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Taiwan Chat - Meet people when traveling in Taiwan on Nomad List

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Hi there, I’m a native Taiwanese (Taipei) living in California. I’m thinking about traveling back home this year, how is everything there? Pretty normal regarding Covid or you don’t recommend that I go back?
Congrats! Does gold card holder pay tax? It states 50% discount, 50% discount of what rate exactly?
🛬 achrrlilfdco just arrived in 🥟 Taipei, #taiwan
It depends why you’re going back and what you want to do. When I left about a year ago after spending all of covid there, it was more than fine. Mask up and just do whatever you want…quarantine might come into play if it is a short visit. Everyone that wanted to vaccinate should be by this point.
🛬 vcvoxkrrzupb just arrived in 🥟 Taipei, #taiwan
I think I may go back this year then, thanks for the report
hey, i'm curious about the nomadlist info on Taipei's pros and cons. It stood out as a con being "not safe at all". haven't visited yet, but runs counter to what i've heard.

unless this is referring to the potential conflict with China or something (without opening a can of worms here)? I noticed Taichung is also listed as "not safe at all". tbh i don't know enough to assess the actual likely hood of that that would prevent me nomading there. but am more curious about the day to day life there assuming there's probably some dodgy areas like any big city
your tax residency depends on length of your stay in a given country
then you follow to protocol that applies to your situation self employed, offshore company, employed in tw company, etc.
if you’re talking about crime, robbery, mugging - it’s one of the safest places in. the world imo
ahh cool yeah that aligns with what i've heard so far
dunno why it’s like that
If you stay in the county for more than 183 days then you're a tax resident. If you're not you may be taxed as non resident for income generated in Taiwan. Depending on your country tax treaty with Taiwan and tax regulations you may or may not be at risk of double taxation but I don't know much about that.
Taichung has an organized crime presence but you’re not likely to encounter that. But, ya, you’ll be fine. Taiwan is like Japan as far as street safety…unless China invades 😑
It's interesting Taiwan tax you base on how many days you've lived there. So after 183 days I can go anywhere but my my gold visa is alive for at least 3 yrs? Hmm
That's a rule most countries abide to (6 months)
As the GC office replied to you, the validity of your GC has nothing to do with tax status
That's also the case for most visas, in theory (work visa is usually tied to you having a local employer, taxes are a consequence of you living there for work)
GC is a bit unique because it gives the benefits of a permanent resident except it's not permanent
Also, keep in mind that it's not automatically granted for 3 years, the minimum is 1 and subject to renewal
It does feels like it's a temporary pr
It may have a 3 years validity that's decided at the time of application, most of the time they grant 3 yrs though
it’s not pr, but you can apply for it after 3 years (and being there more than 183 days per year AFAIK, so it’s not like you can get gc, go somewhere else and apply for pr)
The nomadlist data is not accurate. Period
Ahh lemme fix, seems like a bug!
Ah ok, so it's a result of the conflict it's in with China. If war/conflict it degrades safety. Will fix cuz seems not realistic
Fixed, re-gen'ing cache now
iodemytxtc nice, thanks! 🙏
noice 😁
wrjntjlx You can leave your bike unlocked and it won't be stolen or leave a laptop in a cafe. That annoying question DNs usually get "What is your favorite place?" I always say Taipei.
I think Bangkok is better as a base after checking both out. I speak mandarin and have spent a lot of time in Taipei. Both are great but there is an accommodation issue in Taipei - they’re shitty and expensive compared to Bangkok. Also, the food is mostly boring when matched against Vietnamese or Thai and it is mostly wheat based. Also, societal mindset can be conservative and judgmental (save your money, don’t eat too salty, don’t eat spicy, don’t drink too much, blah blah). Food quality an issue too. Lack of interntaional things also an issue.
Ya accommodation is an issue but it is significantly cleaner than Bangkok. I don't get the international thing, it had every food brand. Heck, there was even a Canadian roots store.
But I do kind of agree, it probably wouldn't be a good base if you can't afford it or can't stay longer term.
Probably not knowing mandarin would be better because you don't know people are being judgy.
It depends per area but Bangkok feels more modern nowadays, esp around Phloen Chit
Interesting thoughts about Taipei vs Bangkok. I was surprised how modern BKK was since going back there, and just how good some of the condos were relative to their price (comparing to Aus).

