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Spain Chat - Meet people when traveling in Spain on Nomad List

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Got it, thanks.
Trying to bring my girlfriend to visit, but the details are very unclear on what’s needed to enter.
Anyone in Madrid right now ? How is living here during Covid?
Normal according to my friends there
I'll be from Fuerteventura to Barcelona (via Gran Canaria). Both islands are at level 3 now, so as it looks, I'll need to do an antigen test now to "enter" Gran Canaria 😔 but I should still be able to fly to BCN... apparently, for travel between two Level 3 islands, you now also need a negative (rapid antigen or PCR) test 😐
How's Valencia now? And do you have any tips for places to work from (not necessarily co-work)? Thanks !
I was there for the weekend, it's pretty cool! Everything opens until 11 pm. I recommend it. But be careful, some bars/restaurants don't seem to care about covid 🙂
Madrid is loaded with terrazas so I'd say it's moderately safe to be eating/drinking outdoors in them. The only downside I saw these days is this huge influx of French people who only come to drink, but hey, I think you will find this type of "drunk tourism" in every major European city in normal times 😂
The Valencia region is now at 36 cases per 100k people so pretty good. You can pretty much do everything until 6pm
Yeah definetely
but in Covid time these _drunk tourism_ doesn’t exist
yboyolyqcmh exactly, that's why here it's so noticeable because it's one of the few spots in Europe where it exists these days 😂
mhhh sounds good, do you know, if it is allowed to fly there at the moment or if it is still closed for "tourism" like Catalonia. Thanks! :)
I should be arriving in Barcelona on Sunday, how are things progressing at the moment
Hi Claudia, where can I find more on Catalunia being closed for tourism? How long, what is considered tourism or not... Do you know an official source I could check? I didn't hear about this, and planning to go there.
"You are not allowed to leave or enter Catalonia without good reason (e.g. work, emergency, important administrative reasons, court summons, caring for dependents, etc)." Here is a link
I wanted to go to Tarragona, I think they might allow it after Easter...
Oh wow, thanks a lot. Yes, hopefully they will open soon.
Theoretically the same rules apply in the Valencia Region as in Catalonia as well. Funnily enough if you land in an airport with a negative PCR test noone really asks for any document stating the reasons of your travel
They do sometimes check by car/train/bus
Yeah, I guess that is the thing, you never know how serious they take their own rules.....But I'm definitely missing Spain a lot, but I guess I probably go to Lisbon first and then Spain again
Thanks all ! 🚀
Any Americans able to get into Spain lately or any word if things will change if you have a vaccine soon?
Hi ! Is Spain really closed right now ? I didnt follow the news very recently but a few weeks ago it wasnt closed
Couldnt you enter there with an excuse like business stuff ?
Hello All! I hope you’re well and safe these days. Can someone provide guidance about renting in Spain 🇪🇸 ?

In particular:
• What is the minimum deposit amount (in months), usually is required?
Thank you kindly
one month, anything above that is against the law (doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but it shouldn't and you shouldn't accept it)
Super helpful 😊 You’re a legend! Thank you so much!

Do you happen to know the law or regulation about renting in Spain?
usually u pay one month advanced and one month deposit.
if u go through an agency you pay 10% of a year rent to the agency (that u don’t get back).

is is not super weird to be asked for 2 month deposit but as stated before, is not the law but can get the rental refused if u don’t pay.

if ur renting something u found on a website (like idealista and fotocasa) if it’s too good to be true is because it’s a scam, that happens A LOT in spain
yeah, don't pay attention to those renters "living abroad and hence renting for a very fair price" - you wanna meet your landlord, you also wanna avoid agencies unless you're willing to pay the extra fee (non refundable) mentioned above
Interesting observations and really nice feedback!

