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Taiwan Chat - Meet people when traveling in Taiwan on Nomad List

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Damn......that would be epic.
does anyone know if they are processing the Gold Card? Anyone able to travel to Taiwan yet?
I'm told gold card applications are running again
Just finished the passport verification stage for the gold card. Mine was stuck at this stage for the past 6 months. So things look good for the gold card now. Ignoring the whole invasion/war topic
Congrats USUKM5HT3! Do you know if freelance web devs can apply to the gold card ? I started my application but they clearly ask for an employment contract which - as a freelance web dev - I donโ€™t have
I'm not sure. When I applied I did the economics track and supplied tax documents to meet the income requirements. But I don't think that is available anymore
At the time my contract was not enough for the same reason ( contractor) . I provided bank reports for the last 12 months that demonstrated income, and they were good with it. This was a year ago though, not sure how has changed
Also I recall I sent my tax report translated to English
Ok thank you guys !
Similar to above ^ I can finally do the passport inspection for my gold card. Anyone know anything abt deadlines/timelines? My plans have changed and I'll likely be in the USA through Christmas. I guess my goal at this point is to keep my gold card approval from lapsing while also delaying the start of the 3 year clock?
Two steps left as I understand passport inspection, and card pickup in Taiwan. And my understanding is the 3 year clock starts when you pick up the card. So should I do the passport inspection and then just not pick up the card? Or maybe better to do passport inspection in a few months, so the application has some โ€œactivityโ€?
> And my understanding is the 3 year clock starts when you pick up the card.
I believe this is not correct, the timer starts when youโ€™re approved, not when you pick it up.
Thereโ€™s also some time/deadlines in-between steps. For example I applied when I was in Spain, but had to change my verification location to Bangkokโ€™s Taiwan economic office requesting changes to the GD team because there was something like 30-days to proceed to the next step and I was abroad. This caused some issues because the folks at BKK had no clue what the card was about or wtf I was doing there
hey wjplxawcwzjyak what is the deadline from when you get approved and you get the passport verified and pick up the gold card? I am looking to apply now, but don't want to go to Taiwan until around July
From what I understood thereโ€™s no deadline at that point, mine is approved but I havenโ€™t gotten it yet because I marked to pick it up in Taiwan directly. However, if they send it to some consulate/embassy I think you have like 30 days, the same when you land in Taiwan, you have like a month to go and pick it up
What are your thoughts on fully reopening for tourists? Like no quarantine at all (donโ€™t mind the PCR tests)
practically 0 chance of that happening this year imho
I'm hoping for a shortened quarantine and allowing in tourists by the end of the summer maybe
there were plans to lift quarantine from June
To be fair there have been plans to do a lot of things, then things happen
but it is actually happening, this info is from Jan/Feb and now thereโ€™s 10 days quarantine
OTOH thereโ€™s outbreak in China and Korea has lotta cases
Korea has lots of cases but they're definitely in "live with it" mode. They're reducing quarantine and extending bar closing times next month
good to hear ๐Ÿ˜„
Looks like this is not real according to the Taiwanese CDC
yikes ๐Ÿ˜”
Full reopening โ€œimpossibleโ€ this year according to of cdc :(

Starting to think that this is hurting Taiwan more atm.

Says it all really. Taiwan and Hong Kong will be left behind.

Places like Singapore will eat their lunch.
yes, but don't underestimate the influence of taiwanese abroad who flies back to vote.
but fundamentally, I agree that fully reopening for tourist is likely not gonna happen this year. They're probably the last in priority queue.
To be honest though, part of that "success" was the fact that they didn't test people.

I arrived in Feb 2021, did my two week quarantine, and was not tested once.
You don't have high case numbers if you don't test lol.
Don't you have to get tested prior and after arriving to Taiwan? It does seem a bit silly not having to test, at least prior to the end of quarantine...
dpczuivhcorq - it might have changed, but when I flew to Taiwan I had to have the pre-departure test, but there was no arrival test nor any testing during my quarantine stay at all. They just said if you were feeling unwell, to call the hotline number they gave you....
Curious development man-shruggingskin-tone-2
oh, i just read the article. damn, doesnโ€™t look like theyโ€™ll be letting anyone in anyway.
Yeah seems unrealistic..
โ€œChen explained that if the infection rate in a given country matches that of Taiwan, arrivals from that country will no longer be subject to a quarantine.โ€
Much of asia is open-open and many without even pre flight pcr (some just need ATK). I think Thailand has been a good test bed to show that partial or restricted opening is nearly pointless if the goal is to revitalize tourism. Too many barriers = many people wonโ€™t come anyways. 1 step at a time, I guess
Has zero-covid worked anywhere?
Taiwan had a miniscule covid death rate.

But jeah, they can open now IMO
Taiwan is no longer pursuing zero covid, though. But they did have the most successful zero covid strategy.
It works until it doesn't, but yes they did. I visited just before they shut down in early Feb โ€˜20 and they already were on it better than anyone
Just got a gold card and will be heading to Taiwan soon. Honestly easiest resident visa I've come across for digital nomads. Highly recommend
Great, congrats!!! What are the requirements?
congrats mate, are they processing them now? So if you get it approved are you able to move to Taiwan straight away?
Hi wogkinuik , sounds so good, may I ask you how long it took you between application and receiving it?
About 60 days
Oh ok, I hoped it to be faster than that :cry:
well itโ€™s a 3 year visa haha
Hahaha yes I know that, but the person I want to visit in Taiwan leaves in ~3 months, so seems like a bit difficult now to manage it
You donโ€™t need a gold card to visit someone though?
They have an entry ban because of covid
Yeah I though it was impossible to go because of that until I read this thread
hmjrgbahf how's Seoul? planning to go at the end of July
Pretty great
Monsoon season is in July tho
End of July would probably be good tho
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