get me by most of the time :P fully expecting I would probably need to buy a SA adaptor at some point any way. Was just hoping Iโ€™d at least be able to give my laptop a charge right away in the Airbnb before I had to go shopping heh
A hotel might have the universal outlet
Anyway rekt
Lightly dusted ๐Ÿ˜ข
So yea if youโ€™re coming in from EU or UK just grab an adaptor straight away at the airport.
i'm surprised that the one on the right won't work. i had zero issues with any that shape during my trip. the one on the left needs a type M i think. but the one on the right looks very like the one i purchased when I was there. all of my EU plugs worked just fine with it.
i did find that some of the adapters that were provided sucked and maybe only 1 of the many options worked. did you unplug what's in there and try your plug in the one that's being used? and yeah UK plugs aren't supported at all.
the plug you're seeing is a type c. it's the same as EU plugs. it's just shitty and broken. ๐Ÿ™‚
hqkcooqrqwyxezql actually we plan to do that! that would be great. Iโ€™ll get back to you as soon as we know when we will be there and Iโ€™ll write you again. Thanks man, really appreciate it!
This is why I like US plugs when they have the holes drilled in the prongs. Worst case, you just break the clips off of a couple pens and start forcing things into the outlet.
(Not that I would reccomend that)
yeah.... that seems like a bad idea
Yea I tried taking the one plug out and replace it with my euro appliance. No dice!
Yea removing the ground sounds like it works great until thereโ€™s a power surge and a fire breaks out or something (no idea if that can be the end result, but thatโ€™s what I envision the ground is good for...)
Everything I have these days is ungrounded. Actually kinda nice.
weird. but half the stuff i found already at places was jacked, so getting your own is the best bet.
Got some free time morning/early afternoon Sunday Feb 2 in Cape Town and was thinking of hiking all or part of lions head. Anyone up for it?
Will be arriving Cape Town Monday.. planning to do table mtn all day hike later in the week
gbejopubmyfbvy finally made it to SA :) and back on this slack!
Iโ€™ll be leaving on Monday early morning :(
awuvtkvvcletpv have fun!
if anyone is in joburg, i'm here in Sandton until Saturday. Let's party! (back to CPT after that)
mqdtweyxrzajw I stay in Sandton, but I'm headed to Australia today.
Bummer! Hanging out in Soweto atm
hei guys, Iโ€™m here in Capetown for a week now and fell in love with it!
What are the real costs per month if you want to live here? I know on nomadlist there is a monthly costs overview, but I donโ€™t want an average, I want to know the real costs of living and working here ๐Ÿ˜„ I know it depends also on how you live, so letโ€™s say an appartment with 2 bedrooms in green point or sea point, gym membership, food (at home and going out), etcโ€ฆ :slightly_smiling_face:

is there somebody in this group who lives here and has some real insights about it, thanks ๐Ÿ˜„
Who's going to the street art festival this weekend? ipafest.co.za/|http://ipafest.co.za/
USD โ”€ $

by levelsio

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