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United Kingdom Chat - Meet people when traveling in United Kingdom on Nomad List

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There is the question I guess of whether Vanguard has an ISA option, so you pay zero tax on it
You could use something like the Freetrade ISA I guess and buy $VWRL through that
I use Nutmeg for a LISA which gets 25% immediate returns from the government
It's so easy to open an ISA (I'm with ii and iWeb) and invest in Vanguard funds (or just a single fund like VWRL or the LifeStrategy series). You'll save so much on fees compared to Nutmeg that a few hours of research will definitely pay off
You can also get a LISA at AJBell to invest in Vanguard funds
jumkioslsrhdvrda yea I have the exact same setup. vanguard lifestrategy bought via iWeb. last I checked this was the cheapest option
i.e. cheapest management fee - and that can make a big difference over the years due to compounding
eamzraxgbrr youโ€™d buy your Vanguard funds through a broker like HL
Who Support all sorts of ISAs
Yeah Iโ€™m looking to move away from HL because ยฃ
Iโ€™d just use Freetrade I think
I already have some All World in there
you got a refer code?| Join me and invest commission-free with Freetrade. Get started with a free share worth ยฃ3-ยฃ200.
rnbkhrwvlsalno before you use that though, please note I have shares in Freetrade itself. Just as a disclosure.
Only thing with the LifeStrategy funds is that they have quite a bit of home bias. IIRC they have 20% invested in UK, so I stopped using them at some point.
How's the UK now that things are opening up?
I'm using Money Farm- i really like how easy it is to use for finance noobs like me!! it lets you split the allowance between accounts too. Can't compare it to anything else though as its the only one I've used.
Iโ€™ve tried staying away from shops and such for at least another week, but Iโ€™ve heard itโ€™s been absolute carnage at Primark.
if you use the code MF157499 we each get ยฃ5k managed free of charge for 6 months
Oh, that's like H&M
pzittsuigxvgqv I've been the pub a few times, including a pub quiz last night Generally being managed quite well with social distancing etc. Although the weather has certainly made things a little nippy!
My uni bud started nutmeg
Ha nice! Not doing too badly I guess. They raised from the same VC as me and my former biz partners.
(though they actually have a few)
Has anyone here done the โ€œtravel test packageโ€ (I would post a link to gov uk link, but the bot thinks Iโ€™m promoting a product). Basically these tests you have to take once you arrive are super expense they range from 170-575 pounds (thatโ€™s what the link Iโ€™m looking at is showing me). Anyone know anything cheaper I could do?
Guessing thatโ€™s what youโ€™re talking about
Yes exactly
Maybe Iโ€™m just a noob, but I remember taking a PCR test in the U.S. for free but I paid a telemedicine fee to book it for like $75 bucks without insurance.
Trying to think about the best city in the UK to live, any personal recommendations?
Donโ€™t make me say Bristol again
Depends what you want.
London - Uncultured hedonism.
Bristol - Cultured hedonism.
Manchester - London 2.0, less eye watering prices.
York - Pretty.
I think some cities outside of England could be nice. Edinburgh or Cardiff maybe?
Bristol ๐Ÿ™Œ
The only culture I found in Bristol was a bacteria culture on a hippies dreadlock
You should probably have looked outside of the wetherspoons then
Oxford is nice
We're moving to London in a month. I can report back.
what area in London will you be in? ๐Ÿ™‚
Fiance got a job in Bromely Common, so we're looking at South/South East. Close enough for him to drive in under 30 minutes, but still close to downtown London.
Thinking Lewisham
Ah I lived in Lewisham for a while, thatโ€™s quite nice! Especially if you live near the DLR / train station itโ€™s very accessible to get into the city. Let us know how you find it!
Oh really? Small world!
Good advice, thank you. DLR / train station +1
Was it difficult to get into London?
Blackheath is nice
Sweet. I'll check it out. Thanks, mate.
sorry to ask a tax question here, but it's UK citizens I'm after help from. I don't suppose anyone has a fantastic resource to help explain to an employer how nomad tax works for an employee (IE. not a freelancer)? Or, even better, something that breaks down what's required by country.
Context, for those interested I'm having to worry about tax properly for the first time. In the past I was freelance and could basically wing it by only staying in countries less than 183 days (I've kept this simple). However, now I am employed I need to be a bit more on top of it.

My company are fine with me moving around, but I do have to help them with the tax side of things as it's the first time they're done this. I'd ideally like to make it as easy as possible for them.
Oh final bit of context, I plan to continue staying places 'short term' โ€“ IE. 2 months max.
Youโ€™ll remain UK tax resident, the income will arise in the UK, it can just get handled by PAYE and nobody will be the wiser man-shruggingskin-tone-2
Itโ€™ll get more interesting maybe if you become tax resident elsewhere or try and lose your UK tax residency but not _really_
Not necessarily. if you don't spend enough time in the UK, you could be automatically deemed non-resident per the Statutory Residence Test.

In that case you're supposed to submit a P85 to HMRC, who will eventually instruct your employer to put you on an NT (no tax) code.

