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Ukraine Chat - Meet people when traveling in Ukraine on Nomad List

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Not an answer to the "absolute cheapest" part, but I'm flying in with SafetyWing on Saturday and it's a relatively cheap travel insurance. Fingers crossed that works 😅
SafetyWing if you don’t have access to free insurance.
I used SafetyWing a few days ago and it worked. The only problem was that the expiration date was before I leave Ukraine but I explained to the officer that it is a monthly subscription and they let me go in
you can use Safetywing with exact travel dates instead of the auto-renewal subscription to avoid that problem
Does anyone knows a good coffee to work for 3-5hs in Lviv?
Safetywing won’t cut it (officially) for Ukraine’s COVID insurance requirements since they don’t have an office / official presence in Ukraine AFAIK.

From| />```All foreigners, regardless of age and country of arrival to enter Ukraine must have an insurance policy (certificate) issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company with a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual relationship with the insurance company-partner on the territory of Ukraine (assistance), which covers the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine.```
With all of this said, it doesn’t sound like the border guards are checking all that carefully.
What about Cigna?
If you go to you will see all the insurances that work and you can also purchase one directly online. My plan B if they wouldn’t let me in was to buy in the moment one of those with my phone.
But I did that only cause I already had my safetywing plan paid. If you are not already paying a safetywing plan then don’t take the risk and go hire a Ukrainian plan from that website
They are pretty affordable as well
Im down for it too! staying in Lviv until 25th
best dimsum in Kyiv?
🛬 veoam just arrived in 🇺🇦 Lviv, #ukraine
🛬 wzwaqqmljylghaea just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
dmwgx how long are you gonna stay ?
:airplane_arriving: <@U01E9U0JHR8> just arrived in :flag-ua: Lviv, <#C031AUV10|ukraine>
I’m loving Lviv, amazing city
kinda cold, btw lol
Yo UHB8US9J6! I'm here for a day only, gonna bounce around surrounding areas mostly.
Lviv is a fantastic city, I’m loving it too… but yes, it’s a cold even in winter. Specially at the night.
Love the little gem of Western Ukraine is getting discovered! Coming from UAE last night I thought I'm gonna die from hypothermia walking in the hoodie 😂
really? damn it, looks like I need more than a hoodie :s
At the night probably yes, I didn’t bring any jackets and I’m regretting it 😪
It’s gonna get much, much colder soon ⛄️
hi, any website for hiring local talent? I am looking for a senior Android dev, fully remote
try djinni dot co
thank you, I will give it a try!
I'm in the Druzi Cafe for almost 4 hours. Wi-fi is good but inside a little bit cold cold_face
🛬 ajxhl just arrived in 🇺🇦 Ivano-Frankivsk, #ukraine
Hey all 👋 I will be in Kyiv on Sunday and haven't booked anything yet, thinking an airbnb. Do you have any recommendation for neighbourhoods? I am looking for somewhere with cool cafes with young people crowd.
reiterskaya street is waiting for you
About 80 us, 200m from center, near the Motherland Monument
yqsdoouhqs thanks, I just checked on street view, looks pretty quite, I guess it's a cool place stay, but no cafes or anything on the street itself 🙂
there’s like a lot man, wine bars with organic stuff, food market РЕЙТАРСЬКА CIRCLE, etc. and ofc a lot of young stylish people
and yeah, 200m from center where you can find everything else
sounds great thanks!
Frankly, I'm surprised how helpful is people in Kiev, A few minutes back, I was trying to get into an Uber (no idea where the driver was) asked a woman for help, and she took the phone, looked around, called the driver for directions, then explained to me in the map where to go and where to pass the streets, etc..

And even the drivers don't get bother if your address is a bit wrong!
🛬 skawbdbwtwfket just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
🛬 keghwimpvhcvqey just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
hi, anybody in Odessa?
🛬 rrbyg just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
🛬 fbvhcr just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
🛬 apxyuly just arrived in Zaporizhzhya, #ukraine
For people staying in Kyiv, take a daytrip to Mezyhiria - the austed president's residence. It's like a proper park zone with nice picnic areas.
after some googling I am still not convinced which cafe to go, I stay near Golden Gate (Kiev), but I am ok with a little travel, can you recommend me some cafes that has got nice tables and internet that I can work?
Just go in some nice ones and try it out 🙂
16 Coffee

