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Taiwan Chat - Meet people when traveling in Taiwan on Nomad List

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Most of the election day rules are common sense stuff like "no campaigning"
I'm out around town and it feels pretty nice seeing everyone doing their civic duty
Watching the election results roll in and most of the people I like and support won. Freddy, the cosplay girl, and of course Madame President are all in.
awesome! ๐Ÿ‘
60 NT black coffee don't hurt neither.
Feels like I'm in university again, can pretend like I'm 27 ๐Ÿ˜…
Hello everyone! I'm planning my first trip as part of Nomad List Feb 1st - will spend two weeks in Taiwan/Taipei before moving onto the Phillipines. Holla at me if you in Taiwan
Nice, I recommend traveling slower to keep your sanity
Like 1-3 months in one place for ex
Two weeks ain't so bad. But yeah, it's not long enough to get to know much about anyplace.
any recommended neighbourhoods you guys love?
Iโ€™d recommend Daโ€™an. Super central with easy access to the MRT lines. Lots of cafes to work from. Lots of vegetarian/vegan options if that matters to you. Couple of good breweries.
Having only been here 2 weeks so far (and staying 3 months), my perspective is that Taipei is a good place to post up for a few months (or longer) if you want a place thatโ€™s easy living and pretty affordable compared to Japan or South Korea. If just doing a 1-2 week stopover then it would be lower on my list as a point of interest, as there are more beautiful / interesting places. Just my opinion. Iโ€™m enjoying it here though.

If you want recs on where to find good beer or veg food, let me know
Cool thanks drew! Are you in Da'an? I'm looking to rent a place for two weeks, i'm seeing airbnb is the best option - i don't like working from cafes, i just work from home as long as i got office space and good wifi connection
Yep, Iโ€™m staying in Daโ€™an
I used airbnb as well
I was heading straight to the phillipines but mos of my flights connect via Taipei plus i been watching taiwanese films, so thought might stop for a couple of weeks before hitting up cheaper beachy sunny surfy options in phillipines
Youโ€™ll have fun here. Def worth a visit
nice thank you, i might hit you up with some more questions once i acclimatise ๐Ÿ™‚
Sure thing
what's Xinyi District like?
I havenโ€™t spent much time there, so Iโ€™ll mostly let others comment, but I visited Elephant mountain and Taipei 101. From what I could tell, the area seemed beautiful and you still get MRT access, so itโ€™s probably a solid option.
iโ€™ll be in taipei from wednesday until the end of the month, if anyone wants to hang out! looking to stay in daโ€™an and work out of some sweet cafes. also looking to get my drink on, if anyoneโ€™s got good speakeasy recommendations, holler at me ๐Ÿ™‚
ltgfrdgmw Xinyi is great, we're right in between Xinyi Anhe and 101 station, just south of the red line and there's so much to discover
It's a sweet spot within walking distance of a few night markets, a touristy area and lots of local neighborhoods
Iโ€™ll be around. For beers, Taihu is the best Iโ€™ve found so far. Itโ€™s reaaaaaally good goo.gl/maps/VXmSgkBbLG9UdP3KAbr />
As for speakeasy, I can recommend Jumi Tavern goo.gl/maps/L8pojKR6QPC9HREAA
Lots of suitable options for cafes. Iโ€™ve tried 6 or 7 in Daโ€™an but havenโ€™t found any favorites yet. Swell Co and At Home Cafe are probably my top 2 so far.
Bar reco's Ounce, Sidebar, R+D, Motown, Bittersweet, After Nine...
Hey folks, Taipei in mid-late May - bad idea?
for ~2 weeks
Adding to my list, thanks oorxkvko
It's a good time
wow! does it rain much?
excellent, looking fwd to checking them out, thanks for the recs guys, maybe see you soon!
It'll be pretty humid imo
^I can handle warm/humid weather. Not a fan of incessant rains
Ah, that's good! It'll be the beginning of monsoon season so anything could happen ๐Ÿค”
ok - one more questions - which has better nightlife? Da'an or Xinyi?
hmmm depends! what's your ideal scene?
geuknic try the underground techno club in Taipei
Name is smth like Bunker or smth
Bars with friendly crowds. Clubs a lot of tourists go to and cocktail bars with exceptional mixologists - maybe playing Jazz in the background
Ah I'm not much of a nightlife person but I feel like those are scattered around the city. IMO as long as you're close to the MRT it's all accessible. Da'an might be slightly better since it's at the intersection of two lines
Yeah, Taipei doesn't cluster the same way a lot of other Asian cities do. It's a city of many interesting neighbourhoods.
Maybe I should write a nightlife guide or something...
