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Thailand Chat - Meet people when traveling in Thailand on Nomad List

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๐Ÿ›ฌ oqayaovmvjfxjyb just arrived in ๐Ÿฎ Chiang Mai, #thailand
Nov 1 you will still need to book/do 1 night if you are part of the 46 countries approved for the easy entry thing. As I understand it. Technically if you come in after Nov 1 you don't need COE but the Thailand Pass thing or whatever they end up naming it.
I've written to them to ask if Thailand pass will be available before 1st. Because you can't say "quarantine free from 1st" and "thailand pass available on 1st", cos it takes 3 days minimum to approve it still.
CoE form doesn't allow you to apply for 1 night quarantine yet, so we're a bit in limbo.
Hi everybody!! 24h in Chiang Mai now.
It's so different to Phuket jajaja. the city is quiet. Not too much tourist.

Insted, there are some night secret life around 4 pubs (renegades, badaboom, starlight and country bar).

I will visit today some places near Chiang Mai and on Monday I will some cowork spaces or coffee places.

I came here to looking nomad digital so hope to find them.
You'll find them
Does Google Pay work in Thailand? Example in restaurants, Family Mart or 7/11
I was going to ask the same but with Apple Pay..
Well, now at least they have a working domain and "Coming soon" website.
Of _course_ it's not the same one they'd been announcing until now ๐Ÿ˜‚
funvduvfnfqsfq wbeztdp U02B3ADAF8Wbr />
I am also confused on the supporting documents section of the COE/Visa application

The supporting documents page asks for the Visa Application, but that is what I thought I am filling out!

Also, does the regular health insurance required for COVID also satisfy the "Additional Health Insurance requirement for STV Visa" requirement?
gwwaxjjgd AIUI Certificate of Entry isn't Visa, no ๐Ÿ™‚ That probably covers all your subsequent confusion :slightly_smiling_face:
It references the visa that allows you in, but it's about entry during covid, whereas visa is the general entry visa.
pbhc - do you have the link for the general entry visa then?
I'm filling this out at thaievisa dot go dot th (apparently, I can't enter links here yet...)
Don't think that's the CoE application you've got there. I think that's a visa.
The coe is at `coethailand . mfa . go . th`
yeah, so I am filling out the STV visa form and one of the supporting documents you need to include is "Visa Application"

so I am confused...
fhvskcrkm A few things I read suggested you need to fill in a visa application form and send it to an embassy. If this e-visa site is just a proxy for that, then they're probably asking you to still fill in and submit a form uploaded through the website. _But I don't know at all_
Looking at the user manual in the top right of that page you posted, it doesn't look like you should have ended up in that situation.
so I am concerned about my timelines for all of this - I have a flight and accommodations booked for Nov 20. Will I be able to get all of this processed in time?
wuef - that user manual is worthless. have you read it? ๐Ÿคฃ
also, is all of this needed of the Thailand pass will be available?
how long are you staying in Thailand. I want to be able to stay for at least 90 days, so that's why I thought I needed the STV Visa
sjmqpgslm I'm arriving on November 5th staying 15 days, so I can just use a free visa.
aqplkxcbh I read quite a few times about people using the TR Tourist visa and 30 day extension or something instead of the STV. That lines up with what levels put in the channel on the 13th September if you scroll up.
I missed something maybe, what is "Thailand Pass" ? ๐Ÿ™‚
It replaces COE
Never tried with Apple Pay here. Thailand is pretty cash based. Quite a few places do a 3% surcharge for credit cards. If you are in a major city there might be more support. 7/11 has signs that credit cards can be used if you purchase is over 300b.