This should be enough to get you started fuuxtz
thank you, they all look very nice... I'll start with Fandom, which is pretty nearby.
It’s a great place, I’m sure you’ll like it
Paul, Honey, Aroma cava is in the vicinity
Fandom was a bit claustrophobic for me 😅 but Ziferblat is pretty cool, pay as much as you stay... Only problem is communication, at the time I get in the girl who is setting me up, sadly speaks no english at all
Hahaha yeah all these places are different in terms of how long is comfortable to stay, Ziferblat is almost like a coworking so the best option if you want to work for longer… in regarding english I feel it's similar to all cafes haha, it depends on how lucky you’re
There's another one named Pesto Cafe U024BPVP404. It's near the golden gate, 30 Mbps + nice view to the motherland statue.
thanks bmbnewbyznrlqa I am actually enjoying `Ziferblat` for the second day... the place feels like full of nomads. Though most people seem to be locals. Let me know if anyone of you are around, I'd be happy to meet up.
I'm working form Ziferblat on Volodymyrska today, tomorrow and the day after. Would anybody around be interested to do a micro-meetup?
Could also try out any of the other places|listed above>.
zjtvo let’s do it, heading out to work in a bit.
Ziferblat right ?
rnqaj ihbvnktyw I am downstairs... have you met up
I just arrived
Almost there, but we gonna grab a bite first
Need to fill the tank before a work session
Do they have food there ?
only snacks... I see a toast bread and some marmalade looking stuff... didn't try...
Alright gonna grab some food at bimbo then come there

Welcome to join if you guys are hungry
Best cheese tost in the town
I am alright, thanks
What is the best way of travelling from Lviv to Kiev? Also, any good coworking recommendations? Ideally one where you can borrow a monitor and have your own desk.
sending you a PM!
Re travel – you have two options an airplane or a train.

SkyScanner will find you relevant flights.

As to a train, you can book one at booking uz gov ua (can’t post links, sorry!). Intercity trains (marked with “IC+“) are typically modern and nice
🛬 csigmbdyyo just arrived in 🇺🇦 Odessa, #ukraine
🛬 zrshcpka just arrived in 🇺🇦 Odessa, #ukraine
awesome, thanks!
🛬 srguztehfn just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
shit like this is why I wrote off Ukrainian women. They are beautiful but every single one I met tried to take me for a ride.
thankfully If found a country where they women are jsut as beautifull and more genuine. (ie not secretly pay for play)
🛬 sxbvtl just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kharkiv, #ukraine
🛬 enrulvnn just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
waveskin-tone-2 I wanted to book a trip on 20th October to Kyiv but I’ve heard there might be new lockdown. Is this true? Does anyone have some news about it? Not sure if it’s a good idea to book something in this situation.. thanks
I’m in Ukraine now and haven’t heard anything about impending lockdowns. That said, cases are rising and with the weather getting colder that probably won’t help. lujhchtphkczzvub if you do come make sure to bring evidence of covid insurance from an accepted (local) provider. When I got here about 10 days ago I saw at least one person ahead of me having trouble with passport control because they had forgotten that. Anyway is a good resource to keep an eye on.
thanks a lot. I wrote to visit ukraine hotline and they didn’t confirm anything about the lockdown either. BUT schools are closed and if Kyiv will be in red zone, then bars and restaurants and cafes and many more places will close which make it not worth visiting then 😕
iiovrxjwewhzspmw can you send me links of info you’ve seen on Kyiv lockdowns? I’m heading there this weekend so it would really be helpful
Hey fellow nomads I am going to Kyiv tomorrow, I might need a super quiet solo meeting room, any recommendations which coworking spaces can offer quiet rooms? Thanks in advance!!
I have tried Creative Quarter at Gulliver for a month and can recommend, nice meeting rooms
🛬 gotwzlt just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kyiv, #ukraine
🛬 dvvdqc just arrived in 🇺🇦 Kharkiv, #ukraine
coming to Kyiv for a few days. any recommendations for cool cafes to work from? staying near Golden Gate
also can anyone tell if I need my insurance certificate printed or having it on the phone is fine?
For me on the phone it was fine two months back
naz2d This is the only list you'll need to start from 😉
woo that's great, thanks!
paid a 1300 fine
UAH I hope?
If anybody want to meet the next days, I'm here and open for coworking, discovering, a coffee or going out 😄
For me the same couple of days ago
I recently left Kyiv after spending five months in the city and, having noticed that some of you have enjoyed my previous coffee shop recommendations, I decided to create a more complete list with some of my all-around favorite places and recommendations in Kyiv, this is a heavily personal selection and not meant to be an exhaustive list at all, but instead one that should help someone that just arrived get around the city, enjoy!

