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South Korea Chat - Meet people when traveling in South Korea on Nomad List

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jeonghcho 1mo
There's a whatsapp group from previous DN meetups in Seoul. There might be some in the group who will be interested for a meetup this week or next! It's not a big group but if you want to join, I can send you a link.
jeonghcho 1mo
ghfirgjolu Could I ask which data you are referring to (or whether it's based on personal observation)?
Not aware of how big the startup scene is in Taiwan but I thought the scene in Seoul is pretty big? The Korean gov has numerous programs funding startups and even for foreign startups.
I think I've read somewhere that Korea has low percentage of freelancers or self-employed population (while Netherlands has the highest). Curious if you are referring to a specific data source! (I've read your statistics page on the website, great work and so helpful:pray:)
jeonghcho 1mo
Hi Max. Sure, I'm planning to organize a meetup once I'm back in Seoul - let's meet then! Also, my friend might organize a meetup this week (she'll post on the whatsapp group).
You can join the whatsapp group and reach out to me there, if you can't dm here.
cephei 1mo
Me and rocvwxivhchggh are meeting today at 7PM for dinner and then drinks.
If anybody wants to join, youโ€™re welcome. Also some other people from the WhatsApp group might show up
Around Gangnam area
vike27 1mo
Could be interested but probably would only go to Korea for spring/fall seasons if so
krnzio 1mo
Hey, does anyone know a doctor or clinic in Seoul who will do small surgical procedures on short notice or even as a walk in?
Hey where are you guys? I'm in Gangnam too!
cephei 1mo
Hey Manuel. That was yesterday evening ๐Ÿ˜‰
Ah lmao hahah guess I'm too drunk already ๐Ÿ˜…
cephei 1mo
pwekbqsclog can invite you to the WhatApp group. theyโ€™ll do more meetups soon
levelsio 1mo
Generally well known no? All the best talent gets sucked up by Samsung, no way for startups to capture that. What startups are actually successful and big in KR except Kakao etc?
levelsio 1mo
As in most countries in Asia except maybe China and Taiwan, startups seem more like hobbies for rich kids than actually people building businesses
levelsio 1mo
Not that diff in EU
jeonghcho 1mo
bkoaswbg cool! I'll probably continue on till the spring season. I'll share an update with the program when ready.
jeonghcho 1mo
It depends on which kind of doctor you are looking for! We don't have a general physicians (GPs) system in Korea. The clinics are all divided into specific fields of medicine.
FWIW, I funded two Korean startups this yearโ€ฆthey are both based in Saigonโ€ฆI think that is where most of the risk taking is actually happening. Korea has terminal demographics, impossible housing costs, shitty inflation (because it is at the tail end of the supply chains) and an incredibly demoralized population of young people; anyone that doesnโ€™t work at a chaebol wants to get the hell out (and those that are on the chaebol grind are miserable).
levelsio 1mo
Spot on yes that's it. I studied and lived in Korea for quite a long time and that's what the Koreans told me at least
levelsio 1mo
Chaebols also love to sue new startups
krnzio 1mo
Ah, thank you for the info! Well, I wanted to spare everyone the ugly details but I have an abscess that needs to be cut out. So I guess something like dermatology or plastic surgery?

Already spoke to two doctors (LOHAS international clinic & St Marys Hospital) and they said I need surgery soon, but they couldnโ€™t do it as their operation rooms were fully booked apparently. Though at this point I might just go to an ER in Andong (where I am now, but going back to Seoul on 27th), even though itโ€™s still a bit too early for that.

But as a general โ“ I heard that most doctors in Korea speak English to some degree, so I might not have to look for international doctors specifically, is that true?
jeonghcho 1mo
About English - yes but they not everyone will be fluent with conversation. Maybe you can write about your problem and show it to them? That might be an easier way to communicate.
You will easily find all kinds of clinics in an urban area. Not sure if it's easy to find if you write in English on Google or Naver maps. If that's the case, try search in Korean. ํ”ผ๋ถ€๊ณผ is dermatologist and ์„ฑํ˜•์™ธ๊ณผ is plastics.
jeonghcho 1mo
Actually I would just recommend going to an ER - could be faster and safer! Good luck.
krnzio 1mo
Great, thank you so much for your advice!
lewis_m 1mo
Samsung Hospital is your best bet probably. My recent ER visit cost me about $1500 but really good service, diagnosed me with pneumonia & gave me the proper meds. mzbqpujk
krnzio 1mo
Do you mean Samsung Medical Center? I've heard... not so good things about it.

