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Turkey Chat - Meet people when traveling in Turkey on Nomad List

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Thanks U025ZUTK4MV! I’ll check it out. Would you say I should aim for the north coast to find a more suitable place? Trabzon seems to be nice.
Unfortunately I only spent one day in Trabzon in April of 2008. That region is spectacular with beaches and lush green mountains. Not to mention a lot of the Turkish çay comes from around there.
fixjfunax Why not get a flight from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen airport to Samsun via Pegasus Airlines? From Samsun take a little road trip to Rize to see which sea side towns you like best. That sounds like a blast!
Thank you vqcwzxsgtfd ! Sounds like exactly what I need as we’ve been on a road trip here in the US as well.
Does anyone know about the HES situation? Doing the 72hr entry form and it seems like they are pretty strict. The thing is I’ll be mainly free-styling the itinerary in a typical nomad fashion and unsure how strict that HES policy is. Does anyone with boots on the ground know what it’s actually like past the border control?
Also seems like PCR isn’t required for vaccinated with a 14d period. At the same time other sources say it’s required. Quite ambiguous. I reckon if the airline allows us to get on the plane then we should be good?
I ordered from the Cash Only options
You will be asked for your HES code, to enter many places, and will need it to use the trains
I enjoyed Izmir, great central park area
You'll need an HES code if you want to use public transportation. Try this point_rightskin-tone-3
Wasn’t an issue at all. Vaccine receipt with the CDC on it worked fine.
has anyone been able to link HES code to actual transportation card? I've tried that in Antalya but the site complains that my ID is not valid so I guess it expects TC ID and not a passport number
I've been thinking I should actually try using some fake TC ID to get a HES code as a foreigner just to make some validators on turkish sites happy
funny thing that when I arrived no one even asked to see my HES code but now when I boarded a bus it immediately became a problem and I had to take a taxi
this seems to have worked but I'd have to take the bus to report if it did work in practice
are two people allowed to use IstanbulKart / AntalyaKart (it was allowed previously) or should each one get their own one because of the HES code requirements?
I've tried both HES code generated via SMS and using government site that airline requested I fill in, I'm pretty sure the fact that my passport had both digits and letters was the problem for AntalyaKart
I think each should get their own from the info I've found online
if I read that correctly:
> Açıklamada, HES tanımlaması yapmayan vatandaşların toplu taşıma hizmetinden faydalanamayacağı ve bakiyesi olmayan kişilerin başka kartları da kullanamayacağı bildirildi. HES ile eşleştirilmiş kartları sadece kart sahibi kullanabilecek ve ikinci okutma işlemine izin verilmeyecek.
you can technically use it two times by waiting five minutes between swipes and hoping the security people dont notice but theres no point imho
btw there is an english meetup in taksim next monday on MeetUp if any of you guys wanna join
Dalyan is a lovely place! It has beautiful nature and many historic attractions. Also, there is a nice main street with good restaurants and pubs
I’ll check it out, thank you
Hey everybody.
Looking to rent a place in Istanbul for about a month, and would like to ask the crowd for tips.
What are some good short term apartment listings in Istanbul, beyond TheBlueGround and Sahibinden?
What is a good rate for an apartment in a good central part of town and near a useful metro station.
Given the option, where would you stay?
Erzurum is my go to for winter sports. Regardless of where you end up please let us know how it goes!
Never been to Turkey or Istanbul before.
Was considering staying near Taksim Square. But mostly picked it by looking at the metro map.
You've been to Istanbul often. What would you recommend for someone visiting for the first time?
I will. Tks!
In January 2018 my daughters and I stayed 2 weeks close to Taksin Square. I felt it was a convenient place and a good choice overall.
I’m not sure if I would spend 1 month there, however. 1 week, certainly.
It depends mostly on your lifestyle, of course, but additionally to Taksin Square, Fenerbahce and the coastal area of Kadikoy, Besiktas and Nisantasi are my fav areas in Istanbul.
Fenerbahce is calmer, greener, is connected to the underground system. At the same time, has less Coworking spaces, restaurants and cafés. Unless something unexpected occur, it’s the area where I’m going to live in Istanbul.
Besiktas and Nisantasi are more sophisticated, have plenty of Coworkings, upscale restaurants and cafes, gyms, some of the best martial arts academies.
Do you know when you are going to visit the city?
Planning to visit in mid-September
bomzwuavj I’ve been in and out of istanbul for 5 years…in my opinion this is the most livable area
along the coast or bagdat caddesi
it’s green, large sidewalks on bagdat caddesi with lots of trees, most of the apartments are new (which is a plus for istanbul
the park along the water (20km of running trails i think) is the nicest part of istanbul and something you don’t get anywhere else
i am done with europe side at this point…but if it is your first time in istanbul then you might want to start there just to experience it
metro is not that important, a taxi ride is like a couple dollars
Hi kpoefltdkumbi thanks a lot for your msg! I’ve been to Istanbul 3 times. First, stayed next to Taksin Square for a week, touristing with my daughters. Overall we all thought it was a good choice. But for a week and especially because we were touristing. To live, hmm, not sure.

