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Spain Chat - Meet people when traveling in Spain on Nomad List

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here you can see the traffic cameras in Malaga
noone on the streets
Thanks for the input. Do you know if social security payments that are automatically withdrawn from accounts will be stopped?
Anyone know what number I have to call for information about extending a schengen visa in Spain? I'm a hungarian resident, but can't get back to Hungary because they closed their borders, so I'm trying to ask for a visa extension in Spain.
I've been lost in a maze of voicemail systems for days.
Ok, finally found this information for anyone else who might need it. prensa.mitramiss.gob.es/WebPrensa/noticias/inmigracionemigracion/detalle/3751
great info, thanks for sharing
Just got this email from the US embassy in Spain. May be useful for a few of you.

> The current countrywide State of Alarm in Spain is expected to be extended through April 11, 2020. The State of Alarm significantly restricts the movement of individuals and transportation. Many other countries in the European Schengen zone have implemented similar measures to help prevent further spread of COVID19. These measures have significantly reduced travel options for U.S. citizens who wish to return home.

U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless you are prepared to remain in Spain for an indefinite period. We expect direct commercial flights from Spain to the United States to end this week. We expect the majority of hotels, hostels, and other similar accommodation to close this week. If you are staying at a rented apartment, please discuss your options for extending your stay with the owner. For a list of accommodation expected to remain open, sorted by region, see www.boe.es/diario_boe/txt.php?id=BOE-A-2020-4027|https://www.boe.es/diario_boe/txt.php?id=BOE-A-2020-4027br />