But in general I think staying anywhere on the central red, green, blue, or orange lines is fine, nobody should feel like Da'an or Xinyi is _the_ place
Hot underground clubs right now Pawnshop (techno), Final (post-club), B1 (mixed underground)... Pipe/Rev also has an _amazing_ Function 1 sound system and the scene by the riverside is a lot of fun
Triangle is the place for the student/tourist crowd, I kinda despise it tho
Revolver is where you wanna go for a pint on the street and to meet people; they do various shows upstairs, it's a total dive but worth checking out if you're new in town and feeling social
The Red House in Ximending is where you'll find a dozen LGBT-oriented bars with open air patios... pretty much every other bar is indoors
Bittersweet at Dongmen is kinda new; on weekends it's a busy scene, you can meet people, but the cocktails are also excellent... a bit of a Latin vibe to that place
Xinyi club district is bog standard East Asian clubbing... lots of EDM or hip-hop, everything's a bit more posh and whatever... I never go so can't comment on that
There's all sorts of small live music venues around like Bobwundaye or Sappho's (more jazzy)
But there is nothing even remotely like the backpackers' streets of SE Asia, not much western tourism, etc., so some easily discoverable things you might expect from the region simply won't be here...
Re rain, Taiwan has something called the plum rains around May, they're hard to predict.
vvldhqsw that's amazing! Just what I was looking for, thank you thank you :))
Other question, how well is English spoken here? Will I have to learn a bit of Taiwanese? How much Taiwanese would you recommend for someone staying 2 weeks? Words like, hello, than you, good, bad, etc.. basics? I'll be there in 11 days
gtumzjhb this is great! saving it for next time.
hiiuzsjfg Taiwanese Mandarin (what most people call "Chinese") is the main language spoken in the north (Taiwanese Minnan; what people normally mean when they say "Taiwanese", is more widely spoken outside of Taipei). If you can pick up hello, thank you, "how much?" people will be extra friendly, but it's not necessary. English is not widely spoken but with Google Translate and a little patience you'll have no trouble.
Probably the main thing you're missing if you don't speak Chinese is access to good, local food. The best places don't have English menus at all, but you can usually point at things in the open kitchen if you know what the options are. Taiwanese food is nowhere near as beloved by Westerners as Vietnamese or Thai but part of the reason for that is how relatively inaccessible it is due to the language barrier... but also because it's less about fresh ingredients and more into preserved and braised stuff, which isn't to everyone's taste.
elhhbymu have you picked up the local language/s?
I'm basically fluent in menu Chinese but can't hold much of a conversation, unfortunately. Something I mean to work on after launching some projects this year... just haven't had the time for proper study.
I have to go buy a new phone today and that's going to be a challenge. I have no idea how to talk about warranties, return policies, that sorta thing. Just gonna cross my fingers.
For those of you whoโ€™ve been here through a Chinese New Year, how much does the city (Taipei) shut down and for how long?
lyicyntw Menu chinese is the most important chinese. i'm also fluent in menu Japanese and menu Vietnamese ๐Ÿ˜‚
lbohihcihayck you can count on everything being closed on new years eve (friday the 24th) and new years day (saturday the 25th), at the very least
except your 7/11s and family marts, of course ๐Ÿ™‚
Good to know
Thanks again vctyyuht :)
there are a few exceptions of course, 2 years ago we rode around on bikes searching for food on NYE and stumbled upon a random restaurant in an alleyway. had to wait about 40 mins but the food was so good. we were pretty lucky though haha
Sounds like a good weekend to get out of the city and hike
Friday shops will close early so people can go home in time. Saturday just about everything closed _except_ around major temples in Taipei. If you're here and you enjoy crowded places I encourage you to swing by Longshan Temple. Many people go to pay their respects at the famous temples on the first day of the year.
First four days of the new year are often pretty low-key in Taipei then things start opening up again. It's the only time of the year you'll find me working at a Starbucks, because that's usually the only cafe option.
But also second/third/fourth day of new years will be super busy at tourist sites outside of the city. Lots of families go on little day trips to Jiufen or Yangmingshan or whatever. There's also some traditions about visiting different branches of the family on whatever day so trains/buses will be extra congested.
Good tip re starbucks
gxpfigkrxi Menu and taxi driver Chinese ๐Ÿ˜… but only because I'm devoutly anti-Uber
ghbrjnis haha same, no uber/lyft for me ๐Ÿ˜„ but don't find myself using taxis here at all. pleasantly surprised at how many people i see hailing cabs on a daily basis though
I'm staying in Da'an. W00t! tadatadatada
Iโ€™ll be working at Swell Co cafe after lunch if anybody wants to join!
emtndj Ah, we were just there yesterday! Great spot!
So it's new years eve and just about everything is closed... but if anyone out there is hungry, head for a night market!
Raohe is in full swing. Lots of food!
CNY ppl how does it work, will it be partying every evening until Feb3 now?
I'm in Malaysia btw but prolly same?
Not sure about Malaysia but tomorrow most traditional fams go to the nearest big temple to pay their respects. Find a Chinese temple in Malaysia tomorrow and it'll probably be a scene. mwaiylaaxu
nice thanks
went by lots of temples tonight, lots of fireworks and dragons
wonder if ppl get drunk and party or not
(I am) ๐Ÿธ
Moscow Mule eh
I am with company who do not drink unfortunately
or fortunately
Had a bunch of whiskey and mezcal-based drinks with various complex additives at one of my favorite bars in Taipei... the drinks have names but you'll never seen them on any menu most likely ๐Ÿ˜›
yhyfqnxc R&D?
Ounce is da bomb!
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