After extending a Philippines tourist visa, can you leave the country and come back in on that visa?


I’m in the Philippines currently on a the standard 30 day tourist visa. I’m planning on spending an extended period of time here with the odd joint here and there around S.E.Asia.

I am aware that you can now extend your visa in 60 day blocks without leaving the country. However, if i were to extend it by 60 days and then decide I want to leave for a few days to another country.

Would exiting the country then null and void that visa and when I return I would start again on the 30-day tourist visa. Or does it allow multi-entry?

Just trying to work out whether it is worth paying for the extension or it’s better to try and fit any trips out within the 30 day periods that I get.

One side point is that I am interested in getting the photo ID card which I believe you get after a couple of extensions which may allow me to open a local bank account.

It would be great to hear from anyone in a similar position as this or who has experience with this.

Thanks in advance


Hi Jon,

Once you leave the country the visa you had is finished and when you return you’ll be getting a new one. It is not multiple entry.

The ACR card is compulsory for anyone staying in the country longer than a few months (I can’t remember the exact amount but it’s > 2 and <= 6) all banks require one to let you open an account. Some require the permanent resident version of the ACR card but you will only have the tourist version. There are additional requirements that vary from bank to bank and branch to branch within banks. BDO requires you to have been in the country for 6+ months, PNB requires an average balance of 50,000 PHP (this is insane. The average balance in BPI is only required to be 200 peso and most banks are about 2000), BPI requires incredible patience because all their branches are rammed with customers, they all want to see proof of your address (lease agreement, utility bill in your name), etc etc etc.

I spent several hours walking around several banks before giving up as the only proof of my address I had was the receipts my landlord gives me.

I think you would need to get a new visa on arrival is you come back. It also takes a few days to process your extension if I remember right (I was there just 2 month ago for 2 month). It just recently changed and it now takes them a few days in which you would not have your passport.

So if you plan to leave and it fits, just leave before you have to extent or overstay a few days and pay the fine (not too long, but a day or two usually causes no harm, just a small fine, but that’s on you to decide)

Really helpful on both accounts - thanks both for the replies :+1: