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Question regarding co-working spaces in Colorado:

Why is it there are a ton of co-working spaces in Denver (most in the same neighborhoods at that) but none near or around mountain towns? A lot will disagree with me on this one but I lived in Denver for a few years and found it incredibly overrated, the summers are way too hot and people spend way too much time in traffic to get to the mountains. The entire point of living in Colorado in my opinion is to be in the mountains and surrounded by mountain related activities such as skiing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, white water kayaking, etc.

If I were to create co-working spaces in, let's say, Frisco (near Breckenridge, A-Basin, Keystone and Copper Mountain), Crested Butte, Pagosa Springs, Telluride or Aspen do you think there would be a market for it?
I've wondered the same seems like a huge business opportunity to have hostels near mountain towns or national parks. Put in high speed internet, quality co-working spaces and people would definitely pay to be there
There is also a lot of capital and talent in these ski resort towns. I'd love to get a few ๐Ÿ‚ runs in prior to going to work.
In Hawaii, I see a rise of part time US based nomads from corporate jobs (mostly techies from SF) that allow remote working. I think something similar could be possible in cities like Boulder where thereโ€™s a good mix of good infrastructure with proximity to nature
I think US based DNs is mostly part time, and approach it as working while in vacation
๐Ÿ›ฌ kooxpxvgarcsa just arrived in El Paso, #united-states
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I know of a few coworking spaces in mountain towns. Check out|
That's from the co-founder of Galvanize.
Boulder is alright I guess. Still on the front range and hot as hell in the summer, not close to good skiing (El Dora reminds me of Midwest skiing) and the trails and crags always seem to be packed even on weekdays. I might look into starting something in the mountains myself. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
They have a reservation requirement for park entry this summer, which I imagine you already know.
๐Ÿ›ฌ fdahabthurzny just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ San Jose, CA, #united-states
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Anyone in NYC (Brooklyn) that knows of a great coffee shop to sit down and work at? I would love to know of some with inside seating/wifi before going.
Brooklyn is massive,ย <@U01M6TFKY06>. What neighborhood?


Sey Coffee in Bushwick is a nice spot. Close to other bumping spots for after youโ€™re done with work.
Nice!!!! Thanks U01GD7VPCTF!
Iโ€™m in Crown Heights till August. Then Williamsburg till Sept.
I found a Starbucks with seating, which I donโ€™t mind, but would love to support something local as well and try new stuff.
Crown Heights should have stuff, too. I like that neighborhood, but havenโ€™t worked from there.
๐Ÿ›ฌ hsbumbtwikioo just arrived in Marfa, #united-states
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Welcome to Colorado. Let us know if you need anything.
๐Ÿ›ฌ ybmztycldcwxsf just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Chattanooga, TN, #united-states
๐Ÿ›ฌ xefaypsaizhfuesq just arrived in ๐Ÿ™ Menlo Park, CA, #united-states
Anyone have coworking recommendations in Burlington, Vermont?
๐Ÿ›ฌ zyknrtlqchfrs just arrived in ๐ŸŒ San Francisco, CA, #united-states
Hi everyone, I'm in the UK and work for a company who has a base in NYC (our business operates there) - I am interested in whether it's possible for me to get any kind of work/business Visa for the US at the moment (my company has said sponsorship may be a possibility). My understanding is that currently entry is closed via the visa waver program but it may also be possible to travel via somewhere like Mexico with a 14 day stop-over prior to entry to the US to go and check NYC out before potentially getting proper sponsorship. I am also unsure about potentially getting a B-1 Visa that may allow me to fly directly? Any advice, anecdotes, or information greatly appreciated, thanks!
I. know many people that had a valid ESTA and were able to enter the USA but had to be to a non EU country for the last 14 nights. This is exactly what I am doing at the moment, I am in Albania for the next 18 days before fly into the US.
Thanks ybushlmfjlilql - that's very interesting, did you pick Albania for any particular reason?
I am from Greece and live here at the moment, so I had few options to choose , such as Turkey, Croatia etc,

The reason I did pick Albania is because is cheaper than the rest of the countries. I am going to spend here almost 2.5 weeks in order to be able to fly over, so I might as well dont pay a fortune ๐Ÿ˜…
Hi aryevhbrj I have done that twice now (last time was literally 2 days ago). I stayed both times in Mexico for 14 days.
thank you both for the replies! kugvzzsahhrwaluum - I'm interested in flying via Mexico - would be interested to hear which route you took and whether you had any advice/recommendations for places to stay, and/or the process involved!
Fairly simple. Fly from your location to Mexico City. From there you are free to go wherever you want. Pick a place, or multiple. That's what I did both times. After 14 days just head to the US (some people say you should only book your ticket to the US after those 14 days).

Keep in mind that when you get to mexico you need to show them that you are leaving the country and they will ask where you will be staying/doing. So I always had a "fake ticket".

Once you travel to NY remember to NEVER say you are there to work. You can say you will be conducting business, meeting associates, whatever, but not work! Also, they might ask you if you are getting paid, NOPE you are not.

As for B1-visas backlog is HUGE, so depending on the country you are living in at the moment, that might not be an option.

Get a good immigration lawyer. Or if your company provides that, use it. You will need it from day 1. It costs money, but saves you from trouble.

When in the US they will also ask whwen you are leaving. with the ESTA waiver you get to stay up to 90 days every time you go for a total of 180 (if I'm not mistaken). Don't book your return trip for the 90th day, it makes them uncomfortable, It's not illegal, but keep in mind that entering the US is an individual decision of that guy. First time I stayed 83 days.

Going to a meeting will add somethings I might have forgot.
rrrjynldvnkjtyfdv this was amazingly helpful, thank you so much!
Also from personal experience be cool when you pass immigration
Some ppl will ask tricky questions! I had one guy saying to me once that he knows a Greek person that has a beautiful place with garden and a pool, would you like a similar one as well ? I said no, I love my country( i am not haha) and I am only here for holidays.
That was at JFK 4 years ago
ha! thanks for the tip ๐Ÿ˜„
Thanks a lot for this info both of you, it's been invaluable!
Hey everyone!

Iโ€™m thinking about spending September in Charleston, SC. Any locals or previous visitors that have any recommendations or places to go when Iโ€™m there?
What brings you the Charleston? If you have some time drive down to Savannah, Georgia.
Didn't answer your question but I like Savannah exponentially more than Charleston lol
I stopped there for a few days as a tourist in 2019. I think the best thing I think we did was take a carriage ride where we learned about a lot of the city's history and architecture. We wandered around a lot down by the waterfront (see the waterfront parks) and in neighborhoods looking at the great old houses. And Historic Charleston City Market for tchotchkes.
And Savannah is definitely with a visit.
Super helpful - thanks, U025KTN2Q4X! And gyhfmyurdew Savannah is definitely on my short list of places I want to go see
๐Ÿ›ฌ rjciclcgwoykbrqavx just arrived in ๐ŸŒƒ Los Angeles, CA, #united-states
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anybody going to the free burn this year? #blackrockcity
Anyone have tips for climbing Mt Hood or Rainer?
Planning on a late summer summit attempt on one. Probably Hood
ebpcwgqvctcc i considered it but the risk of law enforcement showing up and preventing all non-camping activities is probably too high for me to bother going out there
i feel that, where are you based?
looks like pacific timezone
iโ€™m gonna be in vegas around then so makes sense to trek there
My logic is that the effort to get out there will be about the same as a normal burn year, but the upside is significantly less
yeah if youโ€™re in the area and have the gear you need with you might as well swing by
there is a chance it ends up being a very special renegade experience
fair enough just need some steel boots is all
๐Ÿ›ฌ tylmnuxsanfzi just arrived in ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Chicago, IL, #united-states
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I assume youโ€™re already a pretty technical climber! Both are technical challenges. Rainier is on a completely different level than Hood, at the very least due to the added height and prevailing weather
Depending on the routes you take, Rainier can be infinitely more challenging than Hood, but their beginner routes are more or less in the same league (imo), not counting the height/weather parts
Donโ€™t let LEO drag you down. Theyโ€™ll be no more or less aggro than normal years. This will be a fun exercise in self-sufficiency, back to the roots
iโ€™ll be there to witness it
๐Ÿ›ฌ qzzokbnoezslut just arrived in Walnut Creek, #united-states
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What's the data prepaid sim situation like in US now?
Can I get something half decent for 11ish days worth of data at the Aiport? (Flying into ORD)
Pay and install immediately one click very easy
You can also pop into a T-Mobile store and get a tourist plan SIM for 30 days
T-mobile also has an eSim prepaid that looks like it can be paid for and installed via an app before arrival.
Has anyone applied for an IDP from abroad? Iโ€™m trying to figure out if they take credit cards
They do not take cards. We had to get a family member in the US help us.
It's funny that the website says that they will accept applications from abroad via mail, but they provide no simple payment option for people for such people. Can you even get US Money Orders abroad?

Thanks Laura!
Iโ€™ve had success getting a bank check from a foreign bank in USD, but only with the assistance of an account holder.
Hey everyone! I was planning to do 3 months in USA from ~October. Currently UK people can't get in from what I've read. I've heard you can do 2 weeks in Mexico before though and then go into the US. Anyone tried it?!
I think some people may have done that. You can get a test easily in Mexico (need it for your flight to the US)
I was in Mexico for a few months and met tons of people doing exactly that
There is a lot of info about this method on r/USTravelBan (including a pinned post with list of countries you can use) - they call it entry via bridge (or third) country. I'm also looking to do the same, but possibly via Croatia as the number of covid cases is much lower there and so I imagine is less likely to have sudden travel restrictions imposed upon it. I'd also be interested in hearing peoples experiences who have done this recently
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