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Vietnam Chat - Meet people when traveling in Vietnam on Nomad List

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food and shipper prices also
and gold prices are up locally also
Yeah, it's called inflation ๐Ÿ˜„ The entire world is slowly churning through that "new reality".
so, whatโ€™re the odds HCMC actually does open up a bit on the first?
would be good to be able to stop hammering F5 on airline search to get to Da Nang
Last I heard was that there was some rejection of the draft that laid out for reopening on the first. So, still iffy, keep hammering F5.
ah bugger. thanks for the tip though.
anyone around Da Nang/Hoi An?
I'm in DN
Don't you need to quarantine for the full 21 days when moving between cities?
every city has different rules ๐ŸŽฒ
Who knows honestly. My visa guy reckons itโ€™s a week
Currently outside Vietnam, organising paperwork to get back. My company says it will take 2 weeks, since I already have PC approval, so only immigration needed. Letโ€™s see what happens.
Phu Quoc vaccinations are happening, I just got my first dose of pfizer
Theyโ€™re vaccinating foreigners and โ€œvn living abroadโ€ today with pfizer and business owners n locals tomorrow with sinopham ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
well, at least it's happening ๐Ÿคž
Da Nang apparently allows swimming from 4:40-6:30 am now.
motivating schedule
Ocean swim ๐ŸŒŠ I assume. My first thought was pool because I don't get to live near the beach ๐Ÿ˜ข
Yeah, not pools. Gyms are still closed too, I think.
Apparently they ran out of pfizer at 4:30pm, then said to come back at 7:30am for pfizer, then said theyโ€™ll call in 15 days for a shot of AZ
Sooo.. if pfizer turns up near you; go get it
I doubt the people told to wait 15 days will ever get a call, oh and btw, all registration meant nothing
There was no registration requirement, no appointment, it was entirely show up get vax
And zero social distancing fwiw, total super spreader event
In Da Nang they were registering online. I didn't because the form was waaaay too long and confusing. And then the building management messaged me the night before, and said "Ohai, tomorrow you are vaccinating". That's when they decided to round up all 5,000 foreigners in one place in one day and vaccinate them.
I don't understand why "foreigners" is always like a special group of people for some reason.
What vax you get?
When they were mass testing last year, all foreigners went on one day too.
uxfcjmorwbrb they were offering AZ
My theory is theyโ€™re giving us pfizer so they can cancel all of our visas? Again?
And so vn that need to go abroad can
or they just assume weโ€™d resist getting sinopharm? which is likely more true of viet than westerners
Maybe they wanted to make sure they cover the foreigners so they give us a globally recognized vaccine not the chinese one that hasnโ€™t been approved by lots of places
It's probably so that you can travel, yeah. Makes sense, as most locals don't have international travel requirements.
I don't know if it's so nefarious that they are planning to cancel visas and stuff. Just probably being thoughtful ๐Ÿ™‚
If they wanted cancel something, they could have cancelled free extensions loooong time ago.
But for some reasons they continue ๐Ÿคท
I mean north cancelled everything right
or is your free ext still a thing
Free extensions too?
I dno
I donโ€™t pay attention
Yeah, I think so. I mean the announcement isn't locale specific.
It is generic for the entire Vietnam.
Just on the main immigration website.
but they cancelled all ppl in my situ
hence tish n andrey gone
I feel very lucky that we got into the free ext window ๐Ÿ˜„
Finger crossed they extend for October ๐Ÿ˜„
Now that everything is back to normal, I don't want to even go anywhere hehehe.
well I may as well stick around for a 2nd shot now if I can get one
โ€œIn a monthโ€
I hope its still pfizer
I hear 2x sino + 1x pfizer booster tests highly effective though anyway
might as well throw AZ into the mix then
my friend also got moderna in HCMC, so i guess VN got every possible kind
and news above that they are making sputnik locally now
I'd probably go for Sputnik to be honest
Moderna has existed here for French in Saigon for months
You just had to be French, and turn up to FV Hospital, or know the right people, and have a spare $300
the comments section on that article is lit up
The few times I went outside, my brain felt so confused. There was one time I rode the motorbike to the vet, I forgot where to go. How many days will it take to be used to going around?
easier to handle as a group, in part because they can make sure to staff with English speakers
I was thinking about that when I wrote it haha
Got second shot astra. Was quick.
nice, sounds like progress is being made in PQ
we got a new directive 18 for hcm
fresh off the presses
Last year they were boasting record high GDP, now record low GDP... What a ride.
Maybe it'll go to zero, together with covid?
I read that foreign companies are seriously threatening to exit and stop all investments, if nothing changes. I think that was probably the strong message they needed.
I donโ€™t get why these news sites go behind a paywall, whoโ€™s going to pay for news articles?
FT is widely seen as a success and pioneer for paywalled news and comment, with a paywall from pretty much day one. Itโ€™s a niche product with an audience willing and with the means to pay. So I guess a lot of people choose to pay for information they deem to be more signal than noiseโ€ฆ

I for one pay for the economist because, despite its flaws, itโ€™s one of the only truly global views of the world that presents facts versus comment and opinion. Balance that with a healthy dose of Twitter etc and, IMO, oneโ€™s information diet is much better than most others consuming reprints of press releases.
I pay for Economist, Bloomberg and FT. Nice to support news that's quite objective. The rest is clickbait trash mostly and has to be like that to survive.
NYT is infiltrated and compromised now so I unsubscribed.
I just wish there would be a company that you could pay for a subscription and it would allow you access FT, Bloomberg etc. under the same subscription (like what Apple Music have done to music, the same for news sites subscriptions)
Because I usually hit paywall once in a while but I don't want to buy a subscription just to read that article once in a while
xyvlfswqjb yes def, so what I did is follow Bloomberg, FT, Economist on Twitter so it's my only news source
and I'm sub'd to them so I can always acccess their articles
and they usually cover everything anyway
FT for finance, stocks, etc
Bloomberg for fast news
Economist for depth
Lot of roads have been repaved
Waiting in Germany, seems that immigration will process paperwork in two weeks (the PC approval was still valid from last year).
Do you have TRC from marriage?
No, it is connected to my WP. Luckily. We thought of getting the marriage TRC, and that would have invalidate the chance of coming back.
Good thing it worked out
Where's Waldo?
So many people out tonight
about time
The day after my second shot ๐Ÿ˜‚
USD โ”€ $
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