Do you happen to know:

• What is the “average” month deposit requirement trough an Agency?
• What is the “extra fee” non refundable? I haven’t come across this before to be honest
Sorry for asking silly questions gentlemen
extra fee == agency fee.
it’s a robbery but 90% of flats are from agencies so…
`What is the "average" month deposit requirement trough an Agency?`

it’s one month, I don’t know what u mean by average
Gotcha, now I see what you mean 🙏
most barcelona flats I see charge 2 months deposit
+ agency fee
also agency fee include taxes
Thank you kindly gsxfjepgb super helpful, I will take a note of that for sure
no problem, as a quick calculation, on an 800 rent I had to pay:
800 first months rent
1600 deposit
approx 1100 agency fee(10% of anual rent which was about 960, plus around 15% tax from agency fee)
so having to spend 3500 euros right away to get a rental contract is not that unusual
also useful to note:
some places only do alquiler de temporada(season rent) so its limited to 11 months because of how the law works, in that case even if you renew the contract you might have to pay the agency fee to renew
otherwise, law is changing but if you get a normal long term contract but its something like 5-7 years that the rent price is fixed and can only be raised according to govt interest rate and you can cancel easily after the first year
Very good insights and thank you so much trschsamz that’s super useful, greatly appreciate that!
And 800 is a low rent, so for a couple or small family multiply that almost by two.
It's crazy that agency fee
Yeah agencies are making good money on the commission that’s for sure :) ...
nekehtfbee it is closed for sure, but I found a way in, it was not easy, but it worked haha
wpcikzpazb definitely closed for Americans man. They are strict at the border when they see that passport
And closed for Peruvians too 🙈 ? She said in introductions channel she was Peruvian too
haha good thinking! I think it's closed for Peruvians too though. Totally understand but was hoping lol
I’ve been in Tenerife September-January (then Germany) and am in Gran Canaria since this Thursday.
Sure there are restrictions, but It’s still lovely on Canary Islands.

Getting in was super easy. In my case they didn’t even check the COVID test but I heard from many others that theirs was checked.
Regulated tourist accommodation is true. I took the risk and came anyway (my Airbnb isn’t registered). I haven’t heard of anyone where that was actually checked. The accommodation will likely want a copy of your negative test result though.

Las Palmas and esp. its beaches are packed with people though 😮
I like Playa Honda in Lanzarote, however is more residential a and a bit boring for come.

Puerto del Carmen, arrecife and playa blanca are the ones with the most activity. Costa teguise is more expat feeling.

If I had to choose I would go for Puerto Del Carmen. But honestly any of them are just great places you won’t regret going to any of them.
Hi all, what’s the restrictions like in Madrid at the moment?
Hi ejckpgwbvjayxhis not sure about Madrid, but in Barcelona it goes like this:

• Restaurants close at 17:00 🕔
• There’s a lockdown after 21:00 where people are not allowed on the streets
• You’re obliged to wear a mask at all times (even in GYM’s)
• Only Hotel restaurants are open for Dinner after 19:00 and close at 22:00
Hi hvzximqyqfnmyvvq in Madrid restrictions are similar to what egqywt said but with a different timeline. The lockdown is at 23:00 and restaurants close at 23:00.

Also, you can’t be in groups of more than 4 people inside places (restaurants, cafes, etc) but can be up to 6 people outside (things like terraces)
Does anyone know if it’s possible to travel from Portugal to Spain by car at the moment?
Suggestions for Covid friendly activities in Barcelona?
borders remain closed until April 15
Staying home
Jesus christ, the nerve of some of these Barcelona landlords… facepalm The city is nice but it’s slowly becoming an overpriced shithole ridden with pick pockets and criminals
mind elaborating on that?
it’s been like this at least since 2015 - that’s when I moved there
my rent increased 200€ while my salary remained the same.
and I was super lucky with my landlord, some friends had their rent double in 2 years
> mind elaborating on that?
It’s too touristy for its own good. It’s become too gentrified and expensive for many locals. The tech scene is pretty good and software dev salaries are not bad but 3rd tier cities in Spain are way more affordable. Crime has also increased a lot in the past few years
just compare Valencia to Barcelona and you’ll see what Luis is talking about.
Valencia has amazing quality of life for the salaries they practice.
Barcelona is over hyped and not safe (at least in the city center).
I’m lucky because I got Barcelona salary and I’m now a nomad so…. yay!
agree, i'm almost a "madrileño" (lived there for 13 years) and been to barcelona a few times, agree it's become too "cool"
dude, 5 years living in spain and never went to madrid, shame shame shame!
My guess is that Barcelona must be better for meeting people (particularly as a nomad) but cities like Valencia, Malaga or Seville are more liveable and affordable
fxsnjusa it's an amazing place, if it had a beach and - in general - restaurants were kinder, it would be the perfect city
I was a nomad in Barcelona for 3 months and it was OK, not amazing.
coworkings are expensive but u can always use the croissant app to save some bucks.
many restaurants and bars to go to, that’s a big plus.

