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Thailand Chat - Meet people when traveling in Thailand on Nomad List

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Does anyone know a good agent to get a business Visa in Thailand?
also does anyone know any good resources to understand the current visa options for a digital nomad
Maybe the more accurate description would be "Ubud on an island".
ubud is ubud on an island
Yes. Seems like 3 districts in BKK will under tighter control - bars are closed. Other venues need to be closed by 9pm and cna't sell Alcohol. this is until the 19th and only in 3 districts.
Do you actively trade here? Curious to hear more.
So this all seems to be just visa questions. Where does everyone hang out who is actually in Thailand / Bangkok? Stuff going on? Meet fellow non-Thais? ;)
Maybe this will help with overview
in ASQ ๐Ÿ™‚
Might be up for this as well ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Still windy? Better than Koh Phangan?
No wind yet?!
Most DNs are probably in Koh Lanta and Koh Phagnan right now, some in Chiang Mai and probably some in Bangkok too
Check out KoHub in lanta if you want to be productive and chill.. phagnan might have more party vibe/hippies
Not an agent but a service. Iโ€™m in the process of using| for a business/work visa, seems smooth enough right now
About 20 people at KoHub and Lanta itself is pretty quiet. More going on at Phangan overall I felt.
How much did you guys pay for the 10 day quarantine insurance?
And is it mandatory to pay the whole ASQ stay before submitting for an STV visa?
There are quite a few DNโ€™s in Phuket from what I see on friends IG.
We were told the whole ASQ price was mandatory before getting the STV โ€“ we needed to show we had it booked the whole way, and all other subsequent housing as well
There are also new restrictions on renewals of the STV you may want to read up on if you intend to stay longer with a renewal
Seeing more cases popping up around Thailand the last couple days. First case confirmed on Koh Tao today, Thai tourist from Bangkok. Chumpon has 10 new cases in he last few days.

So stay safe everyone. Thailand has done so well so far.
Thanks for the info. I saw that the subsequent housing also had to be fully payed in advance and was wondering how strict that rule is
It's hard to tell what's bullshit, but in some facebook groups people were saying they did not pre-book and pay for everything.
For me it was also kind of a bit sketchy, having to pay for all this stuff in advance and not knowing if they'll give me the visa + CoE but they did in the end.
We dealt with the embassy in Athens, and they replied to our questions by email within a day.
So you might have some luck contacting the closest Thai embassy to get legit answers before you send the paperwork
Could you recommend the insurance that you used?
We used our regular insurance through Vumi. We bought it through a broker in Canada (we are Canadian passport holders).
thinking of going next weekend if you still there
Nai harn/Rawai or Baan tao. the rest are ghost towns
I moved to Phuket already, Iโ€™m around Ra Wai beach now ๐Ÿ– itโ€™s not far from Phi Phi ๐Ÿ˜‰
wevqxm How much did the insurance cost?
How long are you planning to stay in Thailand and what visa did you get?
We are staying in Thailand on the STV. We just arrived. We intend to renew it twice for a 9 month stay.

Our insurance i donโ€™t remember the exact price of but I can look it up. But itโ€™s insurance we have been using as our travel insurance for years. It worked because you need a statement from your insurance company saying they will cover you for covid.
uxypjy Okay so itโ€™s just regular travel insurance with an explicit statement that youโ€™re covered for covid?

Sounds like it should cost the same as usual because the risk of covid medical expenses is probably less than a car accident for almost everyone.
tryaks if you're still over in the Krabi area feel free to let me know. I'm around Ao Nang for a week or so.
Yes, regular travel insurance will work assuming it (a) covers covid with a letter to prove it, and (b) covers in-patient care in case of covid.
The documents will be checked by the issuing embassy and also on arrival in Thailand. We gave them a copy of the brochure of our coverage (with proof of in patient coverage) along with the letter from the insurance company certifying our coverage.

You must also present a negative test upon arrival and it must be the nasal swab. It must be done 72 hours prior to your flight. I believe if youโ€™ve had a covid vaccine already there are programs out there for you as well to limit your quarantine time.