In Taipei from what i hear the best way to get longer term accom for non-mandarin speakers is just air bnb or through the facebook groups?
you can rent apt for 6 months. airbnb is expensive and obviously targeting rich foreigners (but not as expensive as in oz lol)
Sure but the apartments in Taipei are mostly older, shared spaces and more expensive in comparison to Bangkok.
you can get airbnb for a month and then find a place with a contract. problem with airbnb is that it’s almost exclusively used by foreigners, plus cheapest places are really bad, compared to BKK. so if you want to get sth that is acceptable from western POV you need to pay a lot 😔
it’s not worth the hassle to lurk on fb groups or 591 if you don’t know chinese unless you really want to save money and have plenty of time to waste 😆
hey guys. Anyone know if an entire unit rented from Airbnb qualifies for the 3+4 quarantine rule? Anyone tried it?
Hello, is it possible for normal tourist to go to Taipei now? I’m planning on flying from Seoul the 10 of august. Thanks!
Nope man. Regular tourists can’t travel to Taiwan at the moment. Only Taiwanese nationals, residents, gold card members and some students are allowed to enter the country. We’ll have to wait for a few months to go there (weeks if we’re very optimistic) :(
Thanks! Because I was checking online and couldn’t find anything.. I will go to Philippines instead. Thanks!
A government team is going to “evaluate a timeline for lifting border restrictions”. lol.
I wouldn’t bet on the reopening anytime soon 😕
In case anyone cares, Taiwan started issuing working holiday visas again today. It's currently the only way I'm aware of that enables you to enter the country as a non-resident with no family in Taiwan (3+4 still applies 3 days of quarantine in a hotel or staying with family, 4 days of self-health management). Not sure which countries participate, you can check online. In Hungary, the age limit is 35, elsewhere, it's 30. It's a pretty simple process, you fill out an application, get bank statements that show you have enough money to sustain yourself, get insurance (and a letter or declaration from them as proof), your local equivalent of a "non-criminal certificate" proving you have a clean criminal record, 2 pictures and the fee ($100 in Hungary). (At least here) it takes 2 days, but can be expedited for $ and you can get it within an hour. They only issue these in your country of citizenship or residence, however. It's for 6 months and can be extended for another 6.
Any reason you chose Taiwan over.. say.. Thailand? Just wondering 🙂
I think the vibe is completely different. If you're looking for a less stressed place, Taiwan is the place to go. ykezdkcueq wrote a really good article about Taipei a long time ago. You should check it out
zznzgusaqqf I've never been. And I love mountains. And what I love even more is big cities close to mountains (see Cape Town. Except less murdery). There is plenty to explore.
The job also comes with some other handy benefits such as the ability to conduct insider trading. 😛
Yeah. I can't see much happening between now and the end of the year. Probably going to be early 2023, if anything... (that'll be almost 3 years since Taiwan closed to the outside world.....)
Maybe for Singaporeans
🛬 mqccmykepg just arrived in 🥟 Taipei, #taiwan
Taiwan will reopen this September 12
☝️ interestingly only for passport holders of countries who have reciprocity (EU, US, CA, OZ, NZ, the few with diplomatic relations), they have excluded Japan passports holders since they are pretty closed at the moment
google translate sais “Europe”, not EU
right, it really means country with reciprocity of travel restrictions, ie if country is open to TW visa free they’ll enforce pre-pandemic regulations; which is why Japan is excluded they don’t allow anyone in visa-free
there’s still quarantine so
yes but before you couldn’t even get in
quarantine is 3+4 and will later become 0+7 (that second half meaning it’s not a strict quarantine, you can go around but not supposed to meet people and do certain things)
hey it’s a step forward (looking at you Japan)
I came in 2021 (but I know you meant general public without ARC)
yeah, I have APRC so it doesn’t affect me, but posted here for folks who may have been interested - I hope Japan will follow up too
maybe after the elections 🤔
Omg I can't believe it!! It's been over two years and finally Taiwan is gonna reopen 🤩
According to my Google-fu, the requirements to enter Taiwan (starting Sept. 12) are :
• Passport issued by the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, European countries, and diplomatic allies
• Return flight ticket < 90days
• Immigration arrival card (online form)
• Digital health declaration (online form)
• Proof of booking for a place to spend your 3+4 quarantine
• A personal mobile phone with access to internet
No need for a vaccine certificate, neither for a negative PCR result.
Is that right ?
Yeah is there an official statement with the details?
this is amazing if true
yes this is great....I get out of quarantine in Taiwan on the 11th...fml
I didn't have to present proof of vaccination or a PCR test before my flight from the US. A test is taken when you land outside of the airport and they give you 2 rapid test to take after the 3 day quarantine if you need to go out during the next 4 days of self monitoring.
Nice. You quarentined in an Airbnb? Do you know if hotels are an option too?
ygameoqrtc Make sure the Airbnb is qualified for the quarantine. Some listings clearly state that they are not.
For hotels, only some of them are quarantine-compatible,|here’s a list for Taipei> .

UK nationals can't come?
“According to the CECC, the European countries afforded visa-free treatment include the 26 countries of the Schengen Area, as well as the U.K. and Ireland.”
unsqlavrcb thank you
Amazing news!
Just bought tickets and booked a place for November (can cancel). Excited to get back to Taiwan.
🛬 ixdtxahqkcrs just arrived in 🥟 Taipei, #taiwan
🛬 pknohkbw just arrived in 🥟 Taipei, #taiwan
Probably a freaking stretch but does anyone know Ben Thompson of Stratechery?

For context, I’m a business blogger and plan to travel to Taiwan next year where he lives. Would love to pick his brain and simply get in touch with someone I’ve admired for quite some time.
Generally the strategy is become really great at what you do and you'll get on his radar. Not useful for him to meet random strangers (which you are to him). Same goes for most famous/successful ppl. Also note they have families and private lives and their work. Usually no time for randos
Succesful + famous friends I have, they contacted me, I didn't contact them
Makes sense, thanks!
Ben is is in Taiwan, you have to know someone that knows them I guess. I tried to contact him in the past with no success, so I can imagine he is super busy. Unlikely that cold emails and calling in this case would work
I’m a fan of Ben’s work. That’s all. 🙂
Now just waiting for Japan and Hong Kong
It’s still silly though that it will take almost 4 more weeks for them… two days ago we checked into our flight to Singapore and an older Taiwanese person was gonna miss his flight to Taiwan because they weren’t letting him check in for not having all of the paperwork, my girlfriend was able to help by translating and filling out a form and he made his flight
Thank god. Booked a full month of travel in Nov, 4 cities. Looking forward.
I want to go but I'll wait until these restrictions pass. At this point they're just silly
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