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Anyone going to be in hoi an or da nang end of feb beg of March? Headed there with my wife
My wife and I plan to go around March. Might be earlier due to smog in Chiang Mai.
Anyone have a good solution for the lack of grounded outlets? I just left Vietnam and noticed almost no places I stayed had properly grounded outlets. When I plug in my laptop I could feel the metal case vibrating (by dragging my fingers across the metal) because there was no ground.
Yeah, again, I can't be sure, but it looked a bit shady. I'm sure locals would leave lots of reviews of course, but it looks like they're trying to generate fake reviews in multiple languages.

In Booking/.com, you can filter out reviews by language and you can also see the country flag of the reviewer. Even if the flag thing is just wrong, I've read reviews in English or other languages I'm fluent in, and many just look like a direct Google Translate output.

Anyways, booked something last night, and will look for apartments once I'm there
fmwexkj There is really no solution to non-grounded outlets. You either ground it or you don't. There is no other choice, unfortunately. You could theoretically run a wire into the ground yourself from the ground plug, but who's going to do that? ๐Ÿ˜„
If you are worried about tingling only, then you could cycle between charging and using laptop on battery.
mfpakyh u can wear rubber shoes it shd block the power going thru u
Haha good plan. I am curious if anyone has gone so far as to add an extra ground wire to their travel adapter and run it over to the nearest metal pipe?
lrzxbpy hard to find metal pipe in most cafes in asia
pivsenu hmm, hadn't connected the dots on this but also noticed my MBP shaking when plugged in, in some circumstances. hmmm!
even thought i felt a small shock when i had one arm on the machine and my knee touched a metal table leg. might've imagined it though
lol, just as we thought we found a SEA place that was pretty visa hassle free
Iโ€™m taking that with a huge grain of salt
It might change again but the poster is legit
The source is questionable, a lawyer that might want to benefit from FUD
He's like the number 1 source of visa infos in the FB groups, highly recommended by lots of people
Also why did he say 3 months or 1 year and didnโ€™t mention the 6 month option?
uqkyqhcqu got his tinfoil hat on ๐Ÿ”
Having to do extensions every month sounds brutal given how expensive it is to get a tourist visa in the first place too
yea that would suuuuuck
Yeah, worse than Thailand wtf
well it says "you need to extend that or reenter VN"
maybe 30 extension before visa run like TH
Seems like itโ€™s an extension of a temporary residence thing and not a visa extension
So maybe just a matter of showing up somewhere and getting the temporary residence update?
re visas just applied for my e-visa. planning to head over sunday or early next week. do you need proof of onward travel? a hotel booking? do you need to actually leave from the airport you said you'd leave from in your app?
anuesommogf no need, airlines never asked me for onward ticket.. just as long as you have the invitation letter printed
Today I gave the checkin desk attendant my invitation letter, but the wrong passport. When he pointed out the numbers didnโ€™t match, I gave him my other passport. I thought that might inspire other questions, but no. All he cared about was checking the letter to a passport.
vlmagrinkum btw I usually book flight first then get evisa, so that the date matches
Iโ€™m not sure if you can fly in after the evisa date? You made it sound like you arenโ€™t sure when youโ€™re going to Vietnam but you already have evisa letter?
Hmm I thought the oppositeโ€”get the visa before booking the flight, in case some shit comes up.
Donโ€™t have a flight booked yet. Coming from Hong Kong so fares are pretty chill, even last minute
So you already know the exact date youโ€™re going to Vietnam? The date you gave the evisa site?
No I donโ€™t know the exact date. But planning on maybe Sunday?
vgpkqrmutyk but then how did you apply for evisa?
I listed this Sunday as arrival
Think I read you can arrive any time after your stated date
Okay just checking, I hadnโ€™t heard about that
Okay seems like inter webs agrees
Apparently the exit date on the letter is absolute, but can go anytime after the arrival date
Yeah thats the case
I also question that source, that seems like an extreme change, basically throwing away the opportunity presented by expats fleeing thailand
Also fyi you need an onward ticket for the voa (e.g. 15 days uk) but not for any visa entry
Got my e-visa approved this morning. Oddly enough, in the email I got a full list of 15 ppl who applied for the visa with all of their passport numbers, DOBs, and full names. Guess they are not too much into privacy.... ๐Ÿค”
dfvixwo yeah thatโ€™s typical unless you pay extra for the privacy feature
Crazy...Didn't know about that feature, I guess I would have paid
yea I noticed that was v weird too
Yeah you can pay to be done separately on your own letter
I got sent the wrong letter recently too, nearly fucked up my transit
15 random names and numbers that werenโ€™t me
The lesson to be learnt there is always lie to the check-in agent if youโ€™re from a country that gets a visa exemption anyway
(You need to produce an onward ticket then though)
Whatโ€™s the e-visa? As a Canadian I thought I would just get a stamp upon arrival for x amount of days? Iโ€™m visiting in March for 21 days.
I think you do need to get one - vietnamvisa=govt=vn/requirements/vietnam-visa-for-citizens-of-canada
(replace "=" with dots...)
jqkuomjuvoau you need to pay for a visa invitation letter from a third party website like evisa.com.vn|evisa.com.vn or vietnamvisapro.net|vietnamvisapro.net
Only Americans can just show up and get a month, us Canadians canโ€™t
nqvundbxygjdhmu they get 1 month visa exemption
Special for Americans only
I don't think so.
Hm, I guess Iโ€™m confused then
Perhaps you're thinking about Americans ability to get a 1-year tourist visa. But it still requires an invitation letter.
Nah Iโ€™m thinking about the Americans that occasionally ask how to do an extension on their one month visa
They didnโ€™t get the evisa letter where they couldโ€™ve planned ahead for a 3 month visa
So it was the regular visa.. for one month
I don't know what you're talking about. Americans need to have either a visa or have a pre-approved visa-on-arrival letter before entering.
How long does it take to get a visa?
I thought it was all online. Basically pay and done.
Visa letter takes 2 days or so depending on the service
I am heading to HCM in a few hours on a 3 month multi. Will let ya'll know what they say
sfelzrhnklvx as a fellow Canadian, we also assumed our great passport would just allow us to waltz in to most any country we please, but the first time we tried to go to VN we got rejected at the airport without a visa ๐Ÿ˜ข
jvkxpuekd crazy ya I assumed also wonโ€™t make that mistake again crazy! So glad I have been checking here.
Thanks U03TWFWKX!
My limited research suggested our USA passports required the Invitation Letter.