U.S. citizens who are residents of Spain, and/or have access to long-term accommodation and the financial means to remain in Spain for an extended period, should consider deferring travel at this time. Spanish authorities will not count the days spent in Spain during the State of Alarm against the 90-day limit for those who wish to remain. For more information see prensa.mitramiss.gob.es/WebPrensa/noticias/inmigracionemigracion/detalle/3751|http://prensa.mitramiss.gob.es/WebPrensa/noticias/inmigracionemigracion/detalle/3751
I think 11 April is just a date they put to do not concern people, and it will be extended for sure
Spain has more deaths from Coronavirus than China at the moment
Thanks for sharing mtqfnyias It is interesting to see it so clearly put "days will not count against the 90 day limit". I had read the notice they link to there and my interpretation wasn't so specific, but great to hear!
Are you staying put or heading back?
I'm staying. Travel seems too risky, I don't have a base in the US, and the place I'm staying here is probably more comfortable than any place I'd find in the US.
cool! same here
I was going to recommend a friends house in the mountains but I think you canโ€™t travel anywhere, right?
all transports shut down?
yeah thereโ€™s public transportation still
cercanias trains are still running, so iโ€™m assuming buses are still available as well
so if anyone wants to go into isolation in La Molina lmk
however you will need to explain why you are traveling from A to B
itโ€™s a 2 bedroom
you might have to come up with a good explanation if you come across the cops/army
but other than that
and I am not sure which of the "authorized" reasons one could use to relocate to a secluded place. Specifically they have said that people shouldn't travel to their second homes
yeah true youโ€™re not allowed to move into 2nd residences
but maybe if youโ€™re a foreigner you can say you got kicked out your previous accommodation?
ikd, i guess itโ€™s up to the cop/soldier to fine your or not haha
well, if u donโ€™t an alternative place to stay.
itโ€™s not a second homeโ€ฆ.
I'm in Gran Canaria
Expect UK and US to follow
I'm in the same boat, avoiding the US, trying to ride it out in Spain
It's gonna be a long ride.
Yeah, i toyed with the idea of returning to spain and waiting it out there. glad i chose germany even if my reasons for doing so are now moot. going back to the US was never really even on the table.
The news the last few days has begun to upset me. I am not Spanish but now that I am now living here it feels close to my heart to hear about so many deaths.
I hope the "peak" is soon and things stabilize ๐Ÿ˜ž
I read in the local news (not spanish nor english so no sense to share the link) that they bought covid tests from an unlicensed Chinese company with 30% accuracy. Cannot even imagine the shock and horror. China fucked up the world twice over this...:/
IIRC, a Chinese embassy in Spain noted that the Shenzhen-based company from which they bought said tests were not on the list of certified sellers of tests.
They claim they had the CE certs that ensured that they could be sold in the EU. I don't know whether to get that cert it is required that they "work" or just that they follow certain manufacturing standards
This is crazy, I'm in the health industry and suppliers offered me tests for 3USD. It's an easy check if the certificates are EC regulated by contacting the EU body that issued it!
IMO this is actually a huge fuckup from Spain, not China
I guess the person that authorized the purchase was a politician, not a doctor
Hard to expect anything but that though. All actions by Spanish gov & regions been laughably incompetent from the get go. Cue the ~7d timeline from โ€œGo out on the street and have fun!โ€ to โ€œseveral politicians, who attended said street events now confirmed casesโ€ (talk about skin in the game tho)
not all the regions govts have been that incompetent as the central govt
it's still too early to know who really fucked up (besides the central govt)
for ex, shutting the MWC down in february was a really good decision seen in hindsight
Catalonia could be in a way worse situation that Lombardy right now
thankfully it seems we've found a way to get there anyways
2nd day with less new cases than previous day, maybe the peak is passed
I'm afraid not, they're just doing less tests due the lack of tests and healthcare workers. According a medical report, some regions like Madrid have changed their criteria and tests are mainly done to healthcare workers and very specific patients.
Spain increased yesterday (too late) the severity of the lockdown, so you can imagine the numbers they are handling are not good
When you have a mortality rate about 13%, you can't trust this data
Ive heard devastating things about Madrid, hope they are not true. Do you know if germany is flying spanish patients to treat like in france and italy? I guess they can only help so many people
Seems like Spain's approach is to fight harder, not smarter ๐Ÿ˜–
Really hoping that the more severe lockdown doesn't prevent me from receiving the laptop that's supposed to be delivered on Monday. Without that I'm fucked.
Finally back to sunshine in my area which was great this morning being out on the balcony ๐Ÿ˜
kxtctakoe I hope you don't have to deal with customs
No, I ordered it from a local store in Las Palmas. So it's already here. Buy they told me they may not be able to deliver it tomorrow. We'll see.
I tried ordering an Amazon package a few weeks ago that got stuck in customs because I don't have an NIE number, and there's no way to get one right now with the lockdown either.
Luckily that package was only โ‚ฌ30
yeah, i'm not sure shippings tthat are not food are gonna get delivered at all during this 2 weeks
Computer company says they can deliver the computer raised_handsskin-tone-2
awesome, that should mean I'll also get my water filtering jar
and I had some order on brewdog, praying that comes through
should classify as _essentials_
I had ordered a book on Amazon. Didn't realize it would get stopped in customs. They won't deliver it because I don't have an NIE and I can't get one during the lockdown. Oops.
can't you deliver it to your neighbour or smth?
in a normal situation the order is returned in 15 days if the customs paperwork has not been submitted, but idk during the lockdown ๐Ÿค”
Just as a datapoint, we had to change residences a couple days ago and took a train to the next city. The only trouble we had was that we had to take separate taxis (they are only allowed to take 1 person per taxi), otherwise public transit seems to be operating mostly normally.
Did you run into any questions about why you were traveling and where you were going? I'm thinking about moving out of the city and into the countryside if this lasts more than a month, but it doesn't seem to me like moving is really a valid reason to be out
yszb ohqgqbxly which cities are you in? im in madrid and afaik leaving is not an option for us right now?
Las Palmas
Nope, didn't get any questions
Except from some Airbnb hosts we contacted
As far as I know there are police controls intermittently in major cities exits and you can be fined if not showing a document justifying that moving is essential. I live in Valencia and have seen some.
Changing your residence just because is definitely not allowed yet.
looks like my water filtering jar is also gonna makie it through!
yes I know people who had to move during lockdown and you can do that if you have to(end of your current contract for instance)
I hear you have travelling hairdressers there now
send one here pls
Do you know if it's ok (legally and morally) to order non-essential products from Amazon now?
I "need" headphones and maybe I'll order other stuff.
I can live without them, but not sure if it's better for the delivery guys to order now or wait until lockdown is over.
i'd say legally 7/10, morally 3/10
I just received my water filter jar, but that's a 7/10 morally
if I have it I don't need to go buy water so I put less people at risk!
(keeps trying to convince himself...)
Thatโ€™s a very good question and Iโ€™ve actually stopped myself from making some purchases on amazon that I didnโ€™t find essential
But at the same time
If we all do the same thing
Amazon will probably sell a little less which might lead to getting delivery guys fired
Since we can all go shopping for our own essential products
So I donโ€™t know
Ok, I'm not going to order. Less risk and I guess delivery guys can get compensations approved by the government if they get fired now
Let's hope the lockdown doesn't last for months...
looks like the government wants to extend the state of alarm to the 26th of april
It's likely gonna be extended for a lot longer than that. This virus isn't going anywhere.
yeah but idk, I'd expect the lockdown restrictions to start being slowly less strict by the beginning of may, not 100% but allow some non-essential businesses to run
or some level of exercise on the street maybe
Ah, yeah... I'm guessing that will happen on a regional level within the state of emergency... but I would rather have it happen late than too early
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