Second time, I stayed in Sisli. It’s not exactly my cup of tea.

Last time, in Nov 2019, I stayed next to Marina Fenerbahce and loved it.

Now, fortunately I have been able to book an Airbnb to stay again next to Marina Kalamis Fenerbahce from July 23 to August 23 2021.
The area you mentioned seems to fit the bill for me as well. 20 km of running trails would proportionate something hard to find in central areas. And they have metro stations, if I’m seeing correctly. Excellent! I will check this area out when I’m in Istanbul at the end of this month.

Thank you again, Nathan
awesome, the trails make the hood for me. also people are swimming in the ocean and at the beach clubs which i really rare here! enjoy the city and let me know if you have any questions…
chhcbnyav I'm living on the Asian side of Istanbul (Osmanağa) currently. Do you want to grab a cup of tea sometime after you get settled?
mtfjdi sure, I drop you a msg once I settle there. Thank you for the invite
🛬 hebosdcnkhzx just arrived in Dalaman, #turkey
Hi guys, I’m looking for a Turkish Language School in Kadikoy (Istanbul). Is there a place you think I could give them a shot?
No I didn't 😅 on Sunday!
On nomad list it says uskudar is the place to stay? But why so?
imho staying close to a Marmaray/train station is the most convenient thing. Uskudar is ok as long as you are close to the metro/marmaray.
sultanahmet is a good area. we stayed there for a month in june and its easy to get around by public transport. and they are less strict when it comes to curfews and restrictions (if there are any). only thing is that its touristy, so the prices are slightly higher than other areas. uskudar is near kadikoy, thats where you find where the locals are. lots of restaurants and shops, cheaper than sultanahmet. if its your first time there, i think sultanahmet is good so you can visit all the sites.
nhahusqjllqmk my 2 cents if it is your first time in Istanbul and you are young and want to party as well as do tourism, stay in cihangir or moda (maybe do two weeks in each). you’ll have easy access to the tourist stuff in sultanahmet, good bars and restaurants in cihangir, and if you need to shop istikal is ok for that…moda is more relaxed with live music, fewer tourists, etc but still lively. if you have been here before and want a more local feel, i’d recommend besiktas, nisanstasi, or ideally on the asian side near the marina down to the 23km park…
Can anyone recommend a nice hotel in Istanbul?
Hilton Bosphorus is pretty good, I’m there atm
I think the surrounding area is the best spot to stay, I might be wrong tho
Ya, Besiktas and the surrounding area is the best bet for short stays
Oh nice, last time I stayed at Swissotel which is believe is pretty close
Are there any all you can eat steakhouses in Istanbul? Such a big place surely there's one...
That one is a tad fancier I think, might be a better choice
Basileus Hotel

If you want cozy home vibes. Its a small family owned hotel. It’s also quite cheap.
akatkioey not cheap though! 😆
lxpiquw thanks for sharing
Hi! My name’s Loren Ross I’m currently in Greece and will be crossing over into Turkey by land. I
I’m having a difficult time with the Evisa site, do you know if I can get a Visa on Arrival (as an American?) or has anyone else had this problem and overcome it?
xpfinakzltsqd has an excellent point about Moda and Beşiktaş is also good. Many people I know on the European side live near Taksim Square.
We bought ours online (thru evisa), what problems are you having? I don't have personal experience buying it on arrival but I've heard you can do it, but it's better to do it ahead of time due to possible long lines. Also depends what airport you're flying into, IST or SAW?
Sweet, thank you! I think using a 3rd party may be the best way to do it. The website isn’t working it’s either 404'd or redirecting me to the homepage after step 2 (it’s been happening over the last 48 hours consistently). I’m actually riding a bike into Turkey from Greece so I won’t be in any airports haha. I’m sure I
I’ll figure it out one way or the other haha. I genuinely appreciate the help 🙂
Hello guys,
I'm planning to visit turkey next month and live in Antalya. However since I just started a new job I was wondering whether new life conditions can affect my job (internet connection, covid 19 measures).
Can anyone share his experience working in Turkey in general and antalya specifically?
If you won't go to villages all the mobile operators has 4.5G speed. That means ~20mbps. I don't know about next month but for now there is no restriction except mask for covid19. If you have any other question you can ask. And just one suggestion for antalya, be ready for high humidity and temperature 🙂
Thanks for your input 😄
From my perspective, staying next to a metro station is extremely useful in Istanbul. It’s way faster than getting a cab from 7am to 8pm.
life's pretty much normal, I'm using hotel wifi for work + turkcell for video calls. wifi in hotels is usually so so (but that really depends on where you are staying). turkcell is pretty fast (I get either 4G or 4G+ with B7+B7 carrier aggregation) but I have annoying drops during calls from time to time. although it might be just my equipment, during these drops I switch the call to hotel wifi so it's more or less seamless. overall, internet situation is not ideal but pretty solid and I don't have any huge problems (if you gonna buy local sim don't do that at the airport -- total rip off, better in the city)
I'm staying in super touristic Konyaalti but I like Antalya and the area a lot anyway
🛬 fhfvryqibiyh just arrived in Dalaman, #turkey
🛬 bykyik just arrived in 🍖 Istanbul, #turkey
Thanks for the advice !
🛬 dwmmjnbqork just arrived in 🍖 Istanbul, #turkey
I LOVED Olympos and had much better internet (LTE) there at almost 90 MBPS than I had at Antalya at barely 20 😕
it's interesting. I was in Olympos last sunday, lots and lots of folks there 🙂 but definitely has this laid down backpacker vibe
Hey guys, I'm Kenan living in Ankara currently,

