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Thailand Chat - Meet people when traveling in Thailand on Nomad List

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Ha thatโ€™s awesome. Did you just buy 1 of everything?

Stay safe in Samui , I see there was a cluster of 18 cases at a bar there today by green mango.
irjzxyzzfl Glad you like it
vxinfambixwhcxqx thanks boss!!
I think Delta starting its rampage in Samui
Foreigners here barely believe COVID exists so that makes sense
A foreigner got angry I wore a mask when she started talking to me joyjoyjoyjoyjoy
"losing sense" (of smell / taste)
Nice yes $12 is okay for delivery!
Esp to Samui
Anyone traveling to Thailand from Indonesia? Having trouble finding a good flight since we can no longer transit through Singapore. Doesnโ€™t appear to be any direct flights from CGK -> BKK
Agreed, hope you like them ๐Ÿ‘Œ
arriving on Tuesday
๐Ÿ›ฌ qgkzuxnqkkbo just arrived in ๐ŸŒ‡ Bangkok, #thailand
hello, do you when where I can rent a car in bangkok and leave it in samui? and how much it can cost?
Or maybe someone knows a driver who car drive us from Bangkok to Samui?
If you do that you may have to quarantine when entering Samui. (LeVing ASQ, entering dark red zone, then travelling). Best to go direct from ASQ via secure route and Bangkok air. As I mentioned you will need paperwork from your ASQ hotel etc. Coordinate with them.
My friends traveled on a car from/to Samui on July 24 of July via car/ferry was no quarantine and no questions.
Sweet to read the above. I just started my ASQ this very afternoon
The checks on ferry to Samui are nonexistent
Still, I have my former positive PCR, with the following discharge letter from the doctor and follow Negative PCR, prof i was infected>
Hope that helps me to travel South
It's a site you have to open and enter your destination address and province you came from, nobody checks anything
If you fly from Bangkok to Samui almost certainly you get quarantined cuz Bangkok is dark red
What are the current restrictions for Bangkok?
Locked down I believe
Easiest is to leave ASQ BKK, drive straight to Surat Thani, get ferry to Samui
Samui open and not locked down for now
Samui and Surat Thani are the same province, which should help
Wouldnโ€™t surprise me if Samui starts to harden a bit given the numbers rising. If you hit a road block, my guess is it would be on entry into Surat Thani province.

Again, he is leaving a ASQ, if he books it properly with paperwork etc, he would not need to quarantine when flying as he would be staying in a quarantine corridor as it were. Been that way for ASQ people for quite a while now.
Most nights there are night ferries from Surat Thani area to Samui. I think island Travel on Koh Tao posts a list each month on their FB page.

You can also contact them if you need info or booking. They are really helpful.
pjkhnzpp & bxhncczcfuu ๐Ÿ™ thanks for the info!
COVID cases today at PTT near Ritz-Carlton Samui
(info from my landlord, will ask more)
And near Nathon
Thats a fair way from the hotspot in chaweng but wouldnt surprise me to hear thay some people from over there went to the bars in Chaweng. A fair bit of Bangkok hiso on that side too I imagine.
That information frightens me. Can we block the PMโ€™s internet now? ๐Ÿค”
Lmao. Love that title. Not false news. Scary news.
Can anyone tell me whatโ€™s an easy way to stay in Thailand for about 6 months?
ckrywiobmbq it's very unpredictable right now due to covid but they keep giving 60 day covid extensions for tourist visas generally and they seem perpetual
Huh. So you just show up, and you just go to the embassy when you need to extend for another 60 days?

Edit well at least for right now. Could change.
Thought you get only one covid extension and then you'll have to leave the country? Is that wrong?
So with the normal TR visa you get 2 month + 1 months extension + 2months covid extension
tebjtbvv i don't think so, the covid extension is officially for people who are not able to leave the country back to home due to covid
cxflevmdhkc TR visa = 60 days, you go for 30 d extension, then after you go for 60 day covid extension
Easiest is Samui immigration office as they're very chill
Yep so indefinite/perpetual
Starting to hear some background chatter that Covid extensions and Visa renewals will require proof of vaccination. But Iโ€™d guess a few more months before that becomes official.
I wonder how they are going to do that when they are not vaccinating foreigners which are not residents ( sorry If I am wrong )
Yep weird thing to ask if they don't allow us to get vaccinated
So guys, I am in a ASQ Hotel now, my release date is the 12th of August
What is on in BKK? it looks like nothing and now extended country wise
There's a pandemic
Get out of Bangkok, I canโ€™t see it getting better there for 2-3 months.
They have been doing older foreigners already, and foreigners in Sandbox zones. New registration app for foreigners launched yesterday, nationwide as I understand it. Private vaccinations due to start around October. So maybe Jan 1?
Only residents right? Not tourists
For vaccines? Seeing posts saying tourists too. Have not dug too far into it. The private ones I would think would certainly be available to tourists
Are you a foreign resident that got vaccinated or a tourist?
I called Bangkok Hospital and Bumrungrad a week ago and they stated there are no private vaccines available and it's all distrib through gov?
Private vaccines are not due to start till October from everything Iโ€™ve seen, but hospitals have already been taking bookings and deposits.