Hanoi arrivals was a shit show last night and we hastily filled out our application forms in line with the bare minimum of info. I donโ€™t think much was looked at. I saw one woman go to collect her passport and pay the fee and was waved away with cash still in hand. One poor fool tried to argue the upcharge for not having a visa photo. The officer just kept repeating to him, โ€œI donโ€™t understand youโ€ until the guy walked away to find an ATM.
Highly entertaining.
1. Apply from any of the various VN visa companies online for 1 or 3 months, single or multiple entry
2. pay online (anything between $12- $50 depending on the visa type - single entry 1m is about $15)
3. wait 2-3 days
4. check the invitation letter you get by mail and fill out the visa form
5. print the invitation letter (in color, for the red stamp!) and the filled out form
6. arrive at the airport and quewe up at the visa-on-arrival counter
7. hand in your passport, the invitation letter, the visa form and 1 or 2 passport pictures of yourself
8. wait till they process your visa and call your name
9. pay USD 25 (or more, depending on the visa type)
10. go to immigration
Should be more or less the exact same process for most countries
US citizens can apply for 6 months visa (or even 1 yearโ€ฆ?)
yeah i don't think that's true
wish i'd researched the longer options more. did the evisa thing, which only offers 1 month, single-entry :(
although i understand you can extend once you're inside
hong kong's been a dream. 3 month free visa on arrival. no limits on visa runs AFAIK, and shenzhen/macau are each an hour away so you could do a run in an afternoon and be back for dinner. talked to someone who's been doing that for a few years now
tjdshdhhhse okay typically when we talk about evisa or refer to the evisa services we're not actually going for the electronic Visa but the tourist visa on arrival w/ the invitation letter
electronic visa = 30 days, visa on arrival = 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year options
you can see the different types in this list www.evisa.com.vn/fee-for-vietnam-visa
i've pretty much gotten 3 month option every time
Thanks! This is super helpful.
Does the process involve mailing your passport away at all? Or just a copy of it?
UJEPJL5GQbr />neither.
you donโ€™t need a copy of the passport.
you just bring your passport to the visa-on-arrival counter. hand your passport in, together with the โ€œInvitation letterโ€ and the โ€œVisa application formโ€. Wait for 10 minutes, untill they processed it. They call your name and you pay. thatโ€™s when u get the passport back with the visa.

(step 7 above)
Cool! Thanks for the info.
additional tips:
a) book an early morning flight, so you can avoid a long wait at the visa-on-arrival desk
b) walk fast when leaving the airplane, so youโ€™ll be ahead of 100 other ppl of your flight, who will do exactly the same - saves you again 30minutes waiting time
(100 ppl for 1 Visa-on-arrival desk)
Do you happen to know if 3 month multiple entry is an option for Canadians? My impression is that it wasnโ€™t but now Iโ€™m not sure if I botched my research given the difference between evisa and filing for an electronic visa...
FYI just got my 3 month multi and passed through HCM immigration with no issues. Applied on Monday
tfvfzspccw pretty sure this i no issue.
I usually book my invitation letter here www.vietnam-evisa.org/br />For 3 month & multiple entry it should be USD 28.
Just fill out the form untill step 2 or 3 and it will show an error, if your Nationality woudnt work with the type of visa you chose.

(you may find a cheaper service than _vietnam-evisa_ - I didnโ€™t try other websites so far)
vkrddcokdw yeah i got 3month multiple entry "visa on arrival" last time, no problems
(i'm canadian)
I thought Iโ€™d have to do visa runs every month :P
you can get 6 months too
USD โ”€ $

by levelsio

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