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Taiwan Chat - Meet people when traveling in Taiwan on Nomad List

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China officially set 2049 as the date this question must be settled, everything in the media these days is part of an ongoing coercion campaign, psychological warfare essentially. Don't fall for it.
China wouldn't invade Taiwan, it would be worse. According to that 2049 theory, Xi is planning isolation. You cut off trade and start starving the island.

“Today, the CCP’s Taiwan policy is guided by Xi’s five-point remarks in January 2019," according to Chen, "which dictate the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) military coercion, external isolation of Taiwan, infiltration and subversion, United Front interaction, and cyber activities and disinformation dissemination."

I imagine this stuff will start sooner than later. He wants it resolved by 2049, but they are probably going to start doing all kinds of stuff before then.
At least one political professor in China is saying in the next 5-years (published March 15)
but I think you would need some economic desperation that doesn't quite exist yet or Xi losing his mind.
Yeah seems like a non-issue for nomads because there will be plenty of advanced warning and time to get out. More of an issue for people who live there permanently and are deeply invested.
I’m more concerned about Taiwan invading China
thanks, that’d help
thanks for your view and the article, interesting!
Is taiwan offering work permits/visas nowadays?
Just applied for my gold card :crossed_fingers::skin-tone-2:
Anyone got any experience with changing the embassy pickup location? Currently in Bali but my visa here only lasts for another three months. From reading the comments it sounds like I might well wait four months for my gold card to arrive.
I think it’s better to do Jakarta for the verification step but Taiwan for actual pickup. I forget the terminology they use on the application. You can change the location for passport verification up until it gets to that point. I changed mine from the US to Jakarta and it’s been sitting in Jakarta waiting for me to show my passport. Then final pickup would be inside Taiwan
I’m the same verification in Jakarta (you can even verify in Surabaya, they have an office!), but pick up definitely in Taiwan. It’s been almost three months and my application is still in review. If they don’t decide soon, I’m gonna switch and head to Thailand instead
How would you get into Taiwan without the gold card?
That makes a lot of sense, thanks pqgeebiu 😊
That’s how my plan B looks like too 😊
dnvkymoeljgybr not sure if you are asking about a different visa or if you are asking how to get in to pickup the goldcard. But for the goldcard, it’s my understanding when you do the passport verification you get a limited amount of time to enter Taiwan at that point (30 days I believe). So you can enter with whatever form they give you and then you go pickup the actual goldcard once in Taiwan
Mine is waiting in Jakarta because I’m pretty sure once I finish that step I will need to enter within that 30 day period. And I’m not quite ready to leave Bali yet
Oh wow, it took an extra month after I was approved to pick up the card in Seoul. I could've gone to Taiwan a month earlier. Weird they didn't mention that option to me.
The article paints a fairly accurate picture of things. I have no issues enjoying life in Taipei at present, nor for the foreseeable future. It's great to be here. Come on over UV53X4LAV!
you just need to print a PDF linked to the GC to get into taiwan
FYI there's a lot of talk of the Gold Card in DN circles, most of it focusing on the economic loophole (qualifying solely for meeting the income threshold). Just writing to confirm this loophole is closed, you need to show proof of working in an economics field to quality for the economy track. Check the official site for the latest info, ignore articles hyping the loophole.
how bad is Taiwan summer?
I have my gold card and was thinking of stopping by the US for a month to get vaccinated first and then going through Taiwanese quarantine, but by that time it’ll be summer
It’s not too bad yet but everyone has warned me that it’s super hot and humid.

That being said I love it here so much that I still would’ve come again
It's a swamp.
fuggin’ hot. Especially in Kaohsiung
Do you know if you get grandfathered in if you applied before the rule change but had to send an update after it?
No idea. Good luck. Report back if you have info to share with the community.
sounds like a dream 😄
even with the hot and humid typhoon season?
My status is in the workforce development stage so likely not
Also I'm not sure what they are even looking at because I didn't send anything but tax forms
that's why it's better to hype the concern of Taiwan invading China troll
No 🙅
Projecting western reasonability on China might be ill advised.