Anyway I got antibiotics from the LOHAS Clinic and they're helping. Since I'm moving over to Thailand soon, I'm just gonna get a normal appointment over there to make sure everything is going well. But I'm out of the danger zone for now, so no ER necessary. Thank you both for helping out!
kinnth 1mo
๐Ÿ‘‹ Iโ€™m planning a trip to south korea for 2 weeks in late april. What are the best places to visit outside of Seoul, especially good regions to see any blossoms falling or large nature parks?
seungju 29d
I recommend going to buddhist temples in mountains. They are all over Korea. Nature is all around Korea even in Seoul though it will be more crowded.

โ€ข 2nd biggest city in Korea
โ€ข Beaches and mountains
โ€ข Parties
โ€ข many good temples
โ€ข many parks with cherry blossom
โ€ข 2 hr KTX train
โ€ข capital of ancient Buddhist kingdom Silla. Lots of historical sights.
โ€ข Cherry blossom at Bomun lake
โ€ข 1.5 hour by KTX bullet train.
โ€ข Close to mountains
โ€ข Close to Andong folk village
Jeju island
โ€ข nature both mountains and beaches
โ€ข need a car to visit properly
โ€ข very chill and spread around. less social
โ€ข 1 hr plane ride. $50 one way
seungju 27d
Chuncheon is also a great place to visit. Nami Island is is in vicinity of Chuncheon. Only an hour away from Seoul by KTX
jeonghcho 26d
Some of us from Nomadlist are gathering for a spontaneous meetup today - dinner and drinks at Euljiro, 7:30 pm. If anyone wants to join, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚
nomadlist 24d
kovrpaiierk is proposing a|meetup in Seoul, #south-korea at The Craichouse on Friday, 13 January at 19:00. "Social dinner and drinks in Itaewon area! ๐Ÿ™Œ Location might change. Feel free to bring your friend. There will be more people joining from other community as well." โœ… RSVP here
nomadlist 24d
qmisuakakic is organizing a|meetup in Seoul, # at The Craichouse on Friday, 13 January at 19:00. "Social dinner and drinks in Itaewon area! ๐Ÿ™Œ Location might change. Feel free to bring your friend. There will be more people joining from other community as well." โœ… RSVP here
Woah my second meetup in my first week of Seoul and they are both in the exact same place ๐Ÿคฏ
Hey peeps, can anyone recommend any good coffee shops to work from around the Hongik University Area?
This might be a strange question, but is anyone here remotely working for a US company while staying in Korea?
(or Asia for that matter)
Looking for tips on how to organise my routine to work during the nights
Yup! However this is my first day of working in Seoul. I have mostly been in Thailand which is -2 hours and does make a difference. I have been fortunate enough to convince them fewer meetings and have meetings only on Monday and Thursday. Iโ€™ve also found a 24h coffee shops, mostly full of students etc studying for deadlines. For me it helps me to focus when I am not at home, however, everyone is different. Also, take a lie in! youโ€™ll need it haha.
Also I am quite lucky that my colleagues are based on the east coast and dont mind doing meetings very early (they are morning people, I am not!)
jeonghcho 23d
hi U03H6838EGG! are you talking about this Friday's meetup?
Thanks a lot U04445Y6P6V!
Yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ I had another meetup in a different group in the same place hehe
seungju 22d
Iโ€™ve done this for months. Itโ€™s not sustainable, but itโ€™s worth it.