in smaller places like Madeira and Canggu is much easier to meet other nomads and do outside activities because there’s not a lot of people “living normal lives” like in big cities.
Hello everyone! I was hopping someone can share their experience with a landlord in Spain :es:

What was the worst experience you had with a landlord?

From my personal perspective, I see that Landlords (Owners) of Flats in Barcelona (Spain :es:) are quite strict just to name a few examples I saw:

• Penalty of 2 month if you leave the flat before the first 2 years, penalty of 3 months if you leave before the first year.
• Lease contract for minimum 3 years
• Maintenance on the tenant side, the tenants even needs to paint when he / she leaves the flat
• Maintenance generally, the structural repairs affecting the overall wellbeing of the property are the responsibility of the tenant (Gas Boiler, Air Conditioning, Electricity, etc.)
Basically a lot “stuff” is responsibility of the tenant, which seems crazy to me….
No, all you've said above is NOT normal.
By law the contract minimum is 1 year and landlords usually can be negotiated to break the contract after 6 months or you just find someone else for the flat to replace you.
The landlord has to fix all the things in the flat, even fridges and ovens and stuff.
If they don't you can fix it and don't pay the value on the next rent
Thank you so much! It looked crazy to me as well to be honest :) ...
It can happen if you're unlucky but the law is on the tenant side in spain
Is there any particular regulation you can share with me?
Jesus christ who is that landlord?
That is absolutely insane
When are landlords going to understand they are being paid for a service.
Not absolutely insane, it's a bit insane :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
I've heard some similar cases
I have made the decision not to buy a property right now, because I literally do not want to deal with all the maintenance bullshit
But not the normal cases, no
Yup, same as me
If a landlord then hands that onto me
then what is the point of paying rent
Imagine if a hotel said “oh btw you have to pay for maintenance”
Fucking hell, I hate Barcelona hahaha 🙃
Yeah, last few years have made the city very hateable
Just to clarify, there are two different renting laws in Spain one for holiday rent and one for long-term rental with different renting conditions. Depending on the duration of the contract one or the other applies. Nevertheless the market demand very often more powerful than the law enforcement
xnncczokhoj some companies specially in big cities like Barcelona take care of maintenance, painting, cleaning, problems and basically anything you want for a fee if you want to forget about that or ar not physically there
Sounds like a great service....
that should be paid for by the landlord
I had zero issues with my landlord and didn't have to pay for any maintenance, the clause of ending the contract before the end of the first year was excessive tho, it was supposed to be 3 months but I discussed it with him and ended up paying one month
Yeah, most of them are quite ok to negotiate after the first 6 months
could anyone pls. recommend a good and trustable accountant in spain with experience in dealing with digital nomads topics like income taxes, etc?
+1 on this .
Talked yesterday with my accountant about me changing my residency but keeping my employment in Spain but he seems very lost
I got the contact of 2 accountants that specialise in nomads but are from portugal.
depending on what they tell me about my case I’ll hook u up if they also do spain
that'd be amazing, thank you so much
If you’re in Spain long term I’d recommend to hire somebody in the province you’re living. Some tax stuff change per province basis, and you’ll need to do paperwork in person sometimes. If you’re living in Palma de Mallorca let me know, I’ll DM a recommendation.
yeah I have a guy in Barcelona, he does everything for me for 60€
USD ─ $
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