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Ukraine Chat - Meet people when traveling in Ukraine on Nomad List

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I use Chasopys when I pass through Kyiv
aajglmzxjuelbwis just arrived in Kiev, #ukraine
I have 3 so far in 12 months
UK passports get 90 days out of 180. That means you can enter and exit as many times as you want, but you can't exceed 90 days in each 180 day period
Ah I didn't realise it was cumulative
That's useful to know though - as I'm about to get a fourth stamp
As the official flicked through my passport on my way out last time - they smiled and went "You like Ukraine then?"
ildvghtfwcj gccuhiuoqap A good way to check visa situation is to search for "visa requirements for YOUR_NATIONALITY citizens wikipedia" For example one for UK en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_British_citizens (I use similar page for my nationality to always give a quick glance before going into more research if needed)
tpekgxainht When researching countries to travel I have this Trello task `Check visa requirements en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Lithuanian_citizens AND www.visahq.com/ AND visalist.io/lithuania/all-visas` first start with wikipedia and if it says that visa is not required would not even bother checking other sites, if it's required when gonna check with the other sites to see that they say and usually finish with googling in my own language some keywords related to country and visa
Yeah, I just do wikipedia page and if it's required visahq page. The last one is just because it looks nice, but not sure if ever used it. I think there is a lot of those visa sites, but for most of them I would kind of be dubious to use just in case creator gave up and they are out of date ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
I was reading a post from someone who over-stayed in Ukraine and it sounds like the penalty isnโ€™t too bad, from 1700 to 5000 UAH depending on your passport country of origin and length of overstay. If anyone is curious about the details let me know and I can copy/paste the post (itโ€™s from a closed FB group).
I personally always plan things so I'm gone at least few days before my visa runs out (in case something happens you can't make your date). Usually for most countries for short overstays it's just a fee, but don't feel like it's a good strategy to walk on the line
just wondering how to get rentals for a month or two?
do all nomads just uses airbnb or is there a way to get a house share with locals?
I did airbnb in Lviv, Kyiv, and Odessa. Dollars go really far so no need to share unless you are trying to save more
booking dot com is fairly popular with locals since they take less of a cut than Airbnb, and I was able to find fully furnished long stay type rentals with it that include laundry units and such. Airbnb is typically better and more geared towards foreigners (in other words more expensive but better support if anything goes awry).
dxfzsoouqwu just arrived in Kiev, #ukraine
Somebody post a picture; I've been missing Kyiv lately blue_heartyellow_heart
Iโ€™ve been missing Lviv
mfbkbixgeqyv I'll post some pics as I go
Right now my view is laptop in hotel foyer
yaaaaay y'all are the best โ˜บ๏ธ
Kyiv pretty fog right now
Yup I definitely need to go back soon
It's a good place to go back (says someone who is flying to Kiev in 2 weeks) ๐Ÿ˜„
npqxzuuhhr just arrived in Kiev, #ukraine
Anyone has a gym (for barbell training so basically squats/deadlifts/benchpress) in Kiev for a decent price to recommend? "BODYART / FITNESS" is near me but price is about 15โ‚ฌ for a single day and "Sky Fitness" doesn't even show the prices and says to contact them so that makes me assume the price is like a kidney for a single day ๐Ÿ˜ž
vilmwvbnhj Sky Fitness is INSANELY expensive. A day pass is $30ish/day. Your best bet is Bodyart. Thatโ€™s where I went and got a week pass for about $50 or so.
Thanks gtkqkklmxrai Yeah, I dislike that "contact us to find the price" so I don't even bother and assume it's not something I will be willing to pay. Gonna walk past Bodyart and see that are my options, I need it only for 2-3 times only.
mvhkhmhlhx Yea, from my research when I was there, it was the best option. For some reason compared to other Eastern and Central European countries Kiev had the most expensive options for gyms (which is strange due to the cost of living being one of the lowest in general).
Thanks, yeah, I'm not sure how they can make those prices. Like I found some GoFit or something app which is like 100+ UAH for a single use and combines a bunch of gyms and stuff, but who knows what you will get and don't want to deal with registering for some apps and stuff just so I could go once or twice to gym (especially as recently I don't feel like I will want to go back to Kiev/Ukraine for a while)
vkrdnzpakv makes sense. I would just bite the bullet for BodyArt.