1. If you can ask your employer/client to be flexible, the ideal scenario would be start working from 6am KST (1am PST), and arrange meetings around their late afternoon time.
2. For me I was doing 9-5 big tech job on California time. I was trying to go to bed early and wake up around midnight. But I couldnโ€™t most of the time so I would end up being sleepy and go to bed when my shift is over in the morning, and get up in the afternoon. Or sleep partially few hours here and there. It was so bad. I couldnโ€™t do much social activity during the weekday. My sleep pattern was always inconsistent
3. Daylight saving time makes a big difference. No daylight saving time in Asia mostly. Make sure to track it when it changes
4. No Friday night going out. You work on Friday night, and start working on Monday night. When you live normal hours on the weekend, itโ€™s hard to go back to US time during the weekdays.
5. You can also split your work hours. Work for few hours on early morning US East time (~10pm Asian time), get some sleep, and do async work during the day.
lewis_m 22d
Oh nice ehpsiamei thanks! going to check this out!
jeonghcho 22d
Just out of curiosity, where do you guys work during night-midnight time in Korea? Do you use 24 hours cafes or coworking space? or mainly work from your accommodation? If so, I guess your accommodation should have a proper workspace settings but I wonder whether it's easy to find one.
Also, would you prefer to work with others (co-working) in the same situation (working different time zone) at a same location? For example, it could be a 24 hour open coworking space where there's a lot of nomads working night time (so you kind of have a community supporting each other to keep up with routine).
lewis_m 22d
I used to use the WeWork over by Yeoksam Station hxmonrmikjs but since then have just got a home office setup from IKEA.
lewis_m 22d
It was like a $600-$700 investment
lewis_m 22d
But WeWork was like $150/mo or something for a hotdesk so it quickly paid for itself
lewis_m 22d
In terms of preferring to work together - honestly sometimes yes but Iโ€™ve noticed that people at wework who are there after midnight arenโ€™t really in the social mood lol. Theyโ€™re tired as heck (Rightfully so).
lewis_m 22d
Itโ€™s be nice to mix it up & get out of the home office sometimes, can become isolating pretty quick
lewis_m 22d
Wow I did not know we had cherry blossoms here, thanks ujvdmgltkburmc & iezsudyel
lewis_m 22d
Going to check that out for sure
Great advice zwjjdgjeq especially the forgiveness thing. Iโ€™ve just finished my 2nd work day and I have to say, itโ€™s not been as bad as I anticipated so far, working here it seems there is a culture of late-night working which I kind of like. For me the worst thing is being in my accommodation, I just canโ€™t focus at that time. In answer to U04445Y6P6Vโ€™s question, there seem to be many 24-hour coffee shops, at least near me. The one I used was here
jeonghcho 20d
voexisuit Haha right, even if not tired, social mood is not the norm in coworking space or any other situation. Speaking to or saying hello to a stranger is not Korean culture :joy:
Cool that you arranged a home-office! guess you plan to stay in Seoul for quite a long time? Do you have a visa here?
jeonghcho 20d
I tried home-office for a while but ended up quite depressing due to isolation and lack of separation between work & life. For me, it wasn't healthy at all. I prefer a coworking space with a community but it was difficult to find one in Korea. So I made one myself which I'm sharing with some friends (it's in Ilsan)! If anyone in Ilsan, welcome to join :slightly_smiling_face:
In Seoul, I'm organizing weekly digital nomad meetups. So far it's been only dinner and drinks socializing meetups, but if some people are interested, I can organize a coworking meetup?! We can meet at a cafe or a coworking space, work together and have some introduction/networking sessions.
seungju 20d
eqkpnslypxnhtwx itโ€™s not bad in the beginning. But your tirednesses accumulates. I found that after three months, I couldnโ€™t handle it anymore
gfoorzmader exactly the same for meโ€ฆ I only worked directly from home when I was legally required to do so (i.e. covid!)
kmkcgvnpn yeah I bet it does dragโ€ฆ even thogh my timezone is minus 2 hours from here as I live in thailan, I still feel it when working for a US compay.
lewis_m 20d
jkxreiywahd yeah I plan on making this my main base throughout this year.

Thatโ€™s really cool you made your own! Ilsandong-gu is like an hour from me in Gangnam otherwise Iโ€™d be down to check it out once in a while!

The isolation thing is real.

I can go months without much social interaction if Iโ€™m heads-down launching a new project or business but I find itโ€™s around then I also really start to miss my friends & push myself to make new ones locally.
jeonghcho 20d
tcjmztxey Join the meetup tomorrow! There will some locals joining as well, including me :) expecting 10+ group so far
dactrtr 20d
I hope thereโ€™s gonna be another one, Iโ€™ll arrive next friday:)
dekim24 20d
just to add my 2 cents here, when I had to do this (a few years ago) I would just work from home and take calls late at night, but a big problem I had is that a lot of Airbnbs (basically tiny 1 room officetels) didn't have a good working space. often I found myself working on kitchen counter / stool, or a coffee table on the floor, or just on the bed because there was nowhere else.

I don't have any problem with tiny officetels - if I moved long term to Korea I'd live in one myself - but just having a reasonably big desk w/ reasonably comfortable office chair would have made working late hours at home way nicer
Wow, I honestly left the question without thinking Iโ€™d get much of a response but you guys just smashed those expectations. Big up rukuisrqnokvepr tttsfsllu pjsgntjfb for dropping gold here! ๐Ÿ†
For now, Iโ€™m staying in Yeongjong-do island, Incheon (where the airport is) in a flat with a decent office room. My employer asked me to be available 12-5pm ET (2-7am KST equivalent) and Iโ€™m a Product Manager (so lots of talking :weary:).

Hence, I was planning to sleep 4pm-12am KST, smash through work 12-8 am and spend time with my wife and daughter 8am-3pm. And I was thinking of sticking with it during the weekends as well.

My biggest concern so far has been a potential lack of social connection, since the majority of people hang out in the evenings (KST). However, now that I found that there are others in a similar situation, I think Iโ€™ll be ok. Iโ€™ll dm everyone separately.
<@U04445Y6P6V>, dinners might be out of the question in the long run but breakfasts could work :sweat_smile:

Having read the amazing tips you shared, I will see if I can push for more US morning calls (ET) over time, so I could potentially claw some of the KST nighttime back. Great tip on the 24hr restaurants and sunlight exposure - will keep it in mind!
lewis_m 19d
Thanks for continuing to put in the effort to organize these />
Iโ€™m unfortunately busy tonight with work but will join one of these soon.