More Thais are starting to use a QR code scan system to pay via a bank to bank transfer that is pretty instant (became more popular during Covid). It's for Thai banks and is free.
How we feeling about updated entry requirements?
They seem good to me and are about as good as it will get for a while I think.
I agree with ya. Donโ€™t think itll get much easier from here on out.
Just do a normal 60 day tourist visa and then get a 30 day extension in country for 1900b. You will do the Thailand Pass instead of the COE - which should be online Soon. So id just wait a few days.
Yeah I saw people mostly paying with those QR codes. But it didn't look easy to use if you don't have a Thai bank.
What if eg you're a UK passport holder residing in one of the other countries for at least 3w prior to travelling?
I guess it's fine as long as it's one of the mentioned countries
Apple Pay is not available in Thailand. I doubt Google Pay works as well. Just hand them the credit/debit card attached to Google Pay.
Howโ€™s the nightlife in Chiangmai?
Ya the QR codes are 100% for thai banks as far as I know... that's the one good thing for me from Covid here, I got a Thai bank account - so much easier and cheaper now.
duimiscjk you have have documented stay in those countires at least for 21 days
Just called Apple Store TH and they have no info when M1X arrives
Is it now possible for foreigners to open Thai bank accounts?
I just arrived in Samui.
I had to install 2 different apps for covid tracing purposes.
Can we delete those apps after day 7, or do we need to keep them installed for the whole length of the stay?
I feel like several places are going to want you to scan in using Morchana
But itโ€™s been a few months since I was there
Also, congrats on getting there
Never bought one when "not at home". I would want one with a Swiss keyboard layout. Not sure if thats even possible when buying in Thailand
In Phuket since may. Nobody ever asked for it. They only require you to write your name and phone down in a list.
Has been for a long time but you usually need a valid long term visa to do so. Student, volunteer, retirement etc. in some bigger places some 60 day visa tourists have managed to open them at random branches. I had a student visa early in the pandemic and got a letter from the school that let me open one.
Does anyone know if, as a EU citizen from Croatia, I can get processed for COE/Visa by a country thatโ€™s not my home country in EU? Thailandโ€™s embassy in my country is closed and Iโ€™m wondering what is the quickest embassy that I can use. I used to get a visa in 15 minutes in Zagreb
What's a good area to stay in Koh Phangan?
Depends on what youโ€™re into, but generally anywhere between Sri Thanu and Hin Kong beach. The area around Coconut Lane is close to everything and pretty quiet, no traffic there really. Although bullfrog season is starting and they can be very loud at night
sddhzddj I'll check out Sri Thanu. Thank you ๐Ÿ™
North West coast is your elephant pant, hippy yoga vibe
I had the same misunderstanding initially.
You get a 1 year stamp each time you come through. So basically Leave thailand each year to kind of "revalidate" your 5 year visa, and make sure they give you the right stamp.
<@U03GGKJCX> would probably be the best person to confirm this, but I think he did in his replies on Oct 13th cb 13:53 ๐Ÿ™‚
So, you can leave as many times as you want but NEED to leave at least one time per year?
Would be amazing if you could clarify xrphbbh and thank you ybbf
Every time you come in you get a 1yr stamp. If you need to stay beyond 1 year (like wonโ€™t go on a trip within the year) then you get a 1yr extension at immigration (it is kind of annoying and costs 2k thb but in normal times Iโ€™d def be leaving once within a year anyway to travel)
Okay that's interesting. So, if you did 5 trips in a year, would you essentially have used up your visa?
Nope. It's 5 years membership to elite, during which you get a 1 year entry each time you return.
Not sure what happens if you return during the fifth year. I think they cover it by giving you less than 1 year visa.
Okay that's great. Definitely worth the money then. My partner & I are just deciding between spain and thailand. We have lived in Thailand for a year before and didn't love the going in and out requirement. Would love to get the 5 year visa and also travel around outside of Thailand.
Provided your visa is still valid, you can enter and get a 1 year stamp. So, the โ€œ5 yearโ€ visa will technically allow you to stay for 6 years, provided you arrive on the day before it expires.
The part I don't understand in the wording is that it makes it sound like if you go on a trip and come back, you get another 1 year stamp. This is how the wording makes it sound:

โ€“ I land in Thailand, I get a 1 year stamp.
โ€“ I leave 2 months later to visit Cambodia for a holidayand come back, I get another 1 year stamp.

Rather than it being part of your same 1 year.

Sorry if I am coming across as dense!
This is a multiple entry visa, it means that the visa is valid 1 year up to 5 times and you need to revalidate after 1 year, during the year the visa is valid you can leave and reenter Thaรฏland as you want
Hi everyone!