I've been in Fethiye and Alanya, they were really beautifiul. I camped in Yaniklar, Fethiye for 5 days and then went to Alanya to work

I found awesome cafe to work, but the place I was staying was not near to the city center, also could not build the life/work balance. thus returned to Ankara

However, I want to go to Antalya this time, and build that life/work balance that I want.

I was wondering if anyone knows a hostel or student hotel that has kitchen so I can cook for myself (pool is a plus). can I find place like this on a budget?

basically a place that has
• kitchen
• pool
• coworking space is a +
• gym is a +
I know that there are a lot of student hotels and hostels (a-hostel in ukraine) like these in abroad.

What about Antalya?
hey I think I will arrive to Istanbul this Thursday as well. I love to stay at a non-expensive community-oriented co-living if possible. Do you know any? Maybe some hostel could be community-oriented as well. I'd go for a private room though, or it will be harder to focus at work I think... See you guys!! :D
also any cool English speaking event or meeting you know? 🙂
Check out social house on Airbnb. We stayed there for a month and it was great. Great wifi, dedicated working spaces, friendly staff, close to everything and it was affordable, just make sure you choose a room that has AC! All rooms are private rooms.
cnhsvfltvrjxvk yes! That's the one ! You can just contact them directly and bypass Airbnb fees too if you want.
Hey what about public transportation? Is there any popular app for public transportation? (City public transportation, to travel from one city to another...). Thanks!!
+1 for social house, great place
Take the tram/metro/ bus. Super easy and cheap. Buy your card, register your HES code on the website to your card, and load money from the money machine. We used public transportation everywhere! Often better than taxi and faster because of traffic. But if you need taxi, download bitaksi app. Works the same as Uber. There's also Uber, but it's just the taxi drivers.
🛬 swaglbvducs just arrived in 🏛 Alanya, #turkey
🛬 erflcpl just arrived in 🍖 Istanbul, #turkey
Hey guys, I'm landing in Istanbul this Saturday.
Do you know a (taxi, Uber, private) driver who could transport me from the airport to Kadikoy?
(Taxis in Istanbul airport normally suck...)
Which airport? SAW or IST?
The new one
hqchhqsom i have a referral, it will be 35 euros from IST to Kadikoy. If you're cool with that i can give you the #
That's nice :)
I found an old acquaintance of mine who will do the job, however.
Thank you so much, Sara
🛬 gzvngivyzuwbtv just arrived in 🍖 Istanbul, #turkey
How is Istanbul right now as far as COVID
Not sure what do you mean man. Maybe you want to make the question more specific? ;)
hey All - 👋 hope everyone is well! wondering if anyone knows if you're required to pay taxes when you get a short term residence visa in turkey. Also, has anyone applied for this type of visa? I'm thinking of getting this because I'd like to stay longer than 90 days, so if there's another way to do this, I'd love to learn about it
Hey guys, how are you doing?
I just landed in Istanbul and am looking for a top #BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in town. Does any place come to your mind?
Are things closed? Soon to be locked down? etc.
ie. gyms, restaurants, coworking, clubs, bars
Restaurants and bars are opened, some people wear masks, some people don't wear masks. I don't know about the rest (I just landed!)
USD ─ $
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