Looking forward to meeting the other nomads / locals
mnvxlziojahz they literally could not have picked a worse 5 hours of your day! Sorry to hear that ugh!
My EST jobโ€™s core hours are 6am - 10am which is perfect, but the US colleagues do that because there is a lot of talking with Asia and UK so it kind of fits for me. Once they realise the value you are adding, could you maybe suggest they keep all the meetings to mornings EST?
jeonghcho 18d
We are meeting every week! The next one might be next Friday evening!
dactrtr 18d
which is the best company to get a sim card? or the best plan? or recommended or is better a e-sim? ill be in Korea for 2 months :)
nomadlist 17d
๐Ÿ“ธ Did you take any photos at the Seoul meetup this week? โœ… Upload them here
saliebe 16d
๐Ÿ›ฌ nyrkislmd just arrived in ๐Ÿœ Seoul, #south-korea
redssie 15d
๐Ÿ›ฌ hnlxctjdt just arrived in ๐Ÿœ Seoul, #south-korea
lewis_m 15d
KT is pretty good
lewis_m 15d
make sure you get a sim WITH phone number that can get texting & calling
lewis_m 15d
the number should start with 01 or 010
lewis_m 15d
itโ€™ll be necessary for a lot of things
lewis_m 15d
At the airport they usually just give you a data phone number which is completely useless for most things
lewis_m 15d
I got a guy here in Gangnam that does my phone, unlimited data & such, local Korean #
dactrtr 15d
noice, thanks you ๐Ÿ™‚ . I just bought one with text and calling, sadly it will be available the 25th and I arrive the 21th so a couple of days tethered to wifi spots
lewis_m 15d
Thereโ€™s wifi pretty much everywhere, even on the subways so you should be fine qrlinprha
jeonghcho 14d
bvewelggh pesqzntldwqjde fgukdfniamnw and I will be meeting tomorrow at the Euljiro area for food and drinks!
Some others from the WhatsApp group chat will join too. If anyone wants to join, you're welcome! ๐Ÿ‘‹
dactrtr 12d
๐Ÿ›ฌ zhfkjkpql just arrived in ๐Ÿœ Seoul, #south-korea
redssie 12d
Hi guys! ๐Ÿ‘‹ A few of us are meeting on Sunday, Jan 22nd at 7pm at boardgame cafรฉ (details in the thread) to play some games. Anyone else wants to join us? ๐ŸŽฒ
redssie 12d
๋ณด๋“œ๊ฒŒ์ž„์นดํŽ˜ ๋ ˆ๋“œ๋ฒ„ํŠผ ์‹ ์ดŒ์ 

jeonghcho 11d
Hey, so we (now, 5 people) are meeting for dinner at 6:30 and then heading to boardgames at 8pm. phogiuuhw suhbgtal fusnazhoh are you interested in joining? The location for dinner will be near Sinchon station!
akbarr 11d
Hey, yeah I would love to. Where you are guys meeting at?
dactrtr 11d
im really interested and if I go will be with a friend the thing is that my flight got rescheduled so ill arrive sunday, so if we manage to go will be completely in zombie destroyed mode
jeonghcho 11d
I'm looking for dinner spots near Sinchon station! Let me know if you have a specific Korean dish you fancy, or if there's something you can't eat.
If not, some options I'm suggesting Dakgalbi & Chicken stew, Beef BBQ, Galbi-jjim, ...
jeonghcho 11d
sqfhrqcqv haha noted, let me know if you are joining tmr!
akbarr 10d
Nice, please let me know the address of the place once you decide
dactrtr 10d
sorry just landed:(
๐Ÿ›ฌ tnvfsedphkbn just arrived in โš“๏ธ Busan, #south-korea
๐Ÿ›ฌ smfvhrhrceje just arrived in ๐Ÿœ Seoul, #south-korea
dactrtr 5d
hello, any cowork or study cafe recommended?
jaeyoon 3d
๐Ÿ›ฌ xwrobwnio just arrived in ๐Ÿœ Seoul, #south-korea
there are so many! depends on what you are looking for and which area??
Some of us are going to Noryangjin Fish market this Friday evening! Meeting at 7:30 pm at Noryangjin station exit 7.
We will be having nice local food and probably some drinks too. If anyone wants to join, you're welcome! ๐Ÿ‘‹
dekim24 2d
if you can provide a neighborhood that might help narrow down. last time I was in Seoul I stayed in Hapjeong and Mercy Coffee was my go to spot
dactrtr 2d
sorry for the late reply, just realized thereโ€™s bunch of places
mgmgmg 18h
Such a nice meet up musclemusclemuscle
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