All things internet connectivity. Let's lay it out

Hey guys,

I already did a search for internet/wifi on the forum but couldn’t find anything that answered my question, but I could’ve missed something, I hope this isn’t a repeat!

I’d love to hear from you guys on how you’re handling getting internet connection. Do you rely on wifi from coworking spaces, house sitting gigs, cafe’s? Or do you tether/hotspot your phone?

Do you guys have an estimation on how many GB’s per month you go through?

Is there a way to travel on the go, and get internet connection wherever you are at a reasonable cost (like a modem/whatever device–if so, any brands/models you recommend)?

Any insight or links to resources would be great. It’s been surprisingly difficult to find specific nuggets of info on this stuff! I’ve found two sites, Globalgig and GoodSpeed and wondering if anyone has ever used them?

The answer is yes. :smile:
My wife and I are currently on our first nomad stop in Ubud, Bali, and we’ve done a mix of all of the above. A lot of our time is spent at Hubud, where they have the most reliably fast(ish) Internet in the city. Some days I don’t feel like being there or the network is sluggish, and we’ll just suffer through the super slow Internet at our villa. Or we’ll hang out at a cafe in town.

It depends on how dependent I am for fast Internet for the work I’m doing, where I feel like being, and other conditions.

You’ll probably find yourself doing a mix of all these methods, too, I’m guessing.

One trick that’s worked well for me is to get a pocket wifi (like this one: In Southeast Asia I think the most reliable way to get a decent connection in almost all cases (outside of expat-oriented co-working space) will be the the 3G signal. I’ve found it a lot less fiddly and more reliable than swapping SIMs in my iPhone and tethering. Plus you can easily share it with others.

I bought one in Thailand and was able to easily swap in SIM cards for Cambodia and Indonesia. I’m not an expert but I think it should work for most country’s in the region. I always just overspend on 3G data and think of it as a cost of doing business.

Thanks for the link! Good info to know about the 3G signal in SE Asia, I’d much rather have an external device than tether my phone. Going to look deeper into getting a pocket wifi, thanks! :slight_smile:

Sounds like it might be…glad to know it’s working out a-okay for ya! :slight_smile:

If you plan to really leave the tracks, this device might be useful to you to get as much internet as possible at any time:

It’s designed in Kenya and made for conditions where connectivity is not guaranteed. I think the main aim is not speed, but to get as much reliability as possible.

that’s awesome, I hope I’ll need something as badass as this some day soon!

Hello all, I also have some questions about internet connection !

I’m moving to Spain during 2 months (septembre/october) and I need a good internet connection… I think that I’ll purchase a device like the Huawei linked by @tylertringas but what kind of SIM I’ll need ?

I plan to book an apartment with a good Wifi so the SIM card will not be used all the time… I found that Vodafone have a plan for specific data SIM in spain… Do you think it can be a good idea to buy a SIM card in France which allow to use some data in Europe or it is better to buy a Spain SIM directly ??

Thanks a lot for your help !