But I also want to point out right now Bangkok is in a red zone internally in Thailand. Iโ€™m certain it might change soon but there is a possibility that after an ASQ quarantine you could be required to quarantine AGAIN if your destination is not Bangkok. For example Chiang Mai is quarantining people from Bangkok. This is set at the provincial health authority level.

Just sharing this info cause someone might find it useful!
Is it normal life in any other parts of the country?
Haha sorry, I donโ€™t know. Iโ€™m in a quarantine hotel in Bangkok right now with a couple days left.
But what I can gather, cases are picking up and things are getting restricted. Bangkok has restrictions on restaurants and bars are shut. No alcohol served.
Is anyone in Ko Samui?
With the greater Bangkok area restricting bars- does anyone know if theyโ€™re also restricting air travel at all? I was planning to fly to Chiang Mai next week and wondering if thatโ€™s affected ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
There are a couple people on Phangan, Iโ€™m heading back to Tao tomorrow.
Check Richard barrows Twitter he posts pretty updated info on what provinces have what restrictions.
We are flying there in 2 days from Bangkok. I will let you know how it goes.
Check it daily as things are in flux right. Now. Just a heads up if you are traveling on Songkrahn day that you may run into some water if you end up in the back of a songtow or the like :)
Haha, thatโ€™s good advice, UR69C3P0E!
Is thailand open for everyone now?

What's the way to enter Thailand and then get to Phuket? Should one get a business visa?
Currently, need to home quarantine for 14 days if youโ€™ve been staying in Bangkok.
It is a shitty time to come to Thailand
the country is about to get fucked by Covid after a great run
In theory you can come in with a tourist visa and do your quarantine in Phuket
but ... don't. Hang out somewhere else for a month or so to see what's happening in Thailand first
fkecbqultexns yes, we've read that, unfortunately. seems kind of annoying given the fact we've already quarantined here but it is what it is.
You sound like Dutch embassy
It is pretty amazing to see the difference in how people are conducting themselves right now regarding Covid.. some being good about wearing masks while travelling etc, other people totally not doing things, and how quickly the habits change once a group gets small (say <5) and become a bit familiar with each other.
I was wondering one day at temple in Phuket, when one woman was checking temperature on the door as everyone else. Her temperature was 38.3 and thermometer beeped like grazy. There were no staff nearby, so this woman (who by the way did not wear mask) entered the temple to pray as usual. Mostly I wonder here, why do you check your temperature at all if result does not change your behaviour...
That happens when people identify themselves with groups and donโ€™t use common sense to think for themselves.
People are sheeps, but itโ€™s in the nature.
They are doing their job, which is... to check people's temperature, period ๐Ÿ˜‚ .
A bit like this guy
๐Ÿ˜‚ Yes. My critique was directed to the customer who did check temperature even there were no staff but did not care the result.
Hi guys, new here. Depending on what happens with the recent Thai Covid outbreak over the next month, I'm looking to come to Thailand in May for a couple of months and I was wondering if any of the co-working spaces have anyone in them at the moment, or if everything is quite dead? If I come I'll be around Bangkok but also hopefully Ko Lanta (I was looking at KoHub), Chiang Mai, Ko Pha Ngan etc, but open to other areas too, covid depending. Also, it would be great to hear your thoughts on whether you think those areas are worth it in those months with the weather? Thanks so much!
Kohub has a vibrant community at the moment
my first Songkran was ... checks notes ... 38 years ago, and I can honestly say it still sucks
No longer content with murderous roads, this year they've combined it with PLAGUE
rtaukbz just arrived in ๐Ÿ Ko Tao, #thailand
I mean the woman shouldโ€™ve known better than to be out and about with a temp of 38
She most certainly was running a fever and had covid
Hi! Just an update. We were in a Bangkok quarantine hotel till this morning, all our tests in the hotel came back negative. Flew to Chiang Mai. No one asked us or talked to us about quarantines when we left BKK or when we arrived here. We basically walked out and took a taxi after the customary T8 form filled out for each person.