If you spend long enough in any other country to trigger tax liabilities there, your employer might need to figure out local social security obligations and tax withholding.
Of course, HMRC will only know you're technically non-resident if you tell them directly or fill out the residency pages on your self assessment. So if, hypothetically, you wanted to keep paying tax in the UK via PAYE as usual, I expect they'd be unlikely to check up or complain.
I think (but may be wrong), that the issue is usually around the country you are in rather than of HMRC
for example, here in Georgia, if I am here for more than 183 days - regardless of the reason I'm here, tourism or otherwise - I automatically have Georgian tax residence
and they won't care if you're paying tax 'at home'
where there is then a tax treaty (there is between UK and Georgia) - you can then sort out with HMRC, NOT paying tax in the UK because you're now paying it somewhere else
however what I don't know - is how likely a place is to actually follow up on the rules of becoming local tax resident and start investigating you
yeah, apologies if it wasn't clear, my main concern is with the country I am in, not with HMRC, as yjbyefmeemp says. My employer's keen to do things properly (they're a digital bank) so sadly just winging it may not cut the mustard.
I missed that final bit of context above that you'll be in places 2 months max
This basically means you should have no issues anywhere because you'll never hit tax residence anywhere
in terms of resources, that will make a bank happy - this might be a bit thin on the ground, because it's such an unusual thing to do
unusual, compared to the rest of the world, not to people in this slack
I think what is important, is to identify in advance the specific rules wrt tax residence of whatever country you're going to, in advance
What benefits can we both get? ๐Ÿ˜บ
Looks like you can get 6months of zero management fees, and I get ยฃ100!
Oh and guaranteed returns of HUGE POUNDS
aihrutkntr I saw this recently, perhaps helpful
Because people are selfish and donโ€™t quarantine?
My guess is to check that a flight didnโ€™t have it on
thanks U03DZAFU9. Yeah I am thinking it could be a bit confusing. But, as you say, hopefully the fact I like to move around a bit will mean it's pretty easy to sort out. Appreciate the responses.
This is interesting, thank you for sharing!
Hey everyone, has anyone used mail/post redirection service within the UK after moving places? Any recommendations?
I used to use the official RM one
that was a long time ago tho
A mail forwarding service? If yes, then check out ukpostbox(dot)com
I'm using royal mail forwarding together with ukpostbox, works really well
has anyone travelled recently from UK?
Depends on what you mean by recently :) I left the UK beginning of March, just before they added the form you have to fill out when leaving. But as long as you have a valid reason, it's pretty straightforward
I assume "moving countries" is a valid reason by the way ๐Ÿค”
any self-employed folk have recโ€™s for insurance? life or wtv i should be getting at 31 ๐Ÿ˜…
Insurance is just a tool for protecting yourself from things you can't afford. So the question is what can't you afford?

Normally for Nomads it's health and repatriation. If you've got a mortgage, you might want income protection; if you've got family you're supporting you might want life insurance, etc.

You might also consider pensions another form of insurance (paid out when you're too old to work).

If you have wealth to protect, then you might consider umbrella insurance to protect you from lawsuits, etc. If you have responsibility for other people in your work you might want public liability insurance (also if you fly drones this is probs a good idea).
In case anyone else is secretly harbouring questions about how their employer will tax them when nomading, KPMG have some very useful overviews:

Critical Illness and Salary Protection are both worth thinking about
iaynipkzes just saw another one of these remote HR thingies pop ๐Ÿ†™
thanks, mate. It's great to know these platforms exist.
Does anybody knows any good intensive english course (presencial) in the UK?
I am late to reply but Iโ€™ll throw this here for you forget everything you think you know and just file as a full uk tax res, youโ€™ll only make your life complicated, expensive and potentially criminal doing anything else, and anyone telling you otherwise is naive and wrong.

As a non uk tax resident / citizen of nowhere youโ€™ll no longer have access to either tax relief nor tax treaties, meaning you canโ€™t have isas, personal tax allowance and youโ€™re more liable for tax abroad, not less, if you file in the uk youโ€™ve always got that to point to, and you get to retain all of your benefits and build up nic etc.

The amount of benefits you lose and the penalties involved in fixing your mistakes later are non-trivial, if youโ€™re from the uk, and getting paid by people in the uk, or just have nowhere better to file, stop kidding yourself, and file in the uk, and thank me in 5 years, filing nowhere is not a viable solution, youโ€™ve just been lucky you werenโ€™t audited.
A great way to learn the real local language is work in a pub for a few months! ๐Ÿ™‚
Certainly! When do you plan going? Thinking about hopping around June if you want to share something or gather around
Hey, Iโ€™m planning a travel from Poland to Azores and I have an option to transfer through Stansted. Iโ€™m already vaccinated. Do I need to have a PCR test on arrival in UK? As far as I know itโ€™s just an airside transition. Thanks in advance
Couldn't find anything on|, but I'd check with the airline. They are the ones deciding whether to allow you on the flight or not and they might have their own requirements for allowing you on the flight. I'd also wanna make sure it's an airside transition, otherwise you definitely need more paperwork like passenger locator form
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