Tim Ferris talks about something called the โ€œSix Pack Taxโ€ that I live by. Basically he says when you order the more expensive healthy meal at restaurants, call it the โ€œsix pack taxโ€ - The extra price you pay to be healthy. I use that thought process a lot with gyms and restaurants.
Makes sense, but I'm not really willing to pay more than 30โ‚ฌ per month for gym, even if I could I just have hard time allowing myself doing that as anything above that to me seems overpriced. I think I seen some jiujitsu place nearby gonna look into them, not the barbell training, but still something I wanted to try and active
Thatโ€™s a solid idea. Always nice to switch up the training. Been doing Muay Thai in Thailand and itโ€™s been awesome.
looking for a studio in Kyiv to rent from the middle of January for a couple of months. any FB group or website recommendations to find one?
Coming to Lviv for the holidays first time in 11 years. Wondered if there are any active nomad communities/telegram channels in the city? Let's meet up for beers in anyone around ;)
Going to be in Kharkiv April-June. Anyone know a good way to find an apartment to rent besides airbnb/bookingcom?
I always just use AirBnB there
I believe one of my staff has just launched a company that does what youโ€™re asking though
I can ask him what it is
that would be great, thanks, U03DZAFU9!
Coolio will do
Thanks byecwnxpe for those, will take a look!
I believe theyโ€™re launching in London
I gotta try
are any other Ukrainian banks accepting foreigners?
I briefly scanned the news, looks like for non-resident it's only possible to open Ukrainian bank account for a foreign company not as a private individual
> I believe theyโ€™re launching in London
yeah, I think so. not sure how competitive they will be with Monza and other online banking solutions
I hope the Mono launch in the UK will make transacting in EUR/USD a lot easier and cheaper than it is right now. Another good thing that might stem out of the launch there is higher deposit security requirements, current 10k USD guarantee is a joke comparing to EU 100k EUR ๐Ÿคก
anyone around in Kyiv?
yes, for a while
What about revolut ? Looks similar
I use Revolute when in Asia . But they are even worse than Mono - no deposit security at all, even though they have a banking license
They have a banking license, but don't think they have implemented it yet (taking their time with it). Well I don't have a big problem about it, it just means that until they get that I won't be keeping more than a couple thousand with them
yeah, Revolut is kinda not super reliable imo
I had it actually when it just opened and then they closed my account as I'm Ukrainian and they decided they will not be operating globally but rather in some countries
but anyway, apart from that, the way they communicate and the way they develop their product doesn't look very appealing to me
I also interviewed with them for a remote role but then they decided they will not be doing remote ๐Ÿ™‚
looks to me like they are young and energetic and sometimes pulling in quite different directions
They are exceptionally fast at delivery
They withdrew support for Ukraine around the time they got in a load of shit with the FCA for not having their AML systems on
I donโ€™t know if the events are linked but itโ€™s likely
I personally donโ€™t keep significant money in ANY challenger bank
Iโ€™m quite happy to use old school proven banking infrastructure for money that doesnโ€™t move
Then leverage the benefits of new banks to move money
Not sure how financially viable that makes challenger banks if everyone does that though
Other than couple of times per year they have problems accepting payments (sometimes those times are even informed before telling you to have alternative choice for payment) didn't have any problems with their reliability
This has turned into a #_money talk all of a sudden ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Anyways. I think having/using Mono when in Ukraine is quite convenient as they don't rip you off on the exchange rate (Revolute has a crazy one of Hryvnia) also Privat account is good if you plan to use public services for QR payments. But if you are coming with a standard foreign card and don't want the hassle, the best way I think is just getting the money from the ATM or doing a cash advance in the Bank usually around 1% fee.
Have a friend working at Revolute, she said Ukraine is nowhere on their roadmap to be properly supported
Anybody plan to spend the summer in Lviv / Kyiv this year?
Iโ€™ll probably be in Lviv late May through June. Lviv has become one of my favorite cities (and by far my fav in Ukraine)
I'm in and out of the country year round
i'm in Kyiv
Lviv is fun yeah
new cool place in lviv 5th Dungeon
USD โ”€ $

by levelsio

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