We are staying in an Airbnb and as far as I know there are no further forms required. Itโ€™s of course possible someone will be in contact with us in the next few days but so far nothing.

I do know that another person we kept contact with from our hotel (there was a messenger group) left one day earlier and he was routinely questioned on his way off the plane. But he was not given any additional orders or restrictions.
Seems like there's not much tech scene here in Koh Phangan. I have seen maybe one developer in coworking spaces. No tech meetups (pre-restrictions), no groups online that I could find. Seems like most people here are into partying or expanding their spiritual life. Nothing wrong with either of these, but I miss the tech nomads. (Disclaimer I've only been here for 2 weeks).
Feel the same in Phuket, I was planning to come to Phangan to try yo meet tech nomads haha
I reckon about half the people at Kohub are developers
So when people say there are nomads there do they mean like โ€œvlogger nomadsโ€ or something
The other half are lifestyle vloggers that are filming developers doing actual work ๐Ÿ˜‚ troll
brbbafhxx How much is the tuition? Are you doing online classes?
I know some of the people on KPG atm and yes... โ€˜partyingโ€™ and โ€˜spiritualโ€™ would be accurate...
not my bag
Thereโ€™s one tech entrepreneur I know there but theyโ€™re possibly keeping to themselves
vyqcdoa just arrived in ๐Ÿ Ko Lanta, #thailand
There are some tech people around. Check out La Casa Tropicana coworking and the events Remote.Digital do.
You made it! Bummer I left already.
szcgrgosfle well I mentioned earlier about 20k for 6 months plus 10k change visa fee
Itโ€™s also easy to keep extending the education visa, up to 2 years
And yeah they all probably offer online classes as well
Oh I mean, enrolling in a school will cost you something right
hxdnzuhtxwg oh no this is the price the school charges, including the visa (they handle the paperwork)
Ohhhh okay
shcgwumguof if you wanted to come to thailand you'd probably come without visa, do the 14 day quarantine, and then do a month extension, and then get the 6 month edu visa, and you're good for 8 months ..
๐Ÿ˜ญ met a bunch of the kohub people last night though ๐ŸŽ‰
ejksimc - how come you left? Do you have a permanent residence in Tao?
I like Tao quite a bit, lots to offer here. Lanta is nice and KoHub is fantastic. They are heading into rainy season too.

I donโ€™t have a permanent place on Tao. A friend of mine is back here for a bit before moving to Bangkok so wanted to see them for a bit too.

Tao for me is great as so many beaches and snorkelling within a 10-15 ride or less, lots of food options and a pretty island. I think itโ€™s really underrated by people.
Itโ€™s a good crew at KoHub U03GGKJCX!
seucapp I'm surrounded by developers and engineers. Where are you located in Phuket?
iabsknljkg Iโ€™m in Ra Wai but I might donโ€™t know yet the good places to work from. BOOST cafe maybe? ๐Ÿค”
Anybody still in Ko Phangan? Just arrived Saturday and don't know a soul here, so feel free to let me know if anyone wants to meet up.
Not there, I'm on Tao now. But go check out La Casa Tropicana coworking and the events they do, good people there and at the events
We're here!
habvwtbjs Whatโ€™s the situation for getting in to Thailand right now?
Here's the quick version. You can definitely get in, but not without quarantine. It was 14 for me but now (I believe) it's 10 in general or 7 if you have the vaccine and you do it in an approved hotel. Boring, but not miserable and you can do a super nice hotel if that's your preference. I came in on the STV which I can extend up to 9 months, but I believe you need to be in your home country to apply for that through your local Thai consulate. You can also get a regular tourist visa that I believe is good for 60 days and I've heard you can extend that for another 60 with some sort of covid extension but I'm not sure about that one and you shouldn't quote me on it. Regardless of which visa you have you need to have the quarantine (ASQ) booked ahead of time and apply for a certificate of entry (COE) with your flight confirmation, ASQ booking details, etc. but it's not a big deal. The process for the STV is considerably more involved though.
hey frens, how many corona tests during hotel stay? i hate those things
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