A place in Melbourne I can send a box to?

Anyone know of a place I can send a medium sized box to in Melbourne, Australia for up to 60 days? I plan on moving there after a tour through India and SEA and I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to pick it up, but it will be within 60 days for sure. I just don’t have an exact date.

There are all kinds of virtual mailbox places in the US that will hold a parcel for up to 60 days for a small monthly fee, but after some searches on the net for places Melbourne I thought I’d ask here. Thanks for any input.

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Australian post have some kind of virtual parcel thing, I think. I’ve not used it just seen ads for it when I lived there. Have you checked their web site?

I looked into it and the want an Australia street address to do anything. Thank you though.

Where will you be working when you get to Melbourne? A co-working space presumably?

I would reach out to co-working spaces in Melbourne, tell them you’ll be coming to use the space within the next 2 months and that you’d just like to send a few things ahead of time.

Here’s a good list of co-working spaces to contact in Melbourne: http://blog.thefetch.com/coworking-spaces/coworking-in-australia/

Thanks for that. I don’t use co-working spaces, I just work from home. I contacted mail boxes etc. in Melbourne and they said they’ll do it for a small fee so I think I’m set.