Kyiv City Guide 🇺🇦 (by ULH2K4R3L)br />
Places to live/stay|Center/around Khreschatyk> - the most popular neighborhood to stay, but an area that few locals will choose to live. The closer to Kreschatik, the touristy it gets, for longer stays I’d recommend places that are still close but not in the middle of it. Locals tend to like the|Golden Gate> area, my favorite area is around|Taras Shevchenko Park>, I’d also recommend staying around|Velyka Vasylkivska St> (close to the center) or around| />•|Podil - a great alternative neighborhood, I like Podil because its less touristy but still with plenty of good options for cafes, restaurants and bars. You will end up commuting more (as most of the good places are around the center) but it’s a good option to see a different part of the city.
Coworking|Ziferblat - an anti-cafe, a mix of café and coworking place paid by the hour (good for longer work sessions with no membership commitment)|Creative Quarter Gulliver >- great 24/7 central coworking place with a view (the same company also has an alternative coworking location in Podil)|Coworking Platforma Leonardo> - another good option in the center with 24/7 access for members
Restaurants|Kyiv Food Market> - food market with some of the best restaurants in Kyiv, great place to try different cousines|Kuvshyn - high-end Georgian restaurant with the best khinkali in Kyiv (and a wide selection of wines)|Mimosa - hands down the best pizza in the city|Italian Edition> - best overall Italian food in Kyiv|Milk Bar> - nice rooftop restaurant with a great view to Khreschatyk|Adelle - great hummus. pita and Israeli food in general (multiple vegetarian options but not limited to it)|Tisto, Syr I Titka Bella> - best Italian in Podil|Win Bar> - good food and a extensive selection of wines|11 Mirrors> - great high-end rooftop bar & restaurant in the center|Green 13> - nice small spot with vegan/vegetarian quick bites|Tin Tin Food Spot> - best ‘NY pizza’ in Kyiv
Cafés|Blur - one of the best cafés in Kyiv, great to have some food and coffee|Journalist - very central spot, good for a coffee|Fandom - great food options|16 Coffee> - cool small local spot to have a coffee|Blue Cup> - cozy place with food and coffee|Craft Cafe> - great spot in Podil with good food, mostly for locals|First Point Espresso Bar> - trendy spot in Podil good for a coffee|TAKAVA - nice spot in Khreschatyk for both food and coffee, they also have some other locations across the city that are worth checking out|Druzi - café in Podil with good food options|Alʹtruyist - good hummus and food in general|Idealist Coffee> - nice small spot|ONE LOVE> - coffee place with a nice view to the St. Nicholas Cathedral
Bars|Barman Dictat> - hands down the best bar in Kyiv|Loggerhead - underground bar with a secret entrance|32 JazzClub> - great drinks and live jazz in Podil|Parovoz Speak Easy> - good cocktails on a small bar in the basement of a cinema|BAR «1818»> - nice rooftop bar in Podil (better in the summer or on a warm weather)|Alchemist Bar> - good cocktails with some eventual DJ live sets and a secret room for regulars
Parks & Squares|Taras Shevchenko Park> - best park in central Kyiv|Volodymyrska Hill> - big park with a great river view|Kontraktova Square> - classic square in Podil with a Ferris Wheel, great place to be on the weekends
Clubs|Hangover - probably the most popular club in Kyiv|Kureni - great dj sets on a nice spot|Cuba Camp> - nice open air club (open during the summer/warm months)|CLOSER - ‘art center’ with different events including parties and live shows|Osocor Residence> - popular beach club during the summer
Cinema|Zhovten Сinema> - cinema in Podil with some screenings in English (and other foreigner languages)
Barber/Hairdresser|Frisor - best barber in Kyiv with different locations across the city|HAIRHOUSE - great overall hairdresser
Soviet Mosaics|Institute for Nuclear Research> - big mosaic depicting the splitting of an atom|Tsentralʹna Biblioteka> - sequence of massive mosaics across six building facades (the library is just a reference point)|Shuliavska - ‘atomic workers’ inspired mosaic inside the metro station|Art for Architecture Ukraine> - amazing book with hundreds of soviet mosaics all across Ukraine
Soviet Architecture|Ukrainian Modernism> - great instagram account displaying multiple modernism architectural symbols across Ukraine
Banya|Олексіївські бані> - great traditional banya/sauna
Language learning resources|Pimsleur - good learning resource if you’re already used to listening to podcasts and/or audiobooks, this course mainly focus on listening and speaking so I’d say it’s the perfect tool to learn enough Russian and/or Ukrainian to get around (the prices on the website are ridiculously high, I’d suggest the subscription option via the app store)|Italki - good tool to book classes with native speakers
Nearby cities to visit|Odessa - must-go destination during the summer/warm months|Lviv - great historical city to visit in west Ukraine, close to Poland|Pripyat - the worldwide famous home of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant|Bukovel - mostly popular during the winter, a great place to see the Carpathian Mountains|Kharkiv - a great place to visit a big Ukrainian city without all the tourists around
I can see how Kyiv is slowly becoming a more and more popular destination with nomads so I hope this provides value to some of you that are planning to visit the city (and possibly help even more people discover this somewhat still hidden gem)!

In case this helps you or if you want to get in touch, shoot me a message on|Instagram at bshhtjsoqvjere (#shamelessplug) upside_down_faceelectric_plug
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