Someone know well ๐Ÿ Phuket? ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking for some tips for a 3 months trip in Phuket ๐Ÿ™
Itโ€™s big and thereโ€™s a lot of traffic. Decide what kind of holiday you want and then pick the area accordingly
Or stay in old town for the first two weeks and visit the other areas
Not holiday, Iโ€™ll work :) And we have a baby. Something ideal should be a place with a lot of coffee to work, nice area and cool restaurants but no too much people.
Not too many people might be a struggle. How close to the beach do you want to be? Whereโ€™s your budget?
Maybe look into Kamala Beach
Around 10mn to the beach would be nice! Up to 2500 euros / month for the budget.
Thanks! I'll check Kamala
Entire Phuket is low traffic and not too busy right now.
Kamala is pretty quiet (almost dead) at the moment. It's rather for longterm expats IMO.
Rawai is awesome right now. Not too quiet, not too busy, close to Nai Harn beach, epic sunset spot (Promthep cape). Nice restaurants and cafes around
Fyi I received word from the embassy in The Hague that Thailand Pass is not delayed (someone here said it's delayed by 3 weeks)
qlmggllq give it a week ๐Ÿ˜‰
Yep, trunk was saying that in the phuket facebook forum. Good to hear that it's not. The website seems to be readying itself for a launch on schedule, too.
Tawau seems really cool! Are you around there U06LULVPC?
erm. thats in Malaysia?
fmkaaeeexlltk How did your boat trip go?
thanks, but unfortunately Iโ€™m leaving on Friday ๐Ÿ˜ž
pmitansjrpf it got canceled and rescheduled to this saturday, still 3 places left, you wanna join us? It's a private boat and organized by Emilie from la casa. Costs are 1700 for the boat and 300 for the Park p.p
Iโ€™m a Canadian citizen and my COE was processed by the Czech embassy, though my city of departure was Prague so it was โ€œrelevantโ€. If you were going to do a connecting flight, maybe use the embassy of wherever you are connecting through? Or book a flight that starts in a neighboring country? Hope that helps!
Country hopping around SE Asia doesn't seem very easy right now. All those people heading to Thailand. Do you have long-stay visa's or are you just heading for your 30-60 days then figuring it out?
You can do Thailand and Indonesia (visa needs to be applied for, but the conditions aren't too onerous); Malaysia looks like it may open soon
You can get 60 day Covid Ext in Thailand. Singapore slowly looking to open up. Indonesia started issuing business visas again afaik
You can get access to Thailand and then claim you can't leave because of Covid? Seems like a hack

```I'm thinking of coming to Bangkok on November 2nd .```
```I'm looking at rules and they're talking about a 50k travel insurance. I got the revolut premium insurance but not sure if I need something else```

```What do you think?```
I got in with the revolut insurance, printed out the Statement of Insurance from Revolut and showed it at the airport
Yes, a visa hack. Itโ€™s been working so far though.
Not sure if Indonesia will let Americans in, we are not on the list.
โ€˜Effective October 14, 2021, the Indonesian government has re-opened Indonesia for international tourists. Only citizens of the following 19 countries are able to enter Indonesia on tourist/limited stay visas, including but not limited to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Norway.โ€™
I didnโ€™t know revolut covered covid. Is the fee $10 per month?
vavhvige thanks for the info
Do you think we get a covid visa extension after December? Do you know where even check it? cc dkjrslg
it does cover covid and comes free with the metal plan. One thing Iโ€™m not sure about is whether or not it covers covid if youโ€™re asymptomatic, because in Thailand theyโ€™ll take you to the hospital and charge you even if youโ€™re not sick. I know safetywing doesnโ€™t cover your costs if youโ€™re asymptomatic for example
Nothing has been announced about the Covid extension past November at this point. I kinda think they will offer it 1 more time, as I'm not sure land borders will be open yet etc. As well I think unless Dec/Jan booking numbers look huge, Thailand might like to keep people who want to stay longer in the country.
They usually don't announce the extensions too early, but they did last time. I kinda feel like we won't here until middle to end of Nov about any changes. But who knows. ๐Ÿ™‚
Just keep in mind that as of now the Thailand Covid extension is set to expire towards the end of November for getting a new stamp. They might extend that but who knows given the changes coming Nov 1, and planned changed Dec1, Jan 1
Regarding potential bookings AOT (Airports of Thailand Public Company) reports international airlines have returned 80% of their airport slots at Thailand's 6 international airports between October 31st to March 26 2022 (Regarding BKK 100% slots cancelled at Don Muang, 70% cancelled at Suvarnabhumi)
Is it still easy to get a muay Thai ED visa when in the country? I actually do want to train muay Thai but I heard they stiffened the requirements?
Is there anyone in Bangkok been available to get a vaccine under covid extension?
I have contacted 5 hospitals with no success, just the ones with Moderna saying they have a spot for next year ( Q1 or Q2 )
several months ago I contacted a school in Lanta that did the Muay Thai visa with sucesss
yeah, I booked and paid hotel few days ago to send docs for CoE ๐Ÿ˜‚
USD โ”€ $
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