Everything now and done so far has been via Govt.

Iโ€™m a tourist in Thailand since Dec 2019, I was vaccinated during the Samui Sandbox program setup last month. A lot (but not all) of long term staying people were done, if you intended to stay long term. Iโ€™m planning on staying in Thailand till at least mid-Dec to end of Feb when my current visa expires. Will decide closer to then what to do.

Tao just did a follow up round of vaccinations this weekend and more long term stayers got done after the priority people were - ie work visas, retirement etc etc. (At least as I understand it. They got Sinovac this weekend and will get their second shot in 3 weeks which will be AZ.
Hey all hi
Take a car to Ko Samui :D
rpevemvzurr I know how to ride a motorbike and done 14.000 km in Bali, but a car.. I haven't been on the 4 wheels for over 15 years

So, I may need to get some kind of transport!
๐Ÿ›ฌ vtsundfj just arrived in ๐Ÿ Phuket, #thailand
It seems there won't be enough private vaccinations available though
What I hear is a lot of hopeful stories from gov but not much practical solutions for foreign tourists to get vaccinated
Sinovac doesn't really protect against Delta, so I don't see how that helps
Ya still lots of questions. Re Sinovac, I think thatโ€™s part of why the are now doing mixed Sino/AZ
I just called Bumrungrad et al again, the sign up for foreign non-residents to get privately vaccinated at the end of this year has been closed for months. No information when it will open again. The new Pfizer/Moderna batches are est to arrive for foreigners in Q2 of 2022.
Foreign residents not foreign tourists (!)
Yeah, although most people here are probably interested in tourist vaccination timeframes, I figured there would be a few people on Elite visa, work permit, etc. who are eligible for this! I've registered now, would much prefer the Pfizer jab to AZ if possible!
Did you not get faxed while in Europe? I forget how long you have been in Thailand for.
Covid case at Flo cafe Samui, don't see it reported but I just called them and they told me that's why they're closed
Is it all of Southeast Asia that likes t serve takeout sauces / soup / food in โ€œwater balloonโ€ form? ๐Ÿค”
They do that in Mexico too lol
I was v confused when I first got one of these
They tie it with a rubber band like the Vietnamese do too! ๐Ÿ˜‚
I need a tutorial how to open those things
they do that in China as well and it always result in a mess... In Vietnam, they were using elastic bands that were easy to remove so it was less problematic
Wasn't available for my age group when I left March
It saves plastic because you use your own bowl!
I usually just cut it open with a scissor then it pours into the bowl
Not saying it's easy though joyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoy
Hello Everbody,
I am still in ASQ quarantine, How is the situation outside? I know most of the things are close in BKK
How is Koh Samui? Probably the only places with normality ( still )
and How can get to Koh Samui? I am not vaccinated, but I recovered from covid on the 14th July ( I got the positive, discharge letter from the doctor, and followed Negative test )
My plan was stay in Thailand at least 1 year, or even 4 years
Samui mostly everything open
Easiest is to drive to Surat Thani with a hired van and take the ferry
Thank you!
Flying can also
But not sure if flights now
Also, not sure if head down to Samui just after quarantine, or wait till the end of August and beginning of Sepetember
Situation ins changing every week
zxrqlrkhqbzb I think it will just get worse. Almost 21k cases today. Iโ€™d leave Bangkok ASAP.
Yes agreed, for safety GTFO of BKK asap
Also don't rent a van with 8 other ppl, just pay for your own car or rent a solo van
Even with antibodies/vaccinated means you can still spread the virus if you get it again
"Even with antibodies/vaccinated means you can still spread the virus if you get it again"
If you select Bangkok on the entry form at Samui you will be quarantined though
If you just drive straight out of ASQ with minivan, wear mask and come in I think it's safe
If you are in ASQ, I'd contact your hotel, they can likely book you to fly from Bangkok on a secure route directly from your hotel, so you won't need to Quarantine again (as you are staying inside a safe bubble while traveling).

I too would get out of Bangkok ASAP too, my guess is it's going to lock down harder and for a couple months at least.
Did you get your Paleo Rob order yet U02HTASB2? Curious how the quality etc was.
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