There is no guarantee that if China actually tried to do an annex that USA would actually get involved, it could all be posturing.

Communist regimes don't care about people dying, they are driven by the end as in an end justifies the means.

Also, these aren't religious people, they only care about legacy. Try to protect their image doesn't really matter if their image is destroyed already.
Also if high level officials in the USA are saying this stuff it is for two reasons.

1. It is part of some geopolitical motivation.
2. It is based on inside sources that are aware of what China is doing internally.
whilst vaccinated, yes
Finally got a response, looks like I'm not going to Taiwan unfortunately, For reference I applied at the start of the year before the rule change and had to send them a minor follow up post rule change....

"Application result documentation is insufficient 1. The Ministry of Labor has consulted the Ministry of Economic Affairs on March 23, 2021. The Ministry of Economic Affairs issued the following reply on April 7, 2021 Upon investigation, it was found that the applicant is currently employed in a financial company that provides asset management services, which does not fall under the purview of this Ministry. As such, the applicant is advised to change their field of eligibility within the application. 2. Or please still provide the following documents (1) The tax statement or salary certificate showing that within other work unit and three years prior to applying you hold a position with monthly salary of at least NT$160,000. (the tax statement or salary certificate refers to either one of the following 1. Tax withholding statement or official tax certification. (In the case where the official certification is not available according to tax related regulations, the tax certification, after detailing that regulations, may be replaced by the employer’s statement.) 2. Employment contract with potential future employer in Taiwan. (2) The personal CV (including education experience, name of current employer, job title and role, address, official website URL, web pages, and primary areas of operation) with proof of service (signed and stamped by the issuing agency) that the applicant has worked domestically or abroad in economy-related industries or fields within 3 years of this application submission. "
Sorry to hear it didn't work out :/
> it’s my understanding when you do the passport verification you get a limited amount of time to enter Taiwan at that point (30 days I believe).
I can’t find this info anywhere, you have any source? If is true then I’m fucked 😅
> Anyone got any experience with changing the embassy pickup location?
I’m in the process, I applied when I was in Spain but I’m in Thailand now. Changed the location to the Thai economic office by sending the gold card folks and email and they replied and changed it within 24h. Now waiting till friday to pop up in the economic office as is new year here and everything is closed, not sure what to expect
So to clarify, they may take months between you show up for verification and actually getting the card? At the moment my verification is Thailand but I selected to pick up in Taiwan
For those who went through the Gold Card process, did they kept the passport with them for x days while verifying of was just showing up the passport + the notice and go your way on the same day? I have to go this Friday for the verification in the Thailand economic office but I need my passport the same day for check-in in a different place and next week as well for Thai immigration, so I’m starting to overthink the situation 😅
Not sure on the 30 days. It’s what I was told but I can only find that you need to pickup the actual Goldcard within 30 days of you entering Taiwan. I left mine at the passport verification stage until I’m ready to actually enter Taiwan
That was my plan too until I got called this week to go for the passport verification because it has a “limited time” to do so, I didn’t ask how much time though. That’s why I changed my inspection location to Thailand and will go this Friday
I wonder if is because I downloaded the receipt once I got approved and this started some countdown
I would just ask them. I got the email for verification too and when I spoke with them they said there is no required timeframe. Mine has been sitting there for 5 months now. It’s very possible they will just throw mine away pretty soon 🤣
wow that’s a lot of time, in my case I got a reply every 20-30 days, it took me 4 months to do the whole process (needed suplemental info every time) until approved.
Nice, at least yours has been moving along, I’m at the point right now that if Taiwan doesn’t want me, it’s totally okay, I have other options
You know something that always made me go hmm. When getting a transit visa in China, Taiwan is considered a 3rd country.
Nah they just scanned it at the office. Took 5 minutes
ncqyfntj just arrived in 🥟 Taipei, #taiwan
Greetings! 👋 Planning to stay in Taiwan (probably stay in Taoyuan area) sometimes late this year or early next year for a couple of months. Any indication on what the quarantine requirement for visitors from US might be around that time…? 🔮
Just back from the economic office, still not sure what to expect lol. The lady on the counter insisted that I needed more “paperwork” and an appointment to make an interview with the head there. Finally convinced her that is just a passport check and all the paperwork has been checked already. The head finally came out and ask me for my phone and email to contact me back because as busy today, photocopied my passport and shush me away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bet on Taiwan making conservative choices with regards to relaxing the 14 day quarantine rule.
Just got asked to make some changes to my goldcard application. Can anyone advise on what the hell they might want from me? :pray::skin-tone-2::innocent:

On the website it says:

> Review Comment
> 國籍選擇錯誤 請更正“德國” (= “Nationality selection error Rehabilitation “Germany”“)
And this:

> To speed up the review, please enter your opinions in Chinese. 
> 國籍選擇錯誤 請更正“德國”
It’s complaining about nationality selection being wrong, and it’s suggesting for it to be changed to Germany
Unfortunately, can’t help much beyond that…
Thanks! I think I had accidentally selected eastern Germany which for whatever odd reason is still on that list 😅
Can someone please tell me or point me to the requirements to visit Taiwan atm? />this, basically, if you are eligible

or a working holiday visa, if you are eligible
or, I suppose, local employment or family, or residency, or citizenship
Has anyone received a message like this? Just got it from them after 40 days from applying for a gold card. I submitted a tax slip and other documents as requested.
```Application result documentation is insufficient. Please provide document verifying domestic or foreign service relating to employment at a technology company or in a technological field (such as employment certificate/ verification of services from the employer who pays your salary during the tax statement's period). Documents should include the stamp, seal or signature of (the representative of) the entity by which the paper was issued.```
Yes, they told me my documentation was insufficient the first time too. I sent them a resume and they said that was not enough. I sent them a cover letter and included links to news articles about a tech startup I founded winning prizes. That worked. Seems like the rules aren’t very clear.
The message you got is slightly different from the one I got. The english is much better and they’re much more specific about what they want. It seems like you could just get a letter on company letterhead verifying your salary and title, like you might get when applying for a loan. Your employer may already have a process in place for issuing these employment verification letters, a lot of companies outsource that.
I’m a cloud consultant. Does anyone know if that might be considered special expertise in science and technology?
Or if the minimum salary is met it doesn’t matter?
Yeah, thanks for chiming in! I’d thought these types of documents would suffice but apparently not. I submitted the same documents I had for immigration offices in other countries such as clients recommendation letters with letterheads, companies I’ve worked at in the last 10 years with role, salary, and contact info as typically done but still got the OP message. So I wonder if it’s something else but judging by your experience it’s not the case. I’ll try submitting the same docs I guess.
Since you’re self-employed, would you mind telling me what was included in your cover letter? I submitted a basic doc saying I’m a software developer, who has been working in several countries on this many projects with this type of impact with links and contacts. Then, attached all of the supporting docs below that. Was yours much different from that?
I’ll DM you the full text of the letter
The minimum salary rule by itself no longer applies AFAIK
From my personal case they might be a bit picky, it took me 4 months of submitting new documentation back and forth until they agreed all was good. I had to demonstrate that the income threshold on my tax reports was coming indeed from a salary related to a tech company, and not other investments or my own business. I had to officially translate everything to English and actually it cost me more this F translation than the application itself 😅 . Don’t give up!
I work in tech and meet the salary requirements but only have 3ish years of professional experience. I read that they are looking for at least 5. Are they strict on this? I think this gold card is exactly what I’m looking for...
Also if it makes any difference I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese
Doesn’t seem like they are strict on that, and fluency in mandarin would definitely be a big plus, particularly if you do your whole application in mandarin
Damn I can only read and write simplified Chinese
Use Google Translate to help with conversion 😉
As long as you can prove your salary income and you are working as tech professional, the length of experience doesn’t matter, AFAIK
You are a genius 😝
Anyone know what the updated rules for the finance qualification are? Salary? CV? What else do I need to provide?
Profession in one of the 8 categories
nnrmgeuv That's out of date with the responses/rejections people have been getting lately
Which part? It includes the changes made in Feb that have been tripping people up as far as I know.
Is pretty up to date, and their support replies pretty fast if you need specifics.
Thanks for sharing U032568UB. I’m submitting a new version of docs. I’ll keep this channel updated.
Hey guys, just finished my quarantine/self-health. Wanted to get you guys favorite places to work from (I am in Taipei). I am not looking to sign up for a co-working space but rather know if you guys know any work friendly cafes :). Also, I am down for drinks/food if any of you guys are up to meet. Thanks a lot :).
I know hvieriqh has a pretty sweep map, my wife and I used it when we were there.
I like working from Fortunate Café, that's a vegan place near Technology building station, it opens at 11h30 tho. Also there is a neko café very near if you want to pet some cats while working from time to time, it's like a normal café, there is no cover fees nor limit of time. Away cafe is also a nice place to work from, it's located around this area too
iekxsot Why not look at other ways to get in? I went the Representative Office route and it was pretty easy TBH. I did engage a local legal/accountancy firm to assist with this though. Their fees were pretty reasonable.
lovely! Congratulations!
No power in building with rolling power cut ... well that sucks
Ahah same here, probably the whole city is concerned then
No aircon ... survivable ... no wifi for the kids 😳 desperate times ahead
Well at least we're not stuck in an elevator
There us that.. I got 2 mins from the notification text ..too lights out
Hi there.
Planning to come to TW later this year
Power cuts in Taipei? First the water rationing now this 😕
It wasn’t that bad. My power went out twice over 6 hours for about 20-30 min each time. The power plant was back up by evening
National-wide COVID Control Measures

1- Leisure and entertainment venues closed including karaoke halls, dance halls, nightclubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels (galleries), MTV, KTV, Rongyuan, Shiatsu massage place, health and leisure center (providing acupressure, sauna and other facilities for beauty and slimming Places), bowling, pool courts, gyms, indoor screen golf driving ranges, amusement venues, electronic game fields, information leisure venues, leisure mahjong halls and other similar venues.

2- Activities in religious sacrificial venues across the country stopped, and activities related to incense groups and detours, including activities in temples, palaces, churches and other similar venues, should be implemented. Real-name system and social distancing should be implemented, and disinfection should be strengthened.

3- The campuses of primary and secondary schools nationwide are closed to the outside world.

4- The national societies stopped handover activities.

Level 3 COVID control measures

1- Wear a mask all the time when going out.
2- Avoid unnecessary movement, activities or gatherings.
3- Stop family gatherings with 5 people indoors and 10 or more people outdoors (not counting those living together) and social gatherings.
4- Self-health monitoring.
5- Business places and public offices implement crowd control, wear masks, and maintain social distancing.
6- Workplaces Comply with the epidemic prevention regulations in the Guidelines for Continuous Operation of the Company, implement personal and workplace hygiene management, and initiate measures for the continuous operation of the Company (Such as work from home, remote office, flexible office hours)
7- Catering areas comply with COVID control measures such as the real-name system, social distancing, and partitions. Take out if the restaurant or shop cannot comply.
8- Weddings and funerals Observe the real-name system, social distancing and strengthen clearance.
9- Strengthen the cleaning at public areas and public transportation.

Level 3 closed business places

1- Places for exhibitions exhibition venues, movie theater, assembly halls, gymnasiums, performance venues (concert halls, performance halls, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, historical sites, memorial halls), activity centers, indoor skating rinks, indoor swimming pools , Amusement parks, franchised children's playgrounds and other similar places.
2- Educational areas community colleges, senior learning centers, training classes, K-book centers, social education institutions (social education centers, science and education centers, libraries), elderly meal activity centers and other similar places